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How to Make an Instagram Story on PowerPoint

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Read Time: 10 min

Instagram is more popular than ever. But what if you don’t know a lot about design? It's best to use a tool you already know. That's why you'll learn how to create an Instagram Story with PowerPoint in this tutorial.

Intro how to make an Instagram storyIntro how to make an Instagram storyIntro how to make an Instagram story
Let's learn how to create an Instagram Story with Microsoft PowerPoint and the help of templates.

It’s amazingly easy to become an Instagram story creator. Instagram stories let you share updates in short, limited-time snippets. Stories take a unique vertical form that looks right at home on mobile devices. Instagram PowerPoint templates make design easy.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to make an Instagram story using Microsoft PowerPoint. We’ll use a stunning Instagram slideshow template and transform it into a story of your own.

How to Make an Instagram Story With PowerPoint Templates

An Instagram slides template is the best way to become an Instagram story creator. But odds are, you might not have considered PowerPoint as a tool for social media?

Think about it. Most of us use PowerPoint on our computers, while Instagram is very much a mobile app that we use on our phones. But why not leverage an Instagram PowerPoint template to help you share better on social media? You can use an app you already know as you learn how to make Instagram videos.

For our tutorial, we’ll turn to an Instagram slides template from Envato Elements. Elements has hundreds of premium Instagram slideshow template designs to choose from. These are paired with thousands of other slide designs too.

Instagram story creatorInstagram story creatorInstagram story creator
Download the beautiful Animated Instagram Stories Creator - PowerPoint V1 to follow along with our tutorial.

If you’d like to follow along, we’ll learn how to make Instagram videos using a template. We'll use Animated Instagram Stories Creator - PowerPoint V1 template from Envato Elements. It’s tailor-made for social media sharing, and it's part of learning how to make Instagram videos.

With the template downloaded, let’s dive in. In a few steps, you’ll learn how to create an Instagram story with an Instagram slideshow template.

1. Add Instagram Story Creator Text

This Instagram PowerPoint template includes an array of slides. Notice that they’re formatted in the vertical style familiar to any Instagram story creator. Begin by selecting the slides that you want to use. Each one will be an individual pane or slide that features in your story on Instagram. 

You can delete or rearrange them to quickly construct the perfect sequence.

It’s best to keep social media content bite-sized. Audiences have constant demands on their time and attention. Brevity is key, and it pays to be eye-catching early and often. 

To demonstrate here, let’s start on the second slide in the deck. This one has an array of text boxes, and a photo placeholder in the center. The words are placeholders too. What you’ll want to do is swap out the existing text with your own.

How to make Instagram videosHow to make Instagram videosHow to make Instagram videos
Swap out the text in an Instagram slides template with your own words for sharing online.

To do that, click into one of the text boxes and select the contents inside. Then, simply start typing. You’ll see the existing text disappear, replaced with your own words.

With text selected, you can also make a variety of style edits. Find these options on the Home tab on the ribbon, in the Font group. With the drop-downs and buttons, you can add italics, bolds, and more. Plus, you can change the font size and style. It’s a powerful way to show how to make an Instagram story cool.

How to make an Instagram storyHow to make an Instagram storyHow to make an Instagram story
Text effects help you change up the style of your Instagram slides template.

Be careful, though: remember where you’re sharing these slides. They’re going on Instagram stories, not being fed through a projector onto a giant wall screen. It’s more important than ever to keep your text crisp, clear, and readable. Avoid cluttered layouts and try to use larger fonts anytime you can. 

Repeat these steps across the Instagram slideshow template, adding your own text and customizing its look and feel.

2. Customize Shapes and Colors

With text added, focus on shapes throughout your Instagram PowerPoint template. They already have a pleasant color palette built in. But you can change up each one, if you wish. This lets you add your own sense of style to each slide. And you can match them to your brand’s colors.

To change a shape color, click to select it. When you do, you’ll see a new tab on the ribbon: Shape Format. Click on it, and many design options appear. Find the Shape Fill drop-down and choose it.

How to create an Instagram storyHow to create an Instagram storyHow to create an Instagram story
Use the Shape Fill drop-down to customize colors on your Instagram slides template for 2023.

A color chooser menu launches with tiny color thumbnails. Hover over any of them with your cursor, and you’ll see them preview onto your selected shape.

Don’t forget to explore more advanced options, like Gradient fills. These lend a 3D look and feel to your Instagram stories that you’re preparing to share.

Find a new shade that you like? Click to apply it. It’s the easiest way to see how to create an Instagram story with your own custom colors.

3. Insert Images

Let’s face it: Instagram is a visual app. It focuses on images and less on text. That means that Instagram slides template designs like this really focus on photographs, front and center. They make it easy for you to add photos to share on your stories.

The yellow box in the center of our slide is an image placeholder. It’s there to show where an image will fit on your slide. And in just a moment, you’ll see how to create an Instagram story with photos of your own.

To get started, click on the image placeholder to select it. Then, go to Picture Format > Change Picture. Choose This Device from the list of options.

Instagram PowerPoint templateInstagram PowerPoint templateInstagram PowerPoint template
Click Picture Format > Change Picture to add images of your own. (Image source: Envato Elements.)

Browse to a stored image on your computer that you’d like to feature on your 2023 Instagram story design. Click to select one, then choose Insert.

When you do, PowerPoint inserts the image into the placeholder. You’ll see that it’s sized and scaled to fit the square box. But with the image selected, you can pull the circles on the corners to resize and reshape your image. Just be sure that it stays within the borders of your Instagram PowerPoint template slide.

4. Export for Sharing

With your Instagram slideshow template filled out, let’s move to the final last step. What is it? Let's wrap learning how to make Instagram videos by exporting.

Instagram doesn’t support actually sharing PowerPoint slides. To save them to share, you’ll need to save them as a MP4 video. This way, you can post it directly to Instagram.

To save your Instagram PowerPoint template, click File > Export. From the list of Export options, choose the second one: Create a Video.

You’ll see PowerPoint’s Create a Video options appear in the center of your screen. First is the quality drop-down. Here, you can decide how high of a resolution to use for your story video. 

By default, PowerPoint uses Full HD. This is a 1080p resolution. You can also choose from:

  • Ultra HD (4K)
  • HD (720p)
  • Standard (480p)

Often, the default is your best bet. It preserves a crystal-clear resolution that looks great on mobile devices. But it won’t create a huge file.

It’s better to keep Instagram stories short and sweet anyway.
Instagram slides templateInstagram slides templateInstagram slides template
Specify your slide timing settings, then choose Create Video.

The other drop-down is also important. Here, you’ll set the duration of each slide. (If you’ve made a recording of your presentation, you can skip this one). Choose Don’t Use Recorded Timings and Narrations.

Then, in the box below, specify how many seconds to spend on each slide. By default, PowerPoint uses 5 seconds. For a fast-paced Instagram story, this is a good choice. But you can easily change it by using the up and down arrows.

When you’ve made your choices, click Create Video. That’s it! PowerPoint exports an .mp4 video file showing your Instagram story slides. This is how to make Instagram videos with PowerPoint.

You just learned how to make Instagram videos in PowerPoint. As you can see, it’s incredibly easy. That’s all thanks to the power of premium Instagram slides template designs for 2023.

The Top Source for Instagram PowerPoint Template Designs (With Unlimited Downloads)

Envato Elements is the best source for the ultimate Instagram slides template designs. You’ll find hundreds to choose from, among thousands of stunning PPT presentation decks. The offer is unmatched.

For a flat monthly rate, you’ll enjoy unlimited downloads from the huge Envato Elements PowerPoint library! Plus, Elements includes millions of other digital assets, like stock photos and fonts. These pair perfectly with your next favorite Instagram slideshow template.

With Envato Elements, you’ll enjoy the very best in premium styles. While you can find free Instagram slides template options around the web, they won’t measure up to Elements. Premium styling delivers premium features, and it’s sure to impress your audience.

PowerPoint Instagram Templates

Elements Instagram PowerPoint templateElements Instagram PowerPoint templateElements Instagram PowerPoint template
Some of the beautiful premium Instagram slideshow template designs from Elements.

With an Envato Elements Instagram PowerPoint template, you’ll experience:

  • Easy-to-edit slides. As you saw in our tutorial, being an Instagram story creator is a breeze with Elements. All you've got to do is drop in your own content, and you’re all set.
  • Inspiring layouts. Trying to decide how best to share your content? Creative templates like those from Elements are full of fun ideas.
  • Stunning designs. Premium templates are built by design experts with your project needs in mind.

Don’t miss out. Join Envato Elements and find your favorite templates today.

Helpful Learning Resources for Microsoft PowerPoint

PowerPoint: it offers unlimited possibilities but takes time to learn. That's why we've invested in creating the best resources for the app. Check out How to Use PowerPoint (Ultimate Tutorial Guide.) It's our comprehensive set of tutorials to help you master the app.

These tutorials even give you more tips for how to create an Instagram Story in PowerPoint.

More Top Templates For Microsoft PowerPoint

PowerPoint templates are a secret weapon for design. They've got most of the design work already done for you. You simply open the file, add your details, and you're ready to go.

On Envato Tuts+, we feature the best PowerPoint templates. These save users hours of work. And they give you results that you're sure to feel confident in. Check out more top templates below. 

You Just Learned How to Create an Instagram Story in PowerPoint

Today, you learned how to make an Instagram story in PowerPoint in just a few clicks. That’s all thanks to Instagram PowerPoint template designs.

As you saw, it’s easier than ever. Take these new skills and put them to work with your favorite Instagram slides template. Download a PowerPoint Instagram template today.

You and your online audience will be glad you did. You’ll save time and effort spent building slide layouts from scratch. And online viewers will appreciate your newfound sleek style and design prowess!

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