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How to Pick the Best Infectious Diseases PowerPoint Template in 2021

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Do you need to create a communicable diseases or patient education PowerPoint (PPT)? The most effective way to share important public health topics is with a good infectious disease PowerPoint.

disease control powerpoint templatedisease control powerpoint templatedisease control powerpoint template
The Disease Control template is one of many communicable disease PowerPoints found on Envato Elements.

Patient education and community health are more important than ever in 2021. You can quickly and easily create a presentation to keep your community and patients current. Just use an infectious diseases PowerPoint template for a head start on an attractive and professional PPT.

In this tutorial, you'll learn the top decision-making criteria for an infectious diseases PPT presentation. We'll also take an in-depth look at some Envato Elements templates that meet that criteria to find the best template choice for you.

Where to Find the Top Microbes PPT Templates

Envato Elements is the best place to find microbes PPT templates and other medical related templates. It's a subscription that gives you unlimited access to design assets for a low monthly fee.

Communicable and Infectious Disease Landing Page on Envato ElementsCommunicable and Infectious Disease Landing Page on Envato ElementsCommunicable and Infectious Disease Landing Page on Envato Elements
Are you looking for communicable diseases or infectious diseases PowerPoint templates? Envato Elements has a great selection.

For a low monthly fee, get unlimited downloads of:

  • PowerPoint and other presentation themes
  • photos
  • videos
  • fonts
  • and other design assets
If  you only need one communicable disease PowerPoint or patient management PPT, look into GraphicRiver. You can buy a single, professionally-designed template without the commitment of subscription.

Now let's explore some of the decision-making criteria you can use to select a template for a public health presentation about communicable disease.

Top 5 Key Decision-Making Factors for an Infectious Disease PowerPoint Presentation Template

Presentations allow you to combine images and words in a way that's both engaging and memorable. Plus, if you can't give a presentation in person, you can share it online. (This is very important in today's world.)

If you're looking for a communicable diseases PowerPoint template, then you've got vital info to communicate. But how can you find the right template to get your message across?

Here are some of the decision-making factors you'll want to consider as you select an infectious diseases PowerPoint template:

1. Uncluttered Design

How do you get your audience to pay attention to your message about communicable and infectious disease? An uncluttered design allows them to focus on the message and not the clutter.

Uncluttered Communicable Diseases PowerPoint SlideUncluttered Communicable Diseases PowerPoint SlideUncluttered Communicable Diseases PowerPoint Slide
This uncluttered slide is part of the Virus Disease Education template. (Image source: Envato Elements)

With no distracting elements on the slide, your audience is more likely to focus on your message. Look for templates with minimal or simple slide designs.

2. Readable Fonts

Readable fonts are a key part of an effective communicable diseases PowerPoint. Your message is important. You don't want your audience to struggle to see your info because they can't read your slides.

The fonts you use in your presentation need to be easy to read. This is true whether you're giving your presentation online or in person. Sans serif fonts work well in either instance.

There are differences for font size recommendations if you're giving a face-to-face presentation.

For more details on the best fonts for presentations, study this tutorial:

3. Infographic Slides

Patient education PPTs and communicable diseases PowerPoints often have lots of statistics and other data. Rather than present this data as text, engage your audience with informative charts and graphs.

Infectious Disease PowerPoint Slide InfographicInfectious Disease PowerPoint Slide InfographicInfectious Disease PowerPoint Slide Infographic
This is an infographic microbiology PPT template slide from the Nvirus template. (Standard Blue dark color scheme).

We've discussed the criteria for selecting infectious diseases PowerPoint templates. Now let's look at three templates that meet the criteria.

4. Professional Appearance

Like it or not, how your presentation looks speaks volumes to your audience.

If your presentation design is clumsy and looks cobbled together, your audience may dismiss your info as wrong. But if your slide designs are professionally-designed, your audience is more likely to accept your info as being valid.

5. Image Placeholders

Communicable Disease PPT Slide with Image PlaceholdersCommunicable Disease PPT Slide with Image PlaceholdersCommunicable Disease PPT Slide with Image Placeholders
There are plenty of image placeholders in the Covirus template. (Image source: Envato Elements)

The right picture is an effective way to get your message across. A picture may get your audience's attention in a way that words never will.

As someone who works on public health topics for presentations you want your template to have plenty of image placeholders. They'll make it easy to drag and drop those images right into your presentation.

How 3 Top Patient Education PPT Templates Measure Up (Benefits and Drawbacks)

Here are three top microbiology PPT templates from Envato Elements. Any of these would work well for a patient education PPT. Let's take a closer look at the pros and cons of each template compared to the key decision-making factors listed above:

1. NVirus - Diseas PowerPoint Template (Infectious Diseases PowerPoint)

NVirus - Diseas PowerPoint TemplateNVirus - Diseas PowerPoint TemplateNVirus - Diseas PowerPoint Template
NVirus - Diseas PowerPoint Template (Purple light color scheme is shown above.) 

Here's an attractive communicable diseases or infectious diseases PowerPoint template. It's got your choice of 12 built-in color schemes. Each PPT or PPTX template file comes with 30 slide designs. This could be a good choice for a patient education PPT due to the large number illustrations.

Let's compare this template with our criteria above:

  1. Uncluttered design. It's a modern design, so most slide designs are uncluttered. (Unwanted slide elements can easily be deleted.)
  2. Readable fonts. This template uses free sans serif Google Fonts: Fredoka One and Source Sans pro. 
  3. Image placeholders. There are at least nine slide designs that include picture placeholders.
  4. Professional appearance. This is a professionally-designed microbiology PPT template. It's got a good selections of color schemes.
  5. Infographic slides. There are at least eight slide designs include charts and graphs. Infographics include timelines, maps, and graphs
Added benefits: There are a large number of pre-built color schemes, images in the infectious diseases PowerPoint template, and built-in animation.

2. Virus Disease Education - Patient Education PPT

Patient Education PPTPatient Education PPTPatient Education PPT
Virus Disease Education Template

This sleek and modern PowerPoint template has 34 slide designs. There are also plenty of places to add your own images. The yellow and blue color scheme offers a nice contract. Try using this if you've got public health topics for presentation.

Let's see how the Virus Disease Education template compares with our decision-making criteria:

  1. Uncluttered design. This offers a clean presentation with minimal distractions.
  2. Readable fonts. This template uses Poppins from Google Fonts and Muli from Adobe Fonts. Both are sans serif and easy to read.
  3. Infographic slides. There are at least 10 infographic slides including maps and graphs plus three mockups. There are also several other slides with charts.
  4. Professional appearance. This patient education PPT template features clean and professional slide layouts.
  5. Image placeholders. Nearly every slide design has an image placeholder. There are at least 24 slides with picture placeholders. 
Added benefits: Some placeholders have creative masks for placeholders such as a few shaped like a virus.

3. Covirus - Disease & Virus PowerPoint Template (Communicable Diseases PowerPoint)

Communicable Diseases PowerPointCommunicable Diseases PowerPointCommunicable Diseases PowerPoint
Covirus - Disease & Virus PowerPoint template

This modern design comes with a green color scheme. There are 39 slide designs plus four slides of icons. Whether you're sharing disease prevention ideas or giving a community health PowerPoint presentation, this is a good choice.

Let's see how the template stacks up to our criteria for infectious disease PowerPoint templates:

  1. Uncluttered design. The template features a modern, uncluttered design.
  2. Readable fonts: The free Google Fonts Poppins and Open Sans are used here.
  3. Infographic slides. The template includes at least 11 infographic slides including maps, graphs and mockups.
  4. Professional appearance. With a coordinated color scheme and font, this presents a professional appearance. 
  5. Image placeholders. There are 18 slide designs with image placeholders in this patient education PPT.
Added benefits: There are four slides of icons and letter shaped placeholder masks. (spells out SWOT).

Explore Slide Examples for Public Health Topics for Presentation

Now that we've examined our three templates, let's take a look at them in action so you can see for yourself how they perform. Here are five examples of how you might use these templates for health presentations:

Surgical Tech Training Templates

You could adapt the communicable disease templates we've looked at to use as surgical tech training templates. Here are two examples:

1. Sterilize Surgical Equipment Example Slide

Surgical Tech Training Example - AutoclaveSurgical Tech Training Example - AutoclaveSurgical Tech Training Example - Autoclave
Training slide example (Photo source: Envato Elements)

Here we used slide #4 of the Covirus Template to create a training slide example. All we had to do to create this example was add an image and replace the text.

2. Wear Personal Protective Equipment Example Slide

Surgical Tech Training Example Protective EquipmentSurgical Tech Training Example Protective EquipmentSurgical Tech Training Example Protective Equipment
Training slide example (Photo source: Envato Elements)

In this example, we used slide #12 from Virus Disease Education PowerPoint template. Once again, we simply added our image to the slide template and customized the text.

Anatomy Templates for PowerPoint

Are you working on a human anatomy PowerPoint presentation? You could even use slides from the templates we're looking at as anatomy templates for PowerPoint. Here's a slide example from the NVirus - Diseas PowerPoint Template:

Image for Anatomy TemplatesImage for Anatomy TemplatesImage for Anatomy Templates
 Template used as a human anatomy PowerPoint presentation slide. Image source (Envato Elements) (Green light color scheme)

For this example, we used slide #28 as an anatomy template for PowerPoint. First, we added an anatomy image. Then we added information in the text areas. 

Infectious Disease (Microbes) PowerPoint Template

Of course, these templates were designed as infectious diseases PowerPoint templates. That makes them ideal for an infectious disease PPT presentation or any slideshow with disease prevention ideas. 

Let's look at two examples:

1. Preventing Infectious Disease Chart Example

Infectious Disease Prevention Example SlideInfectious Disease Prevention Example SlideInfectious Disease Prevention Example Slide
This slide example uses the existing chart in the Covirus template.

For this example, I used slide #12 of the Covirus Template. I made text changes to the chart that was already on the slide. You could add or delete elements as needed.

2. Microbes Slide Example

Microbe Slide ExampleMicrobe Slide ExampleMicrobe Slide Example
You can use the Virus Disease Education Template to create a microbiology PPT. (Image Sources: from Envato Elements here, here, and here)

You can also use the templates we've discussed here as microbiology PPT templates. The microbiology PPT template example above is based on the Virus Disease Education template. We just added three images and changed the text.

You've just seen how some infectious diseases PowerPoint templates could work in a presentation. Now let's explore  other template options.

More Medical Templates for 2021

Are you working on public health topics for a presentation? Or are you creating a community health PowerPoint presentation? You want to use a template but need more choice. Here are some articles with specially curated medical PowerPoint templates that may work for you:

Learn More About Using Presentation Templates

You're an expert in your field. But your PowerPoint knowledge may not be quite as strong. Study our Ultimate PowerPoint tutorial Guide to learn what you need to know to quickly master the tool. Here are some example lessons:

Choose Your Infectious Disease, Microbes PPT, Patient Education PPT Template Today!

In this tutorial, you've learned how to choose the best infectious disease PowerPoint template. You've also seen how the right template can work for a microbiology PPT, a human anatomy PowerPoint presentation, and more.

Quickly create a powerful presentation by using the right tools. Why not download a professionally designed template right now? Get started on your next communicable diseases (or other medical) PowerPoint today.

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