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20+ Double-Sided, Vertical Business Card Templates (Word, or PSD Photoshop) for 2019


Are you launching a new business or wanting to refresh your branding? Have you got an important conference or client meeting coming up?

Perhaps your business card isn't equipped with your current information? Maybe the design isn’t representing you well anymore?

Whatever the reason, you need a business card. If you're struggling with designing it, then you need a professional solution.

Double-Sided Business Cards
One of the many double-sided business cards you'll find available on Envato Elements.

It’s a challenge to design a quality business card to represent your brand effectively and drive interest. You've got to nail the color and layout just right and in a very small space. 

You need to include your logo, social media accounts, and more. It’s easy to end up with a cluttered business card design—with all your contact info and brand messaging jumbled into a mishmash. 

We've got a simple solution. You'll get quality results with a professionally-designed PSD or Word business card template with a high-quality design. Find what you need on Envato Elements or GraphicRiver. Or try an online business card maker like Envato's Placeit.

A professional business card design will help you unify your card. It also gives you a tool for presenting yourself or your business. And you’ll save a ton of time and sidestep looming headaches. 

Creative, Pro Design Options For Word and PSD Business Cards

We've got an army of Word and Photoshop business card templates on Envato Elements. But with thousands of templates, it’s hard to choose the right one.

There are a lot of design options to consider, such as color choice, layout, and overall style.  You may be tempted by double-sided business card templates for free download you find online. But typically, those free double-sided business card templates are of lower quality. You want a business card that fits your brand just right. You want a premium business card template for Word or Photoshop like those found on Envato Elements or GraphicRiver.

Best of all, the Envato Elements offer is a bargain. Download as many PSD or Word business card templates as you want (and other design elements as well) for one low monthly price.

Envato Elements
Thousands of double-sided business card templates can be found on Envato Elements along with other effective business card templates.

In this article, we feature unique business card Photoshop and Word templates. Each of these cards is set in a vertical, double-sided PSD or Word format.

They're all creatively designed, yet understated, and professional. They communicate a lot on a small canvas. And they can serve your personal branding needs, or those of your company. These business cards have a unique set of pro features, which are: 

  • double-sided format
  • CMYK color mode
  • 300 DPI resolution
  • 3.5 x 2 inches layout 
  • set with free fonts
  • fully editable
  • well-organized
  • print ready

Start with these already impactful designs. Then, just add your brand assets, insert your custom contact info, and you’re ready to print!

5 Double-Sided Photoshop Business Card Templates from Elements

Here's a handpicked list of some top-notch double-sided or vertical business card templates for you to explore. Here we showcase those that have a unique design. These work with Photoshop:

1. Playful Business Card

Playful Business Card

This fun double-sided business card is excellent for anyone who wants to show off their fun side. The Photoshop business card template is fully customizable. This double-sided business card has a unique modern design. There's a place to add your website. There's also a section to add your phone number and email. 

2. Natura Business Card Template

Natura Business Card Template

If you love nature or you work in a job that involves nature, then this double-sided business card template is for you. This vertical business card has a modern design that'll show off your love of the outdoors. This PSD business card template is easy to edit so you can customize it to match your brand.

3. Business Card- Vertical Business Card Template

Business Card

This double-sided business card template is simple. With a timeline look, you highlight what's important on your vertical business cards. In this template there's room for your business address and your contact information. This business card is perfect for any situation. With minimal design, it's easy to customize the PSD business card template to fit your needs.

4. Business Card Design Professional

Professional Business Card

This PSD business card template is good if you want a modern and simple design. With a pop of color that'll draw peoples' eyes to your double-sided business card. Easily customize this vertical business card to fit your needs. There's even a section where you can add a QR code. This enables you to include all the information you need to.

5. Luxury Resorts Business Card

Luxury Business Card

Use this luxurious looking business card for more than hotels. Anyone can use the elegant design on this business card template. Easily customize this double-sided business card to fit your needs. There are several sections on the back of the card to add your contact information. With this minimal design you get an elegant feel that doesn't distract from the important information.

Envato Elements (Design Without Limits)

Sign up for Envato Elements. You'll get access to thousands of creative graphics and Photoshop and Word business card templates (with unlimited use). For one low price you get business card templates, web themes, presentation templates, and more. 

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That’s right! Download as many professional templates and graphics as you want. Then customize them to fit any of your project needs.

17 Top Professional Vertical Business Card Templates

For a low monthly fee, you get access to hundreds of high-quality double-sided and vertical business card templates, logos, and more on Envato Elements. 

But if you're not ready to commit to a monthly fee to get a professionally-designed business card, there's another option. You could also make a one-time purchase. All you've got to do is go to GraphicRiver to find thousands of choices:

GraphicRiver Photoshop Business Card Templates
Thousands of Photoshop business card templates at GraphicRiver.

Here are over ten of the best business card PSD and Word templates, which are double-sided and feature a vertical design: 

1. Creative Words Business Card

Creative Words Business Card

The Creative Words Business Card is great for people whose job is a writer or editor. The design is creative, using words in the design. This business card is completely customizable. Creative Words Business card is double-sided. So, you can put your company logo on the front and your contact information on the back.

2. Two-Sided Business Card Template

Two-Sided Business Card Template

The Two-Sided Business Card Template is a multipurpose business card. Use the business card for business or personal needs. This business card is editable, meaning that you can change the font and color scheme. The design of the two-sided business card template is clean and professional.

3. Double-Sided Business Cards Template

Double Sided Business Cards Template

The Double-Sided Business Cards Template has a clean and professional design. Edit this template in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, or Microsoft Word. The design has a nice pop of color to make the business card stand out without being unprofessional.

4. PSD or Word Business Cards

PSD or Word Business Cards

Edit this modern minimal design Word business card template in Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. You'll love handing out these crisp, clean cards that are sure to leave a positive impression. Customize these business cards easily and quickly. If you're looking for Word business cards, don't miss this one!

5. Word Business Card Templates (With PSD Template)

Vertical Business Card Template with PSD Template

Edit this bold, modern business card design in Photoshop, Illustrator, or MS Word. For your convenience, this one's based on free fonts. It also comes with a help file to get you started quickly. Whether you're starting in business or rebranding for a more professional image, this business card is just what you need.

6. Corporate Business Card, Vertical PSD Template

Corporate Business Card

This vertical business card template is designed for both corporate or personal use. It can be readily customized in Photoshop. All the layers are well-organized. The color scheme can be changed to match your brand. Place your information on both sides of this business card with just a few simple steps. This template is in PSD format and is print-ready. It's fully compatible with Photoshop.

7. Creative Designer Business Card

Creative Designer Business Card

This double-sided business card is great for any individual who is going into a creative job. The card features brush strokes to make the card look as if it was painted. Feature your artwork in the brush strokes to give potential customers a preview of your work. You can also change colors on this business card.

8. Professional Photoshop Business Card Template - Vertical

Corporate Business card

This printable business card template for PSD features an attractive dark-colored background. It's great for a creative studio, marketing company, or another creative business. These double-sided, vertical business cards are set up with proper dimensions. They're also print-ready at high resolution. Use Photoshop to change all layers. This template includes optional QR Codes as well.

9. Creative Timeline Business Card, Printable Template

Simple Timeline Card

This vertical business card template features a unique timeline concept. It’s a creative card design while keeping to a classic and simple infographic style. It’s an elegant way to present yourself or your company, while connecting all your information. These files are set up to easily customize, changes colors, add all your information, and edit the text. They're double-sided business cards. The timeline design theme runs down both sides—visually connecting front to back.

10. Vertical Simple Corporate Business Card - PSD Template

Vertical Simple Card

This minimal business card template design is great for use by freelance designers, developers, web designers, or other creative business professionals. It’s fully layered, double-sided, and ready to be customized. This printable PSD template is set up with proper bleeds, CMYK settings, 300 DPI resolution. It's print ready. Add your logo to the center of the vertical layout. Insert your info, and you’re ready to go!

11. Green Business Card

Green Business Card

This business card template can be vertical and horizontal. This is a multi-purpose business card template. Easily edit the PSD business cards to fit your needs. There are four different designs that you can choose from. This enables you to have a card that matches what you need, and you can change the color to any color that you would want.

12. Modern Business Card

Modern Business Card

This modern double-sided business card template is fun while remaining professional. This business card can have rounded corners. Add whatever images fit your company brand. Easily change the colors to match your company.

13. Creative Wooden Business Card

Creative Wooden Business Card

This double-sided business card is black on the front with a section for a QR code. On the back of the card, there's room for all your contact information. Change the font and the colors to match your business brand. These are minimal cards that won't distract from your contact information.

14. Neat Corporate Business Card

Neat Corporate Business Card

This business card comes with four different color combinations. There's also a space for your company logo or a logo that you created. The line of color next to your contact information draws a person's eye to the contact information. This highlights the importance of your highlight information. The background is textured to give a high-quality feel.

15. Business Card

Business card

This Photoshop business card template comes with free fonts that you can download. Easily edit and customize the color of these Photoshop business cards. There's a section for a QR code. There's also a section for your contact information, so people know how to contact you. Add your company logo or a log that you've created to the front and on the back of the card.

16.  Business Card

Business Card

This business card template for Word has a sleek and professional design. This business card template is completely editable. Customize it in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Microsoft Word. The business card template is double sided. So, you can put your company name and logo on the front and your contact information on the back.

17. Two Sided Business Card Template

Two Sided Business Card Template

The Two-Sided Business Card Template for Word has a professional and minimal design. Because of the minimal design you can use this business card for any business or professional needs. Edit this template in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign & Microsoft Word. 

How to Customize Your Word Business Card Template 

If you've chosen a Word business card template, you’ll need to have a little working knowledge of Word. Or you can work with one of our graphic designers to customize them for you. You could also hire a professional designer directly from Envato Studio.

Here's the business card that we'll be using for the tutorial. The businesses card is being edited in Microsoft Word. This is the front of the card with no edits.

Business Card
The front of the Word business card (2-sided)

This is the back of the card with no edits.

Business Card
The back of the Word business card (2-sided)

Now, let's look at some ways to customize your double-sided business card template in Word.

1. Add Your Logo

First, you may want to add an image to your business card such as your logo.

Add your logo
How to add a logo to the front of your business card.

To add an image, click the Insert Picture icon. After you click the Insert Picture icon, a drop-down menu appears. Select Picture from File to download an image from your computer. Then, click the image file that you want to add. Once you've added the image, adjust it to how you want the image to look.

2. Add Your Name and Job Title

You may want to insert your name and your title to the front of the card.

Insert Your Name
How to insert your name and other text to the front of the business card.

First, click next to the text that you want to change. When handles appear around the text, you'll know that you selected the right text. Highlight the existing text that you don't want and hit Delete on your keyboard to remove it. Now you can type the new text that you want on your business card.

3. Insert Your Contact Information

On the back of the card, the design allows you to enter your contact information. You may also want to add links to your social media or a website.

Insert YOur Contact Information
How to add your contact information to the back of the business card.

To add your contact information, click next to the text you want to delete. Highlight the unwanted text. You'll know that you've selected the right text by the handles appearing around the unwanted text. Then, tap Delete on your keyboard. Once the unwanted text has been removed add your contact information.

5. Customize the Colors and Design

To change the design, you can easily edit it. For this example, we're going to change the size of one of the blue bars that contain the contact information.

Customize the Colors and Design
How to customize the design of the back of the business card.

Click on the object that you want to change the size of. You'll know that you've selected the object when the handles appear. Drag the handle to the left on the side that you want to reshape. This will reduce the length of the object.

Learn more about what to put on a business card in the following tutorial:

Learn More About Business Cards

If you're looking to learn more about the business card, here are some hand-selected links to help you:

Choose Your Next Photoshop or Word Business Card Template Today!

You've just seen several great double-sided and vertical business card templates for Word and Photoshop. 

Why not get started on your next business card today? Download your favorite double-sided business card template or vertical business card template from Envato Elements or GraphicRiver. 

Another super easy option to consider is designing your vertical business cards or double-sided business cards right in your browser. With Placeit's business card maker, you can create a custom business card design online with a few clicks.

Editorial Note: Our staff updates this post regularlyadding new, exciting vertical, and double-sided business card templates.

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