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20 Best Free Microsoft Word Meeting Agenda Templates to Download 2022

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Business meetings are important to keep everyone in your company on the same page. They also help managers get a clear picture of what everyone is working on and the progress of each project. 

Meeting Agenda TemplateMeeting Agenda TemplateMeeting Agenda Template
If you're looking for a good meeting agenda format, try the premium Meeting Minutes template from Envato Elements.

But if you’re not careful, business meetings can quickly go off track. That’s where a meeting agenda template comes in handy. With a Microsoft Word meeting agenda template, quickly create a plan for your meeting and ensure all the important topics get covered.

Find the Best Premium Agenda Word Templates on Envato Elements

Word templates on Envato Elements Word templates on Envato Elements Word templates on Envato Elements
Premium Word templates on Envato Elements

If you’re looking for the best premium agenda Word templates, look no further than Envato Elements. When you sign up for Envato Elements, you’ll get access to thousands of premium professional resources for a single monthly fee. These resources include: 

  • professional Word templates
  • stock photos and royalty free music
  • graphic templates, fonts, and more.

There’s also Envato Market, another excellent marketplace for premium Word templates with professional designs. Envato Market allows you to buy templates individually. This is a great choice if you need a single template to use right now. 

Word Webinar Meeting FlyersWord Webinar Meeting FlyersWord Webinar Meeting Flyers
Choose from hundreds of premium Word templates on GraphicRiver.

Both Envato Elements and Envato Market offer Microsoft Word templates that have professional features:

  • Easily customize the design with your choice of fonts, colors, and more.
  • The templates will save you time, so you don’t have to start from scratch.
  • You’ll get a modern template that looks polished and professional because it was designed by a pro.

Premium templates from Envato Elements and Envato Market are the best choice for your Microsoft Word project. Free Word templates in 2022 aren't as feature-rich as professional premium templates from Envato Elements. 

There’s no doubt that the Word templates you find online for free download are tempting. But they're also used by everyone else looking for free Word templates. 

When you buy a premium template from Envato Elements or Envato Market, you’ll stand out as it’s unlikely others will use the exact same template. Premium Word templates certainly beat the top free Word templates that are available online. 

Top 5 Premium Agenda Word Templates From Envato Elements & Envato Market for 2022

Let’s check out some of the best premium agenda Word templates from Envato Elements and Envato Market:

1. Meeting Minutes Word Template

Meeting Minutes Word TemplateMeeting Minutes Word TemplateMeeting Minutes Word Template

This is a simple and minimal Microsoft Word template for recording meeting minutes. The template features a white and gray design and is divided into two columns. Customize fonts, colors, and even include your company logo. Simply duplicate this template for each new meeting and record important notes. 

2. Microsoft Word Letterhead Template for Meeting Agenda

Microsoft Word Letterhead TemplateMicrosoft Word Letterhead TemplateMicrosoft Word Letterhead Template

If you prefer a more freeform style for your notes, a simple Microsoft Word template with your company’s letterhead could do the trick. This template has an elegant letterhead design, ready for you to drop in your logo. And since the template features nothing but a letterhead, you can use it for many purposes, meeting agendas included. 

3. Versatile Microsoft Word Template for Meeting Agenda

Versatile Microsoft Word TemplateVersatile Microsoft Word TemplateVersatile Microsoft Word Template

Here’s another letterhead template that would be a great fit for free-form meeting agendas and meeting minutes. The template has a narrow sidebar where you can include items to discuss and a wider area where to take plenty of notes. It’s easy to customize with your choice of colors and fonts. 

4. Letterhead Template Word for Meeting Agendas, Notes, Meeting Minutes

Letterhead Template Word for Meeting AgendasLetterhead Template Word for Meeting AgendasLetterhead Template Word for Meeting Agendas

Use this creative Microsoft Word template for various purposes. It features a stylish and playful letterhead design. The rest of the page is blank so you can format and structure your agenda however you like. The template is easy to edit and customize. 

5. MS Word Letterhead Template

MS Word Letterhead TemplateMS Word Letterhead TemplateMS Word Letterhead Template

Lastly, this bold letterhead template will make for an eye-catching meeting agenda. Change the colors to match your brand and easily insert your logo. The template can be organized into columns or you can use simple bullet points to cover all the items on your agenda.

20 Top Free MS Word Meeting Agenda Template Examples to Download for 2022

Before looking for a free Word meeting agenda template on the web, check Envato's free offerings first. Try out various premium template files (not always Word templates) at no cost to you.

Here's the deal: 

With that out of the way, here are the best free Microsoft Word meeting agenda templates to download in 2022:

1. All day meeting agenda (formal) Word. This template comes straight from Microsoft Office. It's got a simple and minimal design. 

All Day meeting agenda WordAll Day meeting agenda WordAll Day meeting agenda Word

2. Business meeting agenda (Orange design) Word. With this template, set the important items on the agenda and note down the time allowed for each topic.

3. Triangles agenda Word. This is a bold and creative meeting agenda design. It features green triangles. It's got a simple structure. 

4. Rose suite agenda Word. The Rose Suite agenda template for Word has a well-organized layout with entries for new business, open issues, and more. Cover everything that matters with this template.

5. Agenda (Capsules design) Word . This agenda template would be a good choice for a pharmaceutical or medical company. Customize fonts and colors easily.

Agenda Capsules Design - WordAgenda Capsules Design - WordAgenda Capsules Design - Word

6. Agenda. If you prefer a minimalistic approach to your meeting agenda, this Microsoft Word free template is a good choice. The only design accents you’ll find are lines.

7. Free Professional Meeting Agenda Templates. Here we've got a collection of five free meeting agenda examples. The templates cover various types of agendas, from sales to company meetings. 

8. Free Meeting Minutes & Meeting Notes Templates (Word). This is another collection of free meeting minutes and agendas for Microsoft Word. You’ll find more than 10 different templates to download.

9. 10+ Conference Meeting Agenda Templates. If you’re looking for conference meeting agendas, this template collection is a good starting point. It includes 10+ templates with a simple design.

10. Board Meeting Agenda Templates. Try this set of meeting agenda templates for Word, designed with board meetings in mind. The templates have a simple and clean design. 

11. Strategic Management Meeting Agendas (10+ Free Templates). Consider this free set of Microsoft Word meeting agenda templates. They've got a minimalist design and were built with strategic management meetings in mind.

12. Financial Word Meeting Agenda Template Free Download. This free template features a purple color scheme. It was designed with financial meetings in mind.

13. Marketing Meeting Agenda Word Templates for Free Download. Make sure no aspect of your marketing strategy gets ignored with this free marketing meeting agenda template for Microsoft Word.

14. 46 Effective Meeting Agenda Microsoft Word Templates for Free Download. Here, we've got a collection of 46 meeting agenda templates for Word. The templates feature a variety of designs.  

15. 26 Free Word Meeting Minutes & Meeting Notes Templates. This is another collection of free meeting minutes templates for Word. Simply choose a design you like, download, customize, and use.  

16. Free Business Meeting Agenda Word Templates for Free Download. From simple to more elaborate designs, choose the style that you like best with this collection of free business meeting agenda templates for Word.  

17. Memo Letterhead. This letterhead template allows you to structure your agenda notes in any way you want. Change fonts and colors and drop in your logo. 

18. Free Meeting Agenda Template for Microsoft Word. These templates have a classic and corporate look and feel. 

19. Meeting Minutes Templates for Word. A simple, yet effective design will make it easy to focus on the information that matters. Change fonts and colors and add your logo to add a bit of flair.

20. Blue Spheres Agenda for Word. This free Microsoft Word template features a blue color scheme with spheres. It also has entries for new items to discuss, open issues, and more.

5 Quick Meeting Agenda Tips for 2022

Now that you’ve seen the templates that are available, here are five quick tips that'll help you take effective notes and create a clear agenda in 2022:

1. Use Bullet Points or Lines

Make your meeting agenda easy to read and skim later on by using bullet points or lines to create the illusion of the traditional notebook. This will give you a quick snapshot of everything that was covered during the meeting. Take a look at how this template from Envato Elements uses lines effectively to create a modern and clean design.

Meeting Minutes theme on Envato ElementsMeeting Minutes theme on Envato ElementsMeeting Minutes theme on Envato Elements
Premium Meeting Minutes template on Envato Elements

2. Leave Room for Notes 

Be sure to also leave room for notes for items that were discussed at length. You’ll also want to add extra notes for things that need to be addressed in the next meeting or if there are particular details that you need to remember. 

3. Keep It Branded 

Spice up a boring, plain meeting agenda by incorporating your company’s letterhead or using your brand colors as accents. This letterhead template is a perfect example of how a simple letterhead can elevate the design of your documents, meeting agendas included.

Letterhead template for Illustrator and PhotoshopLetterhead template for Illustrator and PhotoshopLetterhead template for Illustrator and Photoshop
Premium Letterhead Template for Illustrator and Photoshop

4. Use Headings 

Use headings to create a hierarchy in your document. This is perfect for visually dividing different topics you need to cover during the meeting. You can also get creative with your headings. Use a different font or add a colored background behind the headings to make them stand out. 

5. Organize Information With Columns

Another way to organize your document and make it more visually appealing is to use columns. Easily create a column by inserting a table and then removing the table borders. This Microsoft Word template is a good example of the use of columns to create a visually pleasing layout.

Newsletter Template for Microsoft WordNewsletter Template for Microsoft WordNewsletter Template for Microsoft Word
Premium Newsletter Template for Microsoft Word

Discover More Top Microsoft Word Template Designs

The selection above is just a small part of stunning, modern Microsoft Word templates. If you need more design inspiration or want to see what’s possible with Microsoft Word, be sure to check out the following roundups:

Learn More About Making Great Word Documents in 2022

Now that you've seen some meeting agenda examples, maybe you'd like to learn more about Word. Microsoft Word is a powerful program with tons of useful features. If you want to take full advantage of everything Word has to offer, check out the tutorials below: 

Design a Beautiful Agenda With Microsoft Word Templates

Creating an agenda that’s both effective and beautiful isn't hard when you've got the right template to use as a starting point. If you’re on a budget, download any one of the free Microsoft Word agenda templates. 

But if you want more customization options and a more polished look, a premium template from Envato Elements or GraphicRiver is a better choice.

Get started with Envato Elements today if you need ongoing digital design assets. Or if you prefer buying templates individually, explore our Microsoft Word templates on GraphicRiver.

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