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How to Make a PowerPoint Funnel Diagram Quickly (With PPT Templates)


One of the best ways to reduce text on your slides is to use infographics, beautiful charts that combine information and visuals into a single illustration. The perfect example of this is with PowerPoint funnel diagrams, which show how the inputs into a process flow. 

Customized PowerPoint Funnel Chart
An infographic like this one in Funnel Pack is an excellent example of how you can use a funnel diagram to explain your ideas.

Boring slides use text to explain ideas. Better slides substitute text for graphics that your audience will review carefully. Infographics like editable funnel charts are a significant improvement over text-dense slides.

Throughout this tutorial, you'll see two great options for building a PowerPoint funnel chart. The first of these is using a built-in PowerPoint feature, SmartArt. An even better option is to customize funnel diagrams in PowerPoint templates from Envato Elements, or funnel chart templates from GraphicRiver. Let's learn more!

How to Create PowerPoint Funnel Graphics With SmartArt

Funnel graphics for PowerPoint are a great way to visualize multi-level concepts. Use them to show off hierarchies, processes, percentage breakdowns, and more. 

In other words, a funnel diagram shows how parts come together to form the whole. And with fantastic editable PowerPoint funnel charts, you can illustrate a variety of concepts quickly.

Let's look at what it takes to build a funnel slide yourself. That means starting with a blank slate and using the PowerPoint SmartArt feature to create a funnel step-by-step.

To start building a funnel graphic in PowerPoint, go to the Insert > SmartArt menu option. On the pop-up window, you'll see a variety of charts and graphics that you can easily add to your presentation. There's a graphic specifically for funnel diagrams on the Relationship section.

PowerPoint Funnel Chart
On the SmartArt menu, choose the Relationship section and then the Funnel diagram to add it to your presentation.

After you select Funnel and press OK, you'll see a funnel graphic added to your presentation. Notice that a text box pops up on the left with pre-built bullet points. Each bullet point corresponds to an object in the funnel.

You can edit and update your SmartArt easily.

Updated Funnel Diagram PowerPoint
Add all of the points you need using the text box while working with your SmartArt to customize the graphic.

On this chart, you can add additional bullet points to add more funnel objects. Press Return while working in the text box to add a new object or backspace over a point to remove a funnel item.

There are also limited styling options. Use the Change Colors menu just above the chart to adjust the color palette for your funnel diagram in PowerPoint.

SmartArt is a nice feature for building PowerPoint funnel diagrams, but it can be somewhat limiting. It's helpful that you can type over the text placeholders and add your information, but the style and customization settings can leave you with a flat diagram. 

To learn more about using PowerPoint SmartArt and customizing the charts, make sure to check out the tutorial below:

But building a PowerPoint funnel diagram using SmartArt isn't the only method. You can also source PowerPoint funnel diagram templates that are more eye-catching and visually appealing. Read on to find out more.

How to Create Custom PowerPoint Funnel Graphics Using a Template

As you saw above, using PowerPoint's built-in features for funnel diagrams is an option, but it's also somewhat limited. Unless you're a skilled graphic designer, it would be challenging to create a professional funnel style. Besides, even if you've got the skills, why waste precious time building from scratch?

Instead, your best bet is to use a stunning funnel diagram PowerPoint template from Envato Elements. Funnel chart PowerPoint templates from Elements are designed by professionals, and each delivers impeccable premium style to your next slide deck. 

PowerPoint Funnel Template
On Envato Elements, there's truly a template for every occasion, such as PowerPoint funnel templates that you can customize.

Rather than designing each funnel yourself from scratch, all you'll need to do is fill in the blanks on an existing chart. It only takes a few seconds, but the result will look far superior to homemade efforts created with SmartArt. Just choose a template, download it, and customize it with your specifics.

Best of all, Envato Elements helps you keep costs low by licensing everything in its library for a single flat rate. When you subscribe to Elements, you unlock more than a million assets, including graphics, stock photos, and more. Those other assets are the perfect complement to an excellent PowerPoint presentation.

Social Icons in PowerPoint Funnel Diagram
Templates like Social Icons in PowerPoint Funnel Diagram are an excellent example of the creative funnel diagrams you'll find in the Envato Elements library.

Another option for building PowerPoint funnel diagrams is GraphicRiver. While Elements is a subscription-based service, GraphicRiver is a pay-per-download option with PowerPoint funnel charts. Make sure to check out the deep GraphicRiver library to see the best templates.

No matter which marketplace you choose, there are so many options for funnel PowerPoint diagrams. The key is to use these engaging infographics to illustrate ideas. Remember: a chart like a funnel diagram is perfect for bringing together multiple parts of a design together into a cohesive whole.

Learn How to Customize a PowerPoint Funnel Diagram Template

If you've never used a PowerPoint template before, you might be wondering how to customize them. Let's walk through an example of customizing a PowerPoint funnel chart.

We'll use an excellent example template, Funnel PowerPoint Presentation, available now on Envato Elements. It's got a variety of PowerPoint funnel charts that are easy to customize.

1. Modify a Vertical Funnel Diagram

PowerPoint Funnel Template
The starting point for this slide form Funnel PowerPoint Presentation has four key points that you can rank on the starting slide design.

We'll start here with slide 2 in the deck. As you can see in the screenshot above, it's a hierarchy presented as a vertically stacked funnel. Over on the right side, there are matching placeholders to add descriptive text. Each of the four layers is brightly color-coded. That helps audiences instantly grasp related content.

To customize the funnel PowerPoint slide, click on the text boxes to select them, then type in your own words and numbers. A chart like this is best used to discuss multiple pieces of a single process and how those steps fit together into a finished product.

2. Finalize Your Changes

We'll swap out text, describing the various value offerings of a fictional business. And don't forget, things like text colors and fonts can easily be customized on the Font menu on PowerPoint’s ribbon.

PowerPoint Funnel Graphic Upgraded
Updating a PowerPoint funnel is as easy as typing over the text placeholders that are built-in on the slide.

That's it. With a few keystrokes, we've transformed this funnel diagram PowerPoint into a glowing testimonial for success.

3. Modify a Horizontal Funnel Graphic

One of the great things about PowerPoint funnel templates is their creative variety. Looking at slide 18 now, you can see it's presented very differently.

Funnel Diagram PowerPoint template
As this other option shows, PowerPoint funnel templates feature funnels in many shapes and styles.

It shows different sections emerging right out of the funnel. Or, if you prefer, going into the funnel. This can be used to illustrate the results of a process, or the elements merging to form the process. It emphasizes cohesion and interconnected ideas.

Much like the first funnel PowerPoint slide we customized; this one is modified just by swapping out text. Also remember, you don't have to use every part of a slide, only because it's included with a template. 

4. Finalize Your Changes

You can make other changes as well. For example, the circular icons on the right side can be deleted to free up a little more open space. To do that, go ahead and click on each one and press Delete on your keyboard. It's that simple.

Funnel Diagram PowerPoint Template
Again, a PowerPoint funnel diagram slide is easily updated with simple text replacement steps.

With only a moment's work, you've seen how easy it is to craft your own spectacular PowerPoint funnel graphics. This is all thanks to the expert premium templates available every day at Envato Elements. 

Consider using funnel diagrams like these next time you need to present a process or concept to any audience, big or small.

Discover More Great PowerPoint Templates

In the last section, we worked with the Funnel PowerPoint Presentation from Envato Elements. You might have noticed it had more than two dozen custom slides inside, each with a unique take on funnel graphics.

But that's the tip of the iceberg. Today on Elements, there are thousands of custom PowerPoint templates available for you. You'll find infographic templates that explain ideas with great graphics. There's truly a template for every purpose, including dedicated templates with editable PowerPoint funnel charts.

Each template is created by graphic designers with a vision for stylish and practical presentations. Their template creations stand ready to help you put your best foot forward by engaging and inspiring your audience.

If you're searching for more infographic templates to share data, check out the articles below to see even more excellent funnel diagram PowerPoint templates:

Learn More About How to Use PowerPoint

Hate using PowerPoint? You might be surprised how powerful it can be when you learn more about the features and interface. Once you're comfortable in the app, you'll find yourself using it to prepare for presentations confidently.

If you want a complete guide to learn Microsoft PowerPoint, check out our learning series How to Use PowerPoint (Ultimate Tutorial Guide.) This single resource has everything you need to become a master of the app.

Make sure to check out these beginner tutorials to launch your PowerPoint learning journey:

Download a PowerPoint Funnel Template Today

As you saw in this tutorial, using PowerPoint funnel graphics is one way to add visual interest to your slide and explain ideas to your audience. SmartArt is a built-in option for illustrating an idea that lives on PowerPoint's ribbon. It's flexible and easy to update as your points evolve.

But, creating eye-catching slides with funnel diagrams is easier when you use a pre-built template. Premium PowerPoint funnels in Envato Elements templates let you try many options until you find the perfect one. Or, choose a premium funnel diagram PowerPoint template on GraphicRiver to keep costs low.

Either way, don't forget the funnel diagram when building your next presentation. Go design one today with one of the options above!

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