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20 Google Slides Templates to Customize With Amazing Presentation Backgrounds

How would you like to have a stand-out Google Slides presentation without being a professional designer or slaving for hours on your slides?

You can achieve that by customizing your slides with a unique Google Slides background. Change the colors to match your branding. Use your own images. Or, try one of our creative ideas below using custom Google Slides themes.

Tanomu template
Google Slides templates have customizable backgrounds. The Tanomu template on Envato Elements is just one example.

Google Slides templates that have customizable backgrounds allow you to easily create eye-catching and memorable presentations. Envato Elements and GraphicRiver both offer thousands of presentation templates compatible with Google Slides. And they’re created to be easy to customize with your own slideshow background designs.

Best Google Slides Templates on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

At Envato Elements, you'll find literally thousands of custom Google Slides themes that have editable presentation backgrounds.

And you don’t have to worry about picking just one Google Slides template, because you get unlimited downloads for one low subscription.

Google Slides Templates on Envato Elements
Get unlimited downloads of Google Slides templates from Envato Elements

Your downloads include, not just presentation templates, but also photos, icons, fonts, and other design elements. Use them to create your own, unique presentation background—all for one low monthly fee.

Each premium Google Slides presentation template we feature here from Envato Elements is made with the layperson in mind: You can easily master how to change the presentation slideshow background on Google Slides.

New Google Slides Slideshow Background Templates (From Envato Elements - For 2019)

If you’re looking to put together a slide presentation that makes a great impression and includes outstanding slideshow background options, these Google Slides templates are the place to start.

1. Talent - Google Slides Template

Talent Google Slides Template

With its minimalist design, Talent is the perfect custom Google Slides theme to get creative with your presentation backgrounds. This fully editable template offers 30 unique slide layouts for every kind of presentation.

You also get five color schemes, while being able to customize it with your own. The template includes vector design elements. This means you can resize them without losing sharpness.

2. Tonamu Google Slide

Tonamu Google Slide

If your presentation includes plenty of photographs, then the Tonamu Google Slides template is a great choice for you. This template, which is also compatible with PowerPoint, uses image placeholders. You simply drag-and-drop your own images into place.

This pack of full HD slides also comes with free support from the designer.

3. Sweet Nexa Google Slides Presentation

Sweet Nexa Google Slides Presentation

Sweet Nexa is a Google Slides template with a fresh, creative aesthetic. Yet each slide is easy to customize with your own colors and images. You get more than 50 unique slide layouts, which is probably more than enough for your needs.

This Google Slides presentation template also comes with its own set of vector icons. Use them to support your text with visuals—or even to create your own creative slideshow background (see how we did this in Tip #2 below).

4. Fensalir - Creative Google Slides Template

Fensalir Creative Google Slides Template

Here’s another clean and minimalist Google Slides presentation template that gives you a great canvas to get creative with your slide backgrounds. The Fensalir template has a total of over 30 unique slide layouts to fit every type of content.

It also comes with vector icons that are 100% editable. Resize and recolor them without losing quality. The slides are in 16:9 HD aspect ratio.

5. Belrust - Google Slides Template

Belrust - Google Slides Template

With its clean design and shot of bright color, the Belrust custom Google Slides theme delivers visual impact without overwhelming. Choose from one of five color variations. Or, use the master slides to easily replace the built-in colors with your own color scheme.

This package provides 30 unique slide layouts, including hand-drawn infographics, device mockups, illustrations, gallery, and more! Each slide is already animated to keep your audience alert and engaged.

Envato Elements (Design Without Limits)

Envato Elements Design Without Limits
Envato Elements - Unlimited custom Google Slides themes for one low price.

Envato Elements makes an irresistible offer:

When you sign up for Envato Elements, you get unlimited access to thousands of professionally-designed graphics and templates—from presentation slide deck templates to website themes, to video templates, music, and more—all for one low price.

Envato Elements Subscriptions
An Envato Elements subscription gives you unlimited downloads of graphics and video elements.

Download as many custom Google Slides themes as you want. And then grab all the graphic elements and other assets you need to make the presentation truly your own!

15 Top Google Slides Templates With Customizable Backgrounds on GraphicRiver (For 2019)

If you prefer to pay only for what you use, you’ll find many to choose from on GraphicRiver. These templates already come with visually impactful slideshow backgrounds that you can easily customize to meet your needs. A small tweak may be all you need to add variety to the Google Slides backgrounds in these templates.

Google Slides Templates on GraphicRiver
GraphicRiver is another great source of Google Slides templates with customizable backgrounds.

Below are 15 of the best Google Slides templates ready for you to customize with amazing presentation backgrounds of your own:

1. Eugeo - Google Slide Templates

Eugeo - Google Slide Templates

Use Eugeo as your Google Slides template and you get striking slide backgrounds right out of the box. The combination of color, shapes, and images add up to unusual and dynamic backgrounds that are sure to keep your audience's attention. Easily drag-and-drop your own pictures in the image placeholders and change the colors to match your brand. All shapes and objects in this template are editable as well. Also included are vector 3D infographics and icons.

2. Mozarelic Photography Google Slides Template

Mozarelic Photography Google Slides Template

Show off your very best photos with the Mozarelic Photography Google Slides Template. Photos take center stage as the star of the slides and also appear in the presentation slide background of other slides in this theme. It offers 30 unique slide layouts in 1920x1080 full HD size. Animation and transitions are built-in for a dynamic slideshow.

3. Clean Google Slides Template

Clean Google Slides Template

This Google Slides theme proves that clean and minimalist doesn't have to mean drab and boring. See for yourself how even a monochromatic slide background can have dramatic results. Choose from one of five color themes. Visualize data with the included infographics and keep your audience attentive with the built-in animation. This Google Slides theme also comes with more than 1000 icons.

4. Colors Google Slide Template

Colors Google Slide Template

The name says it all: Colors brings all the colors of the rainbow to your Google Slides presentation deck. It conveys youthfulness and fun in a professional presentation.

This colorful presentation template comes with editable charts, predefined text styles, device mockups, maps, and vector-based icons. And if you ever need it, the designer is on-hand for free support.

5. Torn Google Slide Template

Torn Google Slide Template

Deliver a truly unique presentation with the Torn Google Slides template. The name refers to the “torn” look of its image masks, giving the slides a creative and edgy effect. This presentation package also provides over 50 unique slide layouts and five pre-made color themes to choose from.

Add visual signals with any of the 450+ vector icons already included. You also get data-driven charts, infographics, maps, and device mockups—everything you need to make a standout presentation.

6. Sevenam Google Slides Template

Sevenam Google Slides Template

The Sevenam Google Slides template is one hefty package! You get:

  • 320 unique slides
  • 3 different aspect ratios: 16:9, 4:3, and A4 (for printing)
  • 20 color schemes with your choice of light and dark Google Slides backgrounds
  • custom animation for every object on each slide
  • over 3000+ vector icons

And if you’re presenting a lot of data, it also comes with editable charts, attractive infographics, and maps.

7. Zema Google Slides Template

Zema Google Slides Template

If you’re looking to create a pitch deck with color and a flat style, then the Zema Google Slides template delivers. Its 129 slides come in full HD 16:9 aspect ratio.

All elements of this template are easy to customize, including the data-driven pie, bar, and line charts, infographics, and 900+ font icons. You also receive updates and responsive support from the template creator.

8. Bucharest - Creative Google Slides Template

Bucharest - Creative Google Slides Template

Fresh and modern, the Bucharest Creative Google Slides template will help you get and keep your audience’s attention. This package delivers 36 unique slides in 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio.

You can easily customize the slides with their drag-and-drop picture placeholders. The template uses master slides, which makes it super easy to make global changes to your presentation. And you can use the included vector icons to jazz up your slide backgrounds.

9. Orion Google Slide Template

Orion Google Slide Template

If you want to use many icons on your presentation deck, then the Orion Google Slides template is for you. It comes with over 1000 vector icons you can resize without losing quality. Its strong use of shapes and lines will make your presentation distinctive and professional.

Yet this pack remains fully editable, which means you can customize the Google Slides backgrounds to suit your needs. It also comes with editable charts, maps, and device mockups. Predefined text styles make it super easy to replace the placeholder text with your own.

10. Enum Google Slides Template

Enum Google Slides Template

With over 32 layouts and 1400 vector icons, the Enum Google Slides template delivers both quality and quantity. You have 18 built-in color themes and changing themes only takes one click.

And you won’t run out of creative ways to present facts and figures: Enum includes hundreds of diagrams, charts, and infographics—all fully editable with your own data. It also comes with 50+ vector maps in seven different background color variations.

11. Savial - Creative Google Slides Template

Savial - Creative Google Slides Template

Savial’s minimalist style gives you the perfect canvas to get creative with your presentation backgrounds! Here’s what you get:

  • 30 unique slide layouts
  • 5 pre-made color schemes
  • editable charts
  • infographics
  • device mockups

12. Viency Premium Google Slide Template

Viency Premium Google Slide Template

Build your presentation on Viency’s fresh, clean template and you’ll come across as a true professional. With more than 250 unique slides and 500 vector icons at your fingertips, you may have all the creative presentation backgrounds you need.

Each slide and shape in this Google Slides template is easy to modify. You can even add your own images and videos with the drag-and-drop media placeholders.

13. Imperial - Multipurpose Google Slides Template

Imperial - Multipurpose Google Slides Template

Looking for a Google Slides template with a striking yet professional design? Then go with the Imperial Multipurpose Google Slides Template. It offers 325+ unique slide layouts in 15 color presets, so you don’t have to figure out which colors go well together. You can also easily switch between light and dark theme versions.

If you need to print out your presentation deck, this template comes in both US Letter and A4 sizes. For presenting on-screen, you've got a choice of either 16:9 HD or 4:3 ratio. You also have the option of using the built-in animation to keep your audience awake!

Here's a sneak peek at this template package:

14. Construct Google Slides Template

Construct Google Slides Template

Inspired by the construction industry, this Google Slides template features strong shapes, hard angles, and bold color. Adapt this theme to any field by adding your text and photos and customizing its colors. If your presentation includes data, you'll get a lot of use from the infographic and chart templates. The included icons give you additional tools to communicate visually. 

15. Verzus Minimal Google Slides Template

Verzus Minimal Google Slides Template

Minimalist Google Slides themes like Verzus give you an open canvas to get creative with your slide backgrounds. With more than 200 unique slide layouts, you've got the foundation for any type of information you need to share. You also have your choice of either 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratios. Data charts and handcrafted infographics make it easy to visualize data without putting your audience to sleep. Need icons? Verzus gives you more than 3000 vector icons.

5 Tips to Get the Most from Your Google Slides Presentation Background

Let’s face it; we don’t pay enough attention to the background of our presentation slides. Most people spend a lot of time perfecting the text, images, and charts but give almost no thought at all to the presentation background.

Presentation Background - Follow the KISS principle
Splashes of bright color and fun icons in the Belrust theme make for an eye-catching slide background.

But that’s not you, because you’re not like most presenters. You know that a poor presentation background can sabotage the impact of your message. It can distract from the main content or, worse, cause your audience to tune out.

A great slide background, on the other hand, will focus the attention on your most important ideas. And it can help to keep your audience engrossed.

Here are some tips to take your presentation background from meh to marvelous:

1. Keep It Simple

The presentation background is a supporting actor; it must never steal the spotlight from the main star: your content. And so, it pays to follow the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) principle when it comes to designing the background of your presentation deck.

Try this rule of thumb: If the slide background is the first thing you notice about the slide, then it’s not simple enough!

2. Dress Up a Plain Google Slides Background With an Icon.

Here’s a fun way to use those vector icons that came with your Google Slides template!

  • Choose an icon that’s related to the main idea of your slide.
  • Paste the icon on the slide.
  • Enlarge the icon.
  • Change the color of the icon so it’s consistent with your color scheme.
  • Make the icon transparent and send it to a layer behind the other objects on the slide.

I followed these steps to customize the background of this slide from the Sweet Nexa Google Slides template:

Icon Google Slides Custom Background

This idea also works great on slides that don’t have other graphic elements, such as title slides.

3. Vary the Background Styles Throughout Your Presentation

Striving for consistency, your first impulse is to stick to one presentation slide background template throughout your slide deck. Resist this temptation! Changing backgrounds creates a pattern interrupt, which resets your audience’s attention.

You can easily add variety to your backgrounds by using a different background color for each section of your presentation. If your Google Slides template comes with different color presets, you can:

  • Mix-and-match slides from one color scheme to another.
  • Switch from a light to a dark theme.
  • Customize the slide background colors with your own brand colors.

4. Add an Overlay to Image Backgrounds to Make the Text Stand Out

Image backgrounds are powerful, but they sometimes overpower the slide text. If this happens when you drag-and-drop your image to the placeholder, then use this tip:

  • Add a transparent shape and place it on a layer between the image and your text.
  • Apply a color to the shape that contrasts with the color of your text.
  • Adjust the transparency of the shape so that the image underneath is still visible.

You can also experiment with different brightness and contrast settings to make the text pop out more.

Now your text is easy to read again.

Google Slides Background - Photo with Overlay
Adjust the photo's brightness and contrast to make the text readable on your presentation background.

5. Make the Google Slides Background the Star (Once in a While)

Occasionally, the presentation background can take center stage and grab all the attention. One way to do that is by using a pattern as a Google Slides background. You can create your own pattern on Google Slides. Or, an even easier way is to download a seamless pattern and use that as your background. Envato Elements has over 1500 seamless patterns and, as a subscriber, you get unlimited downloads.

Use this technique sparingly, though, and only on slides that have minimal text. Play with the image transparency to keep your slide text readable. Done judiciously, a pattern slide background can make a dramatic impact.

In this example, I used the seamless pattern background of yellow flip flops from Envato Elements as a background for a slide from the Fensalir Google Slides template:

Google Slides Template with Custom Background

Find More Google Slides Templates 

The creative custom Google Slides themes featured on this post are only a few of the templates available. And all of them can be customized with your own slide backgrounds. Or, add variety to your presentation by making small modifications on the Google Slides backgrounds that come with the template.

Take a look at these articles that feature even more Google Slides themes:

Learn More About How to Use Google Slides

With just a few simple techniques, you can do a lot with Google Slides. Our Google Slides guide helps you get started even if you're a complete beginner. You'll be surprised at how powerful this free presentation tool can be.

These articles will help you become a Google Slides expert in no time:

Never Take Slide Backgrounds for Granted Again

By now, you’ve seen how powerful a well-thought-out Google Slides presentation background can be. You’ve also learned a few simple ways to customize the backgrounds on Google Slides.

It all begins with a well-designed Google Slides template, like the thousands you can find on Envato Elements. For pay-as-you-go convenience, look for Google Slides templates on GraphicRiver. Here, you’ll also find thousands of options for custom Google Slides themes and you only pay for what you use.

By starting with a Google Slides template, you already have a good foundation for an awe-inspiring presentation. Make the template your own by adding your text, images, and amazing presentation backgrounds.

Editorial Note: Our staff updates this post regularly—adding new, amazing PowerPoint background templates with the best, trending presentation designs.

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