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How to Use AI in Google Sheets in 60 Seconds

Read Time: 2 mins

Google has recently released a big update to Sheets, its web-based spreadsheet tool. And using artificial intelligence we can find out answers to questions about our data in Google Sheets. I'll show you how to use it in this video.

How to Use Artificial Intelligence in Google Sheets

Note: Watch this short tutorial screencast or follow the quick steps below, that compliment this video.

1. Click Explore to Begin Using Google Answers AI

I'm working in Sheets here, and I want to know some answers about my data. To get started, I'll click on the Explore box down here at the bottom. In the new box that shows, I can type in things that I wanna know about my data, like the average of the amount I billed for tutorial work. 

Google Answers
Google Sheets Answers AI.

2. Generate Automatic Intelligent Data and Charts

I'll start off by typing average of tutorials amount billed. When I press Enter, Sheets does its magic, and gives me the amount. 

I could do another one, like count of projects in 2016, to find out how many pieces of work I completed in 2016. 

Another amazing feature is that I can generate charts just by typing. Let's try out pie chart for sum of client amount billed, for example. When I press Enter, it generates that chart in the side bar. I can even press Insert to place it on the sheet. 

Automatically generated pie chart exampleAutomatically generated pie chart exampleAutomatically generated pie chart example
Automatically generated pie chart example.

Finishing Up!

Try out some of these other natural language requests to generate answers about your data in Google Sheets. 

Learn More About Using Google Sheets

Find more Google Sheets tutorials on Envato Tuts+. Here are a few tutorials to jump into to now: 

Remember: Every Google Sheets tool you learn, and workflow you master, the more powerful spreadsheets you'll make.

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