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How to Earn Bundles From Your Blog Without Ever Selling Anything On It


Have you noticed this trend in blogging? Quite a few of the top bloggers don't sell anything on their blog.

That's right -- no banner ads, no pitches on the bottom of posts, no page full of affiliate products.

The blog is nothing but useful information and resources. Take a look at Derek Halpern's Social Triggers, for example.

Yet, these bloggers earn very well. For instance, recently popular blogger Jon Morrow announced he made $500,000 from his blog last year -- and yet you will look in vain for ads or even sales pitches on blog posts on his site, Boost Blog Traffic.

How is this possible? What is the secret of this sales-free blogging approach? I had a chance to buttonhole Jon at the New Media Expo recently and ask him.

Why no-sell earns more than soft-sell

I'm among the many bloggers who take a pretty soft-sell approach to pitching on my blog. I never allow third-party ads, I only have one hand-picked ad at a time, and I have other affiliate offers corralled off the home page under "Products I Love" tabs.

I don't like hard-sell blogs, don't visit them, and don't want to have one.

I feel comfortable presenting the occasional offer on my blog.

But let's just say I'm not making $500,000 from my blog.

So I was intrigued to learn why these top bloggers have pitch-free blogs -- and how they earn so much without ever mentioning their paid products or services on their blog!

As Jon explained it to me, selling directly on your blog is a triple negative for your blog-based business:

Selling on your blog ruins your engagement. When you provide useful content but then you turn it into a sales pitch at the end of the post, or you've got an ad, it stops people from commenting. They don't share your post in social media as much.

It also doesn't convert [sales] as well as the way I do it.

What do Jon and Derek and other blog ninjas do? They only sell on emails, to their subscriber list.

By keeping their blog pitch and ad-free, they focus entirely on building rapport and engagement with their audience -- getting those questions and comments, and responding to them.

These blogs are positioned as free gold mines of advice. What reader doesn't love that?

Then, when they approach subscribers to sell them something, more of them buy. Because the blogger has won their trust with their wide-open, all-free blog content.

Why email wins for marketing

This approach can work well for freelancers trying to attract clients through their blog -- provide useful tips to your customers on your posts and convince them you're at the top of your field with your expertise...then email them if you have a special offer or want to pitch your services.

Freelancers could employ this model to get prospects to sign up for an initial consultation that could result in ongoing work.

Consider taking it slow at first even on email, with freebie offers, too. For instance, most of Jon's emails send subscribers to free training videos...which then sell a big-ticket item such as a $600 course, for those who need to learn more.

Freelancers could employ this model to get prospects to sign up for an initial consultation that could result in ongoing work.

Why? Writing to someone on email to introduce a product feels more personal than reading a pitch on a blog.

You can customize the email to even say their first name, if you like.

Email is your chance to explain in more detail why you created this offer, and why you think it would help your clients.

Also, sending email marketing keeps your selling activity away from your blog.

Blowing off casual visitors

Of course, this leaves out casual visitors to your blog from buying anything, which makes me a bit nervous. Some 60 percent of my site visitors each month aren't subscribers!

But in reality, these casual visitors probably aren't buyers anyway, Jon said. They haven't made a commitment to stay in touch with you. They're not all crazy about what you're doing yet.

The fans are the people who buy your stuff. So if you want to earn more, and ads haven't been working for you, try concentrating on making fans on the blog, getting them to subscribe -- and then sell them through email.

Do you sell on your blog? Leave a comment and tell us your blog's monetizing strategy.

Photo credit: Some rights reserved by paolag.

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