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20 Exciting Google Slides Themes With Great Google Slides Animations


In an age of video on demand, it’s important to make your Google Slides dynamic. This is where animation comes in. Google Slides animations capture your audience's attention and keep them attentive. 

Minimal - Animated Google Slides Template
The Minimal Business template is one of the fully animated Google Slides themes available at Envato Elements.

Animations can emphasize the slide’s key idea. You can also use animations in Google Slides to reinforce the slide’s message.

Thanks to themes with built-in animation, you don’t have to be an expert to use Google Slides animations. Use professionally designed Google Slides animations from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver to save time and get better results. Discover your options for animating Google Slides in this article.

Choose the Best Animated Google Slides Templates From Envato Elements

If you choose a template from Envato Elements, you get unlimited downloads of Google Slides templates for one low and fixed subscription price. That also includes unlimited downloads of fonts, photos, icons, videos, sound effects—everything you need to create a stellar presentation.

Animated Google Slides Themes at Envato Elements
You'll find many Google Slides themes with animation effects at Envato Elements.

Another good source of premium animated Google Slides templates is GraphicRiver. Here, you pay per single use of the theme. This is ideal if you only need to create one slideshow presentation.

Sure, free Google Slides templates abound. But premium Google Slides templates with animation are better. They've got more features and are specially designed to be easy to edit, even by a beginner. Plus, designers of premium templates respond to your questions about the theme they created.

5 Unique Google Slides Themes With Animations (With Unlimited Downloads)

To give you an idea of what you can create, below are five of the best Google Slides themes with animations from Envato Elements.

1. Anime - Google Slides Template

Anime - Animated Google Slides Template

Anime is a multipurpose template for Google Slides. Animations are built into each of the 30 unique slide layouts. With five premade color variations, you get a total of 150 slides. They include section breaks, infographics charts, and gallery slides. Picture placeholders make adding your own images drag-and-drop easy. Its clean, minimalist design makes it suitable for a variety of presentation topics. 

2. Minimal Business Google Slides

Minimal Business Google Slides with Animation

Minimal gives you 80 unique slide templates that are easy to edit, with two-click customization. The template includes slides with full animation for Google Slides and another version without animation. You get to choose which to use. 

This template is Retina-ready and comes in 16:9 HD aspect ratio. For a presentation with a quiet aesthetic that keeps your audience awake with animations in Google Slides, this is the template for you.

3. Vantage Google Slides

Vantage Google Slides - Animations

Vantage is an animated Google Slides theme that gives plenty of options. You've got a choice between four premade color schemes, and each one has 130 slide layouts. You can also choose between 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios. Don’t want to overdo the Google Slides animations? You've got the option to download slides without animation as well.

4. Creatic Google Slides Template

Creatic Google Slides Template - With Full Animation

Creatic has more going for it than the cool, custom animation for each object on its slides. The 45 slides in this Google Slides theme also include handmade infographics, a variety of charts, and maps. Easily switch to any of the five premade color schemes (pink, blue, purple, yellow, and green). You can also choose between 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratios.

5. Silence - Google Slide Template

Silence - Google Slide Template with Animation

The clean and modern design of the Silence Google Slides theme keeps your content front and center. You can easily adapt this to any presentation topic. Its 70+ unique slides come with built-in transition and animation effects. You get a dynamic presentation even if you don’t know how to add animations in Google Slides. 

Envato Elements (Design Without Limits)

Envato Elements has a pretty compelling offer. Sign up for Envato Elements. You'll get access to thousands of graphics and templates (with unlimited use), from Google Slides themes to animations for Google Slides and more—all for one low price.

Envato Elements design without limits
Envato Elements design without limits

Sign up for Envato Elements and take advantage of the all-inclusive offer to get access to thousands of unlimited use graphics and templates. As soon as you join, you can start downloading awesome web themes, modern presentation templates, and more—all for one low price. 

Unlimited creative files on Envato Elements
Unlimited creative files on Envato Elements

That’s right! Download as many professional templates and graphics as you want. Then customize them to fit any of your project needs.

Envato Elements is a powerful option. But if you prefer to buy the best unique Google Slides templates one at a time (instead of getting unlimited access to hundreds of creative designs), check out the selection from our GraphicRiver marketplace below.

Watch a Video for More Google Slides Animation Themes

We've just shown you some of the best Google Slides templates with animation. But it's important to find the right Google Slides animations for your own needs. Get a closer look at top animated Google Slides and explore some new choices in this video countdown:

15 Google Slides Animation Templates (Pay As You Go At GraphicRiver)

Unlimited downloads of animated Google Slides templates are great. But if you prefer to pay per use, there's another option for you. There are thousands of Google Slides animation templates to choose from in GraphicRiver. Each one is available for a low price for a single use.

Animated Google Slides Templates from GraphicRiver
These animated Google Slides themes are available on a pay-per-use basis at GraphicRiver.

Here are a few you might like that include animations in Google Slides:

1. Technical Fully Animated Pitch Deck Google Slide Template

Technical Fully Animated Pitch Deck Google Slide Template

The Technical Fully Animated Google Slides theme delivers a modern, edgy look. Couple its creative image masks with the built-in animations for Google Slides and you’ve got one attention-getting presentation. It gives more than 370 unique slide layouts in 16:9 aspect ratio. You also get 500+ vector icons, infographics, maps, and 24/7 support from the designer.

2. AGAZA Google Slides Templates

AGAZA Google Slides Templates

Create a stand-out presentation with modern slide designs and cool animation effects by using AGAZA. Its edgy slides work well with presentations about technology, development, and similar topics. This animated Google Slides template provides more than 50 unique slides and nine different color themes to choose from. One click is all it takes to change the color theme and automatically recolor all the elements on the slides. You’re free to get creative with the AGAZA Google Slides template.

3. Active Fully Animated Pitch Deck Google Slide Template

Active Fully Animated Pitch Deck Google Slide Template

The high-resolution (2560×1440) slides of Active Fully Animated Google Slides Template make it easy for you to make a dynamic presentation. With over 335 unique slides, Active gives you all the layouts you need. Drag and drop your own images into the placeholders. Type in your text, and you’ve got animated Google Slides fast.

4. Clean Google Slides Template

Clean Google Slides Template

Want minimalist Google Slides? Animations keep them from getting boring. Clean Google Slides Template delivers just that: an understated design and fully animated Google Slides presentation. It also has five color themes, although you can customize it with your own. Present data and numbers visually with infographics, diagrams, charts, and maps. And, if you love icons then you’re in for a treat: Clean gives you more than 1000 of them! 

5. Reworked Google Slides Presentation Template

Reworked Google Slides Presentation Template

Reworked is a versatile Google Slides theme you can adapt to a variety of presentation topics. Its pre-built animation effects capture—and keep—your audience’s attention. This Google Slides template gives you plenty of choices, such as dark or light color theme and 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio. Also included are vector icons to spice up your slides.

Watch a preview of Reworked animated Google Slides below:

6. Message Multipurpose Google Slides Template

Message Multipurpose Google Slides Template

Want to mix static and animated slides? The Message Multipurpose Google Slides Template gives you both versions. You also have plenty of layouts to choose from, because this Google Slides theme has 202 unique slides. Each comes in dark and light versions as well. Image placeholders make it easy to add your own photos. Charts are fully editable; they update in real-time as you input your own data. And if you love icons, you’re in for a treat: this theme has more than 6500!

7. Marvelous - Creative & Colorful Google Slide Template 

Marvelous - Creative  Colorful Google Slide Template

If you’re looking for bold, colorful, and fully animated Google Slides, then Marvelous is the theme for you. Choose from 42 unique slide layouts to convey your message. This theme’s eye-catching design and built-in animation for Google Slides will enthrall your audience. Vector icons are also included.

8. Prezen - Modern Google Slide Template 

Prezen - Modern Google Slide Template

With more than 60 unique slides and five color themes, the Prezen Modern Google Slide Template offers plenty of options. Each slide is fully editable, giving you the freedom to turn your vision into reality. Prezen’s unique design will capture your audience’s attention. The built-in cool animation effects will keep them riveted.

9. Kadita Creative Google Slides 

Kadita Creative Google Slides

Kadita isn’t flashy, but it’s also far from boring! This modern Google Slides theme delivers 96 unique slide layouts that you can adapt to any topic. It was designed with master slides, which means you can easily make global changes to your presentation. And, thanks to the built-in animation effects, you’ll keep your audience’s attention. Vector icons, maps, infographics, charts, and image placeholders are included in this theme and fully editable.

10. Neuro Google Slides Presentation 

Neuro Google Slides Presentation

Deliver a minimalist and sophisticated presentation with the Neuro Google Slides theme. You get 70 unique slide layouts to convey your big Google Slide animation ideas. Need to present data? Keep them interesting with the handcrafted infographic templates that come with this theme. Thanks to slide masters and image placeholders, it’s easy to customize the slides in Neuro. Each slide is also fully animated with cool effects.

11. Creative Business Google Slide Template

Creative Business Google Slide Template

The slides in the Creative Business Google Slide Template are visually dynamic to begin with. They’re made even livelier with the use of full animation effects. This theme gives you plenty of options to make it truly your own: 180 unique slide designs and seven color themes with light and dark versions. Plus, the image placeholders are drag-and-drop ready for your own photos.

12. Minimal Business Google Slides Template

Minimal Business Google Slides Template

Your audience might think you’re a graphic designer when you build your presentation with the Minimal Business Google Slides Template. Its fresh, modern, and attractive design is sure to impress. With 130+ slides, it also gives you plenty of room to express your Google Slide animation ideas. Despite its minimalist aesthetic, this Google Slides theme is far from boring, thanks to the full animation built into each slide. You also have seven pre-made color schemes to choose from.

13. Rio Google Slides Template

Rio Google Slides Template

The creative use of shapes and lines give Rio’s slides vigor and energy. But your presentation is made even livelier by the cool animated Google Slides in this theme. It offers 210 slide layouts, six color schemes, and a choice of 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratios. What’s more, the icons, charts, maps, and infographics in this Google Slides theme are fully editable.

14. COLORS - Google Slides Business Presentation

COLORS - Google Slides Business Presentation

As the name implies, color plays a big role in this high-impact Google Slides theme. Whatever the content of your presentation, you’re bound to find the right layout for it. COLORS has 100 unique slide layouts in all. You can also change the color scheme with one click and choose from the 250 vector icons that come with the template. Google Slides animations make your presentation even more compelling.

15. Utility Google Slides Template

Utility Google Slides Template

Looking for an all-around, animated Google Slides theme? Then take a look at Utility. Its creative design is functional for most presentation subjects. It also gives you plenty of room for self-expression, with 200 slide layouts, five color themes, and two aspect ratios (4:3 and 16:9) to choose from. Also included are infographics, diagrams, and maps, which you can edit with your own data.

How to Quickly Customize A Premium Google Slides Template

Once you've found your perfect Google Slides template with awesome animations, it’s time to customize it to fit your presentation and branding. For the purposes of this tutorial, I’ll be using the Silence Google Slides template with a modern design.

Silence Google Slides template
Silence Google Slides template

Let's get started:

1. Replace the Content

The first thing you’ll need to do is to replace the content with your own. To do this, select the slide you want to work with and double-click on the text. Then, press CTRL+A or CMD+A to select all of it, delete it, and enter your own.

Replacing content in the template

2. Add Your Own Images

To add your own image, click on any image placeholder and select Upload from computer. Then, repeat this process for every slide with an image placeholder.

Replacing images in the template

3. Customize Fonts

To change the fonts used in the presentation, select the text you want to customize by double-clicking it. Then press CTRL+A or CMD+A to select all of it. Next, choose a different font from the drop-down menu.

Customizing fonts

4. Change Colors

Changing colors is easy in Google Slides templates. All you have to do is click on a colored area and then click the Fill tool. Then choose one of the built-in colors, enter a custom color, or change the entire color theme by clicking the pencil icon next to it.

Changing colors

5. Tweak the Animations

The last step in editing your Google Slides template is to customize the animations. To adjust and customize the animations in Google Slides, click on the Animate option. Then adjust the type of animation, the speed, object animations, and more.

Adjusting animations in the Google Slides template

3 Animation Ideas for Google Slides

While animations in Google Slides add interest and a certain "cool" factor, they're easy to misuse and abuse. They can turn off your audience or divert their attention away from your message. To avoid that, keep the following slide animation tips in mind:

1. Make Sure the Animation Supports and Doesn’t Distract

Vantage Google Slides with Animation
Vantage is a template that offers both non-animated and animated Google Slides.

Google Slides animations are cool, but they play only a supporting role in your presentation. They should help your audience to focus on your message instead of distracting them from it. If you’re using animation for animation’s sake, then it’s probably more distracting than useful. So, don't overdo the animation!

Consider using a Google Slides template with two versions, animated and non-animated. That way you can mix and match them in your presentation.

2. Avoid Dizzying Movement

Silence - Animation Google Slide Template
True to its name, Silence Google Slide Template uses subtle animation effects like fades and dissolves.

Certain types of animations in Google Slides can get dizzying, which feels uncomfortable and annoying to your audience. Avoid fast, bouncy or spiraling motions—except when it completely makes sense for the content of the slide. For example, you can make a round logo bounce across to screen to call attention to it. Even then, you should only do it sparingly. In general, use subtle animations.

3. Automate the Animations

In Google Slides, you've got the option of either automatically or manually triggering animations. Choose to automate them. Having to trigger animations yourself by clicking the mouse will distract you from your presentation. Your attention should be on delivering your message to your audience, not on making sure the horizontal bars on your chart slide in at the right moment.

More Awesome Google Slides Templates

The selection above is just a small sample of what’s available on Envato Elements and Envato Market. If you want to see even more great Google Slides templates, be sure to check out the roundups below:

Learn More About Google Slides Animations

With animated Google Slides templates, you can create dynamic presentations in no time. But to edit the built-in animations or even make your own, then you’ll want to learn more about Google Slides animations. Animating Google Slides isn't hard if you know what to do.

These articles will help:

Reap the Benefits of Google Slides Animations

Google Slides animations can make your presentation more effective and impactful. Even if you don’t know how to create animated Google Slides, you can still reap their benefits by using high-quality, premium templates.

Choose Envato Elements, to get unlimited downloads of Google Slides animated templates, as well as other objects you need for your presentation. Or, pay as you go at GraphicRiver, where you can find animated Google Slides templates that fit any budget.

Why not download a template with Google Slides animations now and start your presentation with animations today?

Editorial Note: Our staff updates this post regularly—adding new Google Slides animation templates with the latest animations.

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