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How to Change Hyperlink Color in PowerPoint in 60 Seconds

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A hyperlink can be used in PowerPoint to help your viewer jump to another slide or even a page on the Internet. In this quick lesson, I'll show you to change the color of a hyperlink.

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How to Quickly Hyperlink Color in PowerPoint

Note: Watch this short tutorial screencast or follow the quick steps below, that complement this video.

1. Insert a Hyperlink

Let's start off by inserting a hyperlink. Let's highlight some text that we have on a slide, and now let's switch to the Insert tab on PowerPoint's ribbon.

Insert a Hyperlink URL
To create a hyperlink, type a URL in the Address box.

Just as normal, you can link up with a website or external file. I'll type in a URL down here, in the Address box, and then press OK.

2. Change Hyperlink Color

Let's go to the Design tab and click this double drop-down arrow, here, in the lower right corner of the Variants section, and choose Colors > Customize Colors.

How to change hyperlink color in PowerPoint
Use the Customize Colors option to change hyperlink color in PowerPoint.

This is the easiest way to change hyperlink colors. Down here, at the bottom, we can change the hyperlink and followed hyperlink colors, as you're seeing me do here. I'll select a color and press Save

Change hyperlink and followed hyperlink colors
Changing a hyperlink color here changes all the hyperlinks in the PowerPoint presentation.

And when we return to the slide, you can see that it's updated. The best thing about doing it this way is that it changes all of the hyperlinks in your presentation at the same time.

As long as you keep using the same color variant that we changed, this will work well for overhauling your hyperlink colors all at the same time.

Finishing Up!

You're not locked into a particular color for the hyperlinks you use in PowerPoint. We just learned how to change hyperlink color in PowerPoint. This can be useful if  you'd like the hyperlink colors to match your presentation design.

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