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20 Best Free Chronological Resume CV Templates to Download for 2023

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Looking for a new job? Increase your chance of landing your dream job with simple chronological resume templates.

Intro chronological resume exampleIntro chronological resume exampleIntro chronological resume example
Top-notch premium simple chronological resume templates from Envato Elements are the best option.

This round-up will show you free chronological resume examples. But, more importantly, we'll show you the best simple chronological resume templates. These low-cost, perfectly polished designs are the best option for any aspiring professional. A resume template helps you know exactly what to include when applying.

This is your career you're talking about. It's not worth cutting corners while building your resume.

The best option is to use high-quality premium chronological resume templates. Let's jump in.

Find the Best Chronological Resume Templates on Envato Elements

As Warren Buffett once said, "price is what you pay, value is what you get." A free template might have the lowest price, but it'll never offer you the most value. With a premium template, polished resumes are much easier to create. 

The best source for premium simple chronological resume templates is Envato Elements. It's got carefully reviewed and chosen designs that help you create your best resume.

Explore Resume Templates

Elements simple chronological resume templateElements simple chronological resume templateElements simple chronological resume template
You'll unlock thousands of the best premium chronological resume templates with Elements.

Elements includes not only premium chronological CV formats, but so many other extras as well. These are all included for a flat-rate. That means you can create the best-ever version of your resume without breaking the bank:

  • Graphics and icons. Let's say that your simple chronological resume template includes a variety of skills. You can snag a free set of icons for visual cues about the diversity of your skillset.
  • Free fonts. You don't have to stick to boring, system-installed fonts. Elements has thousands of custom fonts for typography that stands out from the crowd.
  • Presentation templates. Sometimes, you might want to give a presentation as part of the hiring process. The same Elements subscription will give you templates that help you land the job.

Envato Elements is an outstanding source for the designs that share your career timeline. Read on to see examples of those designs in action.

5 Premium Options for Simple Chronological Resume Templates

Let's check out five top premium resume templates in chronological format designs from Envato Elements. 

1. Resume Template

1 Elements chronological resume template1 Elements chronological resume template1 Elements chronological resume template

While you learn how to do a chronological resume, choose a template that's easy-to-use. This simple chronological resume template fits the bill perfectly. It features well-organized layers that make it easy to navigate. It includes Photoshop and Microsoft Word templates.

2. Resume


If you need a simple chronological resume template, this is the ideal template for you. It's got a one-page design, is fully editable, and uses free fonts. The top of the template has a placeholder for a headshot and your contact information. The body gives you space for your skills, references, education, and work experience. 

3. Resume


There's nothing wrong with using a stylish design like this chronological resume example. It's a format that works perfectly for coders, designers, creatives, and more. This template is usable in Adobe InDesign. It's a print-ready design that makes it easy to bring your experience to life.

4. Corporate CV Resume

Corporate CV ResumeCorporate CV ResumeCorporate CV Resume
This chronological resume template has a classic design. Included for visual interest are skill bars for your areas of expertise and classic gray, black, and white color scheme. All the layers in the template are well organized and the resume can be quickly edited. 

5. Minimalist Resume iWantemp

Chronological CV formatChronological CV formatChronological CV format

Minimalism is more popular than ever. When you've got fewer design elements, the key details in simple chronological resume templates really shine. This design is the perfect example and is sure to bring focus to your most important career moments.

20 Professional Free Chronological Resume Template Examples to Download (2023)

We’ve just seen five of the best premium chronological resume template designs. But you can also find basic free options to build a simple chronological CV format. While these often won’t be fully featured, they can help you get started with the search for your dream job.

Free Premium FilesFree Premium FilesFree Premium Files
Each month Envato Elements offers a different selection of free files for you to try. 

Before you start searching the web, Envato offers plenty of free resources. You can try out content free of charge from Envato Elements.

Envato Elements offers twelve free assets to download. These might be chronological resume template layouts, presentations, photos, and more. These are updated each month, so don’t forget to check back! Create an account and try out the twelve free files today!

Now, let’s look at a variety of free chronological resume example designs from around the web:

1. Zoki Resume Template

Zoki resume templates chronological formatZoki resume templates chronological formatZoki resume templates chronological format

Zoki is a free chronological resume example with a blue border. It’s built with customizable layouts and is print-ready.

2. Chronological Resume (Traditional Design)

Here's a simple chronological resume template on a single sheet. Experience and education items list in order.

3. Professional Resume Letter

Blue lines work to divide sections in this chronological CV format free.

4. Functional Resume (Simple Design)

You can list your job experiences with this simple chronological resume template. It also reserves space to list your skills.

5. Simple Typographic Resume

Simple typographic chronological resume templateSimple typographic chronological resume templateSimple typographic chronological resume template

The Simple Typographic Resume lists experiences in numbered order. You can add education and skills too.

6. Professional Resume Blue

This is another free chronological resume example. With it, you can see how to do a chronological resume with a basic layout.

7. Contemporary Resume

Purple colors feature in the design of this chronological resume template. It’s text-heavy with many details on a single page.

8. Changing Fields Resume

This chronological CV format focuses on those who want to change careers or jobs.

9. Agata Resume Template

Agata chronological resume exampleAgata chronological resume exampleAgata chronological resume example

Agata is a free chronological resume template with three color designs. There's room for a photo too.

10. Resume Tagline

Resume Tagline is a basic chronological resume template free. You can choose from letter and A4-sized layouts.

11. Resume (Origin Theme)

You can use this simple chronological resume template if you need a resume on a single sheet.

12. Basic Chronological Resume

Here's another single-page chronological CV format. Contact info is at the top with experiences below.

13. The Monticello Resume Template

Monticello chronological CV formatMonticello chronological CV formatMonticello chronological CV format

Monticello is a subtle chronological resume template. You can choose from different colors to alter the look and feel.

14. Informal Chronological Resume - Blue

These resume templates chronological format follow a basic style. They’re aimed at those with many experiences to list.

15. Simple Vector CV

This simple chronological resume template uses the classic chronological layout. Both experiences and education group by the year.

16. Typewriter Resume Chronological

Another no-frills layout, this file groups chronological content by category. You can drop in your details to make it work for you in this chronological resume template. 

17. The Yellowstone Resume Template

Yellowstone simple chronological resume templateYellowstone simple chronological resume templateYellowstone simple chronological resume template

Yellowstone is a simple chronological resume template with five color designs to use. It helps show your work history in order.

18. Resume (Chronological Resume)

This simple chronological resume template can be used for almost any career. At the top, you can write a quick objective or summary statement.

19. Simple Portfolio Resume

This is a chronological CV format that you can edit in Adobe Illustrator.

20. Bold Monogram Resume

Last on our list, this template for chronological resume uses bold text to show your work history in chronological order.

How To Make a Great Chronological Resume Quickly In MS Word

Now that you have a chronological resume template, you'll need to customize it for the job you're applying for. To customize the resume template, follow the tutorial below:

For this tutorial, we'll be using the premium template, Resume Template.

Resme tempalteResme tempalteResme tempalte

This premium template is well organized and fully editable. The template is print ready, uses free fonts, and A4 size. Let's get started:

1. Delete Unwanted Objects

Sometimes chronological resume templates come with objects you don't want to use. You can delete any object in your simple chronological resume template.

To delete an object, click on the unwanted object. Next, hit Backspace on your keyboard, and the object is deleted. If there's text on top of the object, delete or move the text before trying to delete it.

deleting objectdeleting objectdeleting object
You can delete an object on a simple chronological resume template.

2. Add In Your Text

The simple chronological resume template has plenty of text placeholders to add in your resume text. To edit the text placeholders, double-click the text placeholders. Select all the text and then paste in your desired text.

All templates have editable text placeholders.

3. Add In Your Profile Image

The top of the chronological resume template has a placeholder for your profile image.  

To add your image, click on the Insert tab on the top menu. Next, click Pictures > Picture from file... A pop-up menu appears where you choose the profile image from your computer's files. 

profile picprofile picprofile pic
Add your profile image from the top menu bar, Insert.

4. Change Fonts

The font in the template for chronological resume may not be the one you want to use in your resume. You can change fonts easily

First, select the text that you want to change the font of. Then, click on the Home tab on the top menu. Next, click on the arrow next to the Font menu. A font list drops down where you can select the font that you want to use.

Fonts can be changed from the top menu.

5. Add a Text Box

In your resume, you may need to add a section that's currently on the template for chronological resume. 

To add a new text box, click the Insert tab on the top menu. Next, click the Text Box button. A menu appears. Choose the Draw Text Box option and click on the resume where you want the text box to be. 

adding text boxadding text boxadding text box
You can add in custom text boxes.

Now let's go over even more great tips for creating resume templates. 

5 Quick Tips To Make Great Chronological Resumes in 2023

We’ve looked at many premium and free chronological resume template designs. These help you start to build an impressive resume. But you’ll still need to work to stand out from others.

To do that, you need to embrace design tips that elevate your resume above others. Let’s look at five of the best:

1. Have a Professional Headshot

Photos can go a long way towards building a quality resume in 2023. This helps put your name with your face. By adding a professional headshot, you’ll instantly gain a feature that many other resumes don’t have.

CV template for Word chronological CV formatCV template for Word chronological CV formatCV template for Word chronological CV format
The premium CV Template for Word gives you space to add a photo.

Premium templates are perfect for this. Many free chronological resume template designs won’t include photo placeholders. But with premium templates, you can drag and drop your photo right onto the page! It saves you time and ensures a seamless design process.

2. Include a Summary Statement

Summary statements are often found on resumes. Consider adding one to your simple chronological resume template. Summary statements, in essence, are a quick biography of you.

Chronological CV formats can also be used to outline your purpose in seeking a given role. Ideally, they capture your most important experiences in skills, in rank order.

Summary statements should be quick, concise, and to the point. To learn how to write a winning one, turn to our full tutorial:

3. Be Job-Specific

Generic resumes won’t fly in 2023. Remember, you’re trying to land a specific job. You should build your chronological CV format so that it best meets that job. A great option is to use a job-specific template.

Medical assistant simple chronological resume templateMedical assistant simple chronological resume templateMedical assistant simple chronological resume template
The Medical Assistant Resume is a premium chronological resume template that’s job-specific.

A template like the one above is for a medical assistant role. Browse Envato Elements’ vast library as you begin work on your resume. You’re sure to find resume templates chronological format that meet the needs of the career you want.

4. Build an Online Resume

In today’s global world, you may find yourself sharing your resume online. It’s useful to craft a chronological resume example tailored for online sharing.

These digital resumes can take a variety of forms. Those include websites, presentations, and more. Many of these designs are even interactive! By building a chronological CV format such as this, you can rapidly stand out from the crowd.

Learn more with our complete online resume tutorial now:

5. Be Creative With Color

Ever heard it said that dull colors are interesting? Probably not. When you work with a simple chronological resume template, you need to be creative with the use of color. Of course, don’t go overboard. But consider using elegant, bold colors to help sections stand out.

CV resume print template chronological CV formatCV resume print template chronological CV formatCV resume print template chronological CV format
The premium CV Resume Print Template makes creative use of color.

By using color, you can help your resume stand out in a stack of others. It also helps guide reviewers to sections of your resume that you think are most important.

Discover More Top Resume Template Designs

A template is a blueprint for success. It's got the placeholder blocks with cues for what every resume should include. The chronological CV format has some specifics, but many templates will do the job nicely for you.

Jump to these articles to see more of the best resume templates. Many of them will even work as chronological resume templates with only minor tweaks.

Common Resume Questions Answered (FAQ)

You may have questions about how to create a professional resume. To help you, we've answered five of the most commonly answered questions about resumes:

1. What's the Biggest Mistake In Resumes?

The biggest mistake that people make when creating resumes is providing irrelevant information. Many people add irrelevant work experience and other information that doesn't pertain to the job they are applying for.

Only include information that is relevant to the job and job description you're applying for. 

2. How Long Should My Resume Be?

Resumes should be one page long. It's okay to have two pages, but only for people with manyyears of relevant work experience. Learn more in this tutorial:

3. What Format Should I Use?

The reverse chronological order format is the most commonly used. You should use this format by default. Be sure to look at other resumes in your industry, as they might use a different format. Here are some tips to help you structure your resume:

4. What File Format Should I Use?

Today, many resumes are sent electronically. A PDF is the most common file format and should be used when sending in your resume electronically. For more information, read:

5. How Can I make My Resume Stand Out?

There are a few ways that you can make your resume stand out. You can add a bold and descriptive summary, customize the text to the company you're applying for, and use subtle design elements. 

Here are some tips to  make your resume unique:

Want even more information on how to create resumes? Check out the following section. 

Learn More About Making Great Resumes in 2023

Throughout this tutorial, you've learned how to do a chronological resume, organized by date. It's the best way to paint your expertise as a series of events, acquired over time.

Check out these resources that'll teach you even more skills while you work with chronological resume templates. We even have tutorials that show you how to do a chronological resume!

Download the Best Chronological Resume Templates and To Start Your Design

Ready to tell your career story on a timeline? Now, you've got options for simple chronological resume templates that do just that.

A free chronological CV format won't be the best design option.

Leverage the premium simple chronological resume templates you've already seen. The professional designs in chronological resume examples will inspire you to apply confidently.

Download a chronological resume template, add your details, and watch your experience come to life. These premium designs are sure to catch a hiring manager's eye.

Editorial Note: This post has been updated with contributions from Daniel Strongin. Daniel is a freelance instructor for Envato Tuts+.

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