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22+ Nature & Floral Google Slides Themes (Free + Premium Presentation Designs)

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With Google Slides, build a floral presentation right inside of your web browser.

Slides template for natureSlides template for natureSlides template for nature
Use a premium Google Slides template like Nature to borrow the best elements of the outdoors for your next presentation.

Great presentations temporarily teleport the audience to a different place and time. When your audience is inside watching presentations, they're sure to appreciate a brief taste of the great outdoors in your slide deck.

Whether you're launching an outdoor brand or promoting your favorite trails, a nature Google Slides theme works great as the backdrop for a presentation. 

Thanks to its simplicity, Google Slides is a great choice to build your next presentation in less time. Combine it with templates to save even more time.

In this article, you'll see over 20 of the best free and premium nature Google Slides themes. Use these to kick start building your presentation in less time than you've ever spent before. Let's dive in!

Grab Fresh Premium Floral and Nature Google Slides Themes From Envato Elements (Unlimited Downloads)

Before we dive into the free selections in this article, you should know that there are outstanding premium templates from pro graphic designers.

Whether you're looking for a floral or nature Google Slides template, Envato Elements has a deep library with what you're looking for. When you use a template, you skip all the work of designing and drawing your slides on a blank slate. 

Google Slides Nature PresentationsGoogle Slides Nature PresentationsGoogle Slides Nature Presentations
All the premium Google Slides presentation themes that you see in this screenshot are included with a flat-rate subscription to Envato Elements.

Templates already have done most of the design work for you. You'll find when you open them that they've already got slide designs pre-built. All you need to do is drop in your specifics. Use only the slide designs that you need from each template to craft your next nature presentation.

If you don't need many templates, also make sure to check out Envato Market. The selection of floral Google Slides themes is just as deep, but you can buy templates one at a time and pay only for what you choose.

5 Top Premium Nature Google Slides Themes (From Envato Elements for 2022)

Elements has a deep library of templates, so it helps to have a guide to navigate the best selections. Here are five of the top choices for building your next nature-themed Google Slides presentation:

1. Nature Google Slide

Nature Google SlideNature Google SlideNature Google Slide

As you saw in the example slide in our intro, this template is one of the best nature Google Slides themes. The Nature template even features some beautiful, floral themed infographics that you can use to explain concepts easily.

2. Nature - Google Slides Presentation

Nature G SlidesNature G SlidesNature G Slides

With foliage themed slides, this nature presentation is the perfect way to incorporate the bring the outdoors into your next presentation. Use all 35 unique slide designs to build an outdoorsy template quickly with this great Google Slides theme.

3. Kasvi Nature Google Slides Template

Kasvi SlidesKasvi SlidesKasvi Slides

Kasvi strikes the balance between impactful and minimal thanks to its expertly designed slides. It's a great way of building a nature Google Slides presentation that puts your outdoor presentation first. The focus will be on your content instead of overly complex slide designs with the perfect "less is more" design philosophy.

4. Alami Environment Google Slides Template


With healthy splashes of green throughout the presentation, Alami is the best fit for any nature-themed presentation. It's another excellent presentation that includes infographics to showcase your key ideas visually. Just open it in Slides, drop in your thoughts, and you'll have a great nature Google Slides theme.

5. Vihrea Beauty Google Slides


One of Elements top selections for green Google Slides themes, Vihrea has 12 separate presentation files and three color themes. Use them for a floral Google Slides presentation. It's ideal for outdoor business concepts thanks to popular slides like pricing tables, device mock-ups, and views that feature your key team members.

Why You Should Choose Premium Templates

You probably already know that Google Slides has a selection of built-in templates that you can use for presentations. Plus, there are free options available on a variety of websites.

So, with these free options available, why should you go for one of the premium options shown above? Why not just download nature or floral Google Slides themes for free?

Here are three key reasons to choose premium templates:

  1. Quality control. Items on marketplaces like Envato Elements are carefully screened. That means that you'll spend less time searching and sifting through templates to find usable templates.
  2. Documentation. It helps to have help! Most of the templates that you'll find on Envato Elements include tips, tricks, and information on how to use the template to its max potential.
  3. Content depth. If you checked out any of the options above, you might have noticed just how many slide designs are included. The full depth of each template with many color schemes, slide designs, and layouts give you every possible configuration you need.

Free templates are a great start. But premium templates help you save even more time thanks to these key reasons. Consider the value of Envato Elements before you start building your next presentation.

18 Free Nature and Floral Google Slides Themes

Before looking for a free floral Google Slides themes on the web, check Envato's free offerings first. Try out various premium template files (not always Google Slides templates for nature) at no cost to you.

Free Premium FilesFree Premium FilesFree Premium Files
Each month Envato Elements offers a different selection of free files for you to try. You can also find free files each month on GraphicRiver.

Here's the deal:

If you're operating on a budget of zero, Google Slide themes nature for free are a solid alternative. Below, we've scoured the web for 18 of the best choices to bring your presentation to life. These are some of the web's best floral and nature Google Slides templates.

1. Ariel Presentation Template

Ariel Presentation TemplateAriel Presentation TemplateAriel Presentation Template

Free nature Google Slides presentation themes are a quick and easy way to share your content. Ariel, a leafy and green offering, is perfect for staying connected with nature throughout your presentation. Try it out for science project presentations or photo slideshows.

2. Eglamour Presentation Template

With its earthy colors, this green Google Slides theme takes its inspiration from land and water. Combined shades of blue and green feature throughout. Abstract styling keeps this slide deck versatile enough for almost any use. With its warm visual appeal, why not try this floral Google Slides themes free for your next presentation?

3. Constance Presentation Template

Constance is one of the best free floral Google Slides themes available now. Each slide features all things botanical: plants, flowers, fruits, and vegetables. The flower Google Slides theme is an unbeatable choice for garden slideshows, sharing organic recipes, and more.

4. Solanio Presentation Template

For a clean and simple nature Google Slides theme, look no further than Solanio. It’s a multipurpose deck featuring all the custom layouts you’ll need to deliver a winning presentation. You’ll find text, images, maps, icons, and more—all with a polished natural design.

5. Red Deer Google Slides Themes

Nature Google Slides themes like this one emphasize our link with the natural environment. Featuring 62 unique slide layouts, the Red Deer theme is built to meet the needs of your next presentation. With fully editable graphics, you can make all the adjustments you need to get every slide just right in this Google Slides template for nature.

6. Abstract Wave Flower Google Slides & PowerPoint Presentation

Finding stunning floral Google Slides themes free isn’t easy, but this one's a top choice. Give it a try for your next nature-inspired presentation, especially if it focuses on health, gardening, or the outdoors. The Google Slide themes nature for free includes 34 fully editable layouts, that make tough design work unnecessary. Simply drop in your content and go!

7. Nature

Here's a full suite of slide layouts. This nature Google Slides theme includes everything you’ll need to build a simple presentation. Explore images, charts, colors and more. Every slide in this Google Slides template for nature can then be customized in just a few clicks.

8. Zane Free Presentation Template

Zane is a professional Google Slides mountain theme ready to help you deliver results. It’s simple enough to use as a quick intro, but robust enough to expand into a full slide deck. It’s up to your creativity to build this nature slide deck into something special.

9. Science Lab Presentation

Science Lab PresentationScience Lab PresentationScience Lab Presentation

Science and nature are linked, a fact vividly illustrated in this green Google Slides theme. Try it out when you’re sharing your latest science project, case study, or experiment. The simple color palette focuses on natural tones and doesn’t distract from your data.

10. Abstract Green

Abstract Green takes the look and feel of our natural environment and brings it to a slide deck. The influence of the forest is clear throughout. This complements a full collection of custom slide layouts in this Google Slides template for nature. You’ll even find device mockups to show off your app!

11. Clean Energy Google Slides Theme Template

Focused on the use of sustainable resources, Clean Energy is a dynamic green Google Slides theme. It features custom graphics that you won’t find anywhere else. Use this theme to showcase your commitment to nature and environmental stewardship.

12. Chamomile Field Free Google Slides Template

Chamomile Field is a warm, engaging flower Google Slides theme. Its pastel colors convey a sense of calm and keep your audience focused. The flower Google Slides theme comes with 21 slides for sharing any type of content.

13. Dance of the Leaves Free Google Slides Theme

Dance of the LeavesDance of the LeavesDance of the Leaves

With over twenty nature slides, this bright green Google Slides theme brings new light to your presentation. Fresh foliage perfectly frames every slide, and placeholders are included to add content in a single click.

14. Iras Presentation Template

Iras projects a vibe of natural energy to your audience. In doing so, it remains able to support almost any type of content or topic. Choose it if you’re searching for one of the simplest and best Google Slides presentation themes.

15. Abstract Water Google Slides Themes

The blue hues of water are visually attractive and symbolize constant motion. Capture this essence with Abstract Water, an artsy Google Slides theme. This powerful pack includes nearly three dozen slide layouts, including charts, infographics, mockups, and more.

16. Presentation Template Waterfall

Waterfalls are the ultimate symbol of nature’s majesty. As such, they can be the perfect way to illustrate a powerful message. This Google Slides water theme helps you do just that, with sleek slide placeholders and stunning visuals.

17. Ceres Presentation Template

Ceres is one of the top floral Google Slides themes available today. What sets it apart are the hand-drawn flowers that give it a personal touch. Also included are 24 slide designs and dozens of custom icons.

18. Green City Free Google Slides Presentation Template

Green City Free Google SlidesGreen City Free Google SlidesGreen City Free Google Slides

Green City is the ultimate merger of urban and natural settings. This combination makes it ideally suited for your next green business presentation. Highlights include a natural color palette, stylish infographics and stunning image placeholders.

How to Quickly Customize Nature Google Slides Themes (in 2022)

We've explored the best premium and free nature Google Slides themes. Now, it's time to learn how to customize them. It's easy to do when you choose premium floral Google Slides themes from Envato Elements. You can customize a premium Google Slides template nature in five quick steps. Let's learn how.

Want to follow along? Download the beautiful premium Biltare - Nature Presentation Template from Envato Elements.

Biltare template nature Google Slides themesBiltare template nature Google Slides themesBiltare template nature Google Slides themes
Biltare is a powerful premium set of nature Google Slides themes from Envato Elements.
Let's get started:

1. Rearrange the Deck

A premium flower Google Slides theme will include a stylish, well-ordered slide sequence. But you don't have to use it. Sometimes, it's useful to reorder slides to better fit your needs.

Biltare nature Google Slides ThemesBiltare nature Google Slides ThemesBiltare nature Google Slides Themes
You can rearrange slides in the premium Biltare Nature Google Slides themes to best fit your needs.

To rearrange your deck, click on the View dropdown menu at the top of your screen. Then, choose Grid View. This shows every slide together at a glance. Rearrange your deck by clicking and dragging. When you're finished, exit Grid View by clicking on Grid View again.

2. Customize Text

Text is the key part of any Google Slides template nature presentation. Notice that the slides here already have text on them. This is a hallmark of premium nature Google Slides themes. By including placeholder text like this, they save you time.

Biltare floral Google Slides themesBiltare floral Google Slides themesBiltare floral Google Slides themes
A premium template like Biltare has text placeholders inside.

Don't design text layouts from scratch! Instead, you can replace the existing text instead. Click into a text box and select the contents. Then, type over them with your own words. Repeat throughout the other slides as needed.

3. Insert Images

Remember those text placeholders? Premium floral Google Slides themes like this have placeholders for images too. You'll find them everywhere, like on slide #2. They shape and style images in a flash.

Biltare image floral Google Slides themesBiltare image floral Google Slides themesBiltare image floral Google Slides themes
Floral Google Slides themes in a premium deck like Biltare look best with photos added.

To use a placeholder, click on one. Then, go to the menu bar and click the Replace Image dropdown. From it, choose Upload from Computer. Browse to a stored image, click it, and select Choose for Upload.

Watch as Google Slides adds your photo to the slide. Many placeholders have fun, creative shapes. You won't find that in floral Google Slides themes free!

4. Alter Shape Colors

Premium Google Slides themes often have stylish custom shapes. Again, you won't find those in Google Slide themes nature free templates. Most of these custom shapes will have their own color palette applied. But it's easy to add your own.

Biltare flower Google Slides themeBiltare flower Google Slides themeBiltare flower Google Slides theme
Premium from Envato Elements, Biltare lets you change shape colors easily.

Begin by clicking on a shape to select it. Then, click the Fill Color dropdown on the menu. You'll see a color chooser appear. Explore your options, and click on one of the color thumbnails to apply it to your shape.

5. Add Text Effects

Last but not least, you can style the text that you've added to your slides. This is a great way to build out your own nature Google Slides themes. To do it, select text and explore the options in the Font section of the menu bar.

Biltare Google Slides template natureBiltare Google Slides template natureBiltare Google Slides template nature
A premium Google Slides template nature design like this can always benefit from added text effects.

Using the dropdowns, you can change the font size and style. Or, you can add effects like bold, italics, and more.

Need cool custom fonts for your flower Google Slides theme? As an Envato Elements member, you have unlimited access to thousands of custom fonts. These work great with any set of floral Google Slides themes. 

5 Quick Google Slides Design Tips for Nature Themed Presentations in 2022

You've seen some Google Slide themes nature for free and our premium floral Google Slides themes. Now, if you're looking for some tips on how to do the best nature Google Slides presentation, let me help you with some ideas:

 1. Use a Nature Image as Background 

nature sunset in the woodsnature sunset in the woodsnature sunset in the woods
This stunning image, Sunset in the Woods, is available in Envato Elements

A great way to incorporate the natural theme in your Google Slides presentation is to use a nature image as background. When you use a background image your presentation becomes more visually attractive. And it's really easy to do in Google Slides:

Envato Elements is a fantastic source of nature photos, like the one you see here. With your subscription, download as many images as you need. Create stunning nature Google Slides presentations with images from our library!

2. Include Sound in Your Nature Presentation

To transport your audience to a nature space when they're attending your presentation, add nature sounds or inspiring music to your slides. Check the two ways to do it here:

3. Play With Google Fonts 

Minimal Fresh Leaf - Nature Creative Google SlidesMinimal Fresh Leaf - Nature Creative Google SlidesMinimal Fresh Leaf - Nature Creative Google Slides
Minimal Fresh Leaf - premium Nature Creative Google Slides

A great tip to easily transform your Google Slides presentation is to change the font. Since it's part of Google, download nice fonts directly from Google Fonts.

To change the fonts in your slides, click on a text box you want to edit and highlight the text. Then, click on the font name and click More fonts to see all the available Google Fonts. 

You can see in the Google Slides template for nature above how a different font really makes the slides stand out.

4. Add a GIF For a Fun Touch

Surely, you've seen GIF images in social media. You know how these animated images add a fun touch to the topic. Why don't you add a few of those in your presentation? A word of caution, it's best to avoid using GIFs if you're doing a formal presentation.

5. Go for a Minimalist Design 

Foress - Nature Google Slides TemplateForess - Nature Google Slides TemplateForess - Nature Google Slides Template
Foress - premium Nature Google Slides Template

A minimalist design never fails. Your presentation will have a clean and elegant look that'll attract your audience without distracting them. 

Look at the Google Slides template for nature above for inspiration. This minimalist design also allows the use of images as focal points. And remember to browse our nature images in Envato Elements to get the best for your presentation.

Explore More Awesome Google Slides Templates

To see more Google Slides templates in action, check out the articles below:

Common Google Slides Questions Answered (FAQ)

We've looked at top nature Google Slides themes. We've learned how to customize those flower Google Slides theme designs quickly. But you may have a few questions. Why should you use Google Slides? What does it offer, and what can it do?

To help, we've answered five common Google Slides questions here:

1. How Do I Make Interactive Google Slides Presentations?

The best flower Google Slides theme designs are interactive. That means that audiences can engage with them. This may work in several ways. You may have fun drag-and-drop games on your slides. Or, you might have interactive buttons to get feedback.

For more on interactive nature Google Slides themes, read our full tutorial:

2. Do PowerPoint Templates Work in Google Slides?

Yes! In fact, you can easily upload .pptx templates into Google Slides. This expands the number of templates you can use to build flower Google Slides theme designs. When you use the Upload feature in Google Slides, the files convert automatically.

For more, here are extra details:

3. Can I Add GIFs in Google Slides?

By using Google Slides' import features, you can add GIFs to your slides. This is a fantastic way to make your slides more interesting. Plus, these pair well with the best nature Google Slides themes.

4. How Do I Make a Calendar in Google Slides?

You can make a calendar in Google Slides using your favorite floral Google Slides themes. This helps you keep track of time in style. Your best bet is to choose a template with calendar designs built in. Then, you can adjust them to meet your needs.

5. Can I Change Theme Colors in Google Slides?

It's very easy to change theme colors in your templates. This lets you make your favorite flower Google Slides theme match your personal style. It's a great idea, especially if you need to match themes to your brand colors.

Learn how here:

Learn More About Google Slides Presentations

I hope you've enjoyed the selection of premium nature Google Slides themes and the floral Google Slides themes for free I shared with you. Now, if you're new to Google Slides or would like to learn some useful tips and tricks, I've got some nice resources for you.

And if you're looking for the best Google Slides guide, then check this awesome compilation: How to Use Google Slides (Ultimate Tutorial Guide)

Go Build an Outdoorsy Google Slides Presentation

In this article, we highlighted some of the best nature and floral Googles Slides templates. Remember that premium flower Google Slides themes, like those from Envato Elements or Envato Market are the best way to save time.

Bring the outdoors indoors in your next presentation. Use Google Slides mountain themes, nature themes and floral themes to give your indoor audience an outside view

Editorial Note: This post has been updated with contributions from Maria Villanueva, and Andrew Childress. Maria is the Associate Editor of the Tuts+ Design channel. Andrew is a freelance instructor for Envato Tuts+.

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