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18+ Best Free Chalkboard PowerPoint PPT Templates (Downloads for 2022)

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Are you a teacher or lecturer eager to refresh your teaching materials in 2022? Or maybe you're a student or have a school-related business? Try a chalkboard PowerPoint template for added impact.

Infographics - Chalkboard Theme PowerPoint a premium template from Envato ElementsInfographics - Chalkboard Theme PowerPoint a premium template from Envato ElementsInfographics - Chalkboard Theme PowerPoint a premium template from Envato Elements
Infographics - Chalkboard Theme PowerPoint, a premium template from Envato Elements

A pre-built blackboard PPT template helps you save time. Present and impress your audience. Don't risk designing from scratch. If you're not a professional graphic designer, a lot can go wrong! 

Work smart and create your next educational presentation using a professionally designed PPT template.  

This article lists the best 18+free to download chalkboard PowerPoint templates found online. We've also included some premium education PPT templates from Envato Elements.

Dive in and explore the listed options to find the best chalkboard template for your needs! 

Modern Chalkboard Backgrounds for PowerPoint on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

It's time to level up your presentation by creating an impressive and memorable design with a chalkboard background for PPT. Envato Element is the best place to start if you're looking for your next game-changer education blackboard PPT template.

Explore Modern Chalkboard Backgrounds for PowerPoint

chalkboard ppt templateschalkboard ppt templateschalkboard ppt templates
Find loads of Premium educational and chalkboard PPT templates on Envato Elements. 

If you need a professional chalkboard background PowerPoint template or any other creative digital assets for personal or business use, Envato Elements is the best place to go. It's got so much to offer for a low monthly fee. Download whiteboard PowerPoint templates, stock photos, fonts, icons, music, and more as you need them. Use them as many times as required. 

10 Best Premium Chalkboard PowerPoint Templates From Envato Elements for 2022

Here are ten of the best premium chalkboard background PowerPoint templates on Envato Elements: 

1. Chalkzone - PowerPoint Chalkboard Background

Slide through the gallery to see more of this PPT chalkboard background template.

This PowerPoint chalkboard background template is creative, simple, and minimalist. It features an easy-to-edit design with 80 unique chalkboard background PowerPoint slides, light and dark chalkboard PPT versions, and cool handmade infographics. Get this amazing chalkboard background for PowerPoint and start elevating your presentation. 

2. Education Present - Chalkboard Background PPT

Education - Black  Green Board PowerPoint TemplateEducation - Black  Green Board PowerPoint TemplateEducation - Black  Green Board PowerPoint Template

Education Gray & Green Board PowerPoint Template is a fully animated, simple, and easy-to-edit chalkboard PowerPoint template. This premium template comes with 1,000 icon sets. This lets you create a visually appealing chalkboard PowerPoint presentation for a younger audience. Use these fun illustrations and icons to turn any dull topic into a fun learning experience for your students. 

3. Excell - Board PPT Background

Excell - Chalkboard Background PowerPoint TemplateExcell - Chalkboard Background PowerPoint TemplateExcell - Chalkboard Background PowerPoint Template

Excell is one of the best multipurpose infographics templates on Envato Elements. Its clever use of a dark gray background gives it a clean chalkboard look and feel. Use infographics to summarize any complex facts and figures. By doing this, you're making it easier for your students to remember what they've learned in your class. 

4. Bewz - Chalkboard Template for PowerPoint

Bews - Chalkboard Theme PowerPoint TemplateBews - Chalkboard Theme PowerPoint TemplateBews - Chalkboard Theme PowerPoint Template

Bewzs Chalkboard Theme PowerPoint Template is yet another clean premium template with a dark gray chalkboard-like look and feel. This blackboard template comes with over 100 icon sets. Use them creatively to create your best chalkboard PowerPoint presentation. 

5. Miza - Chalkboard Background for PowerPoint

Miza - Chalkboard PowerPoint PresentationMiza - Chalkboard PowerPoint PresentationMiza - Chalkboard PowerPoint Presentation

Miza is an excellent option if you want to create a chalkboard PowerPoint presentation. There's still some white background, so the text is easier to read. Miza has over 115 chalkboard template PowerPoint slides with clean full animations. This multipurpose premium chalkboard template is suitable for lecturers and students who are eager to attract attention. 

6. Infographics - Chalkboard PowerPoint Template

Infographics - Chalkboard Theme PowerPointInfographics - Chalkboard Theme PowerPointInfographics - Chalkboard Theme PowerPoint

This premium blackboard PowerPoint template helps you create an educational desk with all the essential info your students need to know. Your students will love you for it! 

If you're a student having to present your project to the class, this template comes in handy too. Get loads of icons and graphics to turn dull data into easy-to-digest infographics, helping you to present like a professional. 

7. Chalkboard PPT Template

chalkboard ppt templateschalkboard ppt templateschalkboard ppt templates

This premium chalkboard PowerPoint template comes with easy-to-edit board PPT background slides. This chalkboard template for PowerPoint is perfect for teachers and will allow them to give better presentations. It's also perfect if you need to create some simple notes in a chalkboard background PowerPoint slide rather than writing them on a whiteboard or chalkboard. 

8. Blackboard PPT Backgrounds

chalkboard ppt templateschalkboard ppt templateschalkboard ppt templates

Create a presentation that looks great and is memorable with this chalkboard PowerPoint Template. These blackboard backgrounds for PPT include 30 blackboard PowerPoint template slides and are easy to customize. 

9. Blackboard Background for PPT & Chalkboard PPT Template

chalkboard ppt templateschalkboard ppt templateschalkboard ppt templates

Add some fun to your classroom with this chalkboard PPT template. It comes with 30 unique blackboard template slides. Use different blackboard PowerPoint background slides for every chapter of your content. Let's start creating!

10. Blackboard Template & PPT Chalkboard Background

chalkboard ppt templateschalkboard ppt templateschalkboard ppt templates

Download this Chalkboard PowerPoint template and get 62 blackboard PPT background slides with light and dark versions. Create your next educational or business presentation without spending too much time by designing it from scratch. 

18+ Free Chalkboard PowerPoint Templates for Download in 2022 (From Around the Web)

Now that we've looked at 10 top premium chalkboard PPT templates for 2022 from Envato Elements let's dive into some free options. 

Free Envato FilesFree Envato FilesFree Envato Files
Each month Envato Elements offers a different selection of free files for you to try. 

Before looking for free blackboard PowerPoint templates on the web, check Envato's free offerings first. Try out various premium template files (not always chalkboard PPTs) at no cost to you.

Here's the deal:

  • Every month, Envato Elements offers 12 different hand-selected files (fonts, presentations, videos, and more). Create a free account to download this month's free premium files now.

Premium chalkboard PowerPoint templates are your best option for creating a professional presentation. But sometimes you don't have the budget. For those times, here are over 18 free-to-download chalkboard PowerPoint templates from around the web for 2022: 

1. Education Chalkboard Template PowerPoint for Free 

This template features a chalkboard background with white fonts and blue chalk lines. Its simple and functional design suits any education-related presentation. 

Education Chalkboard Template PowerPoint FreeEducation Chalkboard Template PowerPoint FreeEducation Chalkboard Template PowerPoint Free

2. Cool Chalkboard Backgrounds for PowerPoint (With Calendars) 

Here's a pleasant-looking template with chalkboard backgrounds for PPT. Also, get useful calendars to add events or tasks. 

3. Free Blackboard PPT Backgrounds

This free chalkboard PowerPoint template comes with useful features like chalkboard PowerPoint template slides and the ability to split your content into several columns. 

4. Greenboard - Blackboard PowerPoint Background 

This free chalkboard PowerPoint template comes in Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, and Google Slides formats. A fun green background with lighter green illustrations is used to create this modern template.

5. Chalk Fun Free Blackboard PowerPoint Background

Here's a fun template teachers can use to teach their young students. Teach and have fun at the same time!

Chalk Fun Free Template for PowerPointChalk Fun Free Template for PowerPointChalk Fun Free Template for PowerPoint

6. Brandy Free Presentation Blackboard PPT Template

This free blackboard PPT template features eight different editable characters. Place these characters in front of four different backgrounds:

  • speech balloons
  • green chalkboard
  • blackboard
  • whiteboard 

7. Foster Free Blackboard PPT Template

This free blackboard PowerPoint template grabs your audience's attention with its fun chalkboard-themed background. 

8. Back to School Education Blackboard PPT Template 

Here are 36 creative and straightforward blackboard background for PPT slides to help you create an educational presentation for your classroom.

9. Blackboard Speech Bubble PowerPoint Template

This diagram template has six circles spreading out from a center blackboard speech bubble. 

10. Speech Bubble PPT Chalkboard Background

This diagram template has four horizontal list blackboard designs that look like four speech bubbles. 

11. Free Teachers PowerPoint Chalkboard Background

Here's a template designed with teachers in mind. Use it for certain subjects like math, literature, philosophy, and science at any school level. 

12. Light Bulb - Chalkboard Background PowerPoint

This free blackboard PPT template comes with an image of a light bulb in front of a chalkboard. This chalkboard PowerPoint template for free download is suitable for any topic.

Light Bulb - Chalk Dust PowerPoint Presentation Template Free DownloadLight Bulb - Chalk Dust PowerPoint Presentation Template Free DownloadLight Bulb - Chalk Dust PowerPoint Presentation Template Free Download

13. Chalkboard PPT Template for Free

This is a free multipurpose PPT template. The template isn't limited to presentations on education. It can also be used for businesses.  

14. School Chalkboard Background for PowerPoint

Here's a free chalkboard PowerPoint template designed with e-learning in mind. This template is suitable for online lectures, online education websites, or e-learning courses.

15. Lifecycle - Board PPT Background for Free

This template comes with the customer life cycle diagram:

  • develop
  • research
  • inspire
  • acquire
  • retain

Use this chalkboard PowerPoint template free download for any customer-related presentations.

16. Ursula - Free Chalkboard Template for PowerPoint

This free blackboard PPT template comes with a fresh hand-drawn look, white text, and graphics. This white content creates a good contrast against the dark textured background.

Ursula - Free PowerPoint TemplateUrsula - Free PowerPoint TemplateUrsula - Free PowerPoint Template

17. SEO - Free Chalkboard Background for PowerPoint

This chalkboard PowerPoint template free download was made with an SEO agency or marketer in mind. Easily make tutorials or educate your audience on the basics of SEO. 

18. Free Chalkboard PowerPoint Template

This template features a teacher reading a book at a desk. Behind the teacher, a green chalkboard with writing is visible. 

19. School Timetable Blackboard PPT Background

Use this PowerPoint timetable to plan classes, teacher training, assignments, and more. Add icons for a visual element.

How to Quickly Customize Chalkboard PowerPoint PPT Templates (For 2022)

We've seen many chalkboard PowerPoint template designs. Premium chalkboard PPT themes are the best value because they're so easy to edit. You can use these to build amazing chalkboard slide decks in five quick steps!

Want to learn how? Follow along by downloading the premium Education PowerPoint Slides Template from Envato Elements.

Chalkboard PowerPoint templateChalkboard PowerPoint templateChalkboard PowerPoint template
Download Education, a premium chalkboard PowerPoint template, today.

1. Choose Your Blackboard PowerPoint Template Slides to Customize

Whiteboard PowerPoint templates from Envato Elements have dozens of slide layouts inside. You can customize each one, but you don’t have to use them all.

Blackboard PowerPoint templateBlackboard PowerPoint templateBlackboard PowerPoint template
Choose premium chalkboard PPT slides to edit.

To pick out blackboard template slides, find the View tab on PowerPoint’s ribbon. Click Slide Sorter. From here, you can click and drag to rearrange your blackboard PowerPoint background slides. And you can delete unwanted layouts by right-clicking thumbnails and choosing Delete Slide.

Once you’re finished, click Normal on the View tab. Now, you’re ready to start editing.

2. Add Custom Text to Your PPT Chalkboard Background

A PowerPoint chalkboard theme like this has text placeholders throughout. These are real time-savers as you work. To add custom text of your own, begin by highlighting any block of text you see on a slide.

Whiteboard PowerPoint templateWhiteboard PowerPoint templateWhiteboard PowerPoint template
Buy a premium chalkboard PPT template like this to add custom text quickly.

Then, start typing in your own words. Repeat this process throughout the slide deck. Remember, if there’s a block of text that you don’t want, simply click on the text box and press Delete. This illustrates the flexibility of premium whiteboard PPT template designs.

3. Change the Fonts of Your PowerPoint Chalkboard Background

Your PowerPoint chalkboard theme will benefit from custom fonts and text effects. With text selected, find the Font section on the Home tab. From there, explore your various options.

PowerPoint chalkboard themePowerPoint chalkboard themePowerPoint chalkboard theme
Premium chalkboard PPT templates include beautiful fonts.

The Font dropdown lets you change the font itself. You can also change the text size and add effects like bold, italics, and more. 

Need a completely new font? Envato Elements offers thousands of custom fonts as part of your subscription, with unlimited downloads.

4. Resize the Objects of Your Blackboard PPT Template

This whiteboard PowerPoint template has a variety of illustrations on the chalkboard PPT slides. Depending on the content you decide to add, you might want to resize those illustrations.

Luckily, this is a very quick edit. Click on any object to select it. Then, click and hold down on one of the white boxes in the corner.

Chalkboard PPT temlateChalkboard PPT temlateChalkboard PPT temlate
Resize objects on a purchased whiteboard PPT template fast.

Start dragging your cursor and watch as the object resizes. You can also click in the center of the image to move illustrations around. Again, this shows the creative control premium chalkboard PowerPoint templates give you.

5. Edit the Infographics of Your Chalkboard Background in PowerPoint

Modern chalkboard PPT decks for 2022 often have infographics built in. These are illustrations used to explain data and ideas. 

Customizing an infographic works just like any other slide. Highlight text and type over it to replace it. Click and drag to resize objects. And to change the colors, click on any shape. 

Chalkboard PPTChalkboard PPTChalkboard PPT
A premium chalkboard PPT template gives you infographics not found in a free chalkboard PowerPoint template.

Then, find Shape Format on the Ribbon, and choose Shape Fill. In the dropdown, you can apply custom colors, textures, gradients, and more.

5 Tips to Design Chalkboard Templates for PowerPoint for 2022

Have a look at these five simple tips that'll change the way you approach presentation creation. They'll help you create chalkboard background PPT slides like an expert and present it in the best possible way. 

If you're looking for the ultimate PowerPoint tutorial, check out our guide, How to Use PowerPoint (Ultimate Tutorial Guide). Now let's get started with the tips:

1. Customize Your Chalkboard Background for PowerPoint to Suit Your Audience

Education - Gray Green Board PowerPoint TemplateEducation - Gray Green Board PowerPoint TemplateEducation - Gray Green Board PowerPoint Template
Education - Gray & Green Board PowerPoint Template is a premium professionally-designed education presentation.

As an educator, chances are good that you'll need to create a presentation for each topic. That could be very time-consuming if you start from scratch. 

Leave the designing aspect of your next presentation to the experts. Use a pre-built template to save valuable time. A suitable well-designed, premium pre-built template allows you to work smart and fast. 

2. Pick the Best With Your Audience and Subject in Mind

The two crucial aspects of any classroom lesson are the student and the subject. As a teacher, the goal here is to present the topic to your students in the best possible way. A well-designed premium template helps you do just that. 

Solar System Education Presentation on Envato ElementsSolar System Education Presentation on Envato ElementsSolar System Education Presentation on Envato Elements
Solar System Education Presentation,, a premium option that helps you teach your students all about the solar system.

As you browse through template options, have your audience in mind. Here are a few points to consider that'll help you pick a suitable template: 

  • Have your subject in mind. If your class is about history, a template with art or science vectors isn't appropriate. Everything on your board PPT background slides needs to be related to the subject you're presenting. 
  • Appropriate look and feel. Do you need a fun and colorful template because your audience is young? Do you need something more serious because the subject is more serious?
  • Summarize with infographics. Do you need to visualize complex facts or figures to infographics so it's easier for your audience to grasp a concept and remember it? Do you need access to a lot of icons because of this?
  • Avoid distractions. Is the template too cluttered for your audience? Will they get distracted or find it hard to follow? 
  • Print-friendly. Are you the kind of teacher who likes to give printouts of your presentations? If so, can you print with the template you choose easily?   

3. Keep It Fun With Audio and YouTube Videos

Get creative and add resources available online to keep your lesson fun and engaging. If your class is about science, include a quick five-minute audio or YouTube video that's related to the topic for the day.  

Not sure how to include audio or YouTube videos in PowerPoint? Check out these tutorials: 

4. Use Bright Colors to Draw Attention to Your Chalkboard Backgrounds in PowerPoint

Childhood - Playful PowerPoint TemplateChildhood - Playful PowerPoint TemplateChildhood - Playful PowerPoint Template
Childhood - Playful PowerPoint Template uses various bright to highlight information in a premium design.

Creative use of bright colors can help you highlight certain information or parts of your presentation. Keep your audience focused and interested. Draw their attention to the important and interesting bits on your chalkboard PowerPoint template slides. 

5. Stay True to Your Goal

Always keep your goal of the presentation in mind. It helps keep you on track while creating and presenting your blackboard PPT background slides. 

Science Infographics for PowerPointScience Infographics for PowerPointScience Infographics for PowerPoint
Science Infographics for PowerPoint is a great premium template for students who need to present their school projects. 

Here are a few reasons you'd be doing an education-related presentation: 

  • To explain something that wasn't in the textbooks or to elaborate on a topic.
  • To summarize a whole chapter, so your students have a kind of cheat sheet to refer to.  
  • Present topics or questions for class discussion.
  • To explain your findings for a school project. 

By keeping your goal in mind, you'll also be able to weed out unnecessary information from your blackboard PowerPoint templates and slides. This helps you keep your presentation short and memorable.

5 Top Chalkboard PowerPoint PPT Design Trends for 2022

Making great blackboard PowerPoints is easy with the right PowerPoint chalkboard theme. But to make a winning slide deck, you should embrace the latest trends. They’re what the best presentation creators are using in 2022. Check out the top five:

1. Use Stylish Fonts in Your Blackboard Backgrounds for PPT

Gone are the days where basic fonts suffice. In 2022, you need to use your text to help your blackboard PowerPoint template slides stand out. 

Whiteboard PPT templateWhiteboard PPT templateWhiteboard PPT template
Download this premium chalkboard PowerPoint template, full of stylish fonts.

Thanks to Elements’ Fonts section, you've got thousands of options at your fingertips. Plus, most premium chalkboard PowerPoint template designs have sleek custom fonts built in.

2. Add Images to Your Blackboard PowerPoint Templates

Trendy text is in style, but that alone won’t make an amazing chalkboard PPT. In 2022, creatives are embracing images. Adding photos and graphics brings life to any slide. Visual interest jumps, which means audiences stay focused and engaged.

Learn how to work with images in PowerPoint here:

3. Add Data Visuals to Your Chalkboard PPT Templates

Charts, graphs, and infographics: these are hallmarks of 2022’s best blackboard templates and slides. You’ll find them built into most PowerPoint chalkboard theme premium designs. 

Infographic chalkboard PowerPoint templateInfographic chalkboard PowerPoint templateInfographic chalkboard PowerPoint template
Infographics like these premium designs in Sante look great and are easy to build.

Audiences appreciate them for the visual clarity they offer. And you’ll appreciate them for the time they save you in explaining ideas.

4. Slides Built for Sharing

A key benefit of any chalkboard PPT is the ability to share them worldwide. That’s even more important in 2022. That’s why a top design trend is slide decks built specifically for online sharing.

These have a few key similarities. Clear, readable blackboard PowerPoint backgrounds, slides, minimalist layouts, and no content that may be slow to load. Building shareable blackboard PPT template slides in 2022 ensures that audiences anywhere can enjoy your chalkboard PPT.

You can even share your PowerPoint in Zoom! Check out exactly how:

5. Add Icons to Your PPT Chalkboard Backgrounds

Custom icon sets are popular in 2022, with good reason. They’re one of the easiest ways to add visual interest and reduce text. 

Icons blackboard PowerPoint templateIcons blackboard PowerPoint templateIcons blackboard PowerPoint template
Unique icon sets are a hallmark of premium templates in 2022, like these from Gloss.

Many premium templates have custom icon sets built in. You won’t find that with a free chalkboard PowerPoint template!

Discover More Great PowerPoint Templates for 2022

Didn't find the best blackboard PowerPoint template presentation you had in mind? Check out more of our best education PowerPoint templates for 2022 below:

5 Benefits of Using the Best Blackboard Backgrounds for PPT With Pro Designs (In 2022)

Still thinking about your decision to switch to Premium blackboard PowerPoint templates? Don't worry. It's normal to ask yourself questions before you decide to buy your Envato Elements subscription

Here are five reasons for you to start using Premium chalkboard PPT templates for your next presentations:

  1. Budget-friendly. That's right, for a low monthly fee you can get access to thousands of creative assets, including blackboard templates. With a subscription like this, you'll be able to reduce your design expenses. 
  2. Great design. You'll never look outdated with a Premium blackboard PowerPoint background. Our designs are carefully curated to meet our customers' expectations. 
  3. Save time. Don't waste time creating something from scratch. With a PPT chalkboard background from Envato Elements you'll save tons of time, just download your template and start using it! 
  4. Customize it to your needs. Our Premium PowerPoint chalkboard backgrounds already include the creator's style. But don't worry. All your items are fully customizable. You can easily add your brand design, colors, and logo to the templates.
  5. DIY. Can't afford a designer to create chalkboard PPTs? Our Premium chalkboard PowerPoint templates are simple to use, and some even include support files.

Benefits of Envato Elements (The Power of Unlimited Use)

chalkboard ppt templateschalkboard ppt templateschalkboard ppt templates
Envato Elements: one low monthly fee, thousands of fantastic chalkboard templates for PowerPoint and so much more!

Envato Elements is a unique service. It's a flat-rate subscription that includes thousands of great PPT templates for a single flat-rate price.

Sign up for Envato Elements. You'll get access to thousands of unlimited-use graphics and templates. Choose from web themes to consulting presentation templates and more—all for one low price. 

Common PowerPoint Questions Answered (FAQ)

As you work with PowerPoint, questions will inevitably come up. Below, we've listed some of the most common questions people ask about PowerPoint, along with the best answers we could find:

1. How Do I Download a PowerPoint Template?

The specific steps to download a PowerPoint template depend on where you’re downloading it from. You should see a button or text link that says Download. When you click on it, follow the steps to save the template in your computer hard drive.

Copy the template file before customizing it. That way, you can always revert to the original template design if you want to do so.

Once you download your blackboard PPT background template, it's time to start customizing it. Here's how to do it:

2. Is PowerPoint Better Than Keynote?

Both PowerPoint and Keynote let you create impressive PowerPoint chalkboard background slides. The primary question is, which computer operating system do you have?

If you’re on an Apple computer, then Keynote would already be pre-installed in your system. Use it to create your presentation without purchasing Windows. Keynote works well unless you’re wanting to do something only possible on PowerPoint.

The reverse is also true: If you’re on a Windows computer, you may already have PowerPoint installed or otherwise available to you for free. You can go ahead and use PowerPoint.

3. Is PowerPoint Better Than Google Slides?

PowerPoint has more robust and advanced features than Google Slides. But Google Slides is completely free. If budget is a consideration and you don’t own PowerPoint yet, then Google Slides may be the obvious choice for you.

We go into more depth comparing PowerPoint with Keynote and Google Slides in this article:

4. What Is the 7x7 Rule in PowerPoint?

The 7 x 7 “rule” is more of a “rule of thumb” to help you create chalkboard background PowerPoint slides that don’t overwhelm or bore your audience. It says that each slide must contain a maximum of 7 bullet points or lines of text, with seven words per line at the most (not counting the slide title).

This isn’t a hard-and-fast rule. Other experts have a 6 x 6 rule and still others an 8 x 8 rule. The point is to be concise and not overload any single slide with text.

We've got more PowerPoint presentation tips for you in these articles:

5. How Do You Organize Slides in PowerPoint?

PowerPoint has a convenient Slide Sorter view that makes it easy to organize and change the order of your chalkboard PPT slides. To go to Slide Sorter view, click the Slide Sorter button. Click and drag your chalkboard background PPT slides to the order in which you wish to present them.

chalkboard powerpoint templatechalkboard powerpoint templatechalkboard powerpoint template

Grab a Premium Board PPT Background Today

Do you need to take your educational presentation to the next level, without wasting too much time on it? Start by browsing Envato Elements. It's got loads of premium prebuilt clean blackboard PowerPoint templates you can download for a low monthly fee. 

Premium chalkboard PPT templates are appropriate for creating an educational presentation. But, if they're not an option for you now, we've also shared some chalkboard templates for PowerPoint that are free to download. They could come in handy for now. 

Regardless of which option you choose, a pre-built chalkboard PPT template is the way to go. Working with a pre-built blackboard PPT template allows you to save time, work smart, and create your next educational presentation like a professional! Download your favorite template and get started today.

Editorial Note: This post has been updated with contributions from Andrew Childress, Alexis (Lexi) Rodrigo, and Gonzalo Angulo. Andrew and Lexi are freelance instructors for Envato Tuts+. Gonzalo is a staff writer with Envato Tuts+.

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