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25 Best Free Winter PowerPoint PPT Templates Slide & Backgrounds 2020


Hot chocolate made? Check. Gifts wrapped? Check. Ski trip planned? Check.

PowerPoint presentation finished? No worries if the answer is "no." With the help of Winter presentation templates, you can create a seasonally sensational design. It'll help you get back to enjoying the best of the winter season.

Winter season background intro
Winter PowerPoint backgrounds help capture the spirit of the season. You'll see the best of them in templates in this tutorial. (Premium template)

We've got winter templates for free, plus far more advanced designs. With the help of the top winter season backgrounds in pro designs, you'll create a presentation that's cooler than cold. Winter scene PowerPoint templates already have most of the design work completed for you. 

The Best Source for Winter Presentation Templates (With Unlimited Downloads)

You might have found this tutorial by searching for winter PowerPoint backgrounds for free. Later in this article, we'll show you several usable options for winter templates for free.

Make sure not to skip over this section, though. If you truly want the best winter PPT backgrounds, then Envato Elements is the best source. Not only does it include polished and professional winter theme templates, but the all-you-can-download subscription also makes it easy.

Winter scene PowerPoint templates Elements
Elements is an all-you-can-download subscription that includes the best winter season PowerPoint presentations.

On Elements, one license unlocks truly everything. You'll have countless winter scene PowerPoint templates plus add-ons like icons, graphics, photos, and more.

Not ready for a subscription? No problem. GraphicRiver is a simple way to source winter scene PowerPoint templates. It's a pay-as-you-go marketplace for winter templates. Just select a template, buy it, and start working with it immediately. You can even choose extras that complement winter season PowerPoint presentations like icon sets.

GraphicRiver winter season background
GraphicRiver has the best pay-as-you-go options for winter theme templates..

Five Premium Winter PowerPoint Templates From Envato Elements & GraphicRiver

Let’s explore some of the best winter PowerPoint background designs from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver. Together, these are the top PowerPoint templates available today. They give you a major advantage over free winter themed PowerPoint templates. Here's our list:

1. Winter PowerPoint 

Winter PowerPoint background

Packed with seasonal graphics, this winter PowerPoint background is the ideal complement to your next slide deck. Dive in and explore 30+ sleek slides, each one featuring a cool winter season background. It’s a top choice for slides on any subject.

2. Elsie PowerPoint Presentation 

Winter PowerPoint templates

With dozens of slides, Elise is a set of winter PowerPoint templates with a heavy image focus. With easy placeholders, quickly drop in all your favorite photos. Every slide is created with beautiful HD layouts.

3. Winter - Watercolour PowerPoint Template 

Winter template

An artistic winter template delivers style and warmth to any message. These beautifully illustrated slides fit the bill, with soft winter scenes throughout. It’s easy to add all your own content.

4. Christmas Package Business PowerPoint Template 

Winter presentation templates

In search of holiday winter presentation templates? Ring in the season in style with this colorful pack. It includes hundreds of festive slides spread across several color themes.

5. Aleta: Winter Fashion Style Lookbook PowerPoint 

Winter theme PowerPoint

This set of winter PowerPoint backgrounds is ready to help you with your next project. 100 slides are included, focused on many different themes. There are even device mockups to show off your app or site!

As you create slides with winter PowerPoint templates, consider icons.  These really help you bring content to life. Quick and fun custom icons are easy to add, and audiences always love them! 

25 Top Free Winter PowerPoint PPT Templates (Slide & Backgrounds to Download for 2020 Presentations)

Before looking for free winter PowerPoint templates on the web, check Envato's free offerings first. Try out various premium template files (not always a winter-themed template) at no cost to you.

Here's the deal:

Didn't find what you're looking for above? Dealing with a budget of nil? Sometimes it's just not possible to spring for a premium Microsoft PowerPoint winter theme like the ones you've already seen. 

In those cases, we've searched out winter templates (free) that are for the cost-conscious. Here are 25 usable options for free winter themed PowerPoint templates:

1. Winter Trees-Nature PowerPoint Templates 

Winter PowerPoint background free

Free winter-themed PowerPoint templates like this have an abstract style. This one has a cover and two other layouts that you can customize.

2. Free Cold Winter PowerPoint Template

This free winter PowerPoint background features someone holding a cup of hot cocoa. It’s a seasonal template that works for all kinds of presentations.

3. Sunset in Winter PowerPoint Templates 

Sunset tones star in this winter template free. Inside are borders that feature similar designs. 

4. Minima Free PowerPoint Template

Snow-capped mountains lend a cool vibe to this winter PowerPoint background free. The pack includes slides in a variety of layouts.

5. Winter Minimal Template

Winter template free

Wintry tones provide the backdrop for slides built in this winter theme PowerPoint. The slides inside include charts, maps, and more.

6. Free Cold Snowman PowerPoint Template

A cheerful snowman is on the cover of this free winter season background. The theme is built-in grayscale, making it an ink-saving option if you plan to print out your slides.

7. Free Wintertime PowerPoint Template

Here are winter scene PowerPoint templates featuring an icy forest. Using PPT’s built-in features, quickly adapt slides to your needs.

8. Free Oil Lamp PowerPoint Template

Oil lamps are a symbol of cold weather and can be used to illustrate your next slide deck. They feature prominently in these free winter themed PowerPoint templates.  

9. Winter Polar PowerPoint Templates

Trying to add some festive cheer? This free Microsoft PowerPoint winter theme has a smiling snowman on a blue backdrop with a snowflake border.  

10. Merry Christmas With Snowy Winter PPT Templates

Free winter PowerPoint templates

A Christmas winter theme template is a good seasonal offering to have in your PPT collection. This one has simple backgrounds that you can customize in the app. 

11. Winter Snowflakes PowerPoint Theme

This free winter PPT background has abstract snowflakes throughout. Add your own overlays like text and images. 

12. Timon

The Timon template uses cool tones of blue, green, and white. It’s a winter theme PowerPoint you can use year-round. 

13. Winter Rain Green PowerPoint Templates 

These are winter presentation templates featuring a rainy backdrop. The soft tones set the mood for slide decks on an array of subjects.

14. Back from Winter Break Presentation 

The Back from Winter template free features a smiling child headed back to school. Use it for school decks or any Microsoft PowerPoint winter theme.

15. Free Winter PowerPoint Template

Winter season background

This winter, PowerPoint background free has a lighted holiday village on the cover. It’s a warm opener to presentations on any subject you can imagine. 

16. Free Arctic PowerPoint Template

A versatile free winter template, this Arctic theme features a glacial backdrop. The slide backgrounds are dark blue with light text to offset.  

17. Happy Christmas PowerPoint Templates

Happy Christmas is a winter PowerPoint background with a holiday feel. It includes 48 slides, with assorted layouts for your use. 

18. Sheldon PowerPoint Template

Sheldon is a set of free widescreen winter PowerPoint templates. The various slide layouts let you add charts, photos, and other types of content. 

19. Free Snowboard PowerPoint Templates 

In search of a sports winter season background? Here are free winter PowerPoint templates featuring a snowboard and default slide layouts.

20. Winter Flowers PowerPoint Templates

Winter season PowerPoint presentations

This winter PowerPoint background free is made with flowers. They set the stage as a background or slide border, with both options inside the pack. 

21. Christmas PowerPoint Templates 

These free winter season PowerPoint presentations work for a variety of winter slides. Colorful tones abound on many slide layouts.

22. Winter Scene PowerPoint Templates 

A winter PowerPoint background free, this one shows a cabin beneath snowy skies. Each background fits your own text, photos, and so forth.

23. Free Frozen PowerPoint Template

Falling snowflakes make up this winter PowerPoint background free. It works with built-in layouts, along with your own content.

24. Free Winter Wonderland PowerPoint Template 

Here's a winter theme template with purple as the main color. It’s bordered in falling snowflakes on each slide.

25. Squirrel on Snow-Nature PPT Templates

Winter scene PowerPoint templates

The title says it all. Here, you've got a winter season background featuring a squirrel on a snowy backdrop. Inside, you’ll find a title and background slide. 

How to Quickly Make Great Winter PowerPoint Presentations

The best thing about winter PowerPoint templates is that they can easily adapt to fit your needs. In fact, you can quickly customize them in just five steps! Let's learn how.

We'll use the premium Winter PowerPoint template from Envato Elements for this tutorial.

PPT Winter PowerPoint background
Follow along by downloading the Winter PowerPoint deck from Envato Elements.

Let's get started:

1. Choose Your Slides

Winter presentation templates include a variety of slides with many layouts. Launch the template in PowerPoint and open the View tab. 

Slides winter PowerPoint backgrounds
Use View > Slide Sorter to select the slides you want to keep in your deck.

Then choose Slide Sorter. Hold down Shift and click to select the slides you don't want. To remove them, press Delete. To start editing, click Normal on the View tab.

2. Add Your Text

Text is likely the first thing you'll want to add to your winter theme PowerPoint. To change out the default text, click and drag to highlight it. Then, simply start typing. 

Text winter PowerPoint templates
To customize winter PowerPoint templates, simply type over the placeholder to update the text.

Repeat as necessary throughout the winter PowerPoint background deck.

3. Change Fonts

Many winter presentation templates feature beautiful custom fonts. But you don't have to use them. Highlight some text, then find the Font group on the Home tab. 

Font winter template
Customize the font size with the drop-down as shown to update your winter presentation templates.

Click on the dropdown to choose a different font. Here, you can also apply effects like bold and italics, or change font sizes.

4. Add a Winter Season Background

Adding a background to your winter theme template helps set the mood of your slides. If you're using a slide featuring an image placeholder, it's incredibly easy.

Photo winter season background
Use an image in your winter season background to complete your slide.

Browse to your image file, then drag it over the slide. Drop it on the placeholder, and PowerPoint will import and scale it perfectly. 

5. Change Shape Colors

Shape colors are easy to change on winter presentation templates. Click on an object, then find the Shape Format tab. Then choose the Shape Fill dropdown. There, you can click to change colors easily.

Color winter PPT background
Tweak the winter PPT background with the Shape Format > Shape Fill dropdown.

Discover More Great Microsoft PowerPoint Template Designs

PowerPoint templates are the secret to rapid design with professional results. In this tutorial, you saw some of the best winter PPT backgrounds in winter theme PowerPoints. We frequently share the latest PowerPoint templates in our always-up-to-date article, Microsoft PowerPoint Templates (Ultimate Guide to the Best PPT.)

Here are three selections of our best PowerPoint templates. You might even find designs that work as winter theme templates with a few tweaks.

Learn More About Making Awesome PowerPoint Presentations in 2020

So, you've seen the best winter PowerPoint backgrounds, many of which are included inside winter season PowerPoint presentations. Now what?

Time to learn more about how to use PowerPoint. These three tutorials pair perfectly with winter PPT backgrounds. Check them out and use what you know in combination with free winter themed PowerPoint templates and more:

Start Using Winter PowerPoint Templates Today

You just saw the web's best collections of winter templates. Most importantly, you saw that winter templates for free don't give you the most value.

With the help of premium winter templates, you save the most time while designing. That leaves you with more time to write content and practice your speaking points. Winter scene PowerPoint templates in premium designs are just so much more illustrative of the season.

Bundle up now and start working with any of these winter season background options. They're the best way to bring the holiday spirit of the outdoors to your presentation indoors.

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