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20 Awesome Resume Templates (With Beautiful Layout Designs)


When it comes to your resume, a beautiful resume layout helps you present your education, experience, and skills in an organized manner. It also helps you get noticed by the HR managers and potential employers because a resume with a beautiful layout is more likely to stand out among hundreds of other resumes. 

If you’re looking for an awesome resume, you don’t have to go far. There are hundreds of beautiful resume templates on Envato Elements and GraphicRiver.

Envato Elements: Design Without Limits

Envato Elements is the perfect place to get started when you set out to search for awesome looking resumes. It’s a subscription-based marketplace that has hundreds of resume templates with beautiful layouts. You can find minimalist resumes as well as elegant and creative resume templates perfect for any type of industry.

awesome resume templates from Envato Elements
Choose from hundreds of awesome resume templates available for a low monthly fee from Envato Elements.

But, that’s not the only reason why you should start your resume search there. It’s also a place where you can find fonts and icons which you can use to make your resume even more visually appealing.

The best part about Envato Elements is that you can download as many resume templates and other design assets as you want and use them in an unlimited number of projects.

Awesome Resume Templates With Beautiful Layouts from Envato Elements

Let’s start off this roundup with five beautiful resume layouts from Envato Elements. The templates you’ll find here are perfect for anyone who wants to stand out with an awesome resume and you can easily customize the templates for each job application.

Sign up for Envato Elements to get access to thousands of templates, fonts, icons, and design assets such as these beautiful resume examples featured below.

1. Minimalist Resume Template - Awesome Resume Layout

Minimalist Resume Template

This minimalist resume template is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a simple resume that still has an attractive layout. The border around the edge gives it an elegant look and your profile photo instantly stands out so employers are bound to notice you. The template comes in Photoshop and Illustrator format so it’s easy to edit and includes a help file with editing instructions.  

2. Resume CV Vol 15 - Clean Resume Template

Resume CV Vol 15 - Clean Resume Template

The Resume CV Vol 15 is a beautiful resume example with a clean layout and pops of color that serve as an accent for different sections. You’ll certainly be able to stand out with a prominent profile photo or an attractive logo right in the header area and there's plenty of room to include the most important information about your experience and education.

3. Modern Resume Template & Cover Letter - Bold and Beautiful Resume Template

Modern Resume Template  Cover Letter

The Modern Resume Template & Cover Letter features a modern and colorful design. The template comes with a cover letter on top of a resume so you get everything you need to submit a memorable job application. The template can easily be edited with Adobe Photoshop and it even includes four different color schemes.  

4. Clean Resume Template Johnson - Elegant Resume Template

Clean Resume Template Johnson

The Clean Resume Template Johnson comes in both Photoshop and Word version and it makes your primary information stand out thanks to the colored background. The rest of the template is rather minimal, but with plenty of space for your experience and education.  

5. Resume - Clean and Beautiful Resume Design

Resume - Clean and Beautiful Resume Design

The resume template features a clean and beautiful design that comes with a cover letter and a portfolio template so it’s perfect if you’re applying for a position in a creative industry. The template comes in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator format as well as Word format so you can easily edit it.

Beautiful Resume Layouts From GraphicRiver

If you want to make a one-time purchase for your resume template, then stop by GraphicRiver and browse the collection of beautiful resume layouts

beautiful resumes from GraphicRiver
If you want a one-time download of a beautiful resume template, Graphic river has tons of options.

Below, you’ll find a collection of the best resumes with awesome layouts from GraphicRiver.

1. Resume - Simple and Awesome Resume Example

Resume - Simple and Awesome Resume Example

The first template from GraphicRiver has a simple layout that makes it easy to focus on the information you want to present. The resume template also includes a cover letter template and it comes in Photoshop and Illustrator format. You can easily customize colors and fonts to your liking and replace information with your own.

2. Elegant Resume - Professional Resume Template

Elegant Resume - Professional Resume Template

The Elegant Resume template comes in Photoshop, Illustrator, and Word format and has an elegant sidebar where you can include contact information and skills. The main portion of the resume has ample space for your references, education, and other information you’d typically include on a resume.

3. Resume - Awesome Resume Template

Resume - Awesome Resume Template

The Resume template includes one, two, and three-page resume templates so you can use this template no matter how much experience you've got under your belt. The template is easily editable in Word, Pages, Photoshop, and Illustrator. It also includes a detailed help file and you can customize colors, fonts, and replace the dummy information with your own.

4. Resume - Stylish Resume Template

Resume - Stylish Resume Template

This resume template has a stylish design with elegant borders and typography. The template includes a matching cover letter and a reference page. This is another template that can easily be edited using Word, Pages, Illustrator, and Photoshop. Aside from colors, you can easily tweak the headings to match the position you’re applying for and your specific skill set.

5. Resume - Colorful Resume Template

Resume Colorful Resume Template

This colorful resume template instantly draws the eye to the sidebar, which can be used to list your skills and contact information. You can choose between several color schemes or customize it with your own colors. This is a two-page template with a matching cover letter so it’s a perfect choice for anyone looking to change jobs or careers.

6. Clean and Professional Resume - Beautiful Resume Template

Clean and Professional Resume - Beautiful Resume Template

This Clean and Professional Resume template features three premade color schemes, however, you can easily tweak the colors. The template includes a matching cover letter and it even comes in Word format so you can edit it even if you don’t have Photoshop or Illustrator.

7. Elegant Resume CV - Awesome-Looking Resume

Elegant Resume CV

The Elegant Resume CV template makes you stand out with a dedicated place for your logo and a sidebar that you can use for contact information and an elegant skill graph. The template also has plenty of space for education, experience, and references. The template can be edited with Illustrator, Photoshop, and Word.

8. Professional Resume - Cool Resume Template

Professional Resume - Cool Resume Template

The Professional Resume is a great choice if you're just starting out with your job search. This template includes a one-page resume as well as a cover letter and makes your template stand out with a colored border at the top. Edit the resume in Word, Illustrator or Photoshop and tweak the colors and fonts to match your personal preference.

9. Minimal Resume - Stunning Resume Template

Minimal Resume - Stunning Resume Template

The Minimal Resume template has a stunning layout with a unique header where you can place your contact information as well as your profile photo or a personal logo. The template has plenty of space for education and experience. You also get a matching cover letter in Word, Photoshop, and Illustrator format.

10. Resume - Sophisticated Resume Design

Resume - Sophisticated Resume Design

The Resume offers a sophisticated design with a striking header and sidebar that catch the employer’s attention. You can include your profile photo or your logo as well as skill bars to showcase your skills with custom icons. A cover letter template is also included.

11. Clean Resume Set - Awesome Resume Layout

Clean Resume Set - Awesome Resume Layout

This Clean Resume Set includes not only a resume template, but also a cover letter and a portfolio template. So do check this resume out if you’re a designer or an artist looking for a job. This set includes a total of 69 files in Photoshop, Illustrator, and Word format and comes in both A4 and US letter size.

12. Resume - Minimal Resume Example

Resume - Minimal Resume Example

The Resume template has a minimal design, which allows employers to focus on your education and experience. The template includes a Word and a Photoshop version. The template is fully editable and it includes a cover letter and a set of custom icons for your social media profiles and contact information.

13. The Resume - Beautiful Resume Template

The Resume - Beautiful Resume Template

The Resume template includes a light and a dark version as well as a portfolio and a cover letter template. You’ll also get access to custom icons so you can add more visual appeal to your resume. The template comes in Word, Illustrator, and Photoshop format and in A4 size.

14. Resume - Awesome Resume Template with Cover Letter

Resume - Awesome Resume Template with Cover Letter

The Resume template includes a resume, a cover letter, and a set of icons that you can use for your contact information, social media, education, and more. The template includes a light and a dark version and can be edited using Word, Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator.

15. Resume - Beautiful Resume Example

Resume - Beautiful Resume Example

The last resume template on this list has a unique header as well as a sidebar that allows you to add contact information without cluttering the rest of the resume layout. You’ll also find a cover letter and two color schemes that you can edit to your liking. In addition to that, the template includes a portfolio template and a set of business cards.

Find Your Awesome Resume Template on Envato Elements

As you can see, there's no shortage of awesome resume templates on marketplaces like Envato Elements. It’s the perfect starting point when you need access to different design assets and templates like resume and CV templates.

Take advantage of everything Envato Elements has to offer and sign up so you can get access to thousands of templates, icons, photos, and more.

Five Resume Design Tips

A beautiful resume template is only the starting point when it comes to creating an awesome resume. Here are five tips that'll help you create a standout resume.

1. Use Columns and Headers

The first tip is to use columns and headers to organize the information in your resume. A column-based layout will make it easy to separate your contact information or skills from your education and experience while a header is a perfect place to include a photo or a logo.

Using columns in resumes

2. Always Include a Cover Letter

A cover letter is a must so make sure you include it and personalize it to the job and the prospective place of employment. Plenty of templates in this roundup include matching cover letter templates. A cover letter is a great way to reinforce the information from your resume and could be the deciding factor during the hiring process.

3. Create a Brand

Your resume should showcase your experience and skills, but it should also show your personality. The best way to stand out is to use your resume to create a brand for yourself. You can easily do this by including your logo or colors that resonate with you. Some resume templates will also have plenty of space in the header area so don’t be afraid to include your unique selling proposition to highlight what makes you different from other applicants.

4. Display Your Best Work

If you’re applying for a creative position that requires a portfolio, make sure to include only the best samples. After all, you want to impress your potential employer, not to mention you've got limited space.

5. Make Content Easy to Skim

According to research, HR managers will spend only six seconds on your resume. As such, you need to format your resume and make your content easy to skim to ensure they notice the most important information. Aside from columns, use bullet points for lengthy descriptions and different headings to highlight different sections on your resume.

Make your content easy to skim

Impress Employers With an Awesome Resume From Envato Elements or GraphicRiver

With an awesome resume, you’ll have no problems finding your dream job. Start your search by browsing our collection of awesome looking resumes on Envato Elements and don’t forget to stop by GraphicRiver for even more beautiful resume layouts. Don't wait! Download your favorite now.

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