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14 Best Free Family Feud PowerPoint PPT Game Templates 2022

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Who remembers the fun game show, Family Feud? It typically involved two families squaring off to provide answers that best match survey results. And while the show has gone through many iterations over the years, it’s still a beloved favorite to many. 

A family playing a board game togetherA family playing a board game togetherA family playing a board game together
Family Feud is a time-tested game that's fun for the whole family. Image from Envato Elements.

Such a favorite that a lot of people like to use the game’s premise for their own purposes. From the classroom to family parties to holiday-themed get-togethers, do-it-yourself Family Feud is definitely a thing. 

But if you want to recreate the classic game yourself, how can you pull it off?

The answer is actually “in PowerPoint.” Surprising? Perhaps, but it’s possible and easy to do thanks to PPT templates. Today, we’ll offer up several free suggestions for creating your own Family Feud-style game using just a PowerPoint template and your own creativity. 

Family Feud PPT Game Templates on Envato Elements 

When you embark on a quest to create a Family Feud-style game in PowerPoint, you might be under the impression you need to create it yourself – from scratch. But luckily, this isn’t the case at all. In fact, you can find many game PPT templates on Envato Elements to use right now. 

Explore PowerPoint Templates

Envato Elements templatesEnvato Elements templatesEnvato Elements templates
You can find a variety of gaming templates on Envato Elements.

These templates make it a snap to create a Family Feud game in PowerPoint without having to create the design elements and layouts yourself.

Plus, you can find a wide variety of other PowerPoint templates as well as graphic resources for many other apps and software. And the best part? Access requires a low monthly subscription fee. This nets you unlimited downloads of many different types of digital assets. 

This is a great option if you really only need to buy a single template and won’t have a need for a subscription. 

5 Premium Family Feud PowerPoint Game Templates to Use Right Now

If you’re looking for premium features and more control over the finished product, then you may wish to consider using a premium Family Feud PowerPoint game template. There are several game-themed templates available on both Envato Elements and GraphicRiver worth checking out. 

Here are just a handful to consider:

1. Rank Video Game PowerPoint Template

Rank Video Game PPT templateRank Video Game PPT templateRank Video Game PPT template

First up is the Rank Video Game PowerPoint Template. This template can be used for showcasing any sort of game content you can think of, including any Family Feud-type games. This template is intended for presentations relating to esports and game development. But you can customize it to suit any game-related purpose.

Some of its features include 30 slides, resizable graphics, web fonts, and straightforward drag-and-drop editing.

2. Hino Gaming PowerPoint Presentation Template

hino gaming powerpoint presentation templatehino gaming powerpoint presentation templatehino gaming powerpoint presentation template

Another great template option is the Hino Gaming PowerPoint Template. This one is designed mostly for video game content. But you could easily use it for your next family game night too. And the best part is it’s even more broadly multipurpose than that and can be used for marketing or agency-style presentations.

Stand-out features include 30 slides, easy-to-edit colors, shapes, and elements and widescreen resolution. It also comes with help files for your reference

3. Gaming PowerPoint Template

gaming ppt templategaming ppt templategaming ppt template

Or you may wish to consider the Gaming PowerPoint Template from Envato Elements. This template is multipurpose too and can be used for any marketing or business need. But it includes gaming-specific elements that make it a great choice for creating a Family Feud game. 

Gaming includes a wide range of features including over 150 slides, five color choices, and a variety of animated slides, section breaks, and picture placeholders for drag-and-drop editing.

4. Gamelous - Game Studio PowerPoint Template

gamelous game studio powerpoint templategamelous game studio powerpoint templategamelous game studio powerpoint template

Then there’s the Gamelous PPT template, which is actually a pitch deck or media kit presentation template. And while you can certainly use it as such, it also makes a great choice for creating a Family Feud game. This is a great option if you really only need to buy a single template and won’t have a need for a subscription. 

This template comes with 30 different layouts in a high resolution and placeholders so you can drag and drop your images into place. It also comes with a variety of slides centered around the gallery and service-style presentations. It also comes with a free font for your convenience.

5. Gameleon - Gaming Studio PowerPoint Template

gameleon gaming studio templategameleon gaming studio templategameleon gaming studio template

The last of our premium options is the Gameleon Gaming Studio PowerPoint Template. This template features a modern design that makes it uniquely suited for gaming content. But its sleek layout and attention to detail make it a great choice for any sort of business or portfolio style presentation, too.

Some of its features include over 80 unique slides, image placeholders, a strong emphasis on typography, editable charts, and full PDF documentation. This is a great option if you really only need to buy a single template and won’t have a need for a subscription. 

14 Top Free Family Feud Game-Themed PowerPoint PPT Templates to Download (2022)

Whether you’re wanting to kickstart a family game night on a budget or you want to better engage with your students. The following selection of free Family Feud game PowerPoint templates will help you get started. 

Before looking for a Family Feud PowerPoint game template for free on the web, check Envato's free offerings first. Try out various premium template files (not always Family Feud template free PowerPoint downloads) at no cost to you.
Free Premium FilesFree Premium FilesFree Premium Files
Each month, Envato Elements offers premium assets for free download. Check out this month's offerings now!

Here's the deal:

  • Every month Envato Elements offers 12 different hand-selected files, (fonts, presentations, videos, and more). Create a free account to download this month's free premium files now.

If you can't find a free premium template to try, you may want to explore some of the free Family Feud templates we have online. Here's a list of some of the best options:

1. Family Feud Template by Rusnak Creative

family feud template family feud template family feud template

This template by Rusnak Creative includes full instructions for editing, which is a real-time saver.

2. Family Feud PPT Template

This template is an ideal choice for work presentations or “getting to know you” meetings. It could easily work in the classroom setting as well.

3. Game Show Tool Kit PowerPoint Template

Or you could opt for the Game Show Tool Kit template. It comes with an interactive game show board that you can edit with your specific questions and answers. 

4. Game Christmas Family Feud PowerPoint Template PPT

If you’re looking for a way to liven up your family Christmas tradition, this is the way. This template lets you add people’s names and custom questions to it. 

5.  Family Feud Template

This straightforward Family Feud template free PowerPoint download is great for parties or corporate gatherings. 

6. DNA DAY Family Feud - PowerPoint PPT Template

If you want to collect family health history in a more interesting way, this presentation template is a surefire choice. 

7. Family Feud PowerPoint Presentation

family feud ppt presentationfamily feud ppt presentationfamily feud ppt presentation

Or you could opt for this presentation template, which includes bold graphics and styles that befit the original game show. 

8. Free Valentine’s Day Family Feud Game

Engage your family or classroom with a Valentine’s Day-themed round of Family Feud. This template comes with built-in sounds, timers, and scorekeeping features.

9. Family Feud PPT Template

Sometimes keeping things simple is best. This free Family Feud PowerPoint template makes it easy to set up a game that you and your family can enjoy. 

10. Class Feud PPT Template

Capturing a student's attention can be a challenge at times but you can help matters by breaking things up with a round of Class Feud. This template makes it easy to create a custom game for your classroom. 

11. Family Feud General School PPT

This free Family Feud PowerPoint template is made for use by teachers and includes a design and layout that can be customized for any subject. 

12.  Family Feud - A Comparison of the West and Midwest Regions of the USA

family feudfamily feudfamily feud

And here’s a classroom-based free Family Feud PowerPoint template that focuses on comparisons between the west and midwest regions of the U.S. 

13. Free Digital Family Feud PPT Template

This free template is great for a fun classroom break or relationship-building exercise in-class. 

14. CVC Words Family Feud PowerPoint Template

If you’re trying to think of creative ways to drill down CVC words for your students, this CVC word-specific Family Feud template free PowerPoint download is a clear option. 

5 Quick Tips To Make Great Family Feud Game-Themed Presentations in 2022

With your chosen template in hand, now’s the time to get to customizing. But if you’re unsure how to do that – or how to pull off the best Family Feud game in PowerPoint – we have some tips for you. 

1. Do Your Research 

Any Family Feud game you want to create needs to have plenty of research done upfront so the game works well. That is, you need to spend time coming up with questions and answers that the players will enjoy answering while still offering a bit of a challenge. 

Create several categories that you think might resonate, then come up with questions and many answers for each. 

2. Incorporate Sounds 

A great way to engage your players is to include the classic game sounds in the game. Thankfully, you can easily add sounds to your PowerPoint presentation. A presentation like Socran makes it easy to assign sound effects to various animations, button clicks, and for when certain slides play. 

Socran PPT templateSocran PPT templateSocran PPT template

3. Include Animations 

Another way to engage your players is to ensure there are animations in between certain game elements. For instance, when each survey result is revealed, they could slide in or out, flip up or down, and so forth. 

The Gaming PPT template offers several animation styles and options to choose from. 

gaming ppt templategaming ppt templategaming ppt template

4. Be Creative

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when putting together a rousing game of Family Feud. If you’re not creating the game for a specific themed event, classroom topic, or holiday, consider assigning a theme to the game to give your research efforts more focus. 

5. Embrace the Full Screen

Your game of Family Feud will really be best enjoyed played full screen either on a computer monitor or on your TV. This will allow your players to feel more immersed in the game. 

The Hino Gaming PPT Template offers high resolution, HD screen sizing for all slides. 

Hino gaming ppt templateHino gaming ppt templateHino gaming ppt template

Discover More Top PowerPoint PPT Template Designs

If none of the above templates appealed to you, or you’re looking to build a different type of presentation altogether, not to worry. We’ve compiled several collections of PowerPoint templates on various subjects and for several industries, so you can design with confidence. 

Learn More About Making Great PowerPoint Presentations in 2022

So, you’ve selected a template but what’s next? If you’re stumped as to how to proceed with PowerPoint customization, we’ve published many PowerPoint tutorials in the past that can help you build an engaging presentation quickly. 

Create an Eye-Catching Family Feud Game PowerPoint Presentation

It’s never been easier to create a fun game of Family Feud at home, using PowerPoint. And you don’t have to go it alone. You can use a game-themed or Family Feud PowerPoint template from Envato Elements to get started. 

It’s easy to get started, so why not make the first step toward a lively game night right now? 

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