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25 Best Free Birthday PowerPoint PPT Slide Templates to Download for 2020


Are you planning to surprise someone for their birthday by creating a birthday presentation? Or are you part of a business that deals with birthday parties and currently in need of a presentation for future clients? This article showcases 25+ premium and free birthday PPT templates for you to pick from.

Birthday Party - PowerPoint Birthday Template
Birthday Party - PowerPoint Birthday Template, a premium PPT template from Envato Elements

If you're too busy or lack the necessary skills to design a presentation from scratch, a pre-built template is an excellent option for you. Pick a pre-built template that stands out to you, fits all your requirements, and comes with loads of features. 

Identify the difference between premium and free pre-built templates by exploring the 25 free birthday PPT templates found online featured in this article. As for premium options, check out premium birthday presentation templates from Envato Elements and premium birthday PPT downloads from GraphicRiver. Know all your choices to pick the best template that suits your requirements and audience. 

Let's get started and find the best pre-built PPT template for your birthday-themed presentation. 

The Best Birthday PowerPoint Slide Templates on Envato Elements for 2020 (Unlimited Use)

Envato Elements is the best place to find premium birthday PPT presentation downloads. A monthly subscription is a marketing investment for your personal or professional brand. Create professional and impressive creative projects regardless of your skillset with these premium digital assets. 

Download as many premium templates as you need as often as you need them
Download as many premium templates as you need as often as you need them 

Envato Elements' offer is excellent. Enjoy unlimited access to millions of digital assets like videos, photos, audio, templates, graphics, etc., all for an affordable monthly free.

Premium Birthday PPT Templates on Envato Elements
Premium Birthday PPT Templates on Envato Elements

While you may find free birthday party templates on the web tempting, some issues generally come with these free templates you may not be aware of. It's best to identify the difference between premium and free templates before taking your pick. Free birthday presentation templates found online could have drawbacks like: 

  • outdated designs
  • accessible to many, so it's not unique
  • most of them are only background images 
  • limited features

Prefer to try out a premium PPT template before signing up for a monthly subscription? Check out premium best-selling PowerPoint templates from GraphicRiver. It works on a pay-per-download model. The next section covers some inspiration from GraphicRiver.

5 Top Premium PowerPoint Birthday Templates for 2020 (Envato Elements & GraphicRiver)

Let's discover some birthday-themed PowerPoint template inspiration from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver. Select any one of these for your upcoming birthday presentation and impress your audience:

1. Sureprise - Birthday PowerPoint Slides

Sureprise - Birthday PowerPoint Slides

This template comes with 30 birthday-themed slides and has five color variations. Sureprise is a well-designed template with:

  • handcrafted infographics
  • pixel-perfect illustrations
  • picture placeholders
  • section break slides
  • gallery and portfolio slides
  • and so on 

Take your birthday presentation to new heights with this premium PPT template.

2. The Ballons - Birthday Presentation Template

The Ballons - Birthday Presentation Template

Ballons is a fun presentation template that helps you showcase your information and visuals in a light-hearted manner. This template is perfect for personal, or business use as it's professional design will make you look good in either situation. Besides birthdays, this template can be used for anniversaries or party celebrations. 

3. Birthday Party - Birthday PPT Presentation Download

Birthday Party - Birthday PPT Presentation Download

Birthday Party is a beautiful template in pink. Not interested in pink, no problem. Just use one of the other premade colors. Change the color theme in a click. With a premium template like this, you'll be able to insert your content, replace the images, and you're ready to present your slides. It's that simple!

4. Party Planner - Birthday PowerPoint Slides

Party Planner - Birthday PowerPoint Slides

This template comes with over 30 unique slides that are perfect for any party planning or event management projects. A premium template like this allows you to spend minimal time on design creation and more on the content itself. These slides are also fully animated, allowing you to stand out and make a good impression on your audience.

5. Happy Bundle - Birthday Presentation Templates

Happy Bundle - Birthday Presentation Templates

Happy Bundle is a multipurpose set of templates that can be used for birthday presentations. It comes with 300 unique slides, custom animation for each object, 20 color schemes, a choice between dark and light backgrounds, fully editable graphics, and over 3000 vectors. Use this premium template to create fantastic birthday presentations!

25 Top Free Birthday PowerPoint PPT Templates and Background Designs to Download for 2020

Are you new to premium digital assets? Test out a few files (not just birthday PowerPoint slides) at no cost. Explore Envato's monthly free offerings before looking for free birthday PPT templates found online. You may be in luck!

Here's the deal:

  • Envato Elements offers 12 handpicked digital files monthly. These files are selected from the millions of digital assets. They could be anything like templates, graphics, video, audio, etc. Create a free account to download this month's free premium files
  • Envato Market provides seven unique monthly freebies. Create an account to download this month's premium freebies.

What happens if you can't go premium right now, and a birthday PowerPoint slide template isn't among this month's premium freebie? Free birthday PPT templates from the web are your next best option.

Let's take a look at 25 free birthday PowerPoint background templates found online:

1. Birthday Party Templates Free Download has a birthday cake, balloons, and gifts. There's also text that reads "birthday party" on a blue background. 

2. Fairy - Free Birthday PPT Presentation Download comes with a fairy with pink wings and a wand. There's also a text in yellow that reads "Happy Birthday".

3. Free Birthday Card PowerPoint Template is a simple slide with a colorful border and a white text box for you to include your birthday message.

Cool - Free Birthday PPT Templates

4. Kids - Birthday Party Templates Free Download comes with a light blue background and flying colorful paper. Purple is the font color.

5. Free Birthday PPT Download is a birthday or anniversary template. It comes with a blue background and gifts on the side.

6. Balloons - Free Birthday PowerPoint Background. This free background slide has a light blue background. There are some balloons, gifts, and stars as decorative elements.   

7. Clown - Free Birthday PPT Presentation Download has a funny clown with balloons design. A white background is used. 

8. Colorful Balloons - Free Birthday PPT Download is a cheerful template with loads of balloons and a text box for you to include your message.

Colorful Balloons - Free Birthday PPT Download

9. Cake - Free Birthday PowerPoint Background. This abstract background design comes with a birthday cake, balloons, gifts, and a "Happy Birthday" text. 

10. Balloons - Birthday Party Templates Free Download is a free background design with colorful balloons against a white brick wall. 

11. Free Colorful Birthday Balloons PowerPoint Templates features colorful balloons and light effects on a blue background. 

12. Free Happy Birthday Presents PowerPoint Templates comes with gifts, balloons, colorful ribbons, and trims over a blue background. 

13. Free Birthday Balloons PowerPoint Templates. This background design looks like it's got a string of balloons hanging in the sky with clouds. 

Free Birthday Balloons PowerPoint Templates

14. Emma - Birthday Party Templates Free Download can be used as a birthday invitation or photo presentation during a birthday party. Digital glitter paper, sparkles, and confetti help bring the festivities to this template. 

15. Fantasy - Free Birthday Presentation Template comes in pastel colors. It features cute illustrations of unicorns, kids, rainbow, cake, etc.

16. Dinosaur - Free Birthday PPT Presentation Download comes with a cute and funny dinosaur-themed birthday template. All graphics and fonts are cartoony.

17. Pink - Free Birthday Presentation Template comes with a pink background with organic shapes in a darker shade. The fonts are white, black, and darker pink. 

18. Cool - Free Birthday PPT Templates uses geometric design and colorful pictures. Though created for birthdays, it's a little multipurpose. 

Cool - Free Birthday PPT Templates

19. Photo Album - Free Birthday PPT Download comes with a variety of easy-to-use layouts. Each slide has simple elements and photo holders for you to include your photos. 

20. Card - Free Birthday PowerPoint Slide is a groovy greeting card with love and peace. The background is a splash of fun tie-dye colors.

21. Birthday Card - Free Birthday PowerPoint Background. This simple background template works as a half-fold birthday card printout. 

22. Happy Birthday - Free Birthday Card (Half-Fold) has an abstract design with dots and stripes. It also has a text that says, "Happy Birthday!". 

23. Banner - Free Birthday PPT Download comes with an alphabet from "Happy Birthday!" on a slide. Each slide is in a different color. 

Banner - Free Birthday PPT Download

24. Invitation - Free Birthday PowerPoint Slides. This is a birthday invitation with gold rays. Other colors used are white, black, and blue.

25. Free Birthday Card PPT Template has a scratched background in blue and green and is a half-fold card printout. 

5 Quick PowerPoint Happy Birthday Presentation Slide Design Tips for 2020

Once you've selected your birthday presentation template, you'll want to get the most from it. That's where these tips come in. Here are five ideas to help you plan the best birthday PowerPoint:

1. The Perfect Pre-Built Template

Party Planner Powerpoint Template a premium pre-built template on Envato Elements
Party Planner PowerPoint Template, a premium pre-built template on Envato Elements

Be picky and don't settle for second best while selecting your pre-built PowerPoint templates. By ticking most of your requirements, you'll end up with a perfect template that's not just a background image. An ideal template is easy to work with (regardless of your design skills), impressive, modern, and helps you get the job done fast. 

2. Not Just Pink or Blue

Party PowerPoint Template a premium colorful template from Envato Elements
Party PowerPoint Template, a premium colorful template from Envato Elements

Most birthday-themed templates come in pink or blue, but they could also have other premade color schemes to choose from. Pick the colors for your presentation based on the birthday party's theme or the birthday person's favorite colors. Going multicolored is also an option as it creates a cheerful presentation. 

3. Avoid Being Too Wordy

Often when we think of birthdays, we think of fun, parties, and colors. Text and reading is the last thing on anyone's mind. Stay true to the topic at hand and create a fun presentation that's not wordy. Chances are your audience will appreciate visuals like photos, graphics, and even videos compared to text. 

Learn more about images, charts, and graphics with these tutorials:

4. Use Animations and Transitions Wisely

Animations and transitions help make any presentation lively. When working on a joyful birthday presentation, it's easy to get carried away and include too many animations of transitions. Use them sparingly as they can be distracting. Learn more about animations and transitions in these tutorials:

5. Use High-Quality Photos and Graphics

Graphics and photos are essential to the look and feel of your presentation. Use these visuals instead of words to convey a message. Avoid low-resolution visuals, as it reflects poorly on you. 

Happy birthday - Vector Colorful Illustration on Envato Elements
Happy birthday - Vector Colorful Illustration on Envato Elements

As an Envato Elements subscriber, you'll have unlimited access to tons of graphics and photographs. They all come in high resolution. You can resize them accordingly. Create an impressive birthday presentation with graphics and photos of your choice.

Discover More Top Microsoft PowerPoint Template Designs

Are you still looking for the birthday PPT template for the project you've got in mind? Maybe you need to create a birthday photo album or a fun, vibrant presentation that's birthday-themed.  

Below are more top PowerPoint templates that can be used for a birthday-themed presentation:

Learn More About Making Great PowerPoint Presentations in 2020

Cut back on distractions while creating presentations by staying offline as much as possible. But what happens if you need to search for a PPT how-to? To avoid getting into research mode and spending too much time looking up something online, you can pin this How to Use PowerPoint (Ultimate Tutorial Guide) to the favorites on your browser. This single URL PPT how-tos guide works as a quick reference.  

Here are three examples of how-tos from The Ultimate Tutorial Guide:

Grab a Premium PowerPoint Birthday Template Today!

Envato Elements is a great place to start your search for premium birthday presentation templates. As a monthly subscriber, you'll get unlimited access to thousands of premium PPT templates as well as millions of other creative assets. These assets can be used to improve all your personal and professional projects. 

Are you new to premium digital assets and would like to test them out before subscribing to Envato Elements? Explore the selection of premium birthday PPT downloads from GraphicRiver and test it on their pay-per-download model. 

Envato Elements or GraphicRiver are the best places to get premium templates. But we understand if you're working with limited resources right now. Check out the 25 free birthday PPT templates in this article. These premium or free pre-built templates will allow you to save time and not start creating your presentation from scratch. 

Get started on your impressive presentation with a premium birthday PPT template. Download it now!

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