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30+ Aesthetically Pleasing PowerPoint Templates (Free + Premium PPT Designs 2022)

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Great presentations feature great content. But it's not the only part of the package. You also need to present your PowerPoint in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Try using an aesthetic PowerPoint (PPT) template.

Svage Aesthetic PowerPoint templateSvage Aesthetic PowerPoint templateSvage Aesthetic PowerPoint template
Svage is just one of the premium aesthetically PowerPoint templates you can find in this article.

An aesthetically pleasing slideshow is a must so that your content doesn't go unnoticed. The problem is that most of Microsoft's built-in templates aren't what I would call aesthetically pleasing PowerPoint templates. Use these flat templates, and you run the risk of losing your audience to yet another boring PowerPoint presentation.

That's why we use custom aesthetic PowerPoint templates as an alternative. When you use professionally created designs, you already have all the slides that you need for a successful presentation.

In this article, all the templates give you aesthetic PowerPoint ideas! They've got all the needed placeholders so that you can drop your content in. Let's jump in.

5 Best Aesthetic PowerPoint Templates From Envato Elements (Premium PPT 2022)

When you're looking for aesthetic PowerPoint ideas, don't think that you've got to do it all from scratch! The best PowerPoint presentations often start with a bit of help. That can come in the form of premium aesthetic templates from Envato Elements.

Popular Aesthetic PPTs on PowerPointPopular Aesthetic PPTs on PowerPointPopular Aesthetic PPTs on PowerPoint
Popular premium Aesthetic PPTs on Envato Elements

Premium aesthetic PowerPoint templates from Envato Elements are the best way to show off your ideas. The offer is unbeatable:

For the price of a monthly subscription, you'll have unlimited access to the Envato Elements digital asset library. That means unlimited downloads of aesthetic slideshows, fonts, WordPress templates, and more.

Envato Elements Design Without LimitsEnvato Elements Design Without LimitsEnvato Elements Design Without Limits

In this section, you'll see premium aesthetic template options from Envato Elements. Download and try them for the most aesthetically pleasing PowerPoint slides you've built.

1. Muli™ Minimalist PowerPoint Presentation

MULI Aesthetic TemplateMULI Aesthetic TemplateMULI Aesthetic Template

MULI is an aesthetic template for PowerPoint with minimal design. The touches of color on each slide add to the modern style of the presentation. With 90 unique slides at your disposal, you'll have an easy time creating the aesthetic PPT you need. 

2. Svage PowerPoint

Svage Aesthetic PresentationSvage Aesthetic PresentationSvage Aesthetic Presentation

Are you starting a fashion house or running a boutique creative agency? Svage has the perfect, stylish look for display videos or a client pitch deck. The design is minimal and has vibrant colors. Svage includes 35 slides, so you can create your aesthetic presentation. 

3. ATTRACTIVE – Multipurpose PowerPoint Presentation

Attractive Aesthetic PowerPoint TemplateAttractive Aesthetic PowerPoint TemplateAttractive Aesthetic PowerPoint Template

ATTRACTIVE is a beautifully crafted aesthetic PowerPoint presentation. With 25 different slides, 10 color themes, and custom image placeholders, you’ll find slides ready for all types of content. Also included are pre-built animations and transitions to help everything flow smoothly.

4. Visionary - Attractive PowerPoint Design

Aesthetic PowerPointAesthetic PowerPointAesthetic PowerPoint

A top choice in aesthetic PowerPoint templates, this flexible design is ready to support any message. Quickly adapt it to your brand with over 20 color themes included. Then begin adding content with 80 unique slides and a large icon pack.

5. G E O M E T R Y  Minimal PowerPoint Template

Aesthetic PowerPoint presentationAesthetic PowerPoint presentationAesthetic PowerPoint presentation

This minimalist offering makes use of geometric patterns. The results makes some aesthetically pleasing PowerPoint slides. Whether you’re a startup founder, marketer, or project manager, this one is an excellent choice for you. It comes with 77 custom slide themes and over 200 icons.

5 More Premium Aesthetic PowerPoint PPT Templates From GraphicRiver (For 2022)

If you think you won't take advantage of an Envato Elements subscription, head over to GraphicRiver. You can find premium aesthetic templates for PowerPoint, but available for single purchase. Just like Envato Elements, GraphicRiver items have a clear usage license.

GraphicRiver Premium Aesthetic Templates for PowerPointGraphicRiver Premium Aesthetic Templates for PowerPointGraphicRiver Premium Aesthetic Templates for PowerPoint
Choose from a great selection of premium aesthetic PPTs on GraphicRiver.

Here are five top aesthetic PowerPoint presentation templates available from GraphicRiver in 2022:

1. Beauty Market PowerPoint Presentation Template

Beauty Market Aesthetic SlideshowBeauty Market Aesthetic SlideshowBeauty Market Aesthetic Slideshow

The beauty industry thrives on aesthetics. That's why Beauty Market is the perfect template for your spa or beauty product line. This aesthetic slideshow has 51 different sides in full HD resolution. 

Each slide is fully animated. Edit what you need in a matter of clicks. It even has a help file if you ever have trouble getting started. 

2. UNIGRAPH - Minimal & Portfolio Template (PPTX)

Unigraph Aesthetic PresentationUnigraph Aesthetic PresentationUnigraph Aesthetic Presentation

Unigraph is a creative, versatile presentation template for PowerPoint. Its design places a heavy emphasis on letting imagery do the talking. Adding your photos is easy thanks to drag and drop support. 

This aesthetic template has many useful elements, like charts, infographics, maps, and more. You'll love Unigraph's modern design for your portfolio. 

3. Smart House PowerPoint Presentation Template

SmartHouse Aesthetic PresentationSmartHouse Aesthetic PresentationSmartHouse Aesthetic Presentation

Blue is a popular color in design this year. SmartHouse uses it effectively in this aesthetic presentation. The theme is minimal but leaves room for your brand to make its mark. On top of 51 unique slides, SmartHouse includes:

  • one-click color changes
  • fully animated slides
  • free updates
  • help file 

4. Ronix Creative Theme

Aesthetic PowerPoint PresentationAesthetic PowerPoint PresentationAesthetic PowerPoint Presentation

The Ronix Creative Theme is an aesthetic presentation driven by versatility. It's got over 300 slides and 16 custom themes, making it easily adaptable to your needs. Each shares an attractive, stylish design that any audience will love.

5. Attractive Pitch Deck - PowerPoint Presentation

Aesthetic PowerPoint SlidesAesthetic PowerPoint SlidesAesthetic PowerPoint Slides

An aesthetic template like this one will help you launch your business with PowerPoint. It's got all the elements of an essential business pitch deck:

  • infographics
  • team introductions
  • price plans
  • device mockups

Aesthetic PowerPoint Templates (Free Download)

The choices above are some of the most aesthetically pleasing PowerPoint slides that you can find. Typically, premium aesthetic PowerPoint templates produce the best results. 

Free Files from Envato ElementsFree Files from Envato ElementsFree Files from Envato Elements
Each month Envato Elements offers a different selection of free files for you to try. You can also find free files each month on Envato Elements.

Before looking for free aesthetic PowerPoint templates on the web, check Envato's free offerings. Try out various premium template files (not always aesthetic PowerPoint templates) at no cost to you.

Here's the deal: 

  • Every month Envato Elements offers 12 different hand-selected files. These include fonts, presentations, videos, and more. Create a free account to download this month's free premium files now.

  • Or try Envato Market for free. They offer seven handpicked monthly freebies. Log in with your Envato Market account to get this month's handpicked premium freebies

But sometimes, your budget has to be zero. In that case, turn to the free aesthetic PowerPoint templates with free downloads below:

1. Business Sales Presentation on Product or Service

Aesthetic PowerPoint Templates FreeAesthetic PowerPoint Templates FreeAesthetic PowerPoint Templates Free

Selling templates help you introduce your offerings to potential customers. This aesthetic PowerPoint makes use of architecture in its appearance, symbolizing growth. It includes a basic set of slides that you can customize after downloading.

2. Balthasar Presentation Template

With 25 slide designs, this free aesthetic template is built for numbers-based presentations. You’ll find simple placeholders and basic transitions already added. They'll streamline the process of building slides. The dark background helps text stand out in a crowded room.

3. Polaris

Aesthetically pleasing PowerPoint slides have a few things in common. They use stylish custom fonts, sleek layouts, and beautiful images. All these are utilized in Polaris, across 100+ slides.

4. Roderigo Presentation Template

This aesthetic PowerPoint presentation uses graphics that appear hand-drawn to illustrate points. Adjust it by using PowerPoint’s built-in colors. There are also charts, maps, and tables included that you can quickly fill in.

5. Free Coffee Beans PowerPoint Template

Aesthetic PowerPoint templates freeAesthetic PowerPoint templates freeAesthetic PowerPoint templates free

Using free aesthetic PowerPoint templates is a way to leverage unique designs. Such is the case here, with graphics made out of coffee beans. These are utilized across a set of simple slide layouts and placeholders.

6. Science Project Presentation (Widescreen)

Sharing a science project isn’t just about the results. It’s also vital to show off data using an aesthetic, attractive design. This free template allows that, with lab illustrations and custom infographics built in.

7. Thaliard Presentation Template

The Thaliard template is a professional layout appropriate for data-driven presentations. The 16:9 layout fits popular widescreen projectors. Twenty-five unique aesthetic slide designs can be readily customized to fit your purposes.

8. Free Brush Strokes PowerPoint Template 

Brush strokes give this aesthetic PowerPoint template a handmade look. It’s a helpful template if you’re sharing off your art portfolio. The abstract design is flexible enough to fit in with many types of messages.

9. Abstract Squares PowerPoint Templates

This is a free multipurpose aesthetic PowerPoint design. Included are 48 slides and abstract graphics throughout. You’ll find charts, infographics, text, photos, and more.

10. Water Colored Splashes PowerPoint Template

Aesthetic Powerpoint templates freeAesthetic Powerpoint templates freeAesthetic Powerpoint templates free

Thirty-six slides with a variety of layouts enable quick edits in this aesthetic template. The embedded charts are editable in Excel, to smoothly add in your data. The vector graphics are all adjustable.

11. Pastel Watercolor Painted PowerPoint Template

An aesthetic PowerPoint presentation like this one uses pastel colors in slide design. This attractive palette means that content stands out. Here, it stands alongside 135 icons and three dozen layouts.

12. Gear Icon Graphic PowerPoint Templates

These gear graphics bring aesthetic and attractive design to your business slides. They’re offset against a dark yellow background and supported by a full set of content placeholders. Included are standard and widescreen versions.

13. Free Attractive PowerPoint Template

This simple aesthetic PowerPoint can be used for any presentation. Alter the colors with built-in themes and design options. Then drop in your content, and you’ll have a slide deck ready in no time.

14. Free Golden PowerPoint Template

This gold template brings attractive colors to your slides. It includes three themes, based on gold, white, and dark gray palettes. Additionally, there are charts, icons, bullet lists, and more.

15. Free Pattern Presentation Template

Aesthetic PowerPoint Templates FreeAesthetic PowerPoint Templates FreeAesthetic PowerPoint Templates Free

A full set of layouts and themes comes with this free aesthetic PowerPoint template. There are 2,400 icons, 50 device mockups, and a map of the world. Creative flexibility lies in your hands.

16. DUOTONE | Free PowerPoint & Keynote Template

Duotone has an attractive, ethereal style inspired by neon lights. Each element is customizable in PowerPoint, so you can easily make it your own. The pack includes a wide array of infographics and charts to visually illustrate data.

17. FREE - Ravi Presentation Template

With maps, mockups, and more, templates like this enable your aesthetic PowerPoint ideas. This design is print-ready and supported by widescreen displays. Custom content is quickly added right inside of PowerPoint.

18. Waveform

Waveform delivers a simple aesthetic style in a 4:3 format. Creative edits are left up to you. In PowerPoint, you can insert your content onto each slide to fit your goals.

19. Atlas

Free aesthetic PowerPoint templates like Atlas deliver a quick set of essential slides that you can adjust. This one contrasts your content against a clean background. Remember to explore PowerPoint’s built-in color themes to change up the look and feel of your slides.

20. NOWCO - Free Corporate PowerPoint Template

Aesthetic PowerPoint template freeAesthetic PowerPoint template freeAesthetic PowerPoint template free

This aesthetic PowerPoint template is made for your business. It uses free fonts throughout the plethora of unique slide layouts. The colors are rapidly adjustable using built-in tools for style.

How to Customize Your Aesthetic PowerPoint Template

Once you’ve picked out what template you want to use, you’ll want to customize it. In this tutorial, we’ll use the premium Toetiec PowerPoint Presentation template.

Toetic PowerPoint PresentationToetic PowerPoint PresentationToetic PowerPoint Presentation
Toetiec Premium PowerPoint presentation from Envato Elements.

In this tutorial, we’ll use slide six. Here's what it looks like with no edits.

Slide six of the Toetiec PowerPoint Presentation without edits made.Slide six of the Toetiec PowerPoint Presentation without edits made.Slide six of the Toetiec PowerPoint Presentation without edits made.
Slide six of the Toetiec PowerPoint Presentation without edits made.

Here are five tips to help you get started with your customization:

1. How to Change the Background Color of Your Slide

How to Change the Background Color of Your SlideHow to Change the Background Color of Your SlideHow to Change the Background Color of Your Slide
How to change the background color of your slide

To change the background color of a slide in your aesthetic PPT template, click on the Design tab. In the toolbar under the tabs, select the Format Background button.

When you click on the Format Background button, a side panel appears on the right side of your window. Next, click on the Fill Color button and choose the new color you want.

2. How to Add an Image to a Slide

How to Add an Image to a SlideHow to Add an Image to a SlideHow to Add an Image to a Slide
How to add an image to a slide

There are two ways you can add an image to a slide:

  1. If you've got a picture placeholder on the slide, double click on the Insert Picture from File button in the middle of picture placeholder. Then find your image and double click to add it to your slide.
  2. Add an image to your slide by clicking on the Insert tab. In the toolbar, click on the Insert Picture button. When you click on this button, a menu drops down. Select the option for you based on where your image is located.

Then double click on your image and resize as needed.

3. How to Change the Color of an Object

How to Change the Color of an ObjectHow to Change the Color of an ObjectHow to Change the Color of an Object
How to change the color of an object

Begin by selecting the object that you want to change the color of. Next, click on the Shape Format tab. In the toolbar, click on the Shape Fill button.

When you click on the Shape Fill button, a color menu drops down. Select the color that you want from the color menu.

4. How to Add New Text to the Slide

How to Add New Text to the SlideHow to Add New Text to the SlideHow to Add New Text to the Slide
How to add new text to the slide

To add new text to a slide, you need to add a text box to a blank space in your slide. First, click on the Insert tab. Next, click on the Draw a Text Box button in the toolbar. Then draw a diagonal line where you want the new text box to be on your slide. Now you can start typing.

5. How to Change the Color of Text

How to Change the Color of TextHow to Change the Color of TextHow to Change the Color of Text
How to change the color of text

To change the color of text on your aesthetic PPT template, highlight the text that you want to change the color of. Next, click on the Home tab. In the toolbar under the tabs, click on the Font Color button.

When you click on the Font Color button, a color menu will drop down. From the menu that drops down, click on the color that you want to change your text to.

5 Quick Tips to Make Your PowerPoint Presentation More Attractive in 2022

Wondering how to make your PowerPoint presentation attractive? There are a few essential tips to keep in mind. These help you make the best impression possible with every slide.

1. Choose the Right Theme

Building an attractive PowerPoint presentation starts with your theme. It’s essential to select a template that fits your needs. Premium aesthetic PowerPoint slides are built by professionals to support specific messages.

For example, if you’re sharing a lot of data, it helps to choose an infographic presentation like Chart Infographics PowerPoint.

Aesthetic PowerPoint Templates with ChartsAesthetic PowerPoint Templates with ChartsAesthetic PowerPoint Templates with Charts
The Chart Infographics template is the perfect premium aesthetic PowerPoint template to show your data.

As you can see, everything is in place for you to insert your data. The graphics are visually attractive and easy to understand. There’s no need to create them from scratch.

2. Explore Custom Fonts

When you’re creating a PowerPoint presentation, it’s easy to fall into using the same basic fonts over and over. But to add interest and attractive style, it’s best to mix up your fonts.

PowerPoint includes dozens of fonts built into the app. Try out a few, making sure to customize the style and color too.

Not finding an aesthetic template you like? Envato Elements has a custom font section with thousands of stylish designs. You won’t find these anywhere else.

3. Use Plenty of Images

Nothing is less attractive than a boring text slide. It’s imperative to use illustrations and images that support what you’re trying to say. It's helpful to use aesthetic PowerPoint templates with an image-centric focus. The premium Photography PowerPoint template is a great example. 

Photography PowerPoint Template Free AestheticPhotography PowerPoint Template Free AestheticPhotography PowerPoint Template Free Aesthetic
Image-centric designs are a cornerstone of premium aesthetic PowerPoint templates like Photography PowerPoint Template.

Audiences gravitate towards imagery. When used right, you’ll capture their focus with photographs.

Plus, PowerPoint makes it easy with a full suite of image editing tools built in. Quickly insert, crop, frame, reshape, and resize images right on your slides.

Use these tutorials for adding images to build aesthetically pleasing PowerPoint slides:

4. Stay Focused

Attractive slides maintain focus on a single idea. There’s nothing more distracting (and less engaging) than slides that try and cover many things at once.

Keep in mind precisely what you’re trying to do and add a few points and illustrations to support that goal. Avoid unnecessary, flashy graphics whenever possible.

The secret lies in choosing (or creating) the right layouts. Fortunately, PowerPoint makes it easy to customize layouts to fit your needs, as you can see in the tutorial below:

5. Cut the Clutter

We’ve already talked about choosing the right layout to stay focused in your narrative. Along with that, it’s crucial to reduce clutter on slides with aesthetic PowerPoint templates. Look to the premium aesthetic PowerPoint template, Native Minimalist for an example.

Aesthetic PowerPoint TemplatesAesthetic PowerPoint TemplatesAesthetic PowerPoint Templates
The minimalist aesthetic of this premium PPT template puts the focus on the words and image.

Remember, you may be presenting to a large room. Poorly aligned content, small fonts, and overused animations make slides unattractive and unreadable.

Always keep text widely spaced and nicely contrasted with the background. Be positive images are large enough to be seen, and ensure content stays visible long enough for everyone to read.

Make sure to use this aesthetic template customization tutorial below to learn more:

Learn more about building aesthetically pleasing PowerPoint slides in our guide, Microsoft PowerPoint Templates (Ultimate Guide to the Best PPT.) It's a complete resource with everything you need to master PowerPoint.

5 Attractive (Aesthetically Pleasing) PowerPoint Design Trends for 2022

Keeping your audience's attention during your presentation has a lot to do with your slideshow's look. Engage your prospective clients or customers. Add these 2022 PowerPoint design trends to your aesthetic slideshow:

1. Dark Mode

Flip the switch in 2022. Aesthetic presentation design is shifting away from the usual white backgrounds. Many social media apps done this as well. There's a different look, but it's one that's welcome this year. It's easier on the eye and makes for a sharper presentation. 

Mode Aesthetic PresentationMode Aesthetic PresentationMode Aesthetic Presentation
Mode is a perfect example of darker design. It adds great visual flair to a premium presentation template.  

2. Vibrant Colors

Muted color palettes have dominated the presentation and design landscape for many years. This trend is a hard push back. 

Add bright and bold tones for a modern look. In 2022, fire engine red or bright orange will make a bigger splash than its pastel cousin.

Morbid Aesthetic Template PPTMorbid Aesthetic Template PPTMorbid Aesthetic Template PPT
The bold colors used in the premium Morbid template stand out against its slide's white backgrounds.

3. Animations and Transitions

Animations fall in and out of favor among the PowerPoint presentation community. But there's no doubt that they're effective in creating a fluid, aesthetic slideshow. Some aesthetic PPT templates include custom animations that you can use to follow this trend.

Envato Tuts+ has a few resources for using and customizing transitions:

4. Isometric Illustrations

Typography can make what you're saying stand out even more. While PowerPoint comes with default fonts, you can find custom options that complement your content. If your typography stands out enough, use it as the visual focal point of your presentation. 

5. Custom Image Frames

Photos are becoming more useful, and trendier, in a visually oriented world. Instead of using square or rectangle shapes, add some variety with unique frames. Curved lines, circles, triangles, and other designs make your presentation feel more spontaneous.

Moshi Moshi Aesthetic SlideshowMoshi Moshi Aesthetic SlideshowMoshi Moshi Aesthetic Slideshow
Moshi Moshi (premium template) makes food photos stand out in an aesthetic slideshow with circular image frames.

More PowerPoint Template Resources From Envato Tuts+

Envato Elements and GraphicRiver are filled with aesthetic PowerPoint templates for any topic. If you're looking for something more specific for your presentation, Envato Tuts+ has articles just for you. Here's just a peek at some of the templates you can try:

Benefits of Using Premium Aesthetic Template PPTs

The free aesthetic PowerPoint templates you've seen maybe a tempting option. But there's a reason why premium aesthetic template PPTs are so popular. Here are some of the benefits your presentation will get from using a professional choice:

  1. You'll save time. Time is always of the essence. By using a premium aesthetic template PPT, you'll have features like drag and drop images and more. Few PowerPoint templates for free offer that.
  2. Each slide is well crafted. When you use a premium template, you're guaranteed a well-designed presentation. They're made by professional designers with experience. You'll be sure to delight your audience.
  3. There are varied customization options. One of the best things about professional presentations is the customization options. Everything from color schemes to layouts can be experimented with. You can truly make them your own.
  4. Help is available. A lot of premium aesthetic template PPTs have documentation or help files included. This means that you don't have to be a PowerPoint guru to create a top-notch presentation.
  5. There's something for every niche. You'd be surprised how many professional options are available. You'll find a PowerPoint template for just about every area you want to present in.

Benefits of Envato Elements (The Power of Unlimited Use)

Envato Elements Aesthetic Template PPT PowerPoint PresentationsEnvato Elements Aesthetic Template PPT PowerPoint PresentationsEnvato Elements Aesthetic Template PPT PowerPoint Presentations
Download these premium aesthetic template PPTs and more without limits with Envato Elements.

Envato Elements is a one-stop-shop for all your creative needs. Subscribers get the ultimate benefit: unlimited access and downloads to the full library of creative assets.

That means for the price of a low monthly fee, you get unlimited downloads of aesthetic template PPTs, custom fonts, music tracks, and more. No limits, no caps. You can sign up for Envato Elements today.

Common PowerPoint Questions Answered (FAQs)

Creating and giving aesthetic PowerPoint presentations in 2022 will still be an important part of the business world and student life. If you're new to PowerPoint or want to get familiar with more of its features, I'll answer some questions you might have:

1. How Do I Share My Presentation With Zoom?

Zoom looks to be a popular way to connect and give presentations online. If you haven't presented this way yet, don't worry. First, open your PowerPoint and join your Zoom meeting. 

Click Share Screen at the bottom of the Zoom window. From the popup, click on your presentation, then click Share. There are other helpful features in Zoom you can learn about from this tutorial: 

2. How Many Pictures Do I Need in My Aesthetic PowerPoint?

This question depends on how the pictures complement your content. Pictures can play a big role in an aesthetic PPT.

But you also need to think about what the images communicate to your audience. You should also look to find text that can be better explained visually with a photo. 

3. Where Can I Leave Feedback on a Presentation?

If you're working on your aesthetic template PPT in a group, this is an important question. Under the Review tab in PowerPoint, you'll see the option to create, revise, and resolve comments in the Comments group. Here you can leave notes, changes, and suggestions to your group.

But did you know you can merge aesthetic presentations to review changes? Learn about the process here:

4. Should I Add Animation Effects to My Aesthetic PowerPoint?

Transition and animation effects are great for making aesthetic presentations dynamic. You'd be surprised how important movement can be for engaging an audience. If you're working with data, your charts and graphs become more interesting with animations. If you don't know how, this quick guide will teach you:

5. How Do I Add Excel Data to My Presentation?

Excel and PowerPoint are both Microsoft products. What does that mean? It means adding data from your Excel sheets can be done in a few clicks. 

In Excel, click on the chart you want to add to your presentation. Hit Ctrl + C on your keyboard (Cmd + C for Mac users) to copy. In PowerPoint, click where you want to add the data and press Ctrl + V (Cmd + V) to paste.

You can find out more about this process and your paste options from this tutorial:

Learn More About PowerPoint Templates

Whether today is your first day or 1000th day using PowerPoint, there's always something to learn about the program. That's why we've put together the ultimate PowerPoint tutorial guide. Learn about everything from writing to designing presentations from Envato Tuts+.

Here's a preview of some of the PowerPoint tutorials you'll find in our guide:

Design Aesthetically Pleasing PowerPoint Slides Today

This article featured a round-up of the most aesthetically pleasing PowerPoint slides in free and premium templates. No matter which option you choose, an aesthetic template increases your presentation's effectiveness. Don't hesitate to use one.

Some of the best aesthetic PowerPoint templates come from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver. And if your budget has to be gratis, the free templates shown above are a cost-conscious option that can't be beaten.

So, what are you waiting for? Jump to a premium or free aesthetically pleasing template and drop your content into it today!

Editorial Note:  This post has been updated with contributions from Nathan Umoh, and Sarah Joy. Nathan is a staff writer with Envato Tuts+. Sarah is a freelance instructor for Envato Tuts+.

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