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Fundamentals of Public Speaking (101) Introduction Guide

Public speaking is a valuable business skill that can help you succeed both professionally and personally if you master it. There are many advantages to having good public speaking skills. Here are just a few:

  • Helps you develop better writing & research skills
  • Gives you better employment prospects
  • Builds your self-confidence

Sadly, many people are uncomfortable with public speaking – so uncomfortable that numerous studies rank it as one of the top fears that people face. Not having good public speaking skills can cause you to miss out on the benefits of public speaking. If this describes you, it's not too late. 

Principles of Public Speaking
Are you ready to improve your public speaking skills? (Image Source:Envato Elements)

Fortunately, fear of public speaking can be overcome. You can learn to be comfortable speaking in public.

How to Become a Better Speaker

Are you ready to overcome your fear of public speaking? Learn the fundamentals of public speaking in this introduction to public speaking.  In this quick-start series, we cover the principles of good public speaking, one by one.

Jump into one of these comprehensive beginner tutorials teaching you how to become a better public speaker. Or bookmark this learning guide to start working through each helpful subject over the course of the next week.

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