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25+ Free Futuristic PowerPoint PPT Templates to Download for 2022

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Do you need to put together a professional-looking futuristic PowerPoint presentation? Start your presentation with a professionally crafted futuristic template from Envato Elements. 

Artificial Intelligence  Tech Powerpoint TemplateArtificial Intelligence  Tech Powerpoint TemplateArtificial Intelligence  Tech Powerpoint Template
Artificial Intelligence & Tech PowerPoint Template is one of the many premium futuristic PowerPoint templates available on Envato Elements.

Futuristic PowerPoint presentations need to look professional. If they don't, you run the risk of losing potential clients. Starting your presentation with a professional template helps you save time and money. 

Don't waste another second building your futuristic PowerPoint presentation. Check out all the top-selling futuristic PowerPoint templates available on Envato Elements. We also have even more high-quality futuristic PowerPoint themes on GraphicRiver as well. 

Best Premium Futuristic PowerPoint Templates on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

Envato Elements has a library full of the best premium futuristic PowerPoint templates available on the web.

Envato Elements UnlimitedEnvato Elements UnlimitedEnvato Elements Unlimited
Premium future PowerPoint templates can be found on Envato Elements - with unlimited access.

For a low monthly cost, you can access this massive library of templates. You'll also get also access to all the other creative assets available on Envato Elements such as:

  • web themes
  • photos
  • graphic templates
  • music
  • and much more

All the templates on Elements come ready to use. They feature high-quality designs. All the slides are customizable. This gives you complete control over how your presentation will look. 

Best Selling Futuristic PowerPoint Templates on Envato ElementsBest Selling Futuristic PowerPoint Templates on Envato ElementsBest Selling Futuristic PowerPoint Templates on Envato Elements
Best-selling premium Futuristic PowerPoint templates available on Envato Elements

Premium PowerPoint templates are added weekly on Envato Elements. It's the number one source for your template needs. Check out some of the newest PowerPoint designs on Envato Elements.

You can buy single futuristic PowerPoint presentations on GraphicRiver. These presentations deliver the same professional quality and are sure to take your presentations to the next level.

Let's now take a look at some the best futuristic PowerPoint templates available on Envato Elements.

5 Best Futuristic PowerPoint Templates (Premium From Envato Elements - For 2022)

There are many premium futuristic PowerPoint templates on Envato Elements and GraphicRiver. To help you with your search, we've collected the top five premium futuristic templates: 

1. Glowa - Technology PowerPoint

Glowa Future PPT TemplateGlowa Future PPT TemplateGlowa Future PPT Template

If you're creating a technology presentation or a pitch deck, this future technology PPT can be your go-to template. All elements are easily editable and can be customized how you see fit. 

Here's what you can expect from this futuristic PowerPoint theme:

  • 12 PPTX files
  • 12 PPT files
  • three premade color themes
  • drag and drop picture placeholders

2. Futont: Futuristic PowerPoint

Futont futuristic template PowerPointFutont futuristic template PowerPointFutont futuristic template PowerPoint

Futont is sure to take your presentation to the next level. It features sleek looking slide layouts, beautiful fonts, and a minimalist look. This is sure to impress your audience.

Here are a few of this futuristic PowerPoint templates features:

  • 30 total slides
  • modern layouts based on master slides
  • free web fonts used
  • aspect ratio 16:9

Get started on your next presentation with this high-quality template.

3. Futuristic

Futuristic Future PPT TemplateFuturistic Future PPT TemplateFuturistic Future PPT Template

This eye-catching futuristic PowerPoint template can work for your business and personal presentations. All the elements are fully editable and no other software is needed. With this template, you'll have a presentation done in no time. 

Here's what you can expect from this template:

  • 150 total slides 
  • 30 slides for each template
  • five color variations
  • pixel-perfect illustrations

4. Futurist Slides

Futurist Slides Futuristic Template PPTFuturist Slides Futuristic Template PPTFuturist Slides Futuristic Template PPT

Next on our list is Futurist Slides, which can be bought on GraphicRiver. The template features futuristic shapes, bright colors, and includes handcrafted infographics.

You'll find plenty of useful elements on the slides. Included in the template are:

  • pricing templates
  • mind maps
  • flowcharts
  • and maps

The best part is, this template comes with over 180 slides. Grab this massive template now.

5. Go Public

Go Public Future PPT TemplateGo Public Future PPT TemplateGo Public Future PPT Template

Go Public is a fully animated technology and networking presentation template. The green color scheme and 100+ slides available in this template are sure to help you improve your presentations. 

Here are a few features of this futuristic PowerPoint presentation:

  • 11 color schemes 
  • 90+ XML files 
  • 60+ master slide layouts
  • fully customizable elements
  • section break slides

25 Top Free Futuristic PowerPoint Presentation Templates to Download for 2022

Premium PowerPoint templates offer the highest quality designs compared to free templates. The premium templates on Envato Elements and GraphicRiver are very affordable. But if you're on a tight budget, there are alternatives to the premium options. 

Before looking for a free futuristic PowerPoint template on the web, check Envato's free offerings first. Try out various premium template files (not always futuristic PowerPoints) at no cost to you.

Free Files on Envato ElementsFree Files on Envato ElementsFree Files on Envato Elements
Each month Envato Elements offers a different selection of free files for you to try. You can also find free files each month on GraphicRiver.

Here's the deal:

Sometimes, your budget is zero, though. For times like that I've collected 25 of the top free futuristic PPT templates for 2022 on the web:

1. Leader Concept

This future PPT template focuses on presentations for leadership and momentum. This free futuristic PowerPoint template has a color theme. It'll automatically apply color when copied and pasted.

2. Abstract Modern Bubble

The free futuristic PowerPoint template has a modern design and intense colors. The shapes, colors, and text are easily editable, so you can customize the theme to your specific needs.

3. Artificial Intelligence High Technology

Artificial Intelligence High TechnologyArtificial Intelligence High TechnologyArtificial Intelligence High Technology

This futuristic PPT template comes with 48 different slides. It also comes with many cool AI graphics and robots. You can also use this template to present something that needs to have a futuristic theme. 

4. Abstract Wave Lines

The vector graphics are 100% fully editable for this free futuristic PowerPoint template. The background for the slides features colorful wavy lines and modern looking shapes. 

5. Eco-Friendly Electric Car

The main slide has a car with lightning sparks on a black background. This futuristic PPT template has the standard aspect ratio of 16:9. The standard ratio is what many other premium PowerPoint templates have. 

6. Technical Blueprint

Technical BlueprintTechnical BlueprintTechnical Blueprint

If you're going to give some type of engineering, construction, or programming presentation, then this futuristic template is for you. The futuristic PPT template uses a blueprint style and a monospaced font.

7. Gaoler

Gaoler is a feature-rich futuristic template that's got 25 different slides for you to work with. You'll also have 80 icons and a world map to build your presentation with. Very few free PPT templates for 2022 can say the same.

8. Creative School

This free futuristic template has a bold design. You'll find lively circle and icon patterns in the various slides. By changing the master slide, you can change the colors of these different patterns.

9. Hexagonal Tech

Hexagonal TechHexagonal TechHexagonal Tech

The hexagonal patterns give this template a very futuristic look and feel. Expect to find 25 unique slides that are all editable in this future PPT template.

10. Tech Illustrated

This futuristic presentation template comes with graphs, charts, and tables. They're on 25 different slides that have the standard 16:9 aspect ratio. If you need to present something that's in the tech field, this free futuristic PowerPoint template will work well. 

11. Technology Connections

Featured is a design with a tech look and a background of connected lines. Export this future PPT template in PDF and JPG as well as use this as a Google Slides theme. It's not a bad option if you're looking for free PPT templates for 2022.

12. Technology Pixels

Technology PixelsTechnology PixelsTechnology Pixels

Use this free future technology PPT PowerPoint template to talk about consulting, IT, the internet, and software. It's 100% editable and ready for you to download right now.

13. Colorful Stats

Use this free futuristic PowerPoint template to present data results or statistics. The background mimics a line graph that can be customized.

14. Blue Medical

This one is for those looking for free future PPT templates for 2022 with a futuristic medical theme. It comes with a clean design that's ideal for medical presentations. The blue color scheme represents trust, health, and professionalism. 

15. Finance and Business

Finance and BusinessFinance and BusinessFinance and Business

Finance and Business PowerPoint template will work for your business presentations. The background consists of financial graphs and businessmen on with a blue color scheme.

16. Data Analysis

This free futuristic PowerPoint template has three master slides. A main, print, and Slide one. Older versions of PowerPoint down to the 2007 version can be used to edit the slides. 

17. Business Report

26 unique slides with futuristic backgrounds are present in this future PPT template. It contains graphs, infographics, and charts. It's got everything you need to deliver a business report.

18. Wart


This futuristic presentation template can also be used in Google Slides. The diamond patterns on the slide backgrounds are what gives it a modern and futuristic look.

19. Callie

This free futuristic presentation template makes use of various layouts. This helps create a unique design. All the images and fonts in the example are included in your download.

20. Science

Use this free futuristic PowerPoint template for science presentations. They can also be used for any type of business presentation. This futuristic template background has a blue and green color scheme and abstract shapes.

21. Future Technology

Future TechnologyFuture TechnologyFuture Technology

Any forward-thinking or technology presentation will work with this futuristic template. The design has dark and light blue colors with modern technology objects. If you've been looking for free PPT templates for 2022, try out this choice.

22. Machine Intelligence

This free futuristic PowerPoint template contains an image of a robot in the form of a statue. This works for presentations that focus on machine learning, robotic technology, and artificial intelligence topics.

23. Virtual Reality

Have a virtual reality presentation coming up? This futuristic template has all the standard features that come with PowerPoint templates. This will help you build a standard slideshow. 

24. AI


This futuristic template features AI robots on the front with a yellow and blue color scheme. There are many shapes in the design of the template. This can give your presentation new looks from slide to slide. 

25. Renewable Energy

All the objects, fonts, and colors are easily editable, and the slides come with the standard 16:9 ratio. This future PPT template will work well if you've got a renewable energy presentation or a business presentation, this template. Not a bad way to close our list of free PPT templates for 2022 with a futuristic design.

Want to know what design trends are currently being used for futuristic PowerPoint presentations? Keep reading! We'll go over the top five trends that you need to have in your next presentation.

How to Make a Professional Looking Futuristic PowerPoint Presentation

We've shown you plenty of premium futuristic templates for you to download. We'll now go over how you can customize these templates. 

In our example, we'll be using the premium template, Futuristic. This template features over one hundred and fifty slides and has five preset color schemes. 

Futuristic PowerPointFuturistic PowerPointFuturistic PowerPoint
Futuristic is one of the many great premium PPT templates on Envato Elements.
Let's get started:

1. Choose Your Slides and Remove Content

Before we even begin customizing the template, we'll need to remove any unwanted content.

This template features many slides. Not all of them will be useful for our presentation. So we'll just delete the ones that we don't need. Also, not all the content on each slide will be useful. So we can delete unneeded content as well. 

Deleting SlidesDeleting SlidesDeleting Slides

2. Add in Your Text

Next, we'll add in our presentation's information. This is the easiest step. Double click the placeholder text on each slide and copy and paste in our own text.

Don't overcrowd your slides. This is a common mistake that your audience won't respond well to. 
Adding TextAdding TextAdding Text

3. Change the Design. 

Often, the design in the templates don't match your brand. We can change the fonts and colors to better reflect our particular brand.

To change the font, first highlight the text you want to change the font for. Then navigate to the Home tab. From there select the font from the drop-down menu. You can also change the font size as well from the drop-down menu to the right of the font.

Changing fontsChanging fontsChanging fonts

To change the color scheme of the template, navigate to the Design tab. From there, choose from all the various color schemes.

You can also create a custom color scheme. To do this, click the drop-down arrow on the right side of the Design screen. From the drop-down menu, choose Colors > Customize colors

Changing color schemeChanging color schemeChanging color scheme

4. Add in Your Images

The Futuristic template makes it really easy to add in your images. Almost all the slides have image placeholders. Simply click the image placeholder and choose the image you want to add from your computer.   
Adding in imagesAdding in imagesAdding in images

5. Add Transitions

Now we can add the finishing touches to the presentation. Transitions add that professional polish to our slides. This makes the presentation more visually appealing and have a positive impact on your audience.

To add transitions, navigate to the Transitions tab. A menu appears with all the transitions that are available. To preview each transition, click the Preview button on the far left of the Transitions menu. 

Adding in transitionsAdding in transitionsAdding in transitions

Let's now have a look at five futuristic PowerPoint design tips. 

5 Fast Futuristic PowerPoint Design Tips for 2022

Finding a premium futuristic template PPT is a great start for a modern presentation. To take your PowerPoint to the next level, it's worth looking at some design tips. Lucky for you, I'm sharing five that you should know: 

1. Find New Ways to Show Images

Your photos are more than just decoration, they visualize your content. To draw more attention to your images, use unique image masks. These let you display your media in different shapes or abstract forms.

One design trend for 2022 is using geometric image masks, so try it out.

Futont Futuristic PPT TemplateFutont Futuristic PPT TemplateFutont Futuristic PPT Template
Futont is a premium futuristic template PPT with interesting image masks.

2. Make Use of Transition Effects

Transitions and animations are helpful tools in your presentation. When working on your future PPT template, add them to make your PowerPoint look dynamic. They can make data stand out when applied to infographics. 

3. Fonts Are Important

The futuristic aesthetic is made by more than just images. You've got to think of the font you plan on using too. Custom typefaces are worth checking out if you want a consistent theme. Finding a future-forward premium font will complete the look of your presentation.

Funtech Futuristic PPT TemplateFuntech Futuristic PPT TemplateFuntech Futuristic PPT Template
Fonts with a futuristic design can complement your content, like the one used in the premium Funtech futuristic PPT template.

4. Add Interactive Elements

Don't be afraid to involve your audience. It's one of the many ways to create memorable moments in your presentation. When working on your futuristic template, include opportunities to interact. Add a Q&A slide, use props, or a poll like ones made with Poll Everywhere. These are simple options that can make your content stick with your audience.

5. Simplicity Isn't Boring 

Coco Chanel once said that "simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance". It turns out that this quote applies to more than just fashion design. Minimal design can complement the look of your future PPT template. Try to reign in the desire to add a ton of elements to your slides. Sometimes, less is more.

Futura Minimal Futuristic Template PPTFutura Minimal Futuristic Template PPTFutura Minimal Futuristic Template PPT
The premium Futura futuristic template has excellent minimal design.

5 Futuristic PowerPoint Presentation Design Trends for 2022

Futuristic PowerPoint presentations are quite popular today. They offer a modern and minimalistic design that viewers love to see. I've listed five of the top futuristic PowerPoint design trends below:

1. Blue and Green Color Schemes 

The colors that you choose to use in your template have a psychological effect on your audience. This means that you should select the color schemed for your project very carefully. 

A premium futuristic PowerPoint color scheme from Envato Elements.

The blue and green color scheme works will for a futuristic PowerPoint presentation. These colors signal trust, health, and harmony. That's exactly what you want to signal to your audience when delivering a futuristic type PowerPoint. 

2. Futuristic Images & Graphics

For most trendy futuristic PowerPoint presentations include some type of futuristic imagery. This can be in the form of images, graphics, or a combination of the two. 

Futuristic images and graphics aren't limited to robots and crazy looking electronics. The use of simple abstract shapes can work well to create a futuristic feel. 

Artificial Intelligence  Tech Powerpoint TemplateArtificial Intelligence  Tech Powerpoint TemplateArtificial Intelligence  Tech Powerpoint Template
Notice the futuristic images in this premium template.

3. Clean and Simple Fonts

One very popular trend is the use of clean and simple fonts. These types of fonts are minimal and very easy to read. 

Most fonts included with the Envato Elements and GraphicRiver futuristic PowerPoint presentations are simple fonts. Fonts that work well for a futuristic design are Futura, Good Times, and Robot. 

The premium Futuristic PowerPoint template uses simple fonts and a clean design.

4. Spaced Out Layout

Another popular trend with futuristic PowerPoint presentations is spaced layouts on the slides. The spaced out and minimalist look really helps drive home the modern and futuristic theme. 

White space gives all the elements on the slides room to breathe. It'll help highlight your futuristic looking text, images, and graphics.

Try adding in extra spacing around the different elements in your slide to create this futuristic look.

5. Subtle Layering of Elements

The use of layering in your slides will give your presentation a more futuristic feel. It'll also look more professional. The creative possibilities are endless when it comes to layering. You could:

  • add in background images that have low opacity
  • add objects on top of each other that contain text and images
  • layer any of the other elements in your slides 

Simple layering works best. Don't get carried away with too much layering and have the layout look messy. 

Still not seeing the right PowerPoint template for presentation? There are even more best-selling premium templates that you can download. 

5 Benefits of Using the Best PowerPoint Presentation Templates With Pro Designs

Still not sure if you should buy a premium PPT template? Are you unsure if outsourcing is the best option for you to deliver a professional presentation?

We'll now go over five reasons why you should strongly consider purchasing a premium PPT template:

1. You've got complete control. Just because you're using a PowerPoint template, doesn't mean you give up customization. All the templates are fully editable and ready to customize. 
2. You'll deliver a quality presentation. Our premium templates are created by professionals. This ensures that you're going to deliver only the best to your audience. 
3. You save time. If you aren't a professional designer, creating a template can be very time consuming. When you buy a professional template, you can focus on the content of the presentation. 
4. You'll deliver something unique. Many people use the same bland templates over and over for their presentations. The templates offered on Envato Elements and GraphicRiver are modern and trendy. 
5. You can generate ideas. Since the PowerPoint templates are professional and unique, you can come up with new ideas. This can help you add sections that you would have thought of with other templates. 

Benefits of Envato Elements (The Power of Unlimited Use)

Envato ElementsEnvato ElementsEnvato Elements
Envato Elements offers thousands of great creative assets for one low monthly cost.

Envato Elements offers incredible value. With a flat-rate subscription, you get access to thousands of high-quality PPT templates. 

Sign up for Envato Elements. You'll get access to thousands of unlimited use graphics and templates. Choose from web themes to presentation templates, and much more. You get all this for one low monthly price.

Remember, if you need just one futuristic PowerPoint presentation then GraphicRiver has you covered. 

Let's now look at even more stylish PowerPoint templates.

Discover More Stylish PowerPoint Presentation Templates Designs for 2022

The premium futuristic PowerPoint templates in this article are the highest quality in 2022. They've got everything from professional designs, fully editable slides, and detailed graphics and charts. 

But these particular templates mentioned may not be exactly what you need for your upcoming project. Check out some of the other articles that we've got available on Envato Tuts+:

Common PowerPoint Questions Answered (FAQ)

PowerPoint is one of the most used tools for presentations. But that doesn't mean everyone that uses it is an expert. If you're looking to learn more about the program or just have some questions, have a look at this section:

1. How Can I Collaborate With My Team?

The first thing you'll want to do is save a copy of your future PPT template. Share this copy with your team members so they can leave comments or make edits. Once they send their copies back, you can compare your original file to the edited copies. You can use the PowerPoint Compare feature. You can read about this process here:

2. Is It Possible to Make a Video From My Presentation?

PowerPoint can easily create videos from your presentation. Once you're done working on your futuristic template, click on File. From that menu, click on Export, then click Create a Video.

You'll see some settings you can adjust, like for the video resolution and narration. Once done, click Create Video

3. How Many Slides Does My Presentation Need?

This answer all depends on how much content you have. How much time you've got to present is also a factor. A general rule to follow is to focus on one main point per slide. From there you can decide how many total slides you should use. To learn more about the topic, read this guide:

4. Can I See My Notes While Presenting? 

The short answer is yes, but it does depend on how many screens are available while presenting. Click on the Slideshow tab in PowerPoint from the computer you'll use for your presentation. Then check the Presenter View box in the Monitor group. This tutorial has a great video guide of the process:

You can only use this mode if the computer you'll use to present supports multiple monitors.

5. How Do I Edit More Than One Picture at the Same Time?

To resize, move, or animate more than one picture at the same time, you'll have to group them. First, select multiple objects and right-click. From the context menu that opens, click select Group from within the Group... option. You can watch this 60 second video to quickly learn how to use this feature:

Learn More About PowerPoint With Envato Tuts+

Looking to expand your PowerPoint knowledge? There's no better place to start than Envato Tuts+. Our instructors have written many helpful courses, guides, and tutorials. These will be a great resource for anyone wanting to learn new skills. Check out a few of them below, or browse our PowerPoint articles on our website:

Grab a Futuristic PowerPoint Theme Today

Don't waste another second trying to create a PowerPoint template from scratch. Envato Elements has a massive library of futuristic PowerPoints with professional designs. 

Using a high-quality professional future PPT template will help you save time and money. It'll allow you to focus on the most important part of your presentation, the actual content. 

Envato Elements has many professional PowerPoint templates and creative assets. With a low monthly payment, download any of the premium PowerPoint templates available. 

Only need to buy one future simple PPT PowerPoint presentation? Visit GraphicRiver and browse through thousands of other PowerPoint presentations. With GraphicRiver, you can buy each template one at a time.

Editorial Note: This post has been updated with contributions from Nathan Umoh and Daniel Strongin. Nathan is a staff writer with Envato Tuts+. Daniel is a freelance instructor for Envato Tuts+.

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