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25+ Free Minimalist Google Slides Themes (Designs to Download for 2021)


Do you need a professional-looking design for your upcoming presentation? Are you spending more time perfecting the look of your presentation rather than the content that goes into it? 

Try minimalist Google Slides templates to save time.

STELLA Google Slides Theme
STELLA is one of the many high-quality premium templates available on Envato Elements

Use professionally designed simple Google Slides themes for your next presentation. You'll be able to focus on the information in your presentation and not worry about the design.  

By starting your presentation with a well-designed template, you can show the content of the presentation in a positive and impactful way. The vibrant and trendy presentation templates will impress your audience and give your presentation the best possible chance to succeed.

In this article, we'll feature a handpicked selection of stunning looking simple Google Slides themes from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver. The premium Google Slides presentation templates available are designed to give you complete control over your upcoming presentation. They'll showcase an impressive design to your audience. 

We'll also cover some of the best free minimalist Google Slides templates for you to download if you're on a tight budget. 

Best Premium Google Slides Themes on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

Envato Elements has thousands of the best premium Google Slides theme templates available on the web!

For a low monthly cost, access this massive library of templates and bring your presentations to life. Not only can you access all these Google Slides themes, but you get access to photos, videos, fonts, and many other resources that could be helpful to you.

All the Google Slides designs in the Envato Elements library are fully customizable, have trendy designs for 2020/2021, and can be edited in a matter of minutes. 

New Google Slide Theme Templates
Premium Google Slides theme templates are added weekly. Check out some of the newest designs on Envato Elements

The level of control that you've got over these professional designs allows you to transform them into any type of presentation. You won't find this level of customization or this many options with any minimalist Google Slides themes you download for free.

The slide templates allow you to deliver a presentation that contains

  • graphs, charts, and infographics
  • high-quality images and icons
  • detailed explanations and outlines

And if you need to buy Google Slides minimalist themes one-at-a-time, you can find the same great quality available from GraphicRiver.

The premium templates that Envato Elements and GraphicRiver offer are some of the best available to deliver an eye-catching design for 2020/2021. The next level designs, editable slides, and after-sales support make Envato Elements and GraphicRiver your go-to spot for Google Slides minimalist themes. 

Next, we'll go over five of the best-selling premium minimal Google Slides themes in Envato Elements.

5 Best Minimalist Google Slides Themes (Premium Designs From Envato Elements)

There are many simple Google Slides themes from you to choose from on the Envato Elements. To help you with your search, I've collected five of the best-selling Google Slides minimalist themes on Envato Elements for you to check out: 

1. KINTEL Google Slides

KINTEL Google Slides

KINTEL Google Slides is a multipurpose slide theme design that's suitable for business presentations, pitch decks, or product promotion. The slides are fully customizable. So, they can be changed to suit your presentation needs. Here's a list of a few of the design features:

  • 75 creative slides
  • 25 icon slides 
  • 1000+ icons 
  • hundreds of vector shapes 

2. Hasta Google Slides Presentation

Hasta Google Slides Presentation

This modern and stylish minimalist Google Slides design theme is great for any creator designer, student, lecturer, or businessman who wants to present a visually appealing project or idea. What's great about this design is that the shapes in the slides are resizable and won't lose any quality with this resizing. Add this design to your project today!

3. Netto : Architecture and Real Estate Google Slides

Netto  Architecture and Real Estate Google Slides

This template design comes with a whopping 100 total slides. With all these slides available, you'll have the flexibility to try out new ideas for your presentation. Here are some of the notable features of this design:

  • 1920 x 1080 pixels HD widescreen slide format
  • fully editable text
  • icons variations included
  • RGB color mode
  • drag and drop image to screen mockups

4. Light & Solid Google Slides Template

Light  Solid Google Slides Template

The Light & Solid Google Slides design template gives you the ultimate flexibility. It contains 20 master slides that can easily be customized to fit your specific needs. The modern and polished layouts contain matching charts, diagrams, tables, and other stylish visualization elements. 

5. ALEON - Creative PowerPoint/Google Slides/Keynote

ALEON - Creative PowerpointGoogle SlideKeynote

This minimalist Google Slides theme will work great for presentations for companies, agencies, studios, organizations, startups, or for personal use. Here are a few of the key features that you can expect from this template:

  • 30 unique slides
  • 5 color schemes
  • fully editable slides

Here are the files that you'll be receiving in this premium theme:

  • 5 Microsoft PowerPoints
  • 5 Google Slides
  • 5 Keynotes
  • 5 Premade color designs

5 Premium Minimalist Google Slides Themes in 2020/2021

If you're in need of a quick, easy, and professional way to present your idea or project, then Google Slides is the perfect tool to use. Here's a list of some of the best-selling minimalist Google Slides themes of 2020/2021 available for individual purchase on GraphicRiver:

1. In Minimal

In Minimal

In Minimal provides incredible value. This modern and attention-grabbing theme comes with a total of 498 unique slides. All these slides are broken down into four different categories for your convenience. 

This template comes with plenty of infographics to showcase your project or idea in the best light possible. Don't miss out on this great deal!

2. NORS - Google Slides Minimal Template

NORS - Google Slides Minimal Template

This template uses a simple but classic color scheme. The various shades of gray and bolded black text help create a sense of sincerity and expertise. Use this premium template in a variety of industries and topics. Inside NORS Google Slides Template you'll find 130+ unique slide layouts that can easily be edited. 

3. Swift Minimal Google Slides Template

Swift Minimal Google Slides Template

Swift is a contemporary and well-crafted design. It's sure to generate a positive reaction from your audience. This impressive-looking presentation template has more than 3500+ unique icons that can be resized and color edited. The number of icons and stunning infographics makes this minimal Google Slides theme a must-have. 

4. Verzus Minimal Google Slides Template

Verzus Minimal Google Slides Template

Versuz offers over 350 unique slides that display an innovative design. It’s made with a great mixture of modern styles to help you bring your ideas and projects together. If you experience any issues with your Google Slides minimalist theme, the customer support team is very responsive and can help you out quickly. 

5. do 2.0 Google Slides

do 20 Google Slides

With this polished-looking template, you're going to feel confident and be in control of your next presentation. Here are a few of the templates most important features:

  • PPTX Files for Google Slides or PowerPoint
  • A4 Print Ready
  • 700+ Editable Icons
  • tons of Maps & Infographic Shapes

In the next section, we'll look at a list of some of the best free minimalist Google Slides templates available. 

20 Best Free Minimalist Google Slides Themes for 2020/2021

While the premium templates listed above show the highest quality designs, purchasing a premium template may not be in your current budget.

But before looking for free minimalist Google Slides templates on the web, check out Envato's free offerings first. Try out various premium template files (not always minimalist Google Slides templates) at no cost to you.

Here's the deal: 

If you can't find minimalist Google Slides templates among Envato's free offerings, don't despair. That's why I've compiled a list of the top 20 free minimalist Google Slides themes for 2020/2021:

1. Modern Building Project

Modern Building Project

This free minimalist Google Slides theme has a color palette, graphics, and typography that immediately let you know this a minimalist design. This theme contains 18 different slides that are all editable. 

2. Professional Company Report

The wavy shapes and red colors used help make these minimalist slides stand out. Included are 1000+ icons and Flaticons extension for customizing your slides.

3. Jacquenetta Presentation Template

The Jacquenetta minimalist Google Slides theme for free download makes use of only black and white colors. The combination of these basic colors and the extra bolded text and slide outline will help create a minimal presentation. 

4. Basset Presentation Template

Basset presentation template

Basset uses different shades of yellow to draw in your attention. Each slide is lined with partial images on the left to create an interactive presentation. 

5. Corporate

Corporate is a modern and clean Google Slides template. It's ideal for a business presentation. It comes with 10 minimalist slides. Edit it in Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint. 

6. Minimalist Business 

This template contains three different color schemes for you to choose from. Less is more with this free minimalist Google Slides theme. 

7. Burbank Business Proposal 

This free minimalist business Google Slides template has a white background and a touch of color on all the slides. It's got a minimalist and professional feel.  The template comes with a set of layouts that have various infographics.

8. Strategy Free Business Google Slides

Strategy Free Business Google Slides

 If you're looking for a sleek and modern design without being too flashy, this is the template for you. Change the color, font, text, and even the size of your slide according to your presentation requirements. 

9. Attica Free Presentation Template

This free minimalist Google Slides theme offers a wide range of vector icons, 23 unique slides, tables, flow charts, graphs, and much more. Attica is a diverse theme that can be suited for all your presentation needs.

10. Bright Free Presentation Template

This stylish template gives you a design that'll grab your audience's attention. It also contains section cover slides that allow you to transition from topics smoothly throughout your presentation. 

11. Rhodes Free Presentation Template

The Rhodes free presentation template was designed to not only fit with Google Slides, but also with Microsoft PowerPoint and Apple Keynote. This multipurpose industry template is a great choice for your next presentation.

12. Corp Free Presentation Template

Corp Free Presentation Template

The soft blue color scheme lets your audience know that this is a minimalist design. It comes across as professional looking. This free minimalist Google Slides theme is fully customizable.

13. Simple Free Presentation Template

This template gives off a soothing and calming aura. Insert graphics such as tables, charts, and vector maps. Display all your information and data in an interactive way in these minimalist slides.

14. Business Google Slides Template

This theme contains an eye-popping color scheme that'll keep your audience interested in your presentation. Download this template and take the stress out of your presentation preparation. 

15. Gradient Free Presentation Template

Give your next presentation a stylish and professional polish. This free minimalist Google Slides theme will allow you to edit the color, font, text, and even size of each slide.

16. Viola Free Presentation Template

Viola Free Presentation Template

You can expect a yellow and white color scheme with this free minimalist design. There are 25 customizable slides that can fit a wide range of presentations. 

17. Epirus Free Presentation Template

If you need a clean and stylish Google Slides template, then check out the Epirus template. It includes high-quality vector graphics and plenty of charts and graphs for you to include in these minimalist slides.

18. Investment Business Plan

This free minimalist Google Slides template will give your project a sense of professionalism and seriousness. The serif fonts, gray colors, and eye-catching graphics help you deliver a stunning presentation.

19. Movie Marketing Campaign Presentation

Movie Marketing Campaign Presentation uses photos in the slides to help keep the attention of your audience. The slides contain rectangular shapes that allow you to organize your information and assign the correct space to it. 

20. Weekly Meeting Presentation

Weekly Meeting Presentation

This template has a dotted outline on all the slides to help center the audience's attention to the middle of the slide. The cool colors, icons, and minimalist font help create a professional and important looking presentation. 

How to Customize Your Minimalist Google Slides Theme Template

Once you download your template, you'll want to customize your template to suit your needs. Here are some tips on how to customize your minimalist Google Slides Themed template: 

This tutorial will be using the Warmy - Minimalist Google Slides Template, a premium template from Envato Elements.

Warmy Premium Template
This premium Google Slides template is from Envato Elements.

In this tutorial, we'll be using slide 8. Here's what slide 8 looks like without any edits.

Template with no edits
Warmy template slide 8 with no edits.

Let's get started:

1. How to Change an Object’s Color

First, select the object that you want to change the color of. Next, click on the Fill Color button. Clicking on this button will cause a color menu to drop down. From the color, menu select the color that you want for the object.

How to change an objects color
How to change an object's color

2. How to Add New Text

To add new text, you need to add the text box in a blank space on your slide. To make a new text box click on the Text Box button in the toolbar. Next, draw a diagonal line to make your text box. Then start typing inside the box.

How to add new text
How to add new text

3. How to Change the Slide's Background Color

How to change the slides background color
How to change a slide's background color.

To change the background color, click on the Background button in the toolbar. This will cause a menu to pop up. There's a Color button in the pop-up menu. Once you click on that, a color menu will drop down.

How to change the slides background color
How to change the slide's background color

4. How to Insert a Picture

To insert a picture, click on the Insert button above the toolbar. Once you click on this button, a menu will drop down. Select an image from the drop-down menu next. Choose the option that's best for you.

How to Insert a picture
How to insert a picture

5. How to Change the Font

First, to change the text's font, highlight the text that you want to change the font of. In the toolbar, it'll tell you what font that text is. Click on that font name. This causes a menu to drop down. Select the font that you want to change your highlighted text to.

How to change the font
How to change the font

5 Quick Tips to Make Great Minimalist Google Slides Theme Designs for 2020/2021

Even if you've got a professional Google Slides template, you'll still need to edit the theme to ensure that your presentation will have a lasting impact on your audience. 

Don't forget to browse through the Envato Elements library to find the exact template needed to start your project and use the tips. 

Now, here are a few tips on how to get the most out of your Google Slides theme design:  

1. Start With a Base Theme

Hasta Minimalist Google Slides Theme
The premium Hasta Google Slides Presentation Template is a great one to give your presentation a professional look.

 When you begin to create your Google Slides presentation, you'll want to start with some sort of base theme. You'll have the color palette in place, arrangement on the slides set, and a set of fonts to be used in the slides. 

Without this base theme already set, you'll waste time designing the actual slides. That'll take time away from adding the right information to the slides and from practicing your presentation.  

2. Style Master Slides to Create a Unified Theme

 All the slides in your presentation should have a unified theme. The master slide in your Google Slides editor will affect every slide in the presentation. 

To make changes to your design, change the master slide. If you change the background, font, or colors in this slide, all the other slides will reflect these changes. 

3. Brand Your Slides With Watermarks

 Inserting watermarks into all your slides is a great way to promote your brand. A watermark can easily be inserted into all your slides by editing the master slide. 

To add a watermark, simply upload your company logo. Adjust the transparency of the logo so it blends into the background and isn't intrusive but is still noticeable. 

Where you put this watermark depends on your Google Slides theme. In the top right or bottom right corner usually works best. 

4. Use Contrasting Colors

Netto Google Slides Template
The premium Netto Google Slides template features both a light and dark color scheme.

Use contrasting colors in your Google Slides presentation. Using light colors on your text and icons with a dark background works best. Dark colors and a light background can also work well. These contrasting colors will help add a sense of dimension to your presentation. 

If you use colors that don't contrast, you may run into the problem of having all the elements on your slides blend together. 

5. Choose Your Fonts Well

When choosing a font for your presentation, you'll want to choose one that's easy to read. One popular type of font that works well in presentations is sans serif fonts. These fonts are modern and smooth typefaces that are pleasing to the eye.

For more information on choosing fonts for your presentation, check out the following tutorial:

5 Simple (Minimalist) Google Slides Design Trends for 2020/2021

Here are some Google Slides design trends for 2020/2021:

1. Color Blocking

Color blocking is when a large section is one color or large sections are in contrasting colors. When designing your minimalist Google Slides template, you can use color creatively with color blocking and still have a minimal theme. Color blocking is a great way to add some visual interest without it being distracting.

Color Blocking
Durea premium Google Slides template has a color blocking scheme

2. Bold Fonts

Just because you've got a simple Google Slide theme doesn’t mean that you can’t have a bold font to make your presentation stand out. A bold font is a simple way to make your presentation stand out without doing too much or distract from your point. Fonts can add a visual interest to your slide that can add personality to your presentation.

3. Black and White

Black and white is a simple Google Slides theme color scheme that's used in a minimalist template. This color scheme is great because it's classic and can go with any topic.

Black and White
This premium Google Slides template has a black and white color scheme.

4. Infographics for Data

When using a Minimalist Google Slides themes, you want some elements of your presentation to make an impression. If you're presenting important data, you’ll want your data to stand out. A way to make important data stand out is to use infographics to present your data to your audience. 

5. More White Space

Simple Google Slides themes have a lot of white space. This is a great minimalist design trend because all the white space is less distracting for the audience. Having a large amount of white space also adds some clarity and impact to your slides. 

A lot of white space
The premium Blackwhite Project vol3 design has a lot white space.

Discover More Great Minimalist Presentation Template Designs

Each Google Slides presentation requires its own unique design to ensure that you're delivering your message in a meaningful and impactful way. Envato Elements offers thousands of unique Google Slides, PowerPoint, and Keynote designs for one low monthly payment. 

By taking advantage of the unlimited subscription, you'll have complete access to a massive library of minimalist Google Slides themes. Quickly find a design template that meets your presentation's needs. Browse the articles below to find even more great choices:

5 Benefits of Using Premium Minimal Google Slides Themes (In 2020/2021) 

Free minimal Google Slides themes are a good resource if you're on a tight budget. But buying a premium Google Slides theme has many advantages, and the result will be a professional presentation. 

Let me share with you some of the benefits of professional minimalist slides:

  1. Catch the audience's attention. When presenting, you'll want your viewers' eyes on the slides. Don't bore them with the themes included in the software, themes we've all seen again and again. A premium simple Google Slides template has a unique design: colors, images, fonts, and shapes. That'll make the difference between a dull and a fantastic, unique presentation.
  2. Save hours of work. A premium Google Slides theme means you won't have to invest time in designing your slides from scratch. You won't have to think about the right colors or layouts. Just download it and focus on the important: the content of your presentation.
  3. Focus on branding. Premium minimalist slides will let you add your own branding to the presentation. The professional themes allow you to integrate unique branding elements like your company's color scheme and logo.
  4. Customization is endless. A professional template also gives you unlimited customization options such as color, fonts, slide size, layouts, design. Edit any detail of a premium theme to fit your needs.
  5. Get inspired. If you don’t have a clue about what to include in your presentation, browsing our collection of professional minimal Google Slides themes is a great place to start. We've got themes for every occasion and topic. 

Envato Elements Gives You Design Without Limits

Now that you know the benefits of using premium themes, Envato Elements has a fantastic (all inclusive) offer for you:

Envato Elements Gives You Design Without Limits
Get unlimited access to all the creative assets you need in Envato Elements

Sign up for Envato Elements. Get access to thousands of creative digital assets with unlimited use including simple Google Slides themes. That's right, download as many presentation themes, resume templates and graphic designs as you need. All for one low monthly price.

Common Google Slides Questions Answered (FAQ)

Now that you've seen our selection of minimal Google Slides themes and some great design tips, perhaps you've got some doubts about the web-based software. Let me help you with those:

1. Why Should I Choose Google Slides Over PowerPoint?

PowerPoint is the most popular presentation software. But Google Slides offers quite a few advantages that may convince you to try it. Here are just a few:

  • It's free. While PowerPoint requires a Microsoft Office subscription, Google Slides is free to use with a Gmail account. This is a great benefit if you're on a limited budget, but still need to create professional presentations.
  • It's easy to use. This software is known for its less complicated tools and navigation. You'll learn how to use it in no time.
  • It's perfect for teamwork. Collaboration is one of Google Office's strengths. Your documents are always available online in real-time. And more than one team member can access them at the same time.

These are some of the most important benefits of Google Slides. Learn more about it here: 

2. Can I Convert Google Slides Presentations to PowerPoint?

Your Google Slides presentation is finished. And now, you might need to share it with a Microsoft Office user. Don't worry, you can convert it.

Google Slides includes an excellent conversion feature. It's easy to convert from to PowerPoint and several other popular formats. Just follow our tutorial about it:

3. How Can I Create Google Slide Layouts?

If you need specialized layouts (like changing the default font, colors or design of the slides) this is very easy to do in Google Slides.

Create unique layouts and apply them throughout the presentation. In this tutorial we explain it step by step:

4. How Can I Change Themes in Google Slides?

If you've used Google Slides, you know it comes with a limited number of themes. Luckily, as you've seen in this article, there are plenty of Google Slides themes to choose from in our marketplaces.

Now, after you've selected and downloaded the right theme for you, all you need to do is drag it to your Google Drive. Learn more details here:

5. Can I Use Animations and Transitions in Google Slides?

Animations are a great touch to add to your presentation. Add them between slides to help your presentation flow. And it's easy to do in Google Slides.

But first, you need to understand what the terms mean and the options available in the software. We've got this handy tutorial for you:

Learn More About Using Google Slides

Google Slides is a fantastic tool for presentations. It's free, easy to use and makes sharing slides a piece of cake.

If you're new to this software, we've got some great resources for you. Also, don't forget to check our useful series: How to Use Google Slides (Ultimate Tutorial Guide).

Here are some more presentation tutorials to help you understand the various presentation packages:

Unlock the Power of Professional Minimalist Google Slides Theme Designs

To create a stylish, interactive and professional-looking Google Slides presentation, start your presentation with a high-quality Google Slides theme design from Envato Elements.

You may be tempted by free Google Slides templates that are minimalist online. But don't be fooled. Professionally designed simple Google Slides templates are your best choice.

Starting your presentation with these professional themes helps you focus on inputting the correct and accurate information into the slides without you having to worry about the design.

If you need a single use minimalist Google Slides theme, head on over to GraphicRiver to find browse through thousands of minimal Google Slides theme designs. Find the right Google Slides design for your project. New designs are added weekly, so you're sure to find one that fits your needs.  

What are you waiting for? Start your next presentation with a professional and modern minimalist Google Slides template. Download your favorites today!

Editorial Note: Our staff updates this post regularly—adding new minimalist Google Slides Theme designs so you can present yourself and land your next client.

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