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25+ Free Neon PowerPoint Templates With Great PPT Color Effects 2020

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Does anything capture the spirit of an adventurous late-night quite like neon lights? If you want to light up your content in the same style, don't miss out on the neon lights PowerPoint templates in this article.

Intro neon lights PowerPoint templateIntro neon lights PowerPoint templateIntro neon lights PowerPoint template
Use premium neon lights PowerPoint templates to capture the mood of neon-lit scenes in your presentation.

You came to this article to see top options for free neon PowerPoint templates, and we've got a list for you. But first, you're going to see the advanced designs for neon lights PowerPoint templates. They're the professional neon PowerPoint templates that pros use and love.

The Best Source for Neon Themes (With Unlimited Downloads)

Free neon PowerPoint templates can't match the options we're about to show you. Sure, no cost is a plus. But too often, you truly get what you pay for.

The alternative is to keep your costs manageable and source the best neon lights PowerPoint templates. Thanks to Envato Elements, you can download unlimited neon PowerPoint templates and other design assets for a flat rate.

Neon lights PowerPoint templateNeon lights PowerPoint templateNeon lights PowerPoint template
Envato Elements is an all-you-can-download site for premium creative assets, including neon PowerPoint templates.

Unlike free neon PowerPoint templates, these are designed with the user in mind. They're easier to customize and have all the design elements that a presenter needs. 

Even better? Envato Elements gives you plenty of assets besides neon lights PowerPoint templates. That includes stock photos and illustrations - at no extra cost.

If you want a neon lights PowerPoint template but don't need anything else, then we also recommend GraphicRiver. It's a pay-as-you-go service with just as many neon PowerPoint templates in a single purchase format.

GraphicRiver neon lights PowerPoint templateGraphicRiver neon lights PowerPoint templateGraphicRiver neon lights PowerPoint template
GraphicRiver is a pay-as-you-go marketplace with neon PowerPoint templates.

On GraphicRiver, buy a single neon theme and start designing. The results are sure to be just as bright as the neon sign you used for inspiration.

Free neon PowerPoint templates just can't match these options. Remember that no matter which marketplace and template you choose, you're going to have a professional design that gives you the confidence you need.

5 Top Neon Lights PowerPoint Template

Both Envato Elements and GraphicRiver have deep libraries of neon lights PowerPoint templates. We've done the work of searching and scouring both marketplaces to find top choices for neon PowerPoints.

Here are five of the best premium neon PowerPoint templates from Elements and GraphicRiver:

1. Neon Splash PowerPoint Template

Neon themeNeon themeNeon theme

Searching for a versatile neon theme? Packed with over thirty unique slides, this persuasive neon PowerPoint is a winning option. The dark backdrops look tremendous and make content stand out. 

2. Neon PowerPoint

Neon lights PowerPoint templateNeon lights PowerPoint templateNeon lights PowerPoint template

The Neon PowerPoint template combines vivid colors and powerful features. Download today and check out:

  • thousands of slides
  • widescreen graphics
  • maps and infographics
  • amazing icons

3. IGNITO - Neon Colour PowerPoint Templatez

Neon PowerPoint templateNeon PowerPoint templateNeon PowerPoint template

IGNITO is a neon lights PowerPoint template with a purple background. Edit every feature quickly and easily, making it a top choice for any project. It’s simple yet memorable enough to always make a great impression.

4. Neon – Creative Business PowerPoint Template

Neon background for PowerPointNeon background for PowerPointNeon background for PowerPoint

This neon background for PowerPoint includes three dozen custom slides. Master layouts are used, helping you make bulk edits in a single step. Heavily illustrated, this one lets you drag and drop images right onto the slides.

5. Neon Aspect PowerPoint Template

aspect neon background for PowerPointaspect neon background for PowerPointaspect neon background for PowerPoint

Use Neon Aspect for your personal or business slide decks. It’s one of the top neon PowerPoint templates today, thanks to:

  • charts and diagrams
  • device mockups
  • data tables
  • maps

25 Top Free Neon PowerPoint Presentation Templates to Download for 2020

You've come to us looking for free neon PowerPoint templates. And we've got you covered with usable options. 

Before we show you the curated list of free neon PowerPoint templates, here are two resources you'll want to see for free files and templates in the Envato network:

Still looking? Here are 25 free neon PowerPoint templates we've found:

1. Neon Green Step PPT Design

Free neon PowerPoint templateFree neon PowerPoint templateFree neon PowerPoint template

Featuring colorful blocks, this neon theme is drawn in green. It's got three layouts that you can refine inside PowerPoint.

2. PowerPoint Graphics Sampler

Many graphics are included here, including a neon PowerPoint template timeline. Use it to relive events, or to map out a future project.

3. Neon Skyline

A city skyline styled in bright colors is the theme of this neon PowerPoint. Layouts aren’t built-in by default, so you’ll need to add them using PPT’s menus.

4. Work Slides PowerPoint Templates

This abstract neon lights PowerPoint template delivers a wavy background. It brings to mind the Northern Lights, or even the classic styles of a disco.

5. NEON Free PPT Templates

Neon PowerPointNeon PowerPointNeon PowerPoint

With warm, summer-inspired graphics, this free neon PowerPoint template works for many purposes. It’s up to you to add in your content.

6. Rainbow Gradients Free PowerPoint Template

Color gradients add a dash of 3D style to any slide deck. This neon PowerPoint template is sprinkled with them, with over 25 slides included.

7. Glowing Light Bulb PowerPoint Templates

A neon lights PowerPoint template like this one features light bulb imagery. It's paired with almost fifty slides on a variety of topics.

8. Colorful Flourish Lines PowerPoint Templates

Colorful Flourish Lines is a neon background for PowerPoint with rainbow patterns on every slide. Mix and match layouts, then drop in your own content.

9. Cranford Free Business Presentation

Neon theme slide decks are available for business, too. Cranford is an example, with corporate layouts built into the deck.

10. Dark Under Construction PowerPoint Template

Dark neon themeDark neon themeDark neon theme

This yellow-and-black neon PowerPoint background looks like a construction zone. Keep that style, or change it up using the PPT app. 

11. Night Stars PowerPoint Templates

Bright colors meet the night sky in this neon lights PowerPoint template. It includes slides in HD, helpful if you need to share on larger screens.

12. Free Shiny Lines PPT PowerPoint Template

These free neon PowerPoint template designs include a black background and neon blue borders. To use them, opt for any of PPT’s included slide layouts.

13. Iago Presentation Template

Searching for a funky neon PowerPoint template with warm tones? Here's an option that's got 25 custom slides included in the download.

14. Flashing Light Bulbs PowerPoint Diagram Template

Neon themes can be adapted for infographics and data visuals. This one works as a timeline, project roadmap, or team intro.

15. About Color: PT Design Template

Color neon lights PowerPoint templateColor neon lights PowerPoint templateColor neon lights PowerPoint template

About Color creates many slide layouts with a circular neon theme. Edit the template with your own creativity or stick to the basic layouts inside.

16. Free LED PPT Template

The LED PPT is a neon PowerPoint template in pixel form. The colors trend towards red and orange, but you can easily change them using PowerPoint’s editing options.

17. Warm Triangles Free PowerPoint Template

Each slide in Warm Triangles resembles a kaleidoscope. The triangle shapes offset content that you can add yourself.

18. Free Color Lights PowerPoint Template

Blurred color bubbles create the backdrop for this neon theme. Browse a series of default layouts, then go ahead and add your own material.

19. Purple Yoga PowerPoint Templates

Shades of purple comprise the Purple Yoga neon PowerPoint template. It's an option if you need a soft background for your text and images.

20. Free Greenlight PowerPoint Template

Green neon PowerPoint templateGreen neon PowerPoint templateGreen neon PowerPoint template

Greenlight is bold and bright with flashy neon green. It’s a neon PowerPoint able to support all kinds of presentations.

21. Neon PowerPoint Presentation

Electric light abounds in this free neon PowerPoint template. It's available for slide decks needing a dark and moody feel.

22. Noor PowerPoint Template

Trying to find flexibility with over one hundred slides? Noor is a template including exactly that, using a series of neon pastels throughout.

23. Hecate Presentation Template

Hecate is filled with retro geometric shapes. It’s a free neon PowerPoint template that you can tailor to your project needs.

24. Free Sun Lights PowerPoint Template

Sun Lights opens with a portrait of a neon sunrise, then gives way to a sequence of standard slide themes. Drop in text boxes and add images to complete the deck.

25. Colorful Business PowerPoint Templates

Colorful neon background for PowerPointColorful neon background for PowerPointColorful neon background for PowerPoint

Build a business slideshow with this cubic neon PowerPoint template. It makes use of colorful blocks to style itself.

5 Quick PowerPoint Neon Slide Design Tips for More Stylish Presentations

We’ve taken a look at some of the top neon PowerPoint templates from around the web. They’re a great way to start building amazing neon themes. 

But to make a truly successful presentation, embrace popular style tips. Let’s look at five of the best:

1. Use Beautiful Stock Photos

Photos, as they say, are worth a thousand words. They help you add visual interest, illustrate key ideas, and keep your audience focused. 

No neon PowerPoint template design is complete without a few complementary stock photos. That’s why it’s key to always add stunning custom photos. Add your own, or select from over 1 million amazing images from Envato Elements. 

Image neon themeImage neon themeImage neon theme
A premium neon theme like IGNITO leaves plenty of space for your imagery.

2. Let Your Links Blend In

Sometimes, you need to link to more content in your neon lights PowerPoint template. But when left alone, hyperlinks can disrupt your color themes. 

Not to worry! Thanks to PowerPoint, you can easily customize URL colors to match your aesthetic. It only takes a few clicks. Ready to try it out? Jump over to our quick tutorial:

3. Aim for Consistency With Master Slides

Working in a neon theme? A big part of making a great first impression comes from creating a unified look. That means adding design elements to every slide. If you drop them in individually, that can take forever. 

Fortunately, thanks to Master Slides in PowerPoint, bulk edits are a breeze. This is a great technique to update your neon background for PowerPoint. Any change to a master slide automatically applies to the rest of the deck.

Slides neon lights PowerPoint templatesSlides neon lights PowerPoint templatesSlides neon lights PowerPoint templates
Neon - PowerPoint, a premium theme, is built with master slides to speed up bulk edits.

4. Highlight Key Points With Animations

Static neon PowerPoint presentations can easily get boring. Adding animations can help. Animations help you move between topics, add new ideas, and keep things flowing at your own pace. 

Animations are easy to add in PowerPoint and help ensure that “wow” factor every time. To help you get started, we built a fully-featured PPT animation tutorial that you can check out right here:

5. Keep Slides Focused

There’s nothing worse than a cluttered slide. Presenters demand better, and audiences expect more. Keep your neon background for PowerPoint simple so that your content is easy-to-read.

By choosing a clean neon PowerPoint slide deck, you can deliver your slides in style. Audiences won’t be distracted, and you can stay focused as you unveil your winning message.

Everglow neon PowerPoint templateEverglow neon PowerPoint templateEverglow neon PowerPoint template
The premium Everglow - Gradient PowerPoint Template features clear and concise slide layouts.

Discover More Cool PowerPoint Presentation Templates Designs for 2020

Neon themes are just one of the many varieties of PowerPoint templates. There are templates for every type of presentation you can dream of. We're always working to put together lists of the best PowerPoint designs for our readers.

Here are three more articles with selections of top PowerPoint templates. You might even find more slides with neon backgrounds for PowerPoint. These make it easy to design a presentation with outstanding results.

Turn on the Lights With a Neon PowerPoint Template

This article showed you the best possible neon themes. You also saw free neon PowerPoint templates when you've already spent your money on a neon sign.

Remember: the professional neon PowerPoint templates are truly the brightest way to create your neon themed presentation. Use a neon PowerPoint from one of the marketplaces you saw for the best way to light up your PowerPoint.

Turn on the lights and start your presentation. Neon themes are a great way to illuminate your PowerPoint topic.

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