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25 Best Free Rainbow PowerPoint Design Templates and Backgrounds for 2020


No one knows if there's a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. But we all know that rainbows inspire hope and visions of a new beginning. It's no surprise that rainbow PowerPoint templates are popular to evoke those feelings.

Intro rainbow PowerPoint background
Rainbow PowerPoint background templates like this premium sample show every part of the color spectrum for stunning slideshows.

Later you'll see the top free PowerPoint templates with rainbow colors. But first, you're going to see professional-caliber rainbow PowerPoint templates with unlimited downloads. You'll also see the low-cost, pay-as-you-go rainbow PowerPoint backgrounds that presenters love.

The Best Source for Premium Rainbow PowerPoint Templates (With Unlimited Downloads)

Free comes with a price. That price is that free PowerPoint templates with rainbow colors will take you longer to complete, and the outcome won't be as polished. It's a far better value to source a premium rainbow PowerPoint template. 

For not much more cost, you're sure to unlock a much more robust option for rainbow PowerPoint background templates. Thanks to Envato Elements, a flat rate gives you everything you need for rainbow PowerPoint templates.

Elements rainbow PowerPoint templates
Envato Elements includes unlimited access to files, including countless premium rainbow PowerPoint templates.

You'll unlock top rainbow PowerPoint background templates. And you'll also get access to the entire Elements library of graphics, illustrations, music, and more.

Not ready to start an Elements subscription? We also offer pay-as-you-go rainbow PowerPoint backgrounds in templates. On GraphicRiver, you can lock in a low-cost template in a single purchase.

GraphicRiver rainbow PowerPoint background templates
Use GraphicRiver for a pay-as-you-go marketplace for premium rainbow PowerPoint backgrounds and so much more.

No matter which option you choose, remember this: free PowerPoint templates with rainbow colors won't match these premium picks. Read on to see top rainbow PowerPoint background templates from these libraries.

5 Top Rainbow PowerPoint Templates With Easy-To-Customize Downloads

Let’s check out five top premium options before we see free PowerPoint templates with rainbow colors. These beautifully handcrafted templates offer far more features than you’ll find with any free template.

Our selections include rainbow PowerPoint background templates on Envato Elements with unlimited downloads. You'll also see rainbow PowerPoint templates from GraphicRiver. 

To preview the unique color palettes featured in our collection of templates, I used the free Adobe Color utility. It’s a great way to visualize and compare colors, helping you choose those that work best for your projects. 

1. Rainbow - PowerPoint Template

Rainbow PowerPoint template

Featuring five preset variations, including every imaginable color, this rainbow PowerPoint template is the ultimate choice for creatives who need plenty of flexibility. Thanks to the built-in schemes and PowerPoint’s powerful color editing tools, quickly match this versatile template to any project need. The bright styles look right at home with portfolios, business projects, and more.

Colors rainbow PowerPoint template

2. Massive X Presentation Template v.5.0 Fully Animated

Massive rainbow PowerPoint template

Need to work with every color of the rainbow to get things just right? You’ve found your solution with the Massive X template. This rainbow PowerPoint background pack includes over 1,400 unique slides with 15 custom color variations. 

Colors massive rainbow PowerPoint template

3. Church PowerPoint Presentation Template

Rainbow PowerPoint background

Flip the script on dull colors with these rainbow background PowerPoint templates. Featuring sharp text overlaid against a dark backdrop, this one's especially useful if you’re presenting in a large room. Beautiful and easy on the eyes, the bold color contrasts are a surefire way to capture audience attention in style.

Colors rainbow PowerPoint background

4. Retro Rainbow PowerPoint Template

retro rainbow PowerPoint template

Capture rainbow graphics in timeless fashion with the Retro Rainbow PowerPoint Template. Focused on soft pastel colors and a sepia palette, it’s a great way to build a reflective slide deck. The warm tones truly never go out of style.

Colors retro rainbow PowerPoint template

5. Kinder - Daycare PowerPoint Template

Rainbow PowerPoint background templates

Although it’s geared toward younger audiences, the rainbow images in this slide deck fit any theme needing sunny and warm colors. The slides can quickly be adapted to your business, but they’re flexible enough to accommodate any project need. Choose from three different themes with light and dark backgrounds.

Colors Rainbow PowerPoint background templates

25 Top Free Rainbow PowerPoint PPT Templates (Backgrounds) to Download for 2020

We've also searched the web for the free PowerPoint templates with rainbow colors. But before you see 25 top free PowerPoint templates that include rainbow colors, there's even another set of free files to see:

Still need free PowerPoint templates with rainbow colors? Here are 25 usable options:

1. Free Color Radial PowerPoint Template

Color radial free PowerPoint background

A full-color wheel kicks off this free PowerPoint rainbow template. From the very first slide, bright designs match your creative content. This one adapts to any project, thanks to its colorful slides.

Colors radial free PowerPoint background

2. Rainbow Presentation

With free PowerPoint templates rainbow colors like these, you can build your presentations fast. Pastel graphics pair with easy-to-customize placeholders of all kinds.

3. Rainbow Lines PowerPoint Templates

Here, modern rainbow styles are offset against a dark backdrop. Use the included slide designs to create your custom slides.

4. About Color: PT Design Template

These abstract free rainbow PPT slides make this deck an option for your next project. Click through an assortment of layouts or build your own with PowerPoint’s built-in editing tools.

5. Free Rainbow PowerPoint Template

free PowerPoint templates rainbow colors

This free rainbow PowerPoint combines a purple backdrop with bright rainbows. It’s a simple and straightforward theme to use in your next slide deck. The dark background colors help lighter text stand out.

Colors free PowerPoint templates rainbow colors

6. Volumnia Presentation Template

Modern art graphics feature in this template, with splashes of color throughout. PowerPoint’s color editing menus give you the power to adapt them to specific themes, messages, and content.

7. Cutelor Free Education PowerPoint Template

With an education focus, this rainbow PowerPoint template offers a variety of slide designs in a simple package. It’s available for your next project, meeting, or class.

8. Puck Free Presentation Template

Puck uses a modern aesthetic and a rainbow PowerPoint background palette. Inside the pack are pre-built text and image layouts.

9. Vapor Trail

Vapor Trail uses rainbow tones paired with a neon effect, on slides readily customizable right inside the PowerPoint app. 

10. Rainbow on Sky PowerPoint Templates

Sky rainbow PowerPoint template

This cartoon rainbow template is heavy on bright colors. It’s an option if you’re working with kids, or if you just need a colorful template for your new slide deck. The colors are rendered in high resolution, making them stand out on large displays.

Colors sky rainbow PowerPoint template

11. Rainbow Colors With Rain Drops PowerPoint Templates

Rain leads to rainbows, a concept used to illustrate this free PPT color layout. The usual array of rainbow colors features, with a heavy focus on 3D water droplets throughout each slide.

12. Rainbow Nature PowerPoint Templates

Showcasing your artistic portfolio or a set of images? This free rainbow PowerPoint template uses watercolor style to portray any media you add to its slides.

13. Rainbow Presentation

Rainbow colors are an option even when you’re primarily sharing photos, text, or graphics. This template focuses on those needs, with 25 slides included in the free download pack.

14. Rainbow and Trees PowerPoint Templates

PowerPoint templates like this use rainbow graphics. It includes many colors into hand-drawn slide designs. They accommodate a multitude of media, including text, photos, videos, and more.

15. Free Rainbow Wave PowerPoint

Wave rainbow PowerPoint background templates

Short and simple, this free rainbow PowerPoint background serves up a simple rainbow against a white backdrop. The colors stand out on their own or help accent whatever content you choose to add. Other slide elements are customizable with PowerPoint.

Colors wave rainbow PowerPoint background templates

16. Dumaine Free Presentation Template 

Dumaine is a free vivid PPT that uses every color of the rainbow, on layouts featuring maps, charts, mockups, and more.

17. Hortensius Free Presentation Template

Springtime rainbow graphics are a fresh option to create dynamic slide decks. Use them with an option like this free set of rainbow PowerPoint background templates, with 25 slides in all.

18. Sing of a Rainbow PowerPoint Templates

Music notes and rainbow graphics come together to form a custom free PPT slide deck. The backgrounds leave ample space for you to drop in your content and message.

19. Free Rainbow Lines PowerPoint Template

This rainbow lines free PPT lets you create slides with a colorful border on the left side, contrasting with your very own text and photos.

20. WIP

WIP free PowerPoint templates rainbow colors

WIP uses pastel and hand-drawn rainbow color graphics, beginning with the title slide. Colorful templates like this are useful aids when you need to connect directly with an audience. 

Colors wip free PowerPoint templates rainbow colors

21. Business Proposal Free PowerPoint Template

Rainbow graphics and background PPTs are useful for businesses too. They exist in templates like this free pack, with a collection of design options.

22. Hecate Free Presentation Template

Developed with an eye towards modern abstract designs, customize these rainbow background PowerPoint templates with a few simple clicks.

23. Free Rainbow Colors PowerPoint Template

Silver background tones and rainbow overlays form the basis for this free PowerPoint template design. Make sure to customize text, images, and more as you work.

24. House Renovation PowerPoint Templates

Home improvement meets bold color in this rainbow PowerPoint template free. Include plenty of your photos to focus on your recent projects.

25. Sky of Rainbow PowerPoint Templates

Sky rainbow PowerPoint background templates

Anyone can customize this versatile rainbow layout to fit their own needs. Slides vary in content type but share the same vibrant sidebar. It’s a prime example of how colors can help ideas and content shine.

Colors sky rainbow PowerPoint background templates

5 Quick Design Tips to Create Great Rainbow-Colored Presentations in 2020

After you’ve chosen your favorite rainbow PowerPoint template, it’s time to start building a slide deck of your own. To be truly effective, embrace the latest styles and techniques to craft beautiful rainbow slides. 

Let’s look at five quick tips to help you get started:

1. Focus on Uncluttered Slides

Triana Rainbow PowerPoint template
This premium rainbow PowerPoint background combines an unforgettable color spectrum with minimalist styling.

Rainbow color is a key part of adding contrast. But if you overwhelm every slide with a flood of content, the effect is lost. It’s crucial to keep slides bold, bright, and focused on key ideas. 

Extra detail can always be moved to later slides. The trick is to keep things focused and flowing smoothly. It’s an easy stylistic flourish sure to impress any audience.

2. Use Rainbow Color as a Backdrop

Rainbow colors make a great backdrop, helping you offset text, photos, charts, and more. Thanks to PowerPoint’s robust editing features, adding and customizing backdrops is easy. Whether you’re using solid colors or colorful images, you can build backdrops in a flash.

Learn how here in our fully featured tutorial on PowerPoint background graphics:

3. Complement Content With Colors

Church rainbow PowerPoint background
This Envato Elements example illustrates the creative value of matching colors and images.

Suppose you’re sharing an infographic with your latest project results. Or, imagine sharing a slide deck of your favorite vacation memories. 

The creative use of color is a prime way to complement your content. But chances are, you’ll want to use different templates for these two very different projects. As you build slides, focus on the composition of your content, and choose a color palette to match. 

4. Combine Color Schemes for Maximum Impact

Color trends change all the time, and it pays for any creative to stay connected with them. One color might fall flat. But powerful and stylish color combinations deliver the “wow” factor for a successful presentation.   

Whether they’re bold contrasts, smooth gradients, or somewhere in between, these combinations can help you now. Review the latest trends and learn to make your own here:

5. Illustrate Data With Colors

infographic rainbow PowerPoint background templates
Bring data to life with the colorful rainbow layouts found in this powerful template.

Infographics, the visual combination of information and graphics, form powerful illustrations of ideas. Adding a dash of rainbow colors goes beyond mere style here. 

It’s an excellent way to add contrast and highlight key concepts. With colorful and creative infographics, you help audiences understand and retain your ideas.

Discover More Top Microsoft PowerPoint Template Designs

Rainbow PowerPoint templates are just one way to create an excellent presentation. Talented authors have built PowerPoint templates for every possible type of presentation, and we keep our eye out for the best.

Keep an eye on our guide, Microsoft PowerPoint Templates (Ultimate Guide to the Best PPT.) It's always stocked with the best PowerPoint templates.

Here are three articles with even more PowerPoint templates that are easy-to-use:

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Here are three more tutorials to help you level up your PowerPoint skills while working with rainbow PowerPoint background templates:

Start Using Rainbow PowerPoint Templates Today

You've now seen free PowerPoint templates with rainbow colors. You've seen the advanced options that professionals use to set their presentations apart.

With the help of rainbow PowerPoint templates (with unlimited downloads), you can incorporate every hue in your next presentation. Grab pay-as-you-go rainbow PowerPoint background templates for low-cost options.

Somewhere over the rainbow... is a presentation that's just waiting to be created! Go design one today.

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