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How to Create, Open, and Save New Microsoft Word Document Files

This post is part of a series called Learn How to Use Microsoft Word (Beginner Tutorial Guide).
How to Quickly Format Basic Text Styles in Microsoft Word Documents

Thanks to Microsoft Word, almost anyone can turn out professional-looking office documents.

Even if you’ve never used MS Word before, you’ll find that it only takes a few minutes to become familiar and comfortable with its interface and basic features.

Business Letter in Word Using a Template
Learn some basic Microsoft Word principles such as how to create and save a Word document using this template from Envato Elements.

Note: We used the Invoice template from Elements to create this letter. Find more great Word templates from Envato Elements.

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to write a business letter in MS Word. In the process, you'll learn the answers to the following:

  • How to create a Word document?
  • How do you save a file on Microsoft Word?
  • How to open a new file in MS Word?
  • How do you use a Word template?
  • How do you copy a Word document?

By the end of the tutorial, you'll be able to create your own document using Microsoft Word.

Launch Microsoft Word

Start by launching Microsoft Word. To use Microsoft Word online, you must have an Office 365 account (paid). 

Sign in to your account, then click on Word.

How to Launch Microsoft Word Online
Start by signing in to MS Word.

How to Launch Microsoft Word on a Mac

If you’re on a Mac, you've got several options for launching Microsoft Word.

Option 1. Launch in Finder 

Go to Applications, then double-click on Microsoft Word.

Finder on a Mac
You can launch Microsoft Word through the Finder on a Mac.

Note: In this tutorial, I’m using a Mac so that's the interface you see. If you’re on Windows, the steps will be similar, albeit with different names for different applications and interfaces. For example, Finder on a Mac is either Windows Explorer or File Explorer on Windows, depending on which version you're using.

Option 2. Launch in Spotlight.

Launch Spotlight by clicking on the search icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen on your Mac. 

Spotlight Icon on Mac
You can also use the Spotlight icon on a Mac to open Word.

A Spotlight search bar pops open. Type “Word.” Double-click on the Microsoft Word app that appears in the Spotlight results.

Launch Microsoft Word on Mac Using Spotlight
Click on the Microsoft Word app.

When you launch Microsoft Word for the first time, it automatically opens a new blank Word document. From here, you can proceed to make your business letter.

Otherwise, when prompted, select NewBlank Document > Create.

New Blank Document in Word
Learn how to create a new Word document using a template or by creating a file from scratch.

And that's how to create a new document in MS Word.

Make a Business Letter From a Template

If you want your document to have a fancier layout, the fastest way is to start with a business letter template for Word made by a professional designer. 

Word comes with its own built-in templates. You may wish to use one of these. But, keep in mind that many other Word users may use these templates. That means you may get a document that looks like someone else’s. What you want to do is to make a good impression and stand out. The best way to do that is with a template.

You could make a template yourself. But, unless you’re already familiar with the advanced features of Microsoft Word, creating a complicated layout would take you a lot of time.

In this section, I’m going to show you how to make a business letter from a template in Word. I’m using the Invoice template for Word from Envato Elements. It includes a template for a cover letter, which would work well with the business letter we're making.

Invoice and Cover Letter Template for Word
This invoice template for Word is just one of the thousands of Word templates at Envato Elements.

Step 1. Download the Template

Save the template to your hard drive. Duplicate it, so you’ll always have the original files on hand. These will come in handy in case you want to revert back to the original version of the template.

Download Microsoft Word Template from Envato Elements
Your letterhead template for Word or other template will be saved to your hard drive.

Most premium templates include a help file. Read it for specific instructions and tips from the template's designer.

Help File for a Word Template
For our example letter template for Word, the Help file looks like this.

Step 2. Open the Template in Word

Launch Microsoft Word, then select Open. Follow the rest of the prompts to open the duplicate template file you created earlier.

How to Create a Letter in Word Using a Template
Work in a copy of the Word template you downloaded to preserve the original template.

Since I only need the letter template for Word, I’m going to delete the page with the invoice. Go to the invoice page, then click Edit > Select All.

How to Delete a Page in Word
Delete any parts of the template you don't need.

Press the Delete key on your keyboard. Now, only the letter template page remains in the document.

Letter Template for Word
You're ready to learn how to make a new document using the template.

Step 3. Customize the Letterhead Template for Word

Replace the placeholder text with your own. Double-click into the text boxes to type your own text. You may have to click-and-drag a corner of the text box to make it bigger and accommodate your text.

Replace Placeholder Text in a Word Template
Edit the default text to customize your document.

Delete any other text boxes and graphic elements you don’t want to use. Use the formatting tools to apply styles to your text and add a bullet list, as you learned to do in the previous section. Finally, insert your logo.

Since we’re not using the large signature, there’s a large space on the lower half of the letter. To balance the page, I moved the entire body of the letter lower on the page.

This is the business letter all done:

Business Letter in Word Using a Template
You've just learned how to create a new Word document using a letter template for Word.

Next, I'm going to show you how to make a business letter without a template.

Make a Business Letter From Scratch

If you don't need a professional appearance for your business letter or if it's a personal letter, you can still make a business letter. With a new blank Word document open, type your business letter.

Business Letter from Scratch
You may wonder how to create a Word document from scratch. You can make a business letter document without a template.

You've just created a business letter as a new Word document! As you'll notice, it's very plain.

However, you may wish to modify the document’s default settings in Word.

1. Change the Margins

Go to Format > Document.

Format Document in Word
You can change the margins of your new Word document.

Change the margins as you wish. Click OK.

Change Margins in Word
Change margins of the new document you created using the dialog box.

2. Change the Font and Font Size

Highlight the text whose font you wish to change, then click the drop-down arrow for the font section of the Microsoft Word ribbon. Scroll down the list of fonts until you find the one you want to use. Click on it to apply the font to the selected text.

How to Change Fonts in Word
Choose the text you want to edit.

To change the font size, select the text you wish to edit. Click the drop-down arrow for the font size section of the ribbon (it’s beside the font selector). Click on the font size you want to apply.

How to Change Font Size in Word
Change the font size on your new Word document.

3. Format the Text

It’s easy to apply formatting styles to your business letter. Highlight the text you want to format. Then, click on any of the formatting buttons on the Microsoft Word ribbon.

Text Formatting in Word
Select a different font.

The text formatting section of the ribbon, shown above, lets you apply a variety of styles and effects on your text, including changing the color of the font. Hover over a button to learn what it’s for.

4. Add Bullets

It only takes one click to add a bulleted list in Microsoft Word. Take note that each item on the list must be typed on a separate line.

To create a bullet list, select the items for the list. Click on the Bullets button.

How to Insert A Bullet in Word

This applies a basic dot-bullet on your list, with default settings for indents.

Basic Bullets in Word with Default Settings
Add formatting features like bullets.

If you want a different bullet character, after selecting the list text, click on the drop-down arrow beside the Bullets button. Choose a bullet style from the selection that appears.

Word Bullet Library
You can customize the type of bullet you want to use.

Or, click Define New Bullet, then select a different bullet character.

Change Bullet Character in Word
how to create a custom font in a Word document.

Here, you can also change the bullet position and text position. When you’re done, click OK.

5. Insert Your Logo

Our business letter is looking good! The only thing missing is our logo.

To add a logo in the header of the letter, double-click on the top-most part of the document. This opens the header. Click the Picture from File button.

Edit Header in Word
Add a logo image to make your new Word document more professional.

Find the logo file in your computer, then click Insert.

Add a logo file
You can add a logo that you already own, or use a logo template from Envato Elements to create your own.

To exit the header, click the Header & Footer tab in the ribbon. Then select Close Header and Footer.

Close Header and Footer in Microsoft Word
Your logo will be greyed out in your new document draft.

The logo appears greyed out when the Header section is closed. Don’t worry, it'll display properly when you print the letter.

After moving the entire letter body down to add space below the logo, our business letter now looks like this:

Create a Business Letter in Word
You've just learned how to create a document from scratch in MS Word. Here's the result.

You’ve just learned how to make a business letter from scratch using Microsoft Word. 

How Do You Save a File in Microsoft Word?

Always save your work as you go! Otherwise, you run the risk of losing your work, should your computer shut off or crash unexpectedly. This section is for you if you're asking: "how do you save a file on Microsoft Word?"

The quickest way is to click the Save button on the top of Microsoft Word. 

How Do You Save a File in Microsoft Word
Here's how to save a Microsoft Word file. Start by clicking the Save icon.

Or, go to File > Save

Save Your File in Word
Select the Save option from to drop-down menu to save your file.

Alternatively, go to File > Save As to make a copy of the file.

If you’re saving the file for the first time, or if you selected Save As, you’ll be prompted to give the file a name and indicate where to save the file. When you’re done doing so, click Save.

Save File Name in Word
Don't forget to name your new file.

You can also set up a default location where Word will save your files. To set this up, go to Word > Preferences.

Microsoft Word Preferences
Use the Preferences option to set a location for your saved file.

Click File Locations.

Word File Locations
Click the File Locations icon.

Select AutoRecover files, then click Modify…

Modify AutoRecover Files Location in Word
Click AutoRecover files and then Modify.

Choose a location on your computer for where you want your Word documents to be saved. Click Open.

Select New Location for Files in Word
Choose the folder where you want your new Word documents to be stored.

The new location appears under File Locations. If it’s correct, close this dialogue box by clicking on the X in the upper-left corner.

AutoRecover File Locations in Word
Close the dialog box.

From this point forward, the files you save will be placed in the location you specified.

There's yet another way to save your Word files. Microsoft Word Autosave saves your work automatically every few seconds. To use Microsoft Word Autosave, you must:

  • have an Office 365 account
  • be logged into it when you use Word
  • save your file in your OneDrive

To enable Microsoft Word Autosave, toggle the Autosave button on the top left corner of the screen.

Autosave in Microsoft Office 365
Enable the AutoSave feature.

How to Open a File in Word

You can open a saved MS Word file on a Mac in one of three ways:

Option 1. Use Spotlight

If you remember the file name, you can use Spotlight to find and open the file. Click on the Spotlight button in the upper-right hand corner of your screen. Type the file name in the Spotlight search box.

Open a Word File Using Spotlight on a Mac
If you're wondering how to open a new file in MS Word, Spotlight can help.

When the file appears in Spotlight, double-click on the file name. The file opens in MS Word.

Option 2. Use Finder

Launch Finder. Either use the Search bar to find the file or navigate to the file by going to its specific location.

Open a File Using Finder in Mac
Another way to open a file is through Finder.

Double-click on the file name to open the file.

Option 3. Use Microsoft Word

Here's how to open a saved document in MS Word.

Launch Microsoft Word, then click on Recent to see a list of files you’ve worked on recently. Double-click on the file you wish to open.

Open a Recent File in Word
Click Recent to see files you've recently created.

Or, click on Open. Locate the file you want to open in your computer or cloud storage and select it. Click Open at the bottom of the dialog box.

Open a file in MS Word
Click Open, then select the file name.

Discover Great Word Graphic-Print Templates for 2019

As you can see, you can create an impressive document in Microsoft Word—even if you’re not a graphic designer, don’t want to hire one, or don’t want to spend hours designing a creative layout.

The answer is to start with a premium Word template. Envato Elements is a terrific source of graphic print templates for Microsoft Word. If you make many Word documents, you’ll love the unlimited downloads you get from Elements, all for one small subscription.

Aside from templates, you also get unlimited downloads of stock photos, graphics, logos, and fonts. It’s truly an amazing deal.

Here’s a sampling of the print templates for Word that you can find at Elements:

For those who only need the one-off document, GraphicRiver is another source of outstanding templates for Word. Here, you can find premium Word templates on a pay-per-use basis. That’s an economical option for those who don’t make a lot of print materials in Word.

Create Your Business Letter In Microsoft Word

In this tutorial, you learned how to create a Word document in the form of a business letter. You now know how to save a file on Microsoft Word, as well as how to open new and saved files. You've even picked up basic text formatting skills. 

You’ve seen how to make a new document (such as a business letter) in Word from scratch. Or, you can create a new document with an advanced design by using a template for Word.

If you’re a power communicator who needs to churn out several documents, then look to Envato Elements for outstanding templates for MS Word. But, if your needs are few, then GraphicRiver may be the more logical place for you to find Word templates.

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