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25+ Best Free MS PowerPoint PPT Icons to Download for 2022 Presentations

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If you're creating a presentation, maybe you're in search of PowerPoint icons. It's always best to keep your PowerPoint slides readable and simple. Using PowerPoint icons instead of loading them with text certainly helps.

PowerPoint presentation iconPowerPoint presentation iconPowerPoint presentation icon
PPT icons (premium example)  simplify your slides, making them readable and more visually appealing.

Icons are everywhere. Every day, we rely on icons to help us navigate apps, our roads, and product labels. If a picture is worth a thousand words, its much simpler counterpart, called an icon, is worth at least a hundred words.

This article will show great PowerPoint icons in advanced templates. You'll see that there's a huge PowerPoint icon library for every type of slide deck. You'll even see the Microsoft PowerPoint icon free download options from around the web. 

Modern PowerPoint Templates on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

Later in this article, you're going to see free icons for PowerPoint (PPT). For now, don't skip past our options for advanced Microsoft PowerPoint icons. Free PPT icons are an option, but they don't offer the most value.

The best way to work with PowerPoint presentation icons is by using pre-built premium templates. You'll find the best source for Microsoft PowerPoint icons built into the PPTX files on Envato Elements. These are so much better than PPT icons in free download options.

Explore Modern PPT Icon Templates

ppt icons on envato elementsppt icons on envato elementsppt icons on envato elements
By subscribing to Envato Elements you'll be able to find an endless icon library for PowerPoint presentations.

Besides getting access to a PowerPoint icon library, your Elements subscription also comes with tons of other design assets such as stock photos, video templates, and more. Get it all for a low monthly price.

5 Top Templates With PowerPoint Icons Included

Premium PowerPoint templates deliver unmatched style and design control. Let’s look at five of the best from Envato Elements. These are the best alternatives to free icons for PowerPoint to build amazing PPT icon presentations in 2022. Take a look at some items from our icon library for PowerPoint:

1. Multipurpose PowerPoint Icon Pack 

Slide through the gallery to see more of these amazing PowerPoint icons template.

Over 30+ infographic slides to create stunning presentations with this powerful pack. Every slide is pre-designed and will save you time and work. These PPT icon templates can be used for any type of project that you're working on.

2. Icon PowerPoint Template 

PowerPoint iconsPowerPoint iconsPowerPoint icons

Iconic combines PowerPoint icons with a versatile and flexible template. Each color theme has 25 slides each. You’ll get widescreen and standard layouts, well-suited to any screen size.

3. SEO Presentation with PPT Icons & Infographics 

PPT iconPPT iconPPT icon

Need versatility in your next presentation icon set? This PPT icons template fits the bill, offering 1,000 custom icons for PPT right inside the download. You won't find this variety with free PPT icons. It's fully animated, with regular updates to deliver new designs.

4. Minimal Microsoft PPT Icons 

minimal ppt iconsminimal ppt iconsminimal ppt icons

A minimal presentation always comes in handy and more if it features more than 4000 line and vector icons for PPT. It's the ultimate flexible template. In just a few clicks, tailor each slide to your project needs. 

5. Music PowerPoint Presentation Template 

PowerPoint presentation iconPowerPoint presentation iconPowerPoint presentation icon

A music theme sets the stage for this template and PowerPoint icon library. Each object is beautifully illustrated in 1080p HD. 30 animated slides are included.

On Envato Elements, you’ll find thousands of professional presentation icon packs. These are the perfect addition to your next PPT or another creative project. Check them out today! 

25 Top Free Business Icons for PowerPoint for 2022 Presentations

free files envato elementsfree files envato elementsfree files envato elements
Each month Envato Elements gives away random free files for you to enjoy. You could find PowerPoint icons, templates, graphics, and more!

Before looking for free icons for PowerPoint (PPT) on the web, check Envato's free offerings first. Try out various premium template files (not always Microsoft PowerPoint icons) at no cost to you.

Here's the deal:

  • Every month, Envato Elements offers 12 different hand-selected files, (fonts, presentations, videos, and more). Create a free account to download this month's free premium files now.

If you couldn't find what you were looking for above and you don't have a budget, you may have to settle for Microsoft PowerPoint icon free downloads. Here are some free icons for PowerPoint:

1. Creative Idea Bulb PPT Icon Template 

Free icons for PowerPointFree icons for PowerPointFree icons for PowerPoint

These PowerPoint icons and templates have a light bulb theme. Use the template for any presentation involving new and creative ideas.

2. Simtex With Icons for PowerPoint 

Simtex is a futuristic slide deck with many presentation icon designs. It's got a blue color theme throughout.

3. Free Business Icons for PowerPoint & Infographic Presentations 

Searching for free PPT icons for your next business presentation? This template has some amazing icons for PowerPoint with free download. 

4. Free Interactive Icon PPT Template

Interactive free icons for PowerPoint (PPT) keep your audience focused. Use these for slides on nearly any theme.

5. Business Icons for PPT Free

free ppt iconsfree ppt iconsfree ppt icons

Download this presentation slide with free icons for PPT. These graphics will call attention to specific parts of a slide.

6. Icons And PowerPoint Templates 

These Microsoft PowerPoint icons cover a wide range of topics. You'll find designs for technology, shopping, music, and more.

7. Rocket Launched PPT Icons Template

Three dozen slides form this Microsoft PowerPoint icon free download. The 135+ custom icons are fully editable and can be added to any slide.

8. Computer World - Free Business Icons for PowerPoint

The Computer World icon library and PPT template has a tech theme. That makes these PPT icons for free download adaptable for slide decks on a variety of subjects. 

9. Free Choice PowerPoint Icon Pack

This PowerPoint icon library comes with several slide designs. Edit them with PPT's built-in features. 

10. Cranford Free Download Icon PPT

Microsoft PowerPoint icon free downloadMicrosoft PowerPoint icon free downloadMicrosoft PowerPoint icon free download

Cranford combines business icons for PowerPoint with themed slide layouts. Drop in your own content and move icons as needed. 

11. Creative Magic - Icons for PPT Free 

Creative Magic is a template that includes cool icons for PPT. You'll also find features like charts and graphs to build slide decks.

12. Free Cloud PowerPoint Icon Presentation

Useful icons for PowerPoint are one element of this cloud computing theme. Drop your own content onto the basic slide layouts in the deck.

13. Computer Hardware Technology - Icons for PowerPoint Free Download

Add icons to PowerPoint quickly with this pre-built template. Dozens of icons are paired with a standard set of PPT slide designs.

14. Person Icons Bar Chart - Microsoft PPT Icons

Using this Microsoft PowerPoint icon free download is an option for data-driven slides. A bar chart is paired with custom icons.

15. Gurney Free Icons for PPT

Icon libraryIcon libraryIcon library

This presentation icon set focuses on science and technology. Each of the 25 slides is fully editable. It's a great choice for your PPT icons free download.

16. Aumerle PowerPoint Icons Template

Aumerle provides a set of fresh fruit and vegetable PowerPoint icons. Use this one for any culinary or recipe slideshow.

17. Marketing Content with Free Business Icons for PowerPoint 

Social media is increasingly popular, which means it pays to promote your presence. These PPT icon sets feature the most popular networks.

18. Helen Free PPT Icon Templates 

Helen has PowerPoint presentation icons with a floral design. 25 slides are included, each one with pastel colors.

19. Internet Icons for PowerPoint

Cool icons for PowerPoint embrace the latest trends. This internet PPT deck has many slides with icons for all things social and online.

20. Social Media Strategy With Free Business Icons for PowerPoint

free ppt iconsfree ppt iconsfree ppt icons

Presenting a social media strategy for a big project? This template is an option, with infographics and icons for PPT for free. Try these free icons for PPT today.

21. Swotty - Icons & PPT Template

A SWOT analysis is a popular way to see how a business fits into the competitive landscape. Swotty has Microsoft PowerPoint icons to illustrate SWOT slides. 

22. Merville Free PPT Icons & Templates

Any business can benefit from a themed PowerPoint icon library. Merville has one, along with several editable slides.

23. Real Estate Free Business Icons for PowerPoint

Searching for real estate free icons for PowerPoint (PPT)? Here's an option with icons placed on a computer keyboard.

24. Minola With Icons & PPT for Free

Neon green PowerPoint icons capture the audience's attention quickly. This template features them on 20+ unique slides. 

25. Social Media Influencer Presentation With 80+ Free Icons for PPT

ppt free iconsppt free iconsppt free icons

PowerPoint presentation icons can be used to talk about certain topics. This particular PPT presentation features influencer and social media content. This template has a full 80+ pack of icons for PowerPoint with a free download.

How to Quickly Add Icons to Your PowerPoint Presentation

A presentation icon set helps you bring new life to any slide. You can also use PowerPoint's icon library of symbols and icons built in. But by using premium PowerPoint icons from Envato Elements, you can move to the next level of style. Let’s learn how.

Want to follow along? We’ll use these World Map cool icons for PowerPoint from Envato Elements while working in the premium template, Visionare - PowerPoint Presentation. 

Map PowerPoint iconsMap PowerPoint iconsMap PowerPoint icons
This premium PPT icon set features in our mini-tutorial.

Let's get started:  

1. Download Icons for PPT

Envato Elements has thousands of icon sets that you can add to PowerPoint. Browse the gallery and choose the one you like. 

Useful icons for PowerPointUseful icons for PowerPointUseful icons for PowerPoint
Download icons for PPT from the premium PowerPoint icon library, full of useful icons for PowerPoint, from Envato Elements.

In the upper right, click on Download. Elements will prompt you for a license use. Once you’ve filled that in, click Add & Download.  

2. Add Icons to PowerPoint

Most Elements downloads and icons for PPT come as .zip files. Go ahead and find the .zip and extract it with your favorite tool. 

Add icons to PowerPointAdd icons to PowerPointAdd icons to PowerPoint
Find premium icon files in your new download, then drag-and-drop them into your PowerPoint presentation.

Then, with PowerPoint open, simply drag and drop icon image files right onto the slide. 

3. Place Icons On a Slide

Once you’ve dropped your icon(s) onto a slide, it’s easy to reposition and resize them. Click and hold as you drag the icon around.

Import PowerPoint iconsImport PowerPoint iconsImport PowerPoint icons
Use the on-screen guides to size and position your premium PowerPoint icons.

PowerPoint will display guidelines to ensure your PPT icons stay in alignment. You can also click and drag on one corner of an icon to resize it quickly. 

4. Change Icon Colors

PowerPoint icons typically come in fun, stylish color schemes. But thanks to PPT, change the colors to better fit your deck. To start, click on an icon to select it. On the Home tab, find the Picture Format tab. 

Color presentation iconColor presentation iconColor presentation icon
With an icon selected, use the Picture Format > Color menu to recolor useful premium icons for PowerPoint.

From there, click on the Color drop-down on the left side. Here, you can add custom colors to your favorite Microsoft PowerPoint icons.

5. Animate Icons

Animating presentation icon designs is a quick way to make them look even better. With an icon selected, find the Animations tab on the menu. 

Animated PPT iconAnimated PPT iconAnimated PPT icon
Use the Animations tab to select an animation for your premium PowerPoint icons.

There, browse dozens of custom animations by clicking on their thumbnails. Once you click, the animation will apply to the icon and preview on the slide.

Discover More Great Microsoft PPT Icons & Template Designs

We keep our eye out for the best PowerPoint templates. Best of all, we constantly share them with fresh articles that show the latest and greatest. See them featured in

Here are three articles with our top selections of PowerPoint templates. Many of them include cool icons for PowerPoint, too. Try them out if you want to keep exploring the best PowerPoint designs.

5 Quick MS PowerPoint Icon Tips (For 2022 Presentations)

When you choose your favorite Microsoft PowerPoint icons, you want to make the most of them. That means embracing a few style ideas to bring icons to life. Let’s look at five quick tips to work with your PowerPoint icons library:

1. Use Bright Colors

Think about why you use free PowerPoint icons, or those that you buy. You use them to capture attention. 

Microsoft Powerpoint iconsMicrosoft Powerpoint iconsMicrosoft Powerpoint icons
These colorful premium PPT icons are fun and engaging.

A great way to start is by using bright colors. Dull tones won’t grab focus like bright colors will. This is an easy way to add fun flair to any slide, fast!

2. Resize and Scale Icons

Premium and free PPT icons are going to appear in a certain size. But maybe it doesn’t work well for your specific slides. Fortunately, Microsoft PowerPoint icons are easy to resize.

This works by using PPT’s built-in editing features. In a few clicks, you can resize your icons to fit perfectly.

Want to learn how? Find out in our fully-featured tutorial on working with images in PowerPoint.

3. Be Specific

A good tip is to use icons that work well with your message. That often means moving beyond generic styles to custom designs. While many PPT icons for free downloads are basic, premium icons have a professional style. 

PowerPoint icons libraryPowerPoint icons libraryPowerPoint icons library
Premium PPT icons like this are designed for specific themes like navigation.

Browse the Envato Elements icon library for options tailored for themes and industries.

4. Boost Interaction

Slides full of text can become pretty dull. To keep your audience engaged, you need to interact with them. MS PowerPoint icon sets can help you do it. Try out ideas like a fun interactive trivia game on a slide. 

Sound interesting? To help you get started, we’ve created a handy tutorial showing exactly how to build an interactive PPT quiz. 

5. Find Built-in Icons

You can download free icons for PowerPoint PPT on their own. Or source professional premium icons right inside a PPT template. This is a top tip for 2022. By using built-in icons, you benefit from expertly-crafted designs. 

MS PowerPoint iconsMS PowerPoint iconsMS PowerPoint icons
Build a connection with these premium, hand-drawn MS PowerPoint icons.

Plus, you save precious time. That’s because your PPT template will have Microsoft PowerPoint icons inside it. No need to spend time importing, dragging, and dropping.

5 Top Trends for Microsoft PPT Icons (In 2022)

You’ve seen some of the best premium and free PowerPoint icons. Now it’s time to think about trends. By embracing these, you’re sure to thrill any audience with your icon prowess. Here are five of the latest and greatest:

1. Animate Your PPT Icons & Templates

Gone are the days where static icons impress. You need motion! That’s where animated icons come in. They arrive and move around slides in style. This really helps grab the audience's attention, since the human eye is drawn to movement.

Animated PowerPoint iconsAnimated PowerPoint iconsAnimated PowerPoint icons
These premium icons come pre-animated for you.

Plus, thanks to PPT and premium Microsoft PowerPoint icons, it’s very easy. In fact, you can find MS PowerPoint icon packs that come pre-animated! That isn’t common with an icon for PowerPoint free download.

2. Icons for PPT Paired with Music

Music is a good way to add interest to a slide. It pairs very well with icons. This breaks up your narration and gives the audience a good break in the flow of content. 

We've got a helpful tutorial on adding music to PPT. Check it out today:

Remember. Envato Elements has thousands of music tracks that you can use in your PPT!

3. Use a Minimalist PowerPoint Icon Pack

Minimalism is sleek, cool, and in style for 2022. Icons aren’t exempt. A sharp MS PowerPoint icon complements the content on any slide. These are designed to be visually attractive, without being distracting. 

Microsoft PowerPoint icons PPTMicrosoft PowerPoint icons PPTMicrosoft PowerPoint icons PPT
These purchased premium tech icons have a minimalist style.

A few trendy, minimalist icons in your next slide deck will help you stand out from the crowd. After all, there are more presentations than ever. Embrace this trend in 2022 to help your slides shine.

4. Custom the Colors of Your Icon PPT Template

Need customized icons for your firm? This is a great way to match your brand colors, for example. This calls for custom color palettes. In a few clicks, you can have your very own, one-of-a-kind PPT icon set.

Use PowerPoint’s Shape and Picture Format options to get started. Or if you need the ultimate in creative control, jump over to Adobe Illustrator. We’ve built a complete tutorial to help you get started.

5. Use Hand-Drawn Icons for PPT

Bland designs don’t appeal to 2022 audiences. They like to see presentations that clearly show your commitment. A few personal touches help them relate to you, and to your message.

Custom MS PowerPoint iconCustom MS PowerPoint iconCustom MS PowerPoint icon
Build a connection with these premium, hand-drawn MS PowerPoint icons.

Icons with a hand-drawn look and feel bring audiences and content closer together. They show you’ve invested time in making a good impression. Give them a try to connect in 2022.

Common PowerPoint Questions Answered (FAQ)

You've already seen that our icon options are better than the free PowerPoint icons across from the web. It's okay if you still have questions about how to use Microsoft PowerPoint icons.

Let's look at five of the most common questions you may encounter in PowerPoint. Most of these tips will power up how you work with MS PowerPoint icons.

1. What's a PowerPoint Slide Layout?

Think of a PowerPoint slide layout as the blueprint for a slide. Basically, it's a pre-built set of slide objects that you can use repeatedly. The placeholders are just waiting for your content.

Learn how to create, change and update your PowerPoint slide layouts with the help of this tutorial. You can even build in MS PowerPoint icons to your layouts so that they're reusable and easy-to-follow.

2. Does PowerPoint Connect to Other Apps?

Think about it. PowerPoint is really just a presentation app. That means that you're likely going to build content and ideas in other apps, then put those finished designs in a PowerPoint.

One of my favorite connections is between Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint. Use Excel to analyze and study data, then put your findings in PowerPoint.

Pro tip: Use free PPT icons (or premium Microsoft PowerPoint icons) with data to explain your ideas.

Learn how here:

3. What's the Best Way to Show Data in PowerPoint?

If you followed our previous tutorial, you might be thinking about data and how it fits into your PowerPoint presentation. Charts and graphs take flat data and bring them to life with context and easy-to-follow visuals.

Learn how to create charts and graphs in PowerPoint with our tutorial. Mix and match choices from the PowerPoint icons library you've already seen to spice up your charts.

4. Does PowerPoint Support Exporting to Other Formats?

Maybe you want to leave your PowerPoint on loop, like on a conference room display. The only problem? That computer doesn't have PowerPoint installed. In those cases, it helps to export your presentation as a video file. 

Learn how to convert a PPTX to a video file with this tutorial. Like our other tutorials, these tips will even work as you export a presentation with MS PowerPoint icons.

5. Can You Print a PowerPoint?

Don't waste your ink and paper before you press print! There are some settings that you need to know so that your print is perfect, the first time. 

Check out our tutorial to print your PowerPoint, including your MS PowerPoint icons:

Learn More About Making Great PowerPoint Presentations in 2022

PowerPoint is a deep app that's used by presenters the world over. It's intuitive, but you might be surprised by how many powerful features are built in. We've invested in building the learning resource, How to Use PowerPoint (Ultimate Tutorial Guide), that's got all the tips you need.

Use these three tutorials to make the most of working with Microsoft PowerPoint icons. These tutorials ensure that you'll have the skills you need to add presentation icons for picture-perfect presentations:

Start Using PPT Icons Now

You just saw the web's best collection of presentation icons. While free icons for PowerPoint exist, don't forget that you saw even better designs in this tutorial.  Use PowerPoint icons from the templates you saw featured in our premium section for the best results. 

PowerPoint icons are powerful visual cues. After all, the entire purpose of an icon is to stand in for an idea in a short, visual format. Start using them today for your next presentation.

Editorial NoteThis post has been updated with contributions from Andrew Childress and Gonzalo Angulo. Andrew is a freelance instructor for Envato Tuts+. Gonzalo is a staff writer with Envato Tuts+.

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