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20 Best Free Microsoft Word Sample Press Release Templates to Download 2021

Press release templates give you the confidence to create a professional press release. With the help of a template, you'll have your press release done quickly. 

Wordly is one of the many high-quality premium templates to use as press release templates in Word on Envato Elements.

Are you having a hard time starting your next press release? Are you struggling to nail the design of your press release?

Press releases need to catch your audience's attention. If they don't, you'll have a hard time getting your project off the ground. This makes it essential for you to put your best foot forward in the press release. While you can find many free press release templates online, premium templates will give you the greatest chance of success. 

Check out all the top-selling templates to use as press release templates in Word available on Envato Elements. We've also got the best templates for press releases for single purchase on GraphicRiver. Don't miss this opportunity to create a stunning looking press release and impress your audience. 

Best Premium Templates for Word on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

Discover over five thousand of the best Microsoft Word templates to adapt for press releases on Envato Elements. For one low monthly fee, download as many templates as you want. You can also download all the other resources available on Envato Elements for your nonprofit such as:

  • web themes
  • photos
  • presentation templates
  • and more 

All Elements design templates available come ready to use. They feature modern designs and are fully customizable to help you make a professional looking press release.

If you only want a single template to use as a news release template, we've got you covered. With GraphicRiver you can download templates one at a time.

Let's now have a look at the top five sample press release templates available on Envato Elements and GraphicRiver.

5 Microsoft Word Sample Premium Templates for Press Releases on Envato Elements & GraphicRiver (For 2021)

Envato Elements and GraphicRiver have plenty of eye-catching press release templates. Below are a list of five of the top templates to use as press release templates available: 

1. Proposal 

Project ProposalProject ProposalProject Proposal

Proposal is a modern and stunning looking press release template Word. The font combined with the spacious design help this template look impressive. 

Here are a few main features of this sample template to use for press releases:

  • A4 size (8.27" x 11.69")
  • 12 pages custom document
  • free fonts used
  • fully editable

2. Annual Report 

Annual Report | MS Word & IndesignAnnual Report | MS Word & IndesignAnnual Report | MS Word & Indesign

If you want to use this as a press statement template, there are plenty of placeholders for you to add images. The gray and black theme works beautifully for this template. 

Here are the features you need to know about:

  • Microsoft Word (compatible with 2010 and higher version)
  • 32 pages custom document
  • includes file guide
  • can export to PDF

3. Letterhead Word

Try this as press release template for Word. It's got a bit more artistic design. It features colored paint strokes in the background for a more colorful template. 

Here are a few notable features for the template:

  • A4 Size with (0.25") bleed
  • well organized layers
  • 300 DPI, CMYK
  • print ready
  • fully customizable

4. Proposal Word

Proposal WordProposal WordProposal Word

The front cover of this looks template looks amazing. It features a broken up image into different sized squares. The blue theme adds a sense of professionalism. You'll even find icons to use in this template.

Here are some features that you will find helpful: 

  • A4 paper size with standard bleeds
  • 16 unique pages
  • print ready, CMYK, 300 DPI
  • quick and easy to customize templates

5. Proposal Template Word

Proposal Template WordProposal Template WordProposal Template Word

If you want to use this as a press statement template it includes charts and tables. If you're looking for a versatile press release template, this one works perfectly.

Here are a few notable features:

  • A4 paper size with standard bleeds
  • 20 unique pages
  • print ready, CMYK, 300 DPI
  • auto page numbering

In the next section, we'll look at the best free options available for your press release templates for Word.

20 Top Free MS Word Sample Press Release Template Examples to Download (2021)

If you are on a budget, you will be looking for free press release templates to download. In this section, we have collected twenty of the top press release templates.

First, let's talk about the free files that Envato Elements has to offer. 

This month's free files.This month's free files.This month's free files.
Each month Envato Elements offers a different selection of free files for you to try. You can also find free files each month on GraphicRiver.

Here's the deal:

If you didn't find what you're looking for above, here are some more free press release templates:

1. Tri-fold Brochure

This free press release template has a green color scheme. The front cover has plenty of room for an image. 

tri fold brochure bluetri fold brochure bluetri fold brochure blue

2. 15 Free Business Proposal Templates

There are fifteen free templates in this download. Each one is fully customizable. The downloads feature basic templates you can use for press releases. 

3. Business Brochure 2

This template free download is a tri-fold template. There are two dedicated spots on the template for images, which makes it great as a press release template. Headings and body paragraph placeholders are also present.

4. Tri-fold Brochure (Red and Black Design)

This template free download has a more modern design. There are placeholders for you to add your logo on the cover page. Use it as a press release template if you need a simple design.

5. Abstract Honeycomb Letterhead

This is a very simple and plain free template to use as free press release template. It features a gray honeycomb design in the header and footer. The page is completely blank for you to fill out your press release information. 

6. Blue Wave Letterhead

The background in this template free download is a blue wavy design. You can include all your companies contact information in the header if you decide to use it as a press release.

7. Sample Registration Notice

This sample registration notice can easily be transformed into a press release document. The template features a basic layout that is fully customizable. 

Sample Registration NoticeSample Registration NoticeSample Registration Notice

8. Legal Business Letterhead

This free template has a left hand red strip. The graphic on the template can be replaced with your company logo if you decide to use it as a free press release template. 

9. Career Plan Template

The Career Plan Template has a table of contents and placeholders for your images. This template is best for lengthy press releases. 

10. Painting Letterhead

The design features a stylish looking paint stroke on the left hand side. You can add any company information and logos to the header. This is a one page template. 

painting letterhead

11. Technology Brochure Template

This brochure has green and blue background colors in the header and footer. You'll also find layered images on of the pages.

12. Hexagonal Business Letterhead

This template free download is like the honeycomb letterhead. It features a simple one page design that makes it great as a free press release template. The background has a hexagonal shape design. 

13. For Sale Brochure Template

This free template features a red and yellow color scheme. You can place your company's information on the back of the brochure. The cover is great for adding an eye-catching image. 

sale brochure templatesale brochure templatesale brochure template

14. Ion Design

This is a very simple template. This is best to use if you already have a design in mind. If you're using it as a free press release template, it's fully customizable. 

15. Project Funding Proposal Template

The front cover of this free template has many sections. The top section lets you add your logo and title. The bottom sections allow you to add titles and a paragraph of text.

16. Yellow Brochure

If you've got good quality images to showcase, this free template will work well for you as a press release template. The design is very spacious and lets your images do the talking. 

Yellow BrochureYellow BrochureYellow Brochure

17. Banded Design

This is another very stripped down template. All that is featured is a title and a colored heading bar. 

18. Investment Proposal Template

This is a four page template. This has plenty of room for text and will work for lengthy press releases. The free template has a blue bar for the header and footer. 

19. Project Proposal Template

You can expect to find a table of contents in this template. There are twelve sections in the template.

Project Proposal templateProject Proposal templateProject Proposal template

20. Rose Suite Brochure

This is a more colorful free press release template. The color scheme features shades of pink and red. There are abstract circle shapes in the design. 

Now let's cover five quick tips for making news press releases in 2021.

5 Quick Tips to Make Great News Press Releases in Word 2021

Now it's time to take your press release templates to the next level. Below are five tips that'll improve your press release templates:

1. Provide a Call to Action

This is essential. Without a call to action, you'll have a hard time gaining traction with your press release. Make sure to use bolds and italics to highlight the call to action. Also be sure to include any hyperlinks. 

call to actioncall to actioncall to action
The premium Company Profile Word Template has a call to action.

2. Create an Attention Grabbing Headline

The headline in your press release is one of the most important elements. Having this engaging headline will pull in journalists to your press release. Be sure to make the headline accurate with what's in the press release. 

3. Include Your Contact Information

If you don't include contact information in your news release template, you'll be in trouble. There'll be no way for a journalist to contact you. Don't forget to add your contact details to either the beginning or end of the press release. 

Contact detailsContact detailsContact details
The premium Flower Word Wedding Invitation has spot right on the front for you to add contact details.

4. Limit of Two Pages

Press releases are meant to be short. This will force you to release only the most important information. Again, this is what journalists are looking for when the read press releases. Don't add any fluff text!

5. Show Off Your Multimedia

Images, infographics and videos are your number one tool for storytelling in your press release. Don't leave out any important multimedia that you have. This will give your press release the best chance of success.

Word Trip Email Newsletter (premium sample) features images to story tell.

Looking for even more press release templates that weren't covered in this article? In the next section we'll go over even more best-selling templates.

Discover More Top Microsoft Word Template Designs

The templates we covered are of quality. But they may not be exactly what you're looking for. Below are even more best-selling press release templates that you can download today. 

Need help learning how to make great Word documents? Don't miss out on the next section. 

Learn More About Making Great Word Documents in 2021

Microsoft Word is a fully featured document software. This can make it difficult to learn the ins and outs of the software. Envato Tuts+ has plenty of great resources to help you become more proficient in Microsoft Word. Below are three articles that are sure to help you learn the software. 

Before you check out the articles below, have a look at this comprehensive guide, MS Word tutorial guide

Create a Stunning Looking Press Release in 2021

Check out these best press release templates (and other templates) with popular and professional designs. Download your favorites now. These templates will help you save time, money, and frustration. 

Find more of the best templates to use as press releases from the Envato Elements selection. You can download as many templates as you want. You can also choose a single template from GraphicRiver!

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