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How to Add Comments to a PowerPoint Presentation in 60 Seconds

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This post is part of a series called How to Use PowerPoint in 60 Seconds (Quick Video Tutorials).
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Comments are a great tool for collaborating in PowerPoint. When you're preparing for that big presentation, using comments and leaving them for your colleagues to trade feedback is a great option. 

I'm working in a PowerPoint presentation here and I wanna add a comment to this slide design. Learn how to do that in this quick tutorial.

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How to Add Comments to Your PowerPoint Presentation (Quick Video)

1. Add a PowerPoint Comment Bubble

First, I'll go ahead and click on the Review tab. To add my first comment I'll click New Comment. This little red bubble pops up and we can drag it to where we want to place it.

PowerPoint Comment BubblePowerPoint Comment BubblePowerPoint Comment Bubble
PowerPoint Comment Bubble.

2. Type Your Comment into PowerPoint On the Right

Now, I can just type my comment here on the right side. I could send this presentation on to a colleague and they would see my comments and can review and adjust them.

PowerPoint Comment on the right sidePowerPoint Comment on the right sidePowerPoint Comment on the right side
PowerPoint Comment example on the right side.

3. Add More PowerPoint Comments and Work With Them

I can add more comments by clicking on New Comment again for example. Clicking these Next and Previous buttons will cycle through the comments to review. 

I can also delete the comment by clicking on the Delete button here at the top. 

If you want to move where you've place the comment, you can just come back and click and drag, placing it wherever you'd like.

Add more comments to PowerPoint and cycle through them.

Finishing Up!

Comments are quick to work with and powerful for collaborating on your presentations with colleagues in PowerPoint. You can exchange feedback with teammates and work through your design process to completion together.

Note: We used the popular Simplicity PowerPoint Template in this quick tutorial.

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