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15 Fun PowerPoint Presentation Ideas to Delight Your Audience (+Video)

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When you're making your presentation, make it a fun PowerPoint presentation. A fun PowerPoint presentation is not only memorable, but keeps your audience engaged. 

Envato Mild TemplateEnvato Mild TemplateEnvato Mild Template
This fun PowerPoint template is found on Envato Elements, along with many others.

Creating a fun PowerPoint presentation can be difficult or time-consuming. Using a template will save you time since you won't need to design a presentation from scratch. With a template, all you need to do is add your information. PowerPoint templates are easily edited and customized to suit your needs.

The quickest way to find some fun PowerPoint ideas is by using professional templates like those found on Envato Elements.

7 Fun PowerPoint  PPT Presentation Idea (Video)

Are you ready to add some fun to your PowerPoint presentations? Watch this quick video to for some fun PowerPoint ideas. We'll talk about quizzes, humor, and more.

Discover even more ways to make your PowerPoint fun in the written tutorial below.

Why Make Your PowerPoint Fun?

You may wonder, why should you make your PowerPoint fun? When you make your PowerPoint fun you're trying to engage with your audience. And audience engagement pays off. Ask yourself which presentation you'd remember: 

  • a dull, boring slideshow
  • a lively and fun PowerPoint presentation

Engaging the audience means that they're listening instead of drifting off. Fun PowerPoint presentations are fun for not only the audience, but also for the presenter.

 Now, let's take a closer look at professional templates:

Find Fun PowerPoint Ideas on Envato Elements

Creating a fun PowerPoint Presentation from scratch is time-consuming and hard to do. You need to create a presentation that looks professional, but you may not know how. A template saves you time because the design is already taken care of. Just add the information you want.

Envato ElementsEnvato ElementsEnvato Elements
You can find hundreds of fun PowerPoint presentations on Envato Elements.

Once you sign up for Envato Elements, you get unlimited access to thousands of presentation templates. You'll also get access to graphics, fonts, and more. It's an incredible deal!

15 Fun PowerPoint Ideas to Engage Your Audience

You've chosen your template. It looks like something that you could use to create fun PowerPoint presentations. But you're still not sure how to make your presentation fun. You need some PowerPoint topics for fun.

Here's a list of fifteen fun presentation ideas that you can try:

1. Select an Idea to Create a PowerPoint Topic for Fun

Before you dive deep into creating your presentation, choose a topic for your presentation. If you want your presentation to be fun, then your topic needs to be fun too. After all, nobody wants to listen to a presentation about something that’s boring. 

If you’ve been tasked with giving a presentation about a serious topic, try to find a fun angle that conveys the main idea in a fun way. Presenting even a serious topic is easier if you make it fun, not to mention it'll be easier for your audience to remember.

2. Have a Contest

Hold a contest to bring your fun presentation ideas to life.

If you’re looking for a fun PowerPoint idea, try creating a contest or game out of your presentation to get the audience excited. If you're worried that your presentation may be boring, then create a contest and give the audience member who wins a prize. 

This idea can make your audience pay closer attention to win the prize. Having a contest can bring out your audience's competitiveness. As a bonus, they'll remember your presentation.

3. Add Humor

Adding humor is a great and easy idea for making your presentations fun. Humor is an excellent icebreaker to start your presentation with. You could also throw some humor in the middle of your presentation to keep your audience’s attention. 

Find the type of humor that suits both you and the target audience and use it throughout your presentation. To find the right type of humor make sure that you know your audience well.

4. Use Props in Your Presentation

Splasher Fun PowerPoint PresentationSplasher Fun PowerPoint PresentationSplasher Fun PowerPoint Presentation
Fun PowerPoint topics need props.

Using props is a fun presentation idea. Props can make your presentation more powerful by giving the audience visual objects they can see in person. Props can also help the audience understand the point that you're trying to make. The bigger the prop is, the more impressive that prop is for your audience. 

5. Use Video

Using a short video or audio clip in your presentation can keep your audience engaged. Adding a short video clip can make your PowerPoint fun for the audience and for yourself. Also, video or audio clips can evoke emotion in the audience that you may not be able to get otherwise.

Study the following tutorial to learn more about adding video to your fun PowerPoints:

6. Show the Opposite

This fun presentation idea works well if you're giving a presentation on what to do. If you're giving a presentation on how to create a great slideshow presentation, then you can have some examples of terrible presentations. You could do this by overcrowding a slide as an example or including other things you wouldn’t want in a fun PowerPoint. (Be sure to point out the mistakes, though.)

7. Give Out Free Things

Travel Fun PowerPoint TemplateTravel Fun PowerPoint TemplateTravel Fun PowerPoint Template
A Travel PowerPoint template is great for giving away a prize when choosing a PowerPoint topic for fun.

A fun way to engage the audience is to give out a free thing. This can be something having to do with your presentation or something to do with your company. 

If you're doing a presentation on animal welfare, for example, you could give out a little free stuffed animal. Even if you can't think of an item that matches your topic exactly, you could give out free branded item such as a key ring with your company logo. A giveaway makes your presentation more memorable and fun for your audience.

8. Create a Presentation With No Text

An idea of how to present a fun presentation is to create a presentation with no text. With all images on your slides, this gives the audience a chance to use their imagination.

 But using all images means you'll have to do more talking. All your presentation points will need to be part of your verbal presentation to the audience.

Learn about using images in PowerPoint in this tutorial:

9. Personalize Your Presentation

Personalizing your presentation can make your PowerPoint fun for the audience. Using a personal story helps the audience relate to or empathize with your presentation. Personal stories in your presentation make it more authentic and memorable. 

To tell a personal story that'll relate to your audience, you'll need to know your audience. Through knowing your audience, you'll be able to relate to them better.

10. Poll the Audience

A fun presentation idea is to poll the audience. Do this electronically or just by asking the audience to raise their hands. 

The audience participation also helps you know whether the audience is paying attention. It's also a good way to interact with the audience and get their opinions. Having the audience to answer a poll also lets you know whether the audience understands what you're saying.

11. Ask a Question in the Beginning

Want to make a PowerPoint topic for fun? Start it off right with a question.

Asking a question at the beginning of your presentation is a fun way to engage with the audience. This should be a question that you'll answer somewhere in your presentation. You'll keep your audience’s attention because they'll want to know the answer to the question.

Now that you've read some fun presentation ideas to keep your audience engaged and have been given fun ideas for your presentation, you're ready to get started. Below are some tips for making a professional-looking presentation.

12. Have a Guest Presenter

Another great way to make your presentation more fun and delight your audience is to bring on a guest presenter. A guest presenter can offer an alternative point of view as well as help make your presentation more interactive. 

You can arrange for a guest presenter while you’re still working on your presentation. Or you can invite your audience to share their opinion or insight on the topic at hand. 

13. Use Body Language

Don’t stand still while you’re giving your presentation. Instead, use body language to make it more engaging. Walk on the stage, use gestures, and don’t hide behind a desk. All of this commands attention and is more likely to get the audience to actively listen and engage in the presentation with you. 

Here's a tutorial to help you learn more about how to use body language effectively:

14. Add a Quiz

Add a quizAdd a quizAdd a quiz
Complement fun PowerPoint topics with a quiz.

A quiz is an excellent way to make your presentation more interactive. Plus, everyone loves a good, fun quiz. You can use a quiz for educational purposes as well as to have some fun at the end of the presentation. This works really well if you pair a quiz with some other tips on this list, such as giving out free things or a contest.

15. Take Advantage of Social Media 

Social media is a big part of our lives today, so why not take advantage of that fact? Don't ask your audience to put their phones away. Instead, encourage them to share their thoughts about the presentation on a platform like Twitter. 

Create a hashtag that’s related to your presentation. Ask the audience to use it and share not only their thoughts, but also questions that can be used for discussion later.

Great PowerPoint Presentation Templates from Envato Elements

Below are some hand-picked templates from Envato Elements. If you like one of these premium templates, download it today. If you don’t there are plenty of more options.

Here are some fun PPT presentation templates you may wish to try:

1. Ever PowerPoint Template

Ever PowerPoint TemplateEver PowerPoint TemplateEver PowerPoint Template

The Ever PowerPoint Template has 250 multipurpose slides. This template comes with 20 premade colors and 10 theme colors to make your PowerPoint fun. The Ever PowerPoint Template also comes with infographics, icons, and charts.

2. Fairy Presentation Template 


Fairy comes with 30 creative slides that you can add your information onto. This template has a nice modern design that's still professional. Fairy is completely and easily editable. This template is great if you want a nice colorful design that isn't overwhelming.

3. Vintage - a Fun PowerPoint Presentation

3 Vintage - a Fun PowerPoint Presentation3 Vintage - a Fun PowerPoint Presentation3 Vintage - a Fun PowerPoint Presentation

Vintage is a fun PowerPoint presentation theme that can be used for many different purposes. The design of this template has a nice unique feel, yet it remains professional. This template comes with 32 slides and five color scheme options. Easily add an image of your choice by dragging and dropping the image into the image placeholder.

4. Cleira PowerPoint Template

Cleira PowerPoint TemplateCleira PowerPoint TemplateCleira PowerPoint Template

Cleira fun PPT presentation template has five different color schemes to choose from. This template also comes with illustrations and infographics. Cleira includes over 150 slides that you can add your information onto. This template is a multipurpose template.

5. Spectrum Presentation Template

Spectrum Presentation TemplateSpectrum Presentation TemplateSpectrum Presentation Template

The Spectrum presentation template comes with over 150 slides. This template also includes timelines, charts, and icons. Spectrum comes with a template for Microsoft PowerPoint and Keynote. Spectrum is a colorful and creative presentation template

Now that you've seen some Envato Elements template options, let's look at another option for templates.

Discover More Great PowerPoint Presentation Templates

The above is just a small selection of what’s available on Envato Elements. To see even more great PowerPoint presentation templates, check out the following roundups: 

5 Tips for Making a Professional PowerPoint Presentation

Here are some ideas for making your fun presentation look and sound professional:

1. Don’t Overcrowd

Overcrowding your slide will create the opposite of a fun PowerPoint presentation for your audience. When your slide is overcrowded it can be both distracting and overwhelming. Limit the text you use on a slide and also limit the number of images.

2. Choose Your Font Carefully

When you're choosing your font. Make sure that the farthest away audience member can read it easily. If some of your audience is having trouble reading slides due to the font style or size, this will make your presentation the opposite of fun.

This tutorial discusses which fonts to use for your presentation:

3. Practice

Practice your presentation beforehand. This will help you get out any kinks before your actual presentation. It’s a plus if you practice with a coworker or friend. They can tell you whether you've got a fun PowerPoint or if there are other problems (like if they can’t read the slides). Practicing also will help you make sure that you've got the speech part of your presentation down without mistakes.

4. Choose Your Colors Wisely

When choosing colors make sure that the colors you chose don’t clash. Having clashing colors is hard to look at. Not only can clashing color be hard to look at, but they're distracting to your audience. You also don’t want to choose colors that make the slide hard to see or read. For example, having a black slide with dark purple font would make it hard for your audience to read.

Here's a handy guide to help you choose the right colors for your fun PowerPoint:

5. Use High-Quality Graphics and Video

Images or videos that aren't high quality can be blurry. Blurry images and videos can make it hard for your whole audience to see the images. And that's no fun!

You want the audience furthest away from the screen to be able to see as comfortably as the person in front near the screen.

Common PowerPoint Questions Answered (FAQ)

If you’re working on your presentation, you might have some questions about PowerPoint. Here, we’ve gathered the most common questions along with the answers to help you master PowerPoint:

1. Can I Change the Slide Background?

Yes, you can. Your slide background doesn’t have to be plain white — you can use a background color or even an image or a pattern.

To add an image as a background, select the slide you want to edit, and click the Insert tab. Then select a photo from your computer, right-click and choose Send to Back

Learn more about editing background graphics in this tutorial: 

2. What Size Should My Fun PowerPoint Be?

The size of your fun PowerPoint presentation is important if you want to make sure it displays correctly. Most templates come with slides designed for multiple aspect ratios for desktop and mobile devices.

To manually change the size of your slides, go to the Design tab. Select Customize and then click the Slide Size icon. We've got a detailed guide about the right dimensions for your presentation that you can read here: 

3. How Do I Make My Text More Interesting?

Why not experiment with text effects in PowerPoint? Your presentation doesn’t have use Times New Roman or Arial. There are plenty of fonts to explore that are built into PowerPoint. Not to mention you can spice things up even more with text effects such as shadow, bevel, and more.

Learn more in our tutorial: 

4. How Do I Customize PowerPoint Animations?

PowerPoint animations can make your presentation more engaging but don’t rely on automatic settings. Instead, go through the settings for individual animation timing and arrangement to make sure the animations aren’t distracting or too jarring.

Learn more about controlling PowerPoint animations in this tutorial:

5. How Do I Convert My Presentation to Video?

Converting your PowerPoint to video is a good way to make it available to even more people. Luckily, it’s not that hard to do. Just go to File > Export > Create a Video. From there, you can select the video quality and timing of your presentation.

For more detailed instructions, simply follow the steps outlined in this tutorial:

Learn More About Making Great Fun Presentations

Making a memorable presentation is no easy task. Luckily, we have plenty of tutorials to help you master the art of great presentations. Get started with the resources below:

Start Making Your Fun PowerPoint Presentation Today!

We've just gone over some ideas for making presentations fun and fun ways to engage an audience. We've also directed you to some templates and tutorials that can help. Now, it's time to start creating your own fun PowerPoint presentation.

If you don’t have time to make a professional-looking PowerPoint presentation, download a PowerPoint presentation template from Envato Elements now. You’ll get templates that have been professionally designed the template will be easy to customize. Using the right template will help you create a fun PowerPoint presentation.

So, why not get started?

Editorial Note: This post has been updated with contributions from Brenda Barron and a video from Nathan Umoh. Nathan and Brenda are freelance instructors for Envato Tuts+.

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