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How to Make Great Business Proposals With Microsoft Word Templates (Docs)


If you're going to create a stellar business proposal, one of the easiest ways to get started is with a premium business proposal template. The best templates have everything you need, and a polished design, too.

Company business proposal in Word on Envato Elements
Envato Elements has a ton of project proposal templates for Word.

No matter what business you're in, you need to present your business to others with a view to attracting partners, sponsors, or even buyers. That's why the business proposal is a key tool, and it needs to be professional to make your business look its best. One of the easiest ways to do this is to use a professional business proposal template.

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to create project proposals using templates for Word. You'll also learn where to find some of the best business proposal templates found on Envato Elements and GraphicRiver.

Best Microsoft Word Business Proposal Templates (With Unlimited Use)

A business proposal introduces your business, products, and services to potential clients, partners, and investors. It's likely to include:

  • a description of your company
  • evidence of your success via reviews and testimonials
  • details of the business venture you're proposing
  • a place where people can sign

Using a business proposal template in Word makes sense. For a start, using any template saves time and effort when creating a business proposal. That's always a plus for a busy business owner. With a Microsoft Word proposal template, quickly get information about your business ready to present to investors, shareholders, and partners.

Business Proposal Templates on Elements
There are thousands of business proposal templates on Envato Elements. Many work with Microsoft Word.

Using well-known software like Microsoft Word shortens the learning curve because you don't have to use any complicated apps. Creating a proposal template in Word also helps business owners who aren't confident in their design skills. Instead of trying to master complex page layouts, simply focus on getting the content of your business proposal exactly right. 

If you're ready to find a professional business proposal template Word doc, Envato Elements has an offer you won't want to miss: download as many project proposal template Word docs as you want for one low price.

Or, if you want a single template for one-off use, you can also find proposal templates for Word on GraphicRiver.

What You Need to Customize Your Business Proposal Template

Business proposals contain a lot of text, but you can also include images that make your business look its best. To customize your business proposal template in Word, you'll need:

  • a company logo, to brand your business proposal document
  • a cover image that relates to and showcases your business or the proposal content
  • photos or graphics to illustrate key moments or important data
  • text (the bit that tells the people who are reading your proposal what they want to know)

The text part of your business proposal will include:

  • a company description
  • testimonials, case studies, or portfolio items
  • the actual proposal, including a description, timelines, and deadlines
  • financial information
  • terms and conditions for the deal
  • space for people to sign

It's a good idea to do some research on the people who will read your proposal to make sure it's tailored to meet their needs. 

If you're still wondering "How do you write a proposal?" check out our guide to How to Make a Better Business Proposal. Next, we'll get started on how to create a proposal in Word. 

How to Customize a Microsoft Word Business Proposal Template

When you've got your content ready, it's time to get started with creating your business proposal. Word has built-in templates for many needs. But you'll get much more choice if you check out the Microsoft Word business proposal templates on Envato Elements. (You can also find well-designed business proposal templates on GraphicRiver.)

Here's how to create a business proposal using a Microsoft Word proposal template. We'll be using the clean, modern project Proposal template pictured below. It includes 32 different page layouts, so you can easily customize your business proposals.

business proposal template word doc on Envato Elements

Here's how you find the perfect project proposal template for Word on Envato Elements:

1. Download a Business Proposal Template Word Doc

Go to the website. Choose Graphic Templates to the right of the search box to limit your search to templates. Type “business proposal templates” into the search box.

Find the best Word business proposal templates on Envato Elements

Use the on-screen filters to select templates suitable for print, as you'll likely want to print actual copies of your proposal. This will ensure you get templates that look their best when printed. 

Click on any templates you like the look of to see a preview and get details of what's included. Keep going till you find a Word project proposal template that meets your needs. 

2. Download & Unzip the Business Proposal Template

If you already have an Envato Elements account, add your chosen business proposal template to a project. Then click Add & Download. This will download the zip file to your computer. Click on the downloaded file to unzip it. 

3. Explore the Proposal Template Folder

explore project proposal template word folder

Next, check out what's inside the folder. This template folder includes Windows and Mac versions of the Word project proposal templates. It also has versions for the InDesign and Pages apps.

We'll use the US Letter template for this tutorial. Click on US Letter, then click on MS Word.

You'll find two versions of the templates. The DOCX version works with Word 2007 and later. If you're using an older version of Word, use the DOC template instead.

unzip a project proposal template word

We'll use the DOCX version. Click on the DOCX folder to access the Proposal-US template, and you're ready for the next step.

choose your project proposal template word

4. Import the Template Into Microsoft Word

Double-click on your chosen Word proposal template. It should open automatically in Microsoft Word. Save this with a new name so you've got the option to use the template to create new business proposals at any time.

If the template doesn't look as you expect, close the document. Go to the included ReadMe file, which has a download link for the font used in the proposal template, which is Source Sans Pro. Download the font, and click on the folder to unzip it.

There are several versions of the font. Click on one of them (the Regular is a good bet) to get the option to install it. Click Install to add it to your computer's fonts.

how do you write a proposal - font choice

Repeat this step until you've installed all necessary versions of the font to your computer. Then reopen the template as described above.

5. Explore the Business Proposal Template Word Doc

Next, take a look at your new Word document. It's helpful to familiarize yourself with it so you know where to add text, images, and any other content.

how to create a business proposal

This template has 32 pages, including areas to:

  • summarize your business
  • share contact details
  • outline your proposal
  • highlight key team members
  • describe your business in detail
  • showcase your achievements

6. Add a Cover Image

The first step is to add an image that represents your business as a cover image. 

To do this, right-click on the grey placeholder image box. Then select Change Picture > From a File. Next, add your cover image picture by uploading it from your computer. It'll automatically resize to fit the image placeholder box.

how to create a proposal in word -- add image

If you need to find suitable images, check out the images available on Envato Market or Envato Elements. I used this image for this tutorial.

7. Replace Placeholder Images

Go through the whole document and use the method described above to replace other placeholder images. This is a good time to add your company logo, anywhere you want it to show up. We're using the abstract image below as a company logo.

creating a business proposal

8. Remove Unwanted Image Placeholders

Not every page needs multiple images, so sometimes, you'll want to remove unwanted placeholders for a cleaner, fresher look. For example, we added the logo on the page below, but there's an extra image placeholder we don't need.

Here's how you remove that. Click on the image placeholder so the handles show, and use the Delete key on your keyboard to remove it.

 proposal template in word with unwanted image highlighted

The page looks much better once that's gone.

Unwanted image removed

Follow the same process to remove other unwanted image placeholders.

9. Replace Placeholder Text

Now, it's time to get down to the nitty-gritty and make all the information you've collected into a polished business proposal in Word. To do that, you'll need to replace the placeholder text included in the template.

A good place to start is with the easy items, like your:

  • company name
  • company address
  • website and phone number
  • dates

Then you can move on to other parts of the proposal.

There are a couple of ways to replace text in Word. First, place your mouse cursor inside a text box. Select the text you want to replace. Then type in your new text.

text editing - proposal template word

Or press Control-A on a PC to select all the text in a text box, delete it, and type from scratch. Here's how that looks:

replacing text in business proposal template word

Follow this simple process to replace placeholder text throughout the Microsoft Word business proposal doc.

business proposal template word - replace placeholder text

10. Tweak the Proposal Design

While you add text and images to the design, it's important to make sure they look their best. So sometimes, you may need to make small adjustments to the design. For example, you can adjust the size of images like this.

Click on the image to bring up the image box handles.

project proposal template word - resize image

Grab a handle to resize the image. You can also click in the middle of the box to move the resized image to a new place.

project proposal template word - move image

It's also essential to make sure that text is easy to read. Reposition text boxes using the process described for images above. You can also highlight text and described earlier and change the size or color to make it more legible. 

To change the size of the text, highlight it, and use the font size selector in the Word menu bar to pick a new size.

business proposal template word doc font size edited

You can also use the text color selector in the Word menu bar to change the color so the text is easy to read.

business proposal template word doc text color change

11. Proofread Your Business Proposal

When you're happy with your business proposal, use Word's spelling and grammar checking tools as a first step to checking errors. Proofread the business proposal before printing it. Then send it to your intended partners, investors, or sponsors. It's important to avoid grammatical and spelling errors that make your business look less professional.

microsoft word proposal template page

It's also essential to make sure any facts and figures presented are accurate and haven't been altered by a typographical error. Consider hiring a proofreading service if you're not confident about your proofreading skills.

Discover More Great Business Proposal Templates

With the right business proposal templates for Word, you can make your business shine to attract the partners, sponsors, or investors you need.  As well as the templates on Envato Elements, you can also find proposal templates for Word on GraphicRiver. Here are some business proposal template roundups to get you started:

Choose Your Next Business Proposal Template Word Doc

As you've seen, choosing and customizing a Word business proposal template is simple. With only a few tweaks, you can create a winning proposal and get it into the hands of potential investors and partners. Get started today. Select Microsoft Word proposal templates on Envato Elements or GraphicRiver.

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