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20 Best Free Combination Resume CV Templates to Download 2022

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Are you struggling to create a professional-looking combination resume? Are you unsure how to design your resume? Choose a hybrid resume template for Word.

Resume Combination templateResume Combination templateResume Combination template
Resume is one of the best-selling premium combination templates available on Envato Elements.

Create a stunning-looking combination resume with professionally designed resume combination templates. Your potential employers will love your template-inspired CV resume.

Your resume is one of the most important factors to getting hired. It's usually your employer's first point of contact with you. A well-designed combination resume template will help you land your dream job. There are plenty of free combination resume templates that you can download. But premium templates are more complete and give you the best designs available.

Check out all the best-selling combination resume templates available on Envato Elements. These premium templates will save you a ton of time and hassle with your design. Give yourself the best chance at getting hired and download a template today. 

Best Premium Combination Resume Templates on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

Discover thousands of professionally designed combination resume templates on Envato Elements. For one low monthly fee, download as many combination resume templates as you want! Included with your subscription is access to ALL of Envato Elements content. You'll be able to download 

  • web themes
  • photos
  • presentation templates
  • and more 

Explore Resume Templates Now

Envato ElementsEnvato ElementsEnvato Elements
Envato Elements has plenty of best-selling premium combination resume templates.

All Elements combination templates available come ready to use. They feature stylish designs and are fully customizable. These templates will help you make a professional combination resume.

Let's cover some of the best-selling combination resume templates on Envato Elements.

5 Premium Combination Resume Templates on Envato Elements  (For 2022)

Envato Elements has plenty of top-tier designs for you to purchase. Finding the right template can be tough. We've collected five combination resume templates for you to check out. These are handpicked templates that are sure to offer you great value.

1. Resume CV

Resume templateResume templateResume template

This is a gorgeous-looking resume template. The attention to detail is what makes this combination template. The color scheme and layout of the combination resume make a lasting impression. You'll be able to use this template for all types of occupations. 

Here are a few notable features:

  • A4 size with bleed 0.6 cm
  • layered by name
  • fully editable – all colors and text can be modified.
  • 300 DPI

2. Resume CV by DCMEStudio

Resume CV by DCMEStudioResume CV by DCMEStudioResume CV by DCMEStudio

You can expect a classic design with Resume CV. The elegant and simple layout has plenty of room to let your resume's content shine. The addition of little icons on the combination resume template makes an impact. 

Features that you can expect are the following:

  • CMYK 300 DPI
  • print-ready
  • A4 and US LETTER bleeds
  • Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop files included

3. Resume CV by egotype

Resume CV egotypeResume CV egotypeResume CV egotype

Don't let the simplicity of this combination template fool you. This is a very high-quality template that delivers. The combination resume uses a stunning-looking font. There are also icons and skill bars that add a unique touch to the template.

Here are some key features:

  • paragraph and text styles included
  • layered templates: 3 pages overall
  • includes application letter, curriculum vitae & references template
  • experience, skills, references section


FLORAL is a simple yet stylish combination resume template. The design features a basic plant graphic that adds a personal touch to the cover letter. This template will work well for creative industries. 
Here's what you can expect from this combination template:
  • five pages included
  • Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop files included
  • fully editable
  • CMYC color mood & 300 DPI

5. Resume / CV Template

Resume / CV TemplateResume / CV TemplateResume / CV Template

This is one versatile combination resume template. Sections provided include contact, social, skills, about me, work experience, and references. The template has a circular image placeholder for your photo in the about me section. 

Here are the main features of this combination template:

  • A4 Size (8.27×11.69 inch + bleed)
  • CMYK 300 DPI
  • well-organized Layers
  • fonts included

Now let's look at the top free combination resume CV templates available on the web.  

20 Top Free Combination Resume CV Template Examples to Download (2022)

Before looking for free combination resume templates, check Envato's free offerings first. Try out various premium template files (not always combination resume formats) at no cost to you.

This month's free files.This month's free files.This month's free files.
Each month Envato Elements offers a different selection of free files for you to try.

Here's the deal:

Every month Envato Elements offers 12 different hand-selected files, (fonts, presentations, videos, and more). Create a free account to download this month's free premium files now.

While the premium templates are the best available, you may be on a budget. Let's  look at the top free combination resume templates that you can download right now: 

1. Minimalist Resume CV Design PSD

This combination resume format template contains three A4 size PSD files. It has 300 DPI print-ready CMYK files. You can expect a modern design with this combination resume template. 

Minimalist Resume CV Design PSDMinimalist Resume CV Design PSDMinimalist Resume CV Design PSD

2. Resume (Urban theme)

You can add photos using Quick Parts. You can also customize your name, address, objectives, skills, education, and experience. This combination resume is a very minimal design that can be customized.

3. Entry-level Resume

This hybrid resume template for free is pre-formatted. It has sections for your objective, skills, experience, education, and more. The layers or named and organized for your convenience. 

4. Clean Modern Resume CV PSD Template

This combination resume template will work for graphic designers, photographers, web designers, and developers.

Clean Modern Resume CV PSD TemplateClean Modern Resume CV PSD TemplateClean Modern Resume CV PSD Template

5. Resume (Professional)

This is another free combination resume format template that'll work with most professions. The template is a very standard resume CV. All elements are editable in this free hybrid resume template. 

6. A4 Size Designer Resume PSD Template

There are three color options with this hybrid resume template for free. It comes in A4 size and is print-ready. There's one PSD file that comes with the combination resume. 

7. College Resume Templates #1 

You can expect a very straightforward basic design with this combination resume format. Included are sections such as education, experience, and objective. 

College Resume TemplatesCollege Resume TemplatesCollege Resume Templates

8. Creative Professional Resume Templates

This hybrid resume template free features more than one template. These combination templates can also be used for other professions as well. 

9. Customer Service Resume #1

This combination resume has three main sections. There's a header at the top of the Microsoft Word doc where you can add your address and contact information. 

10. Simple Resume Free PSD Template

This combination resume has multiple sections. It features a profile, experience, education, contact, and awards section. There's also a blue header with a spot for you to add your profile image. 

Simple Resume Free PSD TemplateSimple Resume Free PSD TemplateSimple Resume Free PSD Template

11. Elegant Minimalist Resume Design PSD

This design gives you lots of room for your profile picture in the left-hand corner. There are three different color options with this combination resume template. 

12. CV and Cover Letter

You can quickly replace the photos in this combination resume template with your own. The CV and cover letter are easy to edit and have well-organized layers. 

13. Modern CV Resume Template PSD

The Modern CV has a red color scheme. Included is a timeline for the experience and education sections. 

Modern CV Resume Template PSDModern CV Resume Template PSDModern CV Resume Template PSD

14. Free PSD Resume/CV Template For Programmers

This is a unique free hybrid resume template. It features a design that's for programmers. The hybrid resume template for free looks like a code document.

15. Professional Clean Resume CV Template PSD

The first half of this combination resume template has a profile image and icons. The bottom half contains all of the experience and education sections. 

16. Free Resume and Cover Letter 

This free hybrid resume template has a 3D look to it. It's got a yellow and black theme. The combination resume has all of the standard resume and cover letter sections. 


17. Designer Resume CV Design PSD Bundle

This combination resume template has many different icons on the design. There are timelines for the education and experience sections. 

18. Free CV and Resume

There's a dark blue and orange outline around this combination resume template. You can easily replace the photos in the hybrid resume template free as well. 

19. Cool and Colorful Resume CV PSD Template

This combination resume will work for creative professionals. You can add your signature to the top of the design. 

Cool and Colorful Resume CV PSD TemplateCool and Colorful Resume CV PSD TemplateCool and Colorful Resume CV PSD Template

20. Free Creative Resume CV PSD

This hybrid resume template for free is divided into two sections. There's even a section for you to add graphics on the top right of the combination resume. 

How to Customize a Combination Resume Word Template

Just because you’re using a template doesn’t mean you can customize it. For this tutorial, I’ll be using a premium Resume Template from Envato Elements.

I’m using a MacOS and Word Version 16.60.

Here’s page one of the template without any edits made:

Page one of a premium template with no edits made.Page one of a premium template with no edits made.Page one of a premium template with no edits made.
Page one of a premium template with no edits made.

Here’s how to customize a combination resume Word template:

1. Change an Object’s Color

How to change an object's color. How to change an object's color. How to change an object's color.
How to change an object's color.

Start by selecting the object that you want to change the color of. First, click on the Shape Format tab. Next, click on the Shape Fill button and on the arrow next to the Shape Fill button in a color menu. Finally, choose the color that you would like to use from the menu.

2. Change the Font

Change the font.Change the font.Change the font.
Change the font.

Next, you’ll want to change the name on your resume and customize the font. To add your name, highlight the text. Next, press backspace on your keyboard and type your name.

Then, click on the Home tab. There's a Font menu in the Home tab with an arrow next to the Font menu. When you click on the arrow, a list of fonts drops down. Choose the font that works best.

3. Add New Text to Your Resume

How to add new text to your resume.How to add new text to your resume.How to add new text to your resume.
How to add new text to your resume.

If you need to add a new textbox, you can. Start by clicking on the Insert tab. Next, click on the Text Box button. A menu drops down. Choose the right option for you.

After choosing an option, click on the area you want the new text box to be. Draw a diagonal line in that area to draw the text box. Type your new text.

4. Spell Check Your Text

Spell check your text.Spell check your text.Spell check your text.
Spell check your text.

Having proper grammar and spelling is important for your combination resume word template. Start by highlighting the text that you want to check. Next, click on the Review tab. Then, in the toolbar, click on the Spelling and Grammar button. When you click on this button, an editor panel appears where you can check and correct your text.

5. Save as a PDF

How to save as a PDF.How to save as a PDF.How to save as a PDF.
How to save as a PDF.

Some companies require you to turn your combination resume into a PDF. To do that, you need to save your resume as a PDF. Start by clicking on File in your computer’s toolbar.

When a menu drops down, click on the Save As… option from the menu. A window appears with a File Format field. Click on the arrow in that field to select a file type. Click on the PDF option. Then, click the blue Export button at the bottom of the window.

Let's look at some tips that can help you make an even better combination resume template 2022.

5 Quick Tips To Make Great Combination Resumes in 2022

Let's now cover a few tips that'll give your resume a unique touch:

1. Use the Appropriate Font

Using the appropriate font on your combination resume will help you stand out from the crowd. If you're looking to get hired for an office job, a more professional-looking font will work for you. If you're applying to a creative position, you can use a more playful font.

Resume TemplateResume TemplateResume Template
Note the font choices in the premium resume from Envato Elements.

2. Add Key Skills to Your Professional History

This is a very important tip. Adding your skills to your professional work history will do two things. First, it'll make your professional history section more substantial. Secondly, it will help your employers see what skills you can offer. 

3. Use Highlight Colors

Black and white combination resumes are acceptable, but they won't stand out. With resumes, you don't want to add too much color. But if you use colored elements subtly, it'll have a big impact on the design.

Highlight ColorHighlight ColorHighlight Color
This premium template uses color in select areas to highlight fields.

4. Include Transferable Skills

If you're changing careers, then it's important to add your skills that pertain to the new job. These skills are usually soft skills that help raise your value for all types of jobs. For example, if you're someone who works well in a team setting, you can add this skill. 

5. Feature Your Name and Contact Info

At the top of every combination resume, include your name and contact information. This will make it easy for your potential employer to take action on your resume. You can even use a larger font or larger font weight for your name on contact information. 

Bigger FontBigger FontBigger Font
Name and contact information are prominent in this premium template.

Looking for even more annual report designs that weren't covered in this article? In the next section, we'll go over even more best-selling template designs.

It's important to be aware of the current design trends. This will help you craft the best design possible. Here are the top design trends for combination resumes in 2022:

1. Use Skill Bars

Skill bars are a great way to provide essential information in an attractive way. Add skill bars to the left side of your resume. You can use your main color to fill in the skill bars. 

skill barsskill barsskill bars
Resume adds skill bars on the left side of the template. (premium template example)

2. Use Two Different Fonts

Using two different fonts in your template adds style. Use one font for your headers and the other font for the body of the resume. Use legible fonts on your combination resume. 

3. Include Icons

Adding icons to your resume makes your resume more interesting to read. Try adding icons to your skills or hobbies section. Including icons, may only be best for certain industries. Stick with creative industries when adding in icons.

Icons add life to stale text-dominated resumes (premium example).

4. Use a Timeline

Timelines work best when showcasing work experience. They give readers visual cues on your progression through various jobs and experiences. Your timeline should be included in the main section of the resume. 

5. Include a Header

The hierarchy of information on your resume is important. Headers help guide your reader through the resume. The first content on your resume that you want your employers to see is your name, position, and contact info. All this information can be included in your header. Also, add your contact information on the right side of the header.

Guide your reader through your resume with a header (premium example).

Discover More Top Resume Template Designs

We've discussed some of the best-selling combination resume templates available. But they may not fit your particular needs for your upcoming resume. Don't worry! We've got plenty of other professionally designed templates that you can download.

You can check them out below:

5 Benefits of Using the Best Combination Resume Templates With Pro Designs

Not sure whether you should use a free hybrid resume template or a premium combination template? 

Here are five reasons that you should use a premium combination resume template for your next resume and CV in 2022:

  1. You save time. Templates give you a head start on your resume and CV. You only need to add in your resume details to finish your resume. 
  2. You can generate ideas. Premium resume templates have unique designs. These designs can help spark new ideas for how you present your resume and CV.
  3. You can still customize. You are not stuck with a template design. The entire document is fully customizable. If there's something in the premium combination template you don't like, you can delete it. 
  4. You stand out. Most of your peers won't use professional designs. They'll rely instead on free hybrid resume templates. Your use of a professionally-designed premium template will help your design stand out from the rest.
  5. You save money. Premium templates come at a low cost. With Envato Elements, you can download as many combination resume templates as you need for a low monthly fee. 

Benefits of Envato Elements (The Power of Unlimited Use)

combination resume templatescombination resume templatescombination resume templates
Envato Elements: one flat rate, thousands of awesome presentation templates.

Envato Elements is a unique service. It's a flat-rate subscription that includes thousands of great premium resume templates (including combination resume Word templates) for a single flat-rate price.

Sign up for Envato Elements. You'll get access to thousands of unlimited-use graphics, stock videos, and much more. Choose from web themes to combination templates for resumes —all for one low price. 

Common Resume Questions Answered (FAQ)

It’s normal to have resume questions. Here are common resume questions and their answers:

1. How Do I Convert an InDesign File to a Word file?

If you found an InDesign template that you like and want to change it to a Microsoft Word template, you can.

There are many reasons why you would want to do this. Maybe you’re more comfortable working with Microsoft Word. Or maybe an employer requires a .doc file. Here’s a tutorial on how to convert your InDesign file to Microsoft Word: 

2. Can I Add a Border to my Word Document?

If you think your document would look better with a border, you can add it. Borders can add a design element to an otherwise boring-looking document. Here’s an article on how to add borders to Word documents: 

3. Can I Add a Letterhead to my Combination Resume?

Letterheads are great if you want to add your information to the top of the document. You can use letterheads for personal use such as a resume or for business use, such as a letter. Here’s an article that discusses letterheads:

4. How Do I Change Some of the Text in my Combination Resume?

There are different ways you can make your text stand out. Some ways to change text include:

  • making the text bold
  • underlining the text
  • italicizing the text

Here’s a tutorial on how to format your text in Word: 

5. Are There any Resume Tips?

Action verbs can be important when using them in your resume. They describe tasks, skills, achievements, and responsibilities on your resume. Here’s a helpful article to help you choose the right words for your resume: 

Learn More About Making Great Resumes in 2022

To land your next job, you need a great resume. You've got to have a great design and know-how to fill out the resume. Tuts+ has plenty of articles that can help you construct the perfect resume. Be sure to click on the articles below for more great info on creating great resumes. Also, don't miss out on the guide, Resume tutorial guide

Get Your 2022 Combination Resume Template Today!

We looked at the top premium and free combination resume templates in this article. It's now time for you to take action, create your own resume, and land that job. 

Choose one of the templates offered with Envato Elements with a monthly subscription.

To land your dream job, you need to have a great resume design. If you aren't a professional designer, then you absolutely need a high-quality template. Get started on your resume today!

Editorial Note: This post has been updated with contributions from Sarah Joy and Daniel Strongin. Sarah and Daniel are freelance instructors for Envato Tuts+.

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