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How to Use PowerPoint in 60 Seconds (Quick Video Tutorials)

As a visual medium, there's no better way to learn PowerPoint quickly, then with video tutorials. These 60 second, quick-fire videos will teach you how to use a variety of powerful PowerPoint tools. 

Keep in mind, every tool you become familiar with using brings you that much closer to mastering PowerPoint presentation design.

Learn How to Use PowerPoint Quickly (With These Video Tutorials)

In this multipart video tutorial series, learn how to accomplish more in PowerPoint—from working with core PPT tools like Slide Master view, to time-saving PowerPoint workflows, and addition features that allow you to make great presentations fast. 

Note: This series makes use of PowerPoint templates, such as the the popular Simplicity PowerPoint Template. Discover additional PowerPoint design options in our Ultimate Guide to PowerPoint Templates or browse through our best PPT themes on GraphicRiver.

Quick-Fire PPT Video Tutorials (Only 60 Seconds Each)

Quickly teaching a tool in just 60 seconds is challenging, but that's exactly what we offer here in this series. Each video gives you an introduction to the topic and details on how to put this knowledge into action in your next presentation project. 

Grab a coffee and see how many of these you can watch during your break!

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