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How to Create & Present a PowerPoint Presentation Online in 2020


More than ever, it's difficult to gather everyone in a single room for a presentation. Instead, presentations take place online and over virtual meetings.

I'll bet you're asking yourself, "how do I present a PowerPoint presentation online?" 

PowerPoint Live opener
This tutorial shows you the best techniques to use PowerPoint online presentation mode successfully.

How do you make Microsoft PowerPoint presentations online successful? It's a combination of design guidelines and tech tips, and we've put those together for you.

If you want to see the best way to share PowerPoint presentations online, you're in the right place. This tutorial will help you master PowerPoint online presentation mode. Let's start learning how to show a PowerPoint presentation online.

Tips to Create the Best Online PowerPoint Presentations

Aren't all PowerPoints the same? Without reservation, I'd say "no." Tailor your presentation to how and where you'll present it to the audience.

If you're learning how to present a PowerPoint online, consider the specifics. The best way to share PowerPoint presentations online is to consider the differences in how your audience sees the content.

Let's look at three key design tips that help you learn how to show a PowerPoint presentation online:

1. Simplify Your Slides

It's always important to create readable slides. But as you create presentations for the online world, it's more important than ever to simplify slides to battle distractions.

Simplified Slide PowerPoint online
Simplified slides help draw focus to content, making them a winning choice for online presentations.

When you give a presentation online, you're competing for attention. Viewers have many monitors, distractions in their home or office, and other tasks to finish. That means that cluttered slides quickly fall to the bottom of the viewer's priorities.

Remember, as you learn how to show a presentation online: slim down your slides. Less content means less to think about for your viewers. Let your slides support your speaking points, not the other way around.

2. More Graphics, Less Text

Here's the thing. If you're going to ask the audience to hold time to join you for virtual PowerPoint presentations, you've got to give them a reason to show up. If your presentation is full of text, your audience might wish you had sent an email instead.

That's why the best way to share PowerPoint presentations online is to make them visual. Use lots of charts, graphs, and infographics to make it worth seeing the presentation live. Use your speaking points to add analysis and background information.

Gantt chart virtual PowerPoint presentations
Infographics don't work well over email. But they work well for online presentations, so make sure to use them.

Actively search for opportunities to convert text-heavy slides to more graphic versions. It's the best way to create an online presentation that holds attention.

Learn more about infographics that work well for online presentations in our tutorial below:

3. Send a Pre-Read Version

If you're searching for the best way to share PowerPoint presentations online, you might have noticed that more people are working remotely. That means that we're working on different schedules, reviewing the content on our own time.

That's why it helps to send a pre-read, a copy of the presentation before your virtual PowerPoint presentations. Before you enter PowerPoint online presentation mode, send a copy for your audience to review.

PDF virtual PowerPoint presentations
The best online PowerPoint presentations start by sending a pre-read PDF version to your audience.

When you send a pre-read, there are many advantages to help you make your Microsoft PowerPoint presentations online:

  • Having already seen the content, your audience is more attuned to your speaking points versus the slide visuals.
  • The audience will come prepared with questions, increasing engagement.
  • There's a copy to keep for future reference, helping you to reduce follow-up questions.

A great way to send your file before you make your Microsoft PowerPoint presentation online is to create a PDF. Learn how to do that in this tutorial:

The Best Way to Share PowerPoint Presentations Online

Now that you know the tips for successful slide designs, you might wonder, "how do I present a PowerPoint presentation online?" The rapidly growing world of remote work means that many of us are searching for the best way to share PowerPoint presentations online.

Let's tackle how to use PowerPoint's features for virtual PowerPoint presentations:

1. Create an Office.com Account

If you found this tutorial by asking, "how do you create an online presentation?" then there's a secret you're sure to appreciate. The process of sharing virtual PowerPoint presentations starts by creating an account on Office.com

Welcome to Office
To see the best way to share PowerPoint presentations online, start by creating an Office.com account.

When you create an Office.com account, you unlock some advantages. One is that you've got access to the free online editions of all the Office apps, including PowerPoint. 

You'll also get free OneDrive storage, which is key to sharing your presentation online. To create presentations online, start with creating an account so that you can save your PPTX file online.

2. Save Your Presentation to OneDrive

At this point, your path to creating the best online PowerPoint presentation depends on whether you've already created a presentation. Here's how to move forward:

  • If you already started a PowerPoint presentation, sign into your new Office.com account in the PowerPoint app. Save your presentation to OneDrive.
  • If you haven't started a PowerPoint presentation, create a new one in PowerPoint Online. The presentation will automatically save to OneDrive.

If you started to create your presentation on the desktop version of PowerPoint, let's save it to OneDrive. It's Microsoft's cloud storage service. It's also the best place to save a PowerPoint presentation to share online.

Save to OneDrive example
Use the File > Save As menu to save your presentation to OneDrive.

If you created your presentation in PowerPoint online, your presentation is already stored in OneDrive. It's already available to share.

To learn more about PowerPoint Online, make sure to check out our tutorial:

3. Launch the Present Live Option

Now that your presentation is uploaded let's use the Present Live feature. In your web browser, jump over to PowerPoint.com, a fast shortcut to the PowerPoint's online version. If you're not already logged in, enter the same Office credentials that you set up earlier.

You'll see a list of PowerPoint presentations saved to your OneDrive. Double-click on your desired presentation to open it.

Create presentation online OneDrive
Double click on the presentation you wish to share to open it.

Now, browse to the Slide Show menu. Click on Present Live to kick off your presentation.

Slideshow present online
Use the Slide Show > Preset Live option to start an online presentation.

The first time you use this feature, you might be asked to set a few preferences. Make sure to select your preferred microphone for audio.

4. Send the Presentation Link

Believe it or not, you're already ready to go live. Send the link that PowerPoint Online gives you. Your audience is added to your live presentation.

As you can see below, there's a useful starting screen that includes a QR code you can easily send. You'll see the number of attendees that have joined before you go live.

PowerPoint live splash
The starting screen for your PowerPoint online presentation shows a shareable QR code plus an easy-to-share URL.

To set your audio options, use the Present Live > Audio Settings drop-down. Make sure you're using the best available microphone for top quality audio.

Audio settings in presentation
A top tip to make Microsoft PowerPoint presentation online experiences successful is to use a separate microphone.

That's it! You're ready to give your presentation online, no other tools or apps needed. Anyone who joins the link will see the active slide, plus a voiceover (and a neat transcription office) as you give your presentation.

How Do I Present a PowerPoint Presentation Online With Zoom?

Maybe your organization has recently started to use Zoom. It's one of the most popular ways to host online meetings. And it's rapidly finding its way into many companies. It's a great way to host an online call, complete with audio, and share your presentation. 

One of the best online PowerPoint presentation setups combines the app with Zoom. See our guide to using the two for a PowerPoint online presentation mode setup below:

The Best Source for Designs to Create Presentations Online

Throughout this tutorial, we've talked about techniques that have helped you learn how to present a PowerPoint online. You've got the tips and tricks to help you succeed with virtual PowerPoint presentations.

But what about another technique that helps you create the best online PowerPoint presentation? The best way to succeed is to use a great template that works well in PowerPoint online presentation mode.

Envato Elements is an all-you-can-download option with the best templates that show you how to show a PowerPoint presentation online with style. One subscription unlocks everything.

Envato Elements best presentation online
Envato Elements templates give you the best way to share PowerPoint presentations online.

If you're still wondering how to show a PowerPoint presentation online that's professional, it helps to have these designs. It's the best way to level up your design without learning graphic design all on your own.

Let's look at three of the best templates (out of the thousands included) for virtual PowerPoint presentations:

1. Social Media Trends - PowerPoint Template

social media virtual powerpoint presentations

The social media landscape is always changing. Your audience is sure to appreciate a presentation that keeps them up to speed on the trends that influence the leading social platforms. Maybe you'll even help your audience answer "how do I present a PowerPoint presentation online?" with the latest social data help.

2. Infographic Timeline PowerPoint Template

Infographic PowerPoint online presentation mode

Infographics bring together two powerful presentation tools: information and graphics. The best way to share PowerPoint presentations online is to lean on these types of illustrations. With the help of this template, you'll have no shortage of creative ways to present novel ideas with ease.

3. Cobalt Business PowerPoint Template

Cobalt create presentation online

Business templates are popular options for the best online PowerPoint presentations. Cobalt is perfect to create presentations online that feel polished and professional. You've got the charts, graphs, and layouts that are sure to help you give your best presentation yet.

With Elements, you never have to worry about learning to create presentations online from scratch. You start with a pre-built design and leverage those assets to your advantage.

Another Source for Templates For Virtual PowerPoint Presentations

You've already seen Envato Elements, a powerful platform to download unlimited templates. It's one of the best ways to share PowerPoint presentations online with great designs.

But maybe you don't need everything. In that case, you need a single impressive design for PowerPoint online presentation mode. Envato Market is the perfect choice for you.

market powerpoint online presentation mode
Envato Market gives you single purchase template options for the best online PowerPoint presentation designs.

On Envato Market, you've got plenty of designs to choose from. It keeps costs at a minimum thanks to the single purchase model. Grab a template and get started now.

If you've searched Envato Elements and GraphicRiver and you're still looking for the right template, here's an article with even more great templates to help you out:

You Learned How to Present a PowerPoint Online

Your presentation is meant to be seen. You might have started this tutorial wondering "how do you create an online presentation?" and by now, you've got the secrets to success. 

A great reminder for your virtual PowerPoint presentation is to use the designs you saw in this article. Use those PowerPoint designs to create presentations online that have great designs.

Your presentation is meant to be seen. With the help of the PowerPoint online presentation mode, you're ready to do that today.

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