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How to Create Passive Income (Complete Beginner’s Guide)

If you're looking to start a business project to bring in extra income, the thought of passive income is alluring. 

While creating real passive income is certainly attainable, it often takes a bit more work than self proclaimed experts on the subject may claim. 

In this series, we deconstruct the myths surrounding passive income. After reading these tutorials you'll know how to create passive income and the best ways to get started:

  • You'll learn the basic of what passive income is and how it really works. 
  • We'll help you pick the best business idea to pursue and how to start making passive income with your first project. 
  • You'll also discover just how powerful it can be to stop trading your time for money.

Later in the series we'll detail how to create an online passive income business, as well as ways to scale your venture with multiple income streams, and give you tips for generating greater residual profits. 

Posts in this series
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