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How to Make Google Slides Presentations Look Good (5 Cool Effects for 2020)

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Google Slides makes it easy to create a great looking presentation. But, if you want your presentation to stand out, adding a few cool effects on Google Slides might be just what the boss ordered. 

Netto - Architecture Google Slides TemplatesNetto - Architecture Google Slides TemplatesNetto - Architecture Google Slides Templates
Netto - Architecture Google Slides Templates is one of many themes of Envato Elements.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you five cool effects you can add to your Google Slides presentations to make them more memorable and more visually appealing. 

We’ll share where you can find beautiful Google Slides templates to use as a starting point as well as show you some examples of awesome Google Slides effects templates. We’ll also share resources that'll help you learn more about using cool Google Slides effects for making presentations.

Five Cool Effects For Better Google Slides Presentations

As mentioned earlier, you can add cool effects to Google Slides to make your presentations more appealing and memorable. Below, we’ll cover five cool and popular tips and tricks to use on Google Slides: 

1. Use a Professional Google Slides Theme

Tips and Tricks on Google SlidesTips and Tricks on Google SlidesTips and Tricks on Google Slides
For these tips and tricks on Google Slides I used the Hasta Presentation theme from Envato Elements.

Our number one tip is to use a professional Google Slide theme. While this isn’t technically a cool effect, a professional template will do wonders for your presentation design. Here are some of the benefits:

  1. Variety of slide designs. All professionally designed templates come with many different slides to present information about your company, present your services, and share important statistics about your company. 
  2. Design elements. Professionally designed themes have all the design elements in place. So, all you've got to do is to customize them with your presentation text and brand colors and fonts. This will help keep your presentation on brand, so your slides look cohesive. 
  3. Extra design elements. Many premium Google Slides themes include icons and elements such as graphs, maps, and image placeholders that make customizing your presentation a breeze. Want to add a chart to showcase your company’s financial growth? How about a map that shows a global distribution of your clients and customers? With a professional template, these are quite easy to do. 

While there are some free Google Slides templates out there, most of them have limited features. Not to mention that they don’t have as many individual slides to choose from. Choosing a professional and premium Google Slides template is the best option.

2. Get Creative With Your Text With Fonts and Drop Shadows

You’ve probably heard many times that you should keep the text to a minimum to keep your audience engaged throughout the presentation. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t get creative with your text. 

First, consider changing the fonts used in your Google presentation. Since Google Slides is a part of Google, that means you get access to thousands of Google Fonts. To change the fonts, click on a text box you want to edit and highlight the text. Then, click on the font name and click More fonts to see all the available Google Fonts. 

Adding custom fontsAdding custom fontsAdding custom fonts
You can add custom fonts to your presentation with the More fonts tool.

Clicking on a font name will add it to your font list. Then use it in your presentation. 

Second, make your text stand out more by adding a drop shadow effect for Google Slides. Follow the steps below to achieve this effect:

  1. Select the text where you want to apply the drop shadow effect. 
  2. Click Format Options and check the box next to Drop Shadow. 
  3. Adjust the settings for your drop shadow by dragging the slides for the transparency, blur, angle, and distance.
Adding drop shadowAdding drop shadowAdding drop shadow
Drop shadow on Google Slides is a cool effect.

You can apply this effect to both images and text, so get creative.

3. Make Creative Image Shapes With Shape Masks

Another way to make your presentation stand out is to create a shape mask and give your image a different shape. Let’s face it. Standard square and rectangular images in presentations can get boring rather quick. 

Not to mention, everyone uses them. Instead, stand out from your competition and get creative with your images. Here’s how to apply a shape mask to any image in your presentation.

shape masksshape masksshape masks
Using shape masks makes Google Slides effects easy.

To use shape masks, follow these instructions:

  1. Click on the image that you want to apply the shape mask to. 
  2. Locate the crop tool on the toolbar. If the image is too big, adjust the size of your image first. 
  3. Click the caret symbol next to the crop tool and select a shape from the drop down. In this example, I’ve chosen the oval shape. You can also get creative and apply a bevel shape for a more sophisticated look and to make your photo appear more as a portrait. 

Apply this effect to make your team slides or about slides more interesting or to make your portfolio pieces stand out. 

4. Reflect the Images

Aside from an easy way to add a drop shadow in your Google Slides presentation, there's another cool feature that can be applied to both images and text. We’re talking about the ability to reflect images and text. 

While you can apply this to text, it’s recommended to reserve this effect for images alone. Use it on a few images to make them stand out. This effect would work well for a slide with a single image and it’s easy to do. 

image reflectionimage reflectionimage reflection
If you want a cool Google Slides presentation, try using an image reflection effect.

To apply the reflect images and text effect, follow these steps:

  1. Decide which image you want to apply the reflect effect to. Then, click the image to select it. 
  2. Click the Format Options. Tick the box next to the Reflection option.
  3. Adjust the transparency, distance, and size using the sliders. 

To apply this effect to text, consider using it only on the title slide to avoid making your presentation look amateurish. 

5. Add Subtle Animations

Our last tip is to add subtle animations to individual slides. This can be done with slide transitions. Adding transitions can help delay certain text on your slide. It's perfect when you've got a lot of information to share but don’t want your audience to lose interest. 

adding animationsadding animationsadding animations
Animations can be effective, but don't overdo them.

To add or change existing slide animations, all you've got to do is follow the steps below: 

  1. Click on the slide that you want to apply the transition to. 
  2. Click the Transition option on the top toolbar. 
  3. A sidebar will appear with all the options for an existing transition. Now add or change the transition options. 
  4. You can change the type of transition. You can also adjust how fast or how slow the transition is. 
  5. Another option is to adjust which objects are animated and define the animation trigger. 
  6. Choose whether the transition should apply to all slides. It's useful if you want the same animation throughout your presentation. 
  7. When you’re done customizing or adding the transition, play it to see how it'll look. Then adjust as necessary. 

You can animate both images and text. 

Where to Find Google Slides Templates

If you’re planning to create a presentation for your business, you’re probably wondering where to find Google Slides templates. The good news is that there are hundreds of Google Slides templates available on marketplaces like Envato Elements and GraphicRiver: 

Envato Elements Cool Google SLides PresentationEnvato Elements Cool Google SLides PresentationEnvato Elements Cool Google SLides Presentation
A great source for cool effects on Google Slides is Envato Elements.

Envato Elements has thousands of Google Slide decorations templates. Download an unlimited number of templates, all for one low monthly price. Besides Google Slides templates, you also get access to thousands of other design assets and templates such as web mockups, social media templates, stock photos, icons, and more. Customize these templates to your liking and use them in an unlimited number of projects. 

Envato Elements is the perfect choice if you need design assets and templates on a regular basis. But if you prefer buying resources individually, check out GraphicRiver. It's got thousands of Google Slides effects templates. Buy them one template at the time. This makes GraphicRiver a great choice if you’re in a hurry or if you know exactly what kind of Google Slides template you want. 

Graphic River templatesGraphic River templatesGraphic River templates
Best-selling templates for your cool Google Slides presentation.

5 Gorgeous Google Slides Template Examples

Now that you know where to find Google Slides templates, let’s look at a few examples. Below, you’ll find out top five best-selling Google Slides templates from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver

1. Kintel - Modern Nature Google Slides Template

Kintel - Modern Nature Google Slides TemplateKintel - Modern Nature Google Slides TemplateKintel - Modern Nature Google Slides Template

The Kintel template has a modern, nature-oriented design. It would be a great fit for any nature-related business or animal-related business. The template was designed in full HD. It comes with 75 unique slides with creative designs. The template also includes custom icons and vector shapes. Use them to spice up your presentation design. 

2. Netto - Architecture Google Slides Template

Netto - Architecture Google Slides TemplateNetto - Architecture Google Slides TemplateNetto - Architecture Google Slides Template

The Netto template is a perfect choice if you've got an architecture or construction company and need to make a presentation. The template has a clean and professional design. Easily add your own images thanks to image placeholders and use included icons for extra visual appeal. The template was designed in full HD and includes 100 slides. 

3. The Riffs - Creative Google Slides Template

The Riffs - Creative Google Slides TemplateThe Riffs - Creative Google Slides TemplateThe Riffs - Creative Google Slides Template

Consider The Riffs Google Slides template if you’re looking for a creative presentation. This template is a perfect choice to create a portfolio presentation. It’s suitable for designers, illustrators, and artists. The template includes 150+ premade slides, five premade color themes, and image placeholders. 

4. Swift - Minimal Google Slides Template

Swift - Minimal Google Slides TemplateSwift - Minimal Google Slides TemplateSwift - Minimal Google Slides Template

The Swift template has a clean and modern design. Thanks to the minimal design, it can be used for any type of presentation. The template includes over 200 unique slides, 3000+ vector icons, and was designed in full HD. You’ll also find image placeholders, resizable vector shapes, and various infographic elements such as maps and charts. 

5. Report - Multipurpose Google Slides Template

Report - Multipurpose Google Slides TemplateReport - Multipurpose Google Slides TemplateReport - Multipurpose Google Slides Template

The Report template has a multipurpose design. It makes this template suitable for a variety of business presentations. Inside the template, you’ll find 660 total slides (which are based on master slides), image placeholders, custom icons, and editable shapes. The template was designed in full HD and is fully animated. It also includes a dark and a light version.

To see even more Google Slides templates, check out the articles below featuring various Google Slides themes for all kinds of presentations:

Learn More About Using Google Slides

Google Slides is easy to use, but there are plenty of features in this software to create beautiful and professional presentations. To become a Google Slides pro and learn more about how to make Google Slides look cool, we've got you covered. Get started with these tutorials on Google Slides: 

Create Awesome Google Slides Presentations With Cool Effects Today

Google Slides makes it easy to create great-looking presentations. With the help of this article, add cool effects on your Google Slides presentations and make them even more visually appealing. 

Get started on your presentation today by finding the perfect template for Google Slides on Envato Elements. Take advantage of everything this marketplace has to offer. 

Or, if you prefer buying individual templates, stop by GraphicRiver and browse our Google Slides templates. Download your favorite today.

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