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25+ Free Trivia PowerPoint Templates (Jeopardy PPTs & More for 2021)

A trivia PowerPoint template is a fun way to engage with your audience. How about a Jeopardy PowerPoint template to help test their knowledge? Whether you're in a classroom, a business setting, or having fun at home, a PowerPoint quiz template can be a lot of fun. 

powerpoint template
Create a fun experience with a professionally designed premium PowerPoint quiz template. It's easy to customize!

In this article, we'll take a look at some free Jeopardy PowerPoint template designs, premium options, and some quick tips too. Download one today and easily insert your questions and content. It's a fun and simple way to share ideas and test knowledge.

While a free Jeopardy PowerPoint template might sound great, there are other options for trivia PowerPoint templates too. Did you know that a premium trivia PowerPoint template is often more than the design itself? Some of them even come with the gameplay functionality ready to go. So, all you need to do is click to reveal answers and easily jump back to your game board. 

Best Premium Trivia PowerPoint Template Designs on Envato Elements and GraphicRiver (With Unlimited Use)

So, why go premium? Check out these benefits:

  • Premium templates are good for commercial use. So, if you want to use your PowerPoint quiz template professionally, this is a strong option.
  • It's often easier to find what you need. Simply search and download. It's often that easy.
  • A premium PowerPoint template comes with more options. Want extra slides, graphics, and more? Then you'll definitely want to check out premium templates.

But sometimes, free is the budget we need to follow. We understand. Keep in mind, a free Jeopardy PowerPoint template isn't necessarily free of copyright or usage restrictions. Make sure to read all the terms when you download. You should also put aside extra time for customization, as free templates often lack options and extras.

powerpoint quiz template
This premium PowerPoint quiz template is perfect for challenging your audience in a fun way.

But what if you could get premium content at a fraction of the price? Save time, save money, and grab an awesome, premium template. Sounds awesome, right?

Then you might want to check out Envato Elements. There are thousands of beautifully designed PowerPoint templates to download. The best part is, one low price gets you access to all of them. With unlimited downloads, download as much as you like. It's a bargain price.

But it's not just a great resource for your next trivia PowerPoint template. Envato Elements includes fonts, stock photos, graphics, audio, and much more. All this is included with unlimited downloads. So, download everything your project needs, all in one place, for one price.

envato elements
Download unlimited premium PowerPoint template designs on Envato Elements.

So, if you're a creative professional, Envato Elements is an amazing bargain. For one low price, you get access to an entire library of professional content. No worrying about the price tag. Search and download whatever you need. It really saves time and money.

But what if you only need one or two files? Maybe you don't necessarily want unlimited access to a library of content. In this case, you might prefer GraphicRiver.

GraphicRiver is an excellent choice for professionally designed content. There's so many premium professional PowerPoint template designs to choose from. Browse thousands of designs and download only what you need. One price, one download. Keep things simple with GraphicRiver.

Find your next premium professional PowerPoint template design on GraphicRiver.

There's no subscription on GraphicRiver. It's a giant gallery of professional work, created by designers from around the world. Check it out. It's definitely worth a look. Download and support these wonderful creative designers today.

5 Best Premium PowerPoint Quiz Template Designs

Before we take a look at some awesome free Jeopardy PowerPoint template designs, let's look at some premium designs too. These are some of the offerings over on Envato Elements and GraphicRiver. Consider downloading one today, or enjoy the design inspiration:

1. Premium Trivia PowerPoint Template

powerpoint quiz template

This trivia PowerPoint template is perfect for testing your audience. It's got 30 unique slides, so there's plenty to work with here. You could use and adapt this presentation for more than one project. 

2. Trivia Jeopardy PowerPoint Template

jeopardy powerpoint template

This PowerPoint template was specifically designed to fit a Jeopardy like format. If you're specifically looking for a Jeopardy PowerPoint template, this is a great fit. All the functionality has already been created for you. 

3. Custom Jeopardy PowerPoint Template

quiz jeopardy powerpoint template

Here's another customizable Jeopardy PowerPoint template. It's really fun to jump in and add your own questions. All the functionality is complete. Customize the colors and content for your trivia project.  

4. Quiz Trivia PowerPoint Template Design

trivia powerpoint template

This is a stylish PowerPoint quiz template. It comes with an amazing 70 unique slides you can customize. This is great for trivia questions, but could work for other projects too. 

5. Multipurpose PowerPoint Quiz Template 

Multipurpose PowerPoint Quiz Template

This multipurpose PowerPoint template could work for a whole host of projects. Use it for your trivia presentation, and then adapt it for other ones too. With over 100 unique slides, there's plenty to work with here. 

25 Top Free Trivia and Jeopardy PowerPoint PPT Templates to Download for 2021

Premium is a great option, but sometimes free is the way we've got to go. Did you know that both Envato Elements and GraphicRiver offer free downloads too? There's awesome, monthly freebies you can pick up every month! They change monthly too, so there's always new downloads.

Check out these free downloads today.

  • Envato Elements offers 12 free downloads a month. Simply sign up here for free to take advantage of these monthly free files. All you've got to do is sign in and download.
  • Envato Market also offers monthly freebies. This includes GraphicRiver and other members of the Envato Market family. Sign up, log-in, and download this month's free files today.

Now let's check out some more awesome, free files you can download right now: 

1. Free Jeopardy PowerPoint Template Trivia Night

This trivia PowerPoint template was designed for questions. This can be a really entertaining way to interact with your audience. Share your content with trivia today.

2. Free Jeopardy PowerPoint Template With Score

Here's a template that makes use of a Jeopardy format. Give this free template a download today. Customize it with your own questions. 

3. Free True or False PowerPoint Quiz Template

If you'd rather focus on a true or false experience, try this template out. It can be another fun way to engage your audience and reinforce your content. 

4. Free PowerPoint Quiz Template

powerpoint quiz template

Quizzes are a great way to test your knowledge. It's a great fit for classroom environments, but could work well in a business setting too. 

5. Free Yellow PowerPoint Quiz Template

Prefer a brighter color scheme? Give this free PowerPoint quiz template a look. Customize it with your own content and color choices today.

6. Minimalistic Choice Board Free PowerPoint Quiz Template

If you prefer something more minimalist, you may prefer a design like this one. Quizzes don't necessarily have to be colorful. Try something understated, like this free template. 

7. Idea Bulb Minimalist Free PowerPoint Template Design

If you're looking for a multipurpose PowerPoint template, this is a good fit. It can be adapted into a trivia PowerPoint template. 

8. Free Jeopardy PowerPoint Template Funny

free jeopardy powerpoint template

Isn't this a fun free Jeopardy PowerPoint template? It's colorful, welcoming, and free! Give this fun free download a try today.

9. Free Jeopardy PowerPoint Template With Score

Here's another free Jeopardy PowerPoint template you can try out today. Keep score and test your students, colleagues, or audience today.

10. Colorful Free PowerPoint Quiz Template

Quiz your audience with this free PowerPoint template. It's a free download, so there's no risk. Download it, customize it, and give it a try.

11. Free Trivia PowerPoint Template

powerpoint quiz template

Trivia night could work great in a classroom, especially with remote learning. Or consider using this for personal use. PowerPoint doesn't have to be only for business!

12. Multiple Choice Free PowerPoint Template

Prefer a multiple choice format? Then this template might be exactly what you're looking for. Give this one a look today and customize it with your questions. 

13. Matching Free PowerPoint Quiz Template Game

Matching can be another great way to convey your content. Make things more interactive and memorable with this free PowerPoint quiz template. 

14. Free Jeopardy PowerPoint Template for Classrooms

jeopardy powerpoint template

A Jeopardy PowerPoint template can be a fun way to engage your students. Test their knowledge in a fun, group setting with a template like this one. This works great for remote learning too.

15. Fun Energetic Free PowerPoint Template Design

This is a fun, multipurpose PowerPoint template. Adapt it into the perfect trivia PowerPoint template for your next presentation. 

16. School Game Board Free PowerPoint Template

How about a board game inspired approach? This one could work well for trivia, but has even more fun ideas you could try. 

17. Light Bulb Question Free PowerPoint Theme

trivia powerpoint template

Here's another multipurpose template with a lot of potential. Use it for trivia questions, and then use it for other presentation purposes too. 

18. Multiple Choice Free PowerPoint Quiz Template

Multiple choice is another way you can test your audience's knowledge. Give this approach a try in this free PowerPoint template design.

19. Free Creative PowerPoint Theme

This fun multipurpose PowerPoint template has a lot of potential. Use it for trivia or build a Jeopardy like presentation using this free download. 

20. Dice Game Free PowerPoint Quiz Template

This free template has some really fun ideas. Check this one out if you're interested in gamifying your presentations.

21. Free Medical Jeopardy PowerPoint Template

medical jeopardy powerpoint template

A Jeopardy theme can work for a variety of industries and disciplines. This PowerPoint theme was designed for medical terms. You could customize it for any subject you like.

22. Simple Free PowerPoint Template Design

This simple template is easy to customize. Adapt it for questions, trivia, and more. It could work for a variety of design situations. 

23. Free Quiz Show Themed Power Point Template

Quiz your audience in a fun, interactive way with this free PowerPoint template. This template is free, easy to download, and you can give it a try today.

24. Free PowerPoint Quiz Template Learning Board Game

powerpoint quiz template

This free PowerPoint template is so much fun. It takes a really creative approach on interactive gameplay. This one is definitely worth a look. Check it out today!

25. Choice Board Free PowerPoint Quiz Template

Let your audience make the choice in this free PowerPoint template. Keep things interactive and interesting for them. PowerPoint templates have the potential to be a lot of fun.

How to Customize a Trivia PowerPoint Template

So, you've found the perfect trivia PowerPoint template. What's next? Let's take a look at this free Jeopardy PowerPoint template together. We'll walk through some quick tips to help you customize it. 

Here's the premium Jeopardy PowerPoint template we'll use in this demonstration. This one even comes with printable currency, so you really can give your audience something when they win questions. 

Feel free to use this free trivia PowerPoint template to work along. Otherwise, you can use a different PowerPoint template of your choice. These skills will transfer to any design.

jeopardy powerpoint template
Download this premium jeopardy PowerPoint template today on Envato Elements. The functionality is all ready to go!

Let's get started:

1. Navigate Through Your Slides

To navigate through your slides, take a look at the left hand side of your screen. This area is highlighted in the screenshot, below. We can scroll through our slides here. Click on any of the thumbnails to jump to that slide. 

This is important to note. Many PowerPoint templates will come with slides already created for you like this. In this particular template, the links have already been created for us too. 

powerpoint navigate slides

2. Edit Your Text

You'll need to edit the text in your trivia PowerPoint template. That's one of the biggest parts (and the most fun too!). 

In this example, I started with the Jeopardy Board slide. This is where the audience will choose questions. To edit the text, simply click on it to make it active. Then, we can type and edit as we would in most word processing software.

We can also make formatting edits to the text in the area highlighted below. Change the text, formatting, color, and more. 

jeopardy powerpoint template

3. Change the Design Theme

You can customize your slides in other ways, too. For example, go to the Design tab. 

We can easily preview different themes that we could apply to our slides. For example, I've moused over the second one here. Notice how it's made aesthetic changes to my slide. These themes can be a great way to easily try out a new look. Browse through them and give them a try.

powerpoint jeopardy quiz

4. Customize the Background Color

But let's say we want to use a specific, custom background color. Let's give that a try too.

We're still in the Design tab. This time, click on Customize. Then, click Format Background.

This opens up the Format Background options, as shown below. In this example, I selected Solid Fill, and then selected a blue background color. Experiment with these settings to change the look of your slides.

powerpoint background color

5. Add Custom Artwork and Images

You may also want to add custom images to your slides. Start at the Insert tab.

Then, click on Pictures. This is highlighted below. You'll want to select your source. In this case, I chose This Device, which chooses an image from my computer. I decided to import this image from Envato Elements

Once the image is imported, we can click to reposition, resize, and rotate the image. 

powerpoint images

Discover More Top Microsoft PowerPoint Template Designs

Want to check out even more PowerPoint template designs? There's plenty more to see on Envato Tuts+. Add these designs to your collection, or enjoy some extra PowerPoint design inspiration:

Learn More About Making Great PowerPoint Presentations in 2021

If you're looking to learn more about PowerPoint, we've got you covered. Check out these free PowerPoint tutorials from Envato Tuts+. It's free to start learning right now.

What Kind of PowerPoint Quiz Template Will You Create?

So, what kind of PowerPoint quiz template will you make? Will you create a PowerPoint quiz template? Or maybe something like Jeopardy is best for your content? Either way, making a fun, interactive PowerPoint presentation is a great idea. Engage your audience in an entertaining way.

Remember to check out Envato Elements. It's a great choice if you're looking for professional assets at a bargain price. Download a new PowerPoint quiz template, stock photos, images, and more. Everything is included with unlimited downloads.

Or stop by GraphicRiver. It's a huge list of quality content, including trivia PowerPoint template designs. Download only what you need, no subscription required.

Why not get started on your PowerPoint presentation right now? Good luck with your next design!

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