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20 Best Fashion Business Card Templates With Creative Designs 2022

Read Time: 12 mins

Looking for fashion business cards? Need some business card ideas for fashion designers? Whether you're a designer looking to network or you're working on clothing brand business cards for your business, there's plenty of inspiration in this article.

Brand Guideline and Business Card CelesteBrand Guideline and Business Card CelesteBrand Guideline and Business Card Celeste
Download this stylish fashion designer name card on Envato Elements.

Your business card is an important part of your professional presence. If you're in the fashion business, you're going to need high quality, fashion business cards. In many cases, it might be your first professional impression. So, where do you begin? What's the perfect design direction for you?

This is why a professionally designed template can be such a benefit. Find the perfect design, add your content, and you're done! Or, use the template design as a starting point and design something entirely new! 

The Best Source for Simple PowerPoint Templates (With Unlimited Use)

So, what do you get with Envato Elements? Unlimited downloads means unlimited access to over a million creative assets. Yes, a million! This includes thousands of business card templates, so there's plenty to choose from.

Envato ElementsEnvato ElementsEnvato Elements
Envato Elements is the unlimited creative subscription. You get millions of creative assets, all included for one, low price. It's the perfect deal for creative professionals.

Looking for the perfect t shirt business card template or a business card for your fashion design business? You'll find high quality, professional tools to make your designs a reality on Envato Elements. Check out some of the latest business card designs on Envato Elements that you can download right now:

Envato Elements Business CardsEnvato Elements Business CardsEnvato Elements Business Cards
Find the perfect creative fashion business cards on Envato Elements. There's thousands of creative business cards for fashion designers, and they're all included with unlimited downloads.

But you get more than a library of business card templates with Envato Elements. You also get unlimited access to an entire library of professional quality content. It's a dream addition to a designer's tool kit!

Here's just a sample of the content you can find:

  • fonts
  • graphics, logo designs, illustrations, and backgrounds
  • design templates like posters, stationery, resumes, and flyers
  • stock audio, sound effects, and music tracks
  • stock video, motion graphics, and intros
  • website templates
  • and more

But if you're not necessarily looking for an entire library of assets, GraphicRiver has you covered. GraphicRiver is another high-quality source of templates, and all the content is on demand. Download what you need when you need it. It's perfect if you prefer to keep things a la carte.

5 Best Fashion Business Cards From Envato Elements (Creative Fashion Business Cards)

Here's a look at some of the amazing fashion business cards you can download on Envato Elements, right now. Enjoy the design inspiration, or consider downloading your favorites today:

1. Business Fashion Design Name Card

Business CardBusiness CardBusiness Card

The contrast on this elegant business card makes it a stylish choice. It's a great choice if you'd like to showcase some eye catching imagery. Choose the light version, the dark version, or maybe go light on one side, dark on the other!

2. Voom Business Card

Voom Business CardVoom Business CardVoom Business Card

Here's another stylish choice, especially if you want to showcase your work. Your business card can be an excellent opportunity to do. Showcase one work on the front and another on the back.

3. Business Card Photographer

Business Card PhotographerBusiness Card PhotographerBusiness Card Photographer

Or if you're looking to share a lot of work, consider a design like this professional template. There's plenty of space to create a memorable collage of your best designs or photo. Which designs would you showcase?

4. Photography Business Card For Creative Professionals

Business card with flower designBusiness card with flower designBusiness card with flower design

This design is perfect for photography and artwork. The empty space also helps keep things clean and elegant. It's an excellent choice for high quality, eye catching portfolio pieces, and your logo could also be easily incorporated.

5. Fashion Designer Name Card

Designer Name Fashion Business CardDesigner Name Fashion Business CardDesigner Name Fashion Business Card

A clean, minimalist design can be such an elegant design direction. This design is such a good example. Keep the space open, with lots of breathing room, to achieve a stylish look like this.

The 15 Best Fashion Business Cards on GraphicRiver in 2022

Now, let's take a look at some of the awesome designs over on GraphicRiver. There's some amazing business card ideas for fashion designers to see! Download your favorites today:

1. Fashion Design Name Card

Name Fashion Business CardName Fashion Business CardName Fashion Business Card

This design is the perfect choice for showing off photography. Showcase your best design or a memorable moment from a photo shoot. You could also use these spaces for fashion drawings, sketches, and more.

2. Fashion or Clothing Line Business Cards

Clothing Line or Fashion Business CardClothing Line or Fashion Business CardClothing Line or Fashion Business Card

Here's a template that comes with plenty of options. You can even work in a QR code for easy access to your other media. Consider going double sided, so you have double the space to share your content.

3. Fashion Business Card

Fashion Business CardFashion Business CardFashion Business Card

This template could be adapted into fashion visiting card templates, branding templates, and much more. Remember, you can edit and customize templates, like this one, in any way you like to support your brand goals and direction.

4. Fashion or Clothing Brand Business Cards

Clothing Brand Fashion Business CardClothing Brand Fashion Business CardClothing Brand Fashion Business Card

You don't necessarily have to go with photography for your fashion business cards. What if you're a seamstress or you're looking for tailor specific cards? Then a design like this could be perfect for your business.

5. Fashion Designer Business Cards

Fashion Designer Business CardFashion Designer Business CardFashion Designer Business Card

This stylish design features a different want to showcase your work. Try mixing up one photo with these divisions. Or you could try working multiple photos into these spaces. It's all up to you and what's best for your brand.

6. Stunning Fashion Business Cards in 4 Colors

Stunning Fashion Business Cards in 4 ColorsStunning Fashion Business Cards in 4 ColorsStunning Fashion Business Cards in 4 Colors

Here's another design that doesn't necessarily rely on photography. This one could be perfect for sharing a logo mark or other aesthetic for your clothing brand. 

7. Fashion Textile Design Business Card Design

Fashion Textile Design Business CardFashion Textile Design Business CardFashion Textile Design Business Card

Into textiles or looking for something with some texture? Check out this design. Imagine a close up of textured fabric, or experiment with different backgrounds. Remember, you can use these templates as a starting point.

8. Fashion Designer Business Card

Fashion Designer Business CardFashion Designer Business CardFashion Designer Business Card

Double sided business cards, like this elegant design, can offer so much opportunity to really showcase your professional brand and what it's all about. Share multiple portfolio pieces with a design like this one.

9. Fashion Photography Card

Fashion Photography CardFashion Photography CardFashion Photography Card

This is a business card template with lots of potential. You get alternates and options that make this an awesome choice for so many industries. Add your content and easily customize this design for your needs.

10. Klambi Fashion Business Cards

Klambi Fashion Business CardsKlambi Fashion Business CardsKlambi Fashion Business Cards

Prefer to keep things simple? This design is clean, but still has really interesting pops of contrast. What color would you use on the back of the card? Remember, your cards should match your professional branding.

11. Creative Fashion Business Cards

reative Fashion Business Cardreative Fashion Business Cardreative Fashion Business Card

This rounded business card is a stylish choice. It's a great download too, because you get two different layouts, with a light and dark variation. Then, you can take this content and make it your own, in any way you prefer.

12. Retro Fashion Business Card

Retro Fashion Business CardRetro Fashion Business CardRetro Fashion Business Card

How about trying a retro, illustrative look? Remember, you aren't limited to photography, even if it is a popular option. Consider sharing your designs via fashion illustrations, sketches, and other visual content.

13. Fashion Industry Business Cards

Fashion Industry Business CardFashion Industry Business CardFashion Industry Business Card

Use the divisions in this creative fashion business card design to showcase your work in a creative way. The key color here can be easily edited to match your logo or branding. Easily edit this template to match your other content.

14. Fashion Clothing Line Business Cards

Fashion Clothing Line Fashion Business CardFashion Clothing Line Fashion Business CardFashion Clothing Line Fashion Business Card

Now this is an impressive download. You get an amazing 6 different designs to work with, all in one convenient package. They only use free fonts too, so there's no worries on that end either. Download and start designing today.

15. Fashion Studio Business Card

Fashion Studio Business CardFashion Studio Business CardFashion Studio Business Card

There's such energetic color and contrast in this stylish design! It's a great choice if you'd like to focus on your logo design or mark instead of photography. 

How To Customize Creative Business Cards for Fashion Designers in Adobe Photoshop

Next, let's take a look at how easy it is to customize fashion business cards. Whether you're working with a t shirt business card template, fashion designer business cards, or even a textile design business card design, these concepts will still apply. In fact, any industry could use these techniques!

We'll use this stylish business card design template from Envato Elements in this example, and we'll work in Adobe Photoshop. 

fashion business card templatefashion business card templatefashion business card template
Photo-centric, creative business cards for fashion designers, like this business card template, are a great choice for fashion industry business cards.

Let's get started:

1. Use Your Photoshop Layers

Begin by opening up your business card template in Photoshop by going to File > Open. One of your most important tools is your Layers panel. Open it up by going to Window > Layers.

Here's a preview of what the Layers panel looks like. 

photoshop layersphotoshop layersphotoshop layers

Think of it like "looking under the hood" of your design document. Here, you can see where everything is. The content is "layered" on top of each other. When we select a layer, we can adjust that content independently from the rest of the design.

2. View Both Sides of Your Business Card At Once

You may also want to view both sides of your business card design at once. This can be helpful for making sure things stay visually cohesive. Remember, to open files, you'll want to go to File > Open

Undock your documents by dragging them away from the docked position. Simply click and drag from the top of the document where the name is displayed. Then resize and reposition these windows in any way you prefer. Here's an example of our sample design with the front and back side by side.

photoshop business card filesphotoshop business card filesphotoshop business card files

3. Import Your Business Card Imagery

Next, you'll likely want to import some unique imagery to use in your business card. Open up the imagery you'd like to use by going to File > New

Then, follow these steps:

  • Go to Select > All to select the entire image file. 
  • Go to Edit > Copy to copy your selected image.
  • Return to your business card template file.
  • Go to Edit > Paste to paste your image into your design template. Your image likely won't be the perfect size, by default!
  • Go to Edit > Transform > Free Transform. You'll see resize handles activated. Click and drag on them to resize your image to the size you prefer.

As an added bonus, I used a Clipping Mask in this example. Here's a look at my Layers panel. 

photoshop import imageryphotoshop import imageryphotoshop import imagery
Stock imagery from Envato Elements

I pasted the image above the existing, template image. Then, right click on PC or control click on Mac, and select Create Clipping Mask. This isolates where my image is visible to the area of the original stock image.

4. Edit Your Business Card Template Text

Editing text in Adobe Photoshop is simple. Turn to the Type tool in your Tools panel. It's selected and highlighted, in the example, below.

Take a look at the Layers panel. The layers with a "T" are Text Layers. You can double click on any text layer to edit it. Or, with the Type tool selected, simply click on any text to begin editing. You can then type, delete, and edit as you would in most desktop publishing software.

photoshop text toolphotoshop text toolphotoshop text tool

5. Adjust Layout Elements

You may want to move entire parts of your business card template. To do so, let's use the Move tool. It's selected in the example screenshot below.

photoshop move toolphotoshop move toolphotoshop move tool

This is where our Layers panel comes in handy again. Begin by selecting the layer containing the content you want to move. 

Then, with the Move tool active, click and drag to reposition your content in any place you prefer. 

Why Use a Professionally-Designed Fashion Business Card Template?

If you're looking for a photography, fashion, or tailor business card, free designs might sound tempting. Free is everyone's favorite price, right? 

professional business cardprofessional business cardprofessional business card
Download this professional business card template on Envato Elements.

Well, say you find the perfect tailor business card, free of charge. What about copyright? What about quality control? Free to download doesn't always mean entirely free to use, especially for commercial use.

Envato Elements is the perfect solution if you're looking for high quality content at a very affordable price. How does unlimited access to thousands of creative business cards for fashion designers sound? Awesome, right?

And then there's GraphicRiver, another outstanding source for professional design assets. You can find so many beautifully designed creative fashion business cards there too!

Discover More Top Business Card Template Designs

Looking for even more business card ideas for fashion designers? Check out these inspiring collections from Envato Tuts+. There are so many more amazing designs, ideas, and inspiration to see right now.

Learn More About Great Business Cards in 2022

Want to learn how to make your own fashion business cards? There is a wealth of free tutorials to check out on Envato Tuts+ too. There's no better time than right now to dig in and start learning (and for free too!).

Which Are The Best Fashion Business Cards For Your Business?

So, what aesthetic is right for your fashion business cards? Will you go with stylish photography? Will you showcase your designs, illustrations, or your best photo shoot?

Remember, if you're looking for a wealth of design assets to help push your work further, Envato Elements is definitely worth a look. There's thousands of creative fashion business cards to choose from, as well as much more content! Sign up for Envato Elements today.

GraphicRiver is another great choice for professional fashion design business cards. The convenience of on demand downloads could be the perfect choice. 

Good luck with your business and your business cards!

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