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The Best New Presentation Templates of 2017 (PowerPoint & More)


If you have a new presentation to give soon, then you need to make it count:  

  • Do you have your topic selected and presentation notes ready to go?
  • What about your presentation design? Do your slides feature your ideas best?
  • Does your presentation come across as professional? And on-trend to your audience?

It takes some work to make a presentation design that present your ideas with the graphic clarity and visual impact that will move an audience.

Before you fire up PowerPoint, Keynote, or Google Slides and begin designing, let’s first take a quick look at a more effective solution.

Quickly Make Great Designs: With New Presentation Templates (2017)

You can more easily create a great design using a top new presentation template.

In this post we feature those that are made professionally in 2017 with on-trend designs. They include plenty of visually engaging slides, and are packed with a full-assortment of modern creative features. Like this stylish, new PowerPoint business presentation template:

Stylish new PowerPoint business presentation template
2017 new PowerPoint business project presentation template design.

It comes with hand-crafted slide designs, modern layouts, thoughtful text and photo choices, plenty of professional business infographics, and the latest visual options. You can easily customize it to your presentation material and make a great design fast.  

Top Presentation Templates on GraphicRiver

We have thousands of modern presentation templates with stylish designs on GraphicRiver. They’re available to buy, download, and quickly put to use today.

Also, new professional presentation templates are being created by talented designers every month. Take a look at those trending now in 2017: 

Best-selling presentation templates in 2017 - available to buy on GraphicRiver.

Or, jump into our latest presentation templates by category (in this post below), with new PowerPoint, Keynote, or Google Slides designs. There are lots of stylish templates being added to GraphicRiver on a regular basis. 

A pro presentation template is a quick design jump-start. Use it to get your ideas in front of your audience fast. Grab one of these trending templates, add your information, put the stylish slides to use, and customize your message with a great set of designs.

(New) Envato Elements: Design Without Limits

Or, if you have more frequent design needs, take a look at our unlimited template and graphic asset offer over on Envato Elements

Envato Elements
Envato Elements.

For a single monthly fee, you can download as much as you need from a library of over 27,000+ creative assets, including: presentation templates, web themes, fonts, add-ons, and more.

Best Presentation Templates on Envato Elements
Best Presentation Templates on Envato Elements in 2017.

15 Best New Presentation Templates (Trending in 2017 on GraphicRiver)

Here are the most popular new presentation templates on GraphicRiver. They are all freshly made in 2017, so you’ll find the latest designs that take advantage of modern styles and current trends. 

They span three popular presentation categories. We feature the best new PowerPoint presentation templates of 2017 first, then the latest Keynote designs, followed by fresh Google Slides templates. Read on to find just the right presentation design you need:  

The Best New PowerPoint Presentation Templates of 2017

1. 2017 Project - New PowerPoint Presentation Template

2017 Project Best New PowerPoint Presentation Template

This new powerpoint presentation template has a unique set of slide designs. Take advantage of it’s modern style with current fonts, dynamic photos, bold layouts, and creative a aesthetic.

You can scour the web, but won’t find these great components inside free presentation templates:

  • 140+ unique slides with clean designs. 
  • 120+ Easy to edit Master Slide Layouts.
  • 30 Extra Color Scheme in PPTX format.  
  • Image galleries and full-animation setup.
  • Handmade infographics.

It also comes with 2017 Calendar Slide and the latest features. Use this new business PowerPoint design to make a visually engaging project presentation quickly. 

2. Startup - 2017 Business Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template

Startup Business Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template

To make a killer business pitch deck that impresses investors takes time, unless you have the right resource to begin with. This new Startup business PPT template packs in all the slides you need to make a great business pitch deck quickly.  

It’s also made with stylish designs that are on-trend in 2017, such as: gradient styles, balanced modern layouts, plenty of infographics, and powerful slide designs. That way, you can present your innovative business idea with the right blend of creativity and confidence.

3. Monteiro - Modern PowerPoint Template (2017 Download)

Monteiro New Modern PowerPoint Template Design Download

This is one of the best-selling, most popular new presentation templates of 2017. It’s packed with a ton of great resources, such as: 500+ unique slides, creative modern layouts, lots of pro vector business graphics, and more. You can buy this stylish PPT presentation design on Envato Market, download it today, and get your presentation ready in a clean, creative style fast.

4. Social Nova - Stylish New PowerPoint Template Design

Social Nova Stylish New PowerPoint Template Design

If you need to create a social media presentation, backed by statistics, and colorful infographics, then look no further. Social Nova is a unique presentation template design that features bold gradient styles, attention-grabbing colors, and a truckload of professional elements. Use this new presentation design to grab the attention of your audience fast—and hold it throughout!

5. Report - Trendy Modern PowerPoint Presentation Template

Report Trendy New Modern PPT Presentation Template

If you need a modern PPT template design to present your business ideas with, then look no further. Report is a stylish new presentation set made in 2017.

It has a clean aesthetic, with well-balanced slide layouts, current font choices, and a fresh, attractive feel. Perfect for designing business reports or delivering new insights on any number of important presentation topics.

More Envato Tuts+ PowerPoint Resources

Learn how to use PowerPoint and quickly setup PPT templates with these helpful tutorials:

(New) Envato Elements PowerPoint Presentation Templates

If you have a need to use multiple presentation templates on a regular basis, or want unlimited access to download all the graphics, fonts, and website templates your current projects need, then take a look at Envato Elements

Here are the newest PowerPoint templates on Envato Elements, with hundreds available to put to use right away in 2017:

New PowerPoint Templates on Envato Elements
New PowerPoint Templates on Envato Elements.

The Best New Keynote Presentation Templates of 2017

6. Light - Stylish Modern Keynote Presentation Template Design

Light Modern Keynote Presentation Template Design

Light is a beautiful presentation design, with a soft touch that’s great for showcasing your business ideas elegantly. This clean presentation template has a number of top Keynote presentation features, such as:

  • 80+ unique slide designs.
  • Modern on-trend creative style.
  • Customizable maps and infographics.
  • Simple animations and transitions.
  • Easy to customize, pro setup.

It also includes support for the latest version of Keynote, full documentation, and quick to work with setup. Use this top 2017 template set to make your ideas shine and your audience take notice! 

7. Forest - Fresh New Keynote Presentation Template - 2017

Forest Fresh New Keynote Presentation Template Design

This fresh new Keynote presentation template has a creative design with modern slides. It’s a top choice if you want an elegant set of layouts, with current styles, great font and image use, clean infographics, and more. Use it to make a great presentation design quickly in 2017. 

8. Aves 2 - Colorful Keynote Presentation Slide Design Builder

Aves 2 Colorful Keynote Presentation Slide Design Builder

Go big and bold with this unique 2017 Keynote template, which blows away free Keynote templates you may find online. It has a powerful set of striking designs with plenty of color choices to quickly choose from. It features eye-catching layouts that mix cropped images, with inviting layouts, and confident type use.

9. Good Pitch - Elegant Business Keynote Template Set

Good Pitch Elegant Design Business Keynote Template Set

Do you need an elegant presentation design? One that’s optimized for pitching business ideas? Is setup for easy customization? And ready to communicate your new business ideas effectively? Then look no further than Good Pitch. It’s a top 2017 Keynote theme and popular for good reason: it’s overflowing with creative layouts and pro features.

10. Tofu - Creative Keynote Template for Cool New Presentations

Tofu Creative Keynote Template for Cool New Presentations

The Tofu Keynote template design features a modern set of beautiful layouts and graphics set against a dark background. If you want a cinema-like feel for your presentation, then this cool set of presentation designs is a great choice. It’s setup with pro layouts, editable graphics, animations, and more.

More Envato Tuts+ Keynote Resources

Learn more about Apple Keynote and how to work with it to quickly customize your presentation design:

(New) Envato Elements Keynote Presentation Templates

If you have a number of projects that need new design elements on a regular basis, than an Envato Elements subscription may be just the right solution for you.

With it, you get unlimited access to download all the graphics, fonts, visual assets, and website templates you need at any time—and that includes hundreds of professional presentation templates with creative designs. 

Here are the latest Keynote templates available for quick download from Envato Elements in 2017: 

New Keynote Templates on Envato Elements
New Keynote Templates on Envato Elements.

The Best New Google Slides Presentation Templates of 2017

11. Be - 2017 Google Slides Presentation Template Design

Be New Google Slides Presentation Template Design

Use this cool modern 2017 Google Slides template to create a current, on-trend presentation design. It packs in plenty of creative, professional options, like:

  • 125+ unique and creative slides. 
  • Easy to editable colors, styles, and graphics.
  • Pro assortment of maps, infographics, and icons.
  • Files are PPTX Google Slide compatible.
  • 16x9 Full HD format (1920 px by 1080 px).

You can edit everything very easy in your Google Slides software. Buy this template on GraphicRiver, download it today, and get your presentation setup fast. Save time and get a stylish result now.

12. Forest - New Multipurpose Google Slides Template

Forest New Multipurpose Google Slides Template Design

The best way to present your new ideas in 2017 is within a fresh set of stylish designs. Forest is a new Apple Keynote presentation template with a full set of modern design features you’d expect from a Premium design.

Unlike free presentation templates you can find online, this pro Keynote template has over 230 unique layouts, a ton of colorful infographics, custom object animations, and more.

13. Niki - Google Slide Template to Make Trendy Presentations

Niki Google Slide Template to Make Trendy Presentations

This trendy Google Slides presentation template has a minimal style with just what you need to make an impact in 2017. It’s clean typography choices, paired with interesting shapes, and cropped photos, make for a professional assortment of creative layouts to work with. Present new products, showcase your ideas, and win over an audience with this top presentation design.

14. Gallia - Creative Google Slide Presentation Template 2017

Gallia Creative Google Slide Presentation Template Design

This is a spectacular set of cool templates for making your Google Slides presentation quickly. It’s created with an on-trend designs for 2017. It’s also got unique brush shaped slides, and a stylish aesthetic that mixes beautiful photo, text, and shape layouts.

Unlike presentation design template free downloads you may find on the web, this set also comes with pro features like elegant transition animations, as well as creative visualizations like edible infographics, maps, and charts. 

15. Swift - Top Minimal Style Google Slides Template 2017

Swift Top Design Minimal Style Google Slides Template

Swift makes building your presentation with Google Slides simple. If you want a stylish design with a clean aesthetic and modern touch, then look no further than this popular 2017 template. It has great 5-star customer reviews, such as:

“I’m really thankful for this template and for the designer who made it...”

It has lots of infographics, mockups, and all the layout options you’d expect in a Premium template set. Us it to create a powerful presentation with fast. 

More Envato Tuts+ Google Slides Resources

Learn how to start using Google Slides and quickly create your presentation with a professional template design: 

More Top Presentation Templates & Design Tips

If you need a bit more research into the differences between PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides, then jump into this comparison guide:

Where Else to Find Top Presentation Designs?

If you already have a favorite presentation software you use, but you want additional options than those listed above, then check out more of our best performing presentation templates for PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides:

There are thousands of presentation designs to browse through on GraphicRiver that are kept up to date by their designers.

Also, you can find lots of new presentation templates available for download from Envato Elements. Where you can get unlimited use of photos, web templates, creative fonts and graphic assets for a single monthly fee. Learn more about Envato Elements

Envato Elements

Quick Presentation Design Tips for 2017

If you’re feeling a bit unsure on how to go about creating a professional presentation from start to finish, don't worry. We have presentation tutorial resources to help you out with writing your presentation, persuading an audience, and presentation tips for the whole process from planning, preparation, design, to delivery. Also, creative ideas to make a better presentation. 

And don’t miss these presentation design tutorials:

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How to Make a Great Presentation Free eBook

We have the perfect compliment to a professional presenation template, that will help you learn how to write, design, and deliver great presentations.

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Good luck on making an impactful presentation in 2017, that presents your ideas with the right blend of creativity and clarity.

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