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18+Best Free Microsoft Word Flowchart (Process Map) Templates 2022

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So, what do you do when you need to explain and illustrate complexity? Turn to flow chart templates for Word. They take a tool you already know and make it easy to create process flow diagrams for Word. Flow charts make concepts easy to understand.

Intro flow chart template WordIntro flow chart template WordIntro flow chart template Word
Premium flow chart templates in Word help you explain ideas and processes with visuals.

Leonardo Da Vinci once said that, "simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." Yet, we live in an increasingly complex world, full of details that have to be explained.

In this article, we're going to show you the best of the best flow chart template Word options. You'll see free flowchart template Word downloads, but there's so much more. Free flowchart templates aren't the best way to illustrate your ideas.

We'll show you the best premium flow chart templates (with unlimited downloads!) Plus, you'll learn about a pay-as-you-download option with the web's best Microsoft Word flowchart templates. Both are outstanding options to show your process in action.

Find the Best Premium Flow Chart Template Word Options on Envato Elements (2022)

Maybe you've got a new hire at your company, and they need work instructions to follow along. Handing them a flow chart example in Word is a great way to kick off their learning. With clear steps, you greatly increase their chances of success.

Free flowchart templates come with a hefty price tag: they don't give you the best designs with clear understanding. Remember, a flow chart is all about taking a complex process or operation and breaking it down into its component steps.

Premium flow chart templates for Word are a worthwhile investment to help your reader. Envato Elements is the best source for top Word templates, with everything you need to create a flowchart in Word with less work than ever. Best of all, it's all included for a single flat rate.

Elements flow chart templateElements flow chart templateElements flow chart template
Professional premium flowchart in Word templates on Envato Elements - with unlimited access

On Elements, you never have to worry about increasing your project costs. Elements is an unlimited-download service, with members paying a single low monthly fee. Unlock Word templates, custom fonts, graphics, and so much more.

Need a single process flow diagram for Word? You can buy flow chart templates one-by-one with GraphicRiver. The templates are just as impressive, but you'll pay only for what you use. It's a great value and keeps your costs low.

Graphicriver Microsoft Word flowchartGraphicriver Microsoft Word flowchartGraphicriver Microsoft Word flowchart
Choose from the best templates, including premium Microsoft Word flowchart templates, on the pay-as-you-go GraphicRiver marketplace.

Later on in this article, we'll show you the best free flowchart templates from around the web. But before you jump to the no cost options, remember that premium Microsoft Word flowcharts are always your best option. Read on to see some of our favorite premium Microsoft Word flowchart templates.

5 Premium Process Flow Diagram Templates

Ready to see the best of the best flowchart in Word templates? These flow chart examples will inspire you to create an easy-to-follow map of your own.

We'll feature five of the best process flow diagrams from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver. Best of all, you can download each of these Microsoft Word flowchart templates and use them as a head start!

1. A5 Landscape Company Profile, Word Template 

Flow chart templateFlow chart templateFlow chart template

This flow chart template for Word has 16 custom layouts inside. It’s a great process map template for all your project needs. The design is stylish, and it’s easy to customize right inside of Word.

2. Project Proposal Template

Template flow chart exampleTemplate flow chart exampleTemplate flow chart example

Use this flow chart example the next time you need to map out a process in Word. Stunning Microsoft Word flowchart designs make edits a breeze. This one is flexible enough to work for any project or business. It’s one of the best process flow diagram examples today.

3. Media/Press Kit Template

Process flow diagramProcess flow diagramProcess flow diagram

Made for PR use, this flow chart template for Word has a simple timeline that you can adapt to your processes. A Microsoft flowchart like this helps you illustrate key milestones. Note the cool colors and sharp fonts used throughout the flow chart template. 

4. Project Proposal Template 005 Minimalist

Proposal flowchart in WordProposal flowchart in WordProposal flowchart in Word

This process map template includes over a dozen Microsoft flowchart examples. The styling is minimalistic and subtle, helping your content shine. All you've got to do is drop in your key details. The expertly-crafted design does the rest of the work for you.

5. Proposal

Flow chart template WordFlow chart template WordFlow chart template Word

Any strong proposal needs a process flow diagram to map it out. These premium process map template designs have exactly that. In moments, you can clearly map out your process flowchart. This is one of the best Microsoft Word flowchart templates available in 2022.

18+ Top Free MS Word Flowchart (Process Map) Template Examples to Download (2022)

Before looking for a free flowchart template on the web, check Envato's free offerings first. Try out various premium template files (not always process flow diagrams) at no cost to you.

Here's the deal: 

Still haven't found what you need? That's okay, because we've got you covered with free flowchart template Word options. Let's look at usable downloads for free flowchart templates:

1. Timeline Word Template 01

Free process map templateFree process map templateFree process map template

A simple free flowchart template Word, this one can convert from a timeline fast. It works to track projects, map processes, and more. 

2. Business Plan Template

This free flowchart template lets you make a business plan with a process flow diagram. It's a basic design with several page themes.

3. Log Sheet

Log Sheet is a free flowchart template Word design that you can use to track progress. It’s a generic table layout, so you’ll need to add your own labels.

4. Family Chore Chart

Free flowchart templateFree flowchart templateFree flowchart template

Although it's got a specific theme, you can tailor this flow chart template to fit many projects. It's got a purple backdrop and colorful borders.

5. Project Timeline

A flowchart in Word like this helps you track events and dates. The process map template has a variety of row labels that you can fill in to build a Microsoft Word flowchart. 

6. Weekly Assignment Sheet

A flowchart in Word often needs to include key stakeholders and their tasks. This free flowchart template Word has space for that, and colorful layouts.

7. Project Planning Timeline

Here's a process map template with a grid layout. It's got ample space for details that help your flow chart example inform any reader.

8. Timeline Word Template 02

This is a free chart template Word with a green background. It’s an option if you need a Microsoft Word flowchart with plenty of room for customization.

9. Executive Summary Template

Exec summary Microsoft flowchartExec summary Microsoft flowchartExec summary Microsoft flowchart

This quick flow chart example delivers a concise Microsoft flowchart with supporting details. It’s up to you to adapt it for your needs.

10. 3-Month Business Plan Timeline

This free flowchart template has many layouts on a single sheet. It works for longer projects, or several diagrams on one page.

11. Story Map Templates

Story Map is a flow chart template Word design with several uses. Use it as a process flow diagram or build your own Microsoft Word flowchart. 

12. Project Status Report Template

Project Status works if you need to make an updated Microsoft Word flowchart often. It defaults to a weekly duration, but you can change this by typing in new data.

13. 12-Month Timeline

A 12-month flowchart template offers a high-level overview of your process flow diagram. This one is in a vertical layout, suitable for printing.

14. Big Book With Infographics

infographic Microsoft Word flowchartinfographic Microsoft Word flowchartinfographic Microsoft Word flowchart

This free flowchart template Word has flow chart example designs within. Insert your own data to use them for your next project.

15. Gantt Chart 8 Weeks Template

A Gantt free flowchart template like this helps you keep projects on track. Use this Microsoft Word flowchart template as a starting point for your process map.

16. Flow Chart Template

Another free flowchart template Word option, this one has a basic, simple layout. Begin with the default and add your own details as needed to make a process flow diagram.

17. Timeline

A timeline process flow diagram like this quickly converts into a Microsoft flowchart. It’s all a matter of the words and details you add to the sheet.

18. Pareto Chart

Pareto process map template designs help you diagnose problems. This free flowchart template has one inside for you to edit.

19. Cosmetics App UX Process

UX Microsoft word flowchart templateUX Microsoft word flowchart templateUX Microsoft word flowchart template

This colorful flow chart template works as a process map template as well. Swap out the default text with our own information to complete the project.

5 Quick Tips to Make Better Flowcharts in Word for 2022

We’ve explored some of the best Microsoft Word flowchart template designs for 2022. They’re the perfect way to start building a flowchart in Word. But to ensure success, consider these five quick tips. These Microsoft flowcharts are sure to help you make a great impression:

1. Avoid Clutter

Think about the purpose of a flowchart in Word. They’re meant to illustrate processes and bring clarity. A cluttered, confusing layout will do the exact opposite.

Proposal flow chart templateProposal flow chart templateProposal flow chart template
Proposal is a clear and concise premium Microsoft Word flowchart template.

Choose clear and clean flow chart template designs. These let you accomplish your goal of explaining processes and ideas to readers.

2. Illustrate With Clip Art

Clip art illustrations bring new life to any Microsoft Word flowchart template. They add visual interest and grab reader attention. 

It’s easy to work with clip art in Microsoft Word. To help you get started, we built a full tutorial on the subject. Give it a read today:

3. Style with Custom Fonts

While you probably think of a flowchart in Word as an illustration, don’t forget the text. In fact, fonts make up a large part of your style! Avoid generic fonts and aim for something unique.

Project plan flow chart exampleProject plan flow chart exampleProject plan flow chart example
The premium Project Plan process map template utilizes custom fonts.

Many premium flow chart template designs have custom fonts built in. You won’t find that with a free flowchart template!

As an Envato Elements subscriber, you've got access to thousands of custom fonts. Try as many as you want!

4. Use a Background Image

A plain background doesn’t do much to inspire readers of your Microsoft Word flowchart. It’s often useful to add a cool background to your chart.

A great way to do it is with an image background. By adding a photo like this, you make your work stand out from the crowd. Learn how with our quick tutorial:

5. Be Bold

What gets your attention when you look at a process flow diagram? Probably not dull colors and uninteresting layouts. In 2022, be bold with your design aesthetic.

Project tracker process flow diagram
Project Tracker is a premium Microsoft flowchart from Envato Elements.

Go for eye-catching layouts that present content differently. This helps you get your points across and communicate with your audience on a personal level.

Discover More Top Microsoft Word Template Designs

You've seen some of the best process map templates for Microsoft Word. These are truly the best way to lay out the steps in even the most complex process.

Microsoft Word templates are magic. Microsoft Word flowchart templates are just the beginning. There's truly a template for every type of project you need, and we frequently highlight them on Envato Tuts+.

Check out even more of the best Microsoft Word templates. Many of these designs also work as great options for process flow diagrams!

Learn More About Making Great Word Documents in 2022

Microsoft Word is a powerful way to draft documents and files. You've already seen flowchart in Word templates that make it easy to show a process, step-by-step. A flow chart template makes it easy to simply fill in a pre-built design with your details.

You might have found that you still have a few questions about Microsoft. And thanks to our learning resources, like Learn How to Use Microsoft Word (Beginner Tutorial Guide,) you can master the app with less work.

We've got you covered with even more tutorials. Check out three of our favorites below:

Start Using Process Flow Diagrams For Word Today

Need to explain your process? You've learned how to do just that, with the help of Microsoft flowchart templates for Word. Lay out instructions step-by-step, and everything will come together naturally for the reader.

You've seen a selection of free flowchart templates. But you know now that the premium options for Microsoft flowcharts from Envato Elements are the best, most cost-effective designs. Or tap into the pay-as-you-go flow chart template Word options on GraphicRiver.

Even the most complicated process is easy when you break it down with a Microsoft Word flowchart. Jump to one of our links, download a flow chart template, and start today!

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