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25+ Best Free (Splash) Landing Page Templates for 2019


Landing page templates are a great way to get your landing page up and running quickly so you can start promoting your products or services. Use landing pages to: 

  • announce the launch of your new business
  • promote a lead magnet 
  • get people to register for your webinar
  • and more

When it comes to landing page templates, there's no shortage of premium designs on marketplaces such as Envato Elements or Envato's ThemeForest. Use premium templates if you want a professional design or if you’re in a hurry and don’t want to design a landing page from scratch.

However, if you’re on a budget, a premium template might not be high on your priority list. But that doesn’t mean you've got to postpone your launch. In fact, there are a few free splash page templates that you can use. 

In today’s post, we’ll showcase some free landing templates for 2019 as well as some of the best premium splash page design templates.

Envato Elements - A Premium Marketplace for Landing Page Templates

If you’re looking for a premium landing page template, your first stop should be Envato Elements. This premium marketplace has hundreds of graphic and design assets, landing pages included. 

Envato Elements landing page templates
Download an unlimited number of splash page design templates for a monthly fee at Envato Elements.

Unlike other marketplaces, which require you to pay for each individual item, Envato Elements is subscription-based. This means that for a low monthly fee, you get access to all the items we've got.

Best Landing Page Templates On Envato Elements

Below, you’ll find a selection of the best landing page templates available on Envato Elements. These templates can be used for various types of landing pages and are easily customizable.

1. Pure - Clean Splash Page Template

Pure Clean Splash Page Template

The Pure template features a clean and stylish design that’s perfect for building a splash or a coming soon page. You can use it to announce the launch of your new website or product. The template allows you to collect email addresses so you can start building your email list before the launch and it integrates with MailChimp. You’ll also find a countdown timer, the ability to use Google Maps, and more.

2. Gaze - Multipurpose Landing Page Template

Gaze Multipurpose Landing Page Template

The Gaze template is a versatile template that has several demo variations. Different demos allow you to choose the best version for your landing page. The template includes more than 100 modules such as text blocks, accordions, social media feeds, and more. Gaze is fully responsive and comes with a fully working contact form.

3. Beavis - Versatile Landing Page Template

Beavis Landing Page Template

Try the Beavis template if you’re looking for a versatile and colorful landing page template. It can be used as a simple coming soon page as well as a long landing page. It includes a countdown timer, the ability to display your social media icons, MailChimp integration, and the ability to display your location on Google Maps. 

Even More Top-Notch Landing Page Templates on ThemeForest

Another source of first-rate premium splash page templates is ThemeForest. If you only see yourself needing an occasional design template, ThemeForest gives you the option to pay per download rather than making a monthly commitment. 

With ThemeForest, you'll still get quality landing page templates created by professional designers. Choose from between hundreds of top-notch templates:

ThemeForest landing page templates
Just some of the many best-selling landing page templates you'll discover on Envato's ThemeForest.

Here are some examples of the high-quality splash page design templates you'll find on ThemeForest:

1. Magnum - Corporate Splash Page Template

Magnum Corporate Splash Page Template

If you’re looking for a splash page with a corporate feel, look no further than Magnum. This template features a professional design that includes three demo variations and eight premade color schemes. You can easily adjust the styles to integrate your brand and showcase what you've got to offer. Easily show testimonials, FAQ, pricing tables, and more. On top of that, the template is fully responsive.

2. Black - Feature Rich Landing Page Design

Black Landing Page Design

Lastly, the Black landing page template has been designed with Black Friday in mind, which means it was built for product promotions and optimized for conversions. You can share all the benefits and features of your product and easily display testimonials, reviews, FAQ, and more. On top of that, the template comes with a unique drag and drop page builder so you can easily add the elements you need on your landing page.

Envato Elements - Design Without Limits

Envato Elements is a perfect choice when you want to have access to design assets on a regular basis. If you’re a freelancer working with clients or if you’re a business owner that needs stock photos, icons, fonts, and templates, Envato Elements is a worthy investment.

design without limits
Envato Elements - Unlimited creative template downloads for one low price.

Sign up for Envato Elements and get access to hundreds of design assets for all your design projects and marketing campaigns.

Envato Elements collection
Get unlimited downloads from our huge collection of creative assets.

Best Free Landing Page Templates

If you’re on a budget or if you’re creating your first landing page ever, then free landing page templates are a good starting point. There’s plenty of free templates for splash pages on the Internet. 

Note: The free splash page templates linked to here are hosted by their respective sites. Their availability depends on the hosting site. Also, some of these free templates require that you provide attribution. Read the terms of use carefully.

These free templates are a good way to test your product or launch idea before investing in a high-quality premium template. Here's a lest of templates to help you make a free splash page:

1. Kairos - Free Landing Page Template for Apps

Kairos Free Landing Page Template

The Kairos template has what you need to create a landing page template for your app. A large header area lets you place a noticeable call to action and you can display testimonials, pricing tables, and apps features. It’s also responsive and retina-ready.

2. Dazzle - Modern Free Template for Splash Pages

The Dazzle template features a clean, modern design. The template includes a full-width header image along with testimonials section, pricing options, and an area to showcase app screenshots.

3. Infinity - Free Landing and Splash Page Design

The Infinity template can be used to promote an agency launch and it allows you to customize colors, fonts, and more. The template comes with standard sections needed for landing pages as well as custom icons and MailChimp integration.

4. Elevate - Simple Landing Page Template

The Elevate template is a simple template that can be downloaded for free. It was designed to help you generate leads and build your email list. The template comes with MailChimp integration, scroll-based animations, and dozens of free icons.

5. Creative - Landing Page Design for Agencies

The Creative template allows you to share details about your business, showcase your services, and share a call to action for potential clients to get in touch with you.  

6. Landing Page - Splash Page Design Template

Landing Page Splash Page Design Template

The Landing Page template allows you to make a splash page for free and customize it so it fits with your brand. You can collect email addresses, showcase your services, and build trust with client testimonials.

7. New Age - App Landing Page Free Template

The New Age template has a fresh and clean design. This is a one-page template.

8. Coming Soon - Minimal Coming Soon Splash Page

This simple coming soon splash page allows you to collect email addresses and build your email list. It comes with the option to use an image or a video background and integrates with MailChimp.

9. Evelyn - Versatile Free Landing Page Template

The Evelyn template can be used for a variety of landing pages. It comes with the ability to customize the visual styles and built-in sections for showcasing the features and benefits of your product as well as product reviews and pricing options.

10. Proton - Free Landing Page Template for SaaS Companies and Startups

The free Proton landing page template works for a SaaS company or a startup. This modern template has four different homepage variations, plenty of sections to showcase your product, and other add-ons and icons.

11. The SEO Company - Free SEO Landing Page and PSD Template

The SEO Company template has a clean design that’s also responsive. The template has all the standard features of a landing page and it comes with a PSD file so you can make additional design tweaks and have more control over your template.

12. April - Colorful Free Landing Page  

The April template is a colorful landing page that features a simple design. Built with startup companies in mind, you can start building your email list before the official launch and building trust with visitors through client testimonials and reviews.

13. Zombiz - Business Free Splash Page

The free Zombiz template features a large header area with a call to action as well as numerous sections for services, testimonials, pricing options, and more. It’s also responsive.

14. Bolt - Free Coming Soon Splash Page Template

The Bolt template is responsive and comes in three different versions. You can display a countdown timer, collect email addresses or create a full-featured landing page that has other sections such as testimonials and reviews, team members, and a working contact section.

15. Grand - Free Conference and Events Landing Page Design

The free Grand template lets you display information about your conference, feature speakers, and allow visitors to register or buy the tickets. The template is responsive and can be customized.

16. Ronin - Portfolio Landing Page Template

The Ronin template is a free landing page template for portfolio websites. It can be used by designers as well as creative agencies, illustrators, artists, and other professionals that need to display their work and bring in more clients.

17. Webhost - Free Landing Page Template for Hosting Companies

The Webhost template was built with web hosting companies in mind, but it can also be used for other tech-related companies. The template comes with a statistics counter, features, and reviews sections. It’s also responsive and includes pricing tables.

18. Atlas - Clean Landing Page Free Template

Atlas Clean Landing Page Free Template

The Atlast template is best suited for a long-scrolling landing page. It comes with clear typography, scroll-based transitions, a section for app screenshots, pricing tables, and a working contact form.

19. Avilon - Elegant Landing Page Template

The Avilon template can be used to present and promote any digital product like a mobile app, SaaS applications, software, and more. It’s fully responsive and includes a fully working contact form.

20. Comply - Free Product Splash Page

The Comply template was built to help you create a product splash page for free. It has multiple sections for product screenshots, features, and reviews. It’s responsive and can be customized.

21. Landing -  Free Bootstrap Landing Template

Landing Free Bootstrap Landing Template

The Landing is a free Bootstrap template suitable for any type of landing page. It features smooth scroll animations, header slider, pricing tables, and an accordion for frequently asked questions.

22. Frame - Multiconcept Landing Page Template

The Frame template includes features such as parallax backgrounds, customer or client reviews, pricing tables, and other necessary sections to promote your offer.

23. Kindle - Ebook Splash Page Template  

The Kindle template is responsive and allows you to share details about the book as well as reviews from other readers.

24. Apex App - Free App Landing Page Template

The Apex App is another app landing page template with a modern design. The template comes with features such as fullscreen featured section, parallax video section, app screenshots and more.

25. Outing - Travel Agency Landing Page Template

This template is responsive and allows you to use full-width background images as well as share images of various destinations that are available in your packages. It also integrates with Google Maps.

26. Eventoz -  Free Event Landing Page

Eventoz Free Event Landing Page

The Eventoz template lets you gather signups and registrations for your next event. Aside from sharing event details, you can also include videos and images from past events, share reviews, and include a full timeline and schedule details.  

Get Your Landing Page Ready for 2019

As you can see, finding a quality free landing page template isn't impossible. Use the free landing templates to test the waters for your offer or to launch your product quickly without blowing through your budget. And if you’re ready to take your landing page to the next level, visit Envato Elements or ThemeForest and pick one of our premium splash page templates.

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