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25+ Flower PowerPoint PPT Templates to Download for 2020 Presentations


Are you a flower shop owner? Is your business flower-related? Maybe you just like flowers? 

Using a floral background or a floral template can make your presentation look elegant and beautiful. Flowers are a classic design theme that never goes out of style. 

This premium flower PowerPoint template can be found on Envato Elements.

Making a presentation can be time-consuming and difficult. Using a premium floral PowerPoint template will save you time because you'll already have an excellent base to start with. All you need to do with a premium template is add your information to it and customize the template any way you want.

In this article, you'll see 25 free templates that aren’t premium. We also look at premium floral templates from Envato Elements and premium floral PowerPoint templates from GraphicRiver. We also discuss design trends for Microsoft templates.

Find Great Premium Flower PowerPoint Templates on Envato Elements

Do you want to have an impressive flower PowerPoint template without spending a lot of time on it? Envato Elements is the best place to start.

Envato Elements is premium subscription service. Pay a low monthly fee, and you get unlimited access to premium flower PowerPoint templates and more.

Envato Elements
Envato Elements subscription gives you unlimited access to hundreds of premium flower Point templates.

An Envato Elements membership includes unlimited access to professionally created content such as:

  • flower PowerPoint templates
  • high-quality stock photos
  • royalty-free music
  • fonts
  • graphics
  • and more

 Are you still considering a free template? Free templates don’t have as many options that come with the slides. A lack of options may greatly limit your ability to customize your presentation.

Envato Elements Flower
Envato Elements has a lot of premium flower templates you could use.

After looking at Envato Elements you may wonder what the difference between Envato Elements and GraphicRiver is. GraphicRiver isn't a subscription service. With Graphic River, pay for each template you download. GraphicRiver is an excellent option if you need a premium template for one-time use.

5 Premium Floral Templates from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver

Here are some of the best floral templates from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver:

1. Floral PowerPoint Template

Floral PowerPoint Template

This Floral PowerPoint template comes with over 150 total slides with a pretty floral design. You also get five color scheme options to choose from. This template comes with picture placeholders, infographics, and graphics. You can easily edit everything in this template, including graphics.

2. Flower Bloom

Flower Bloom

Flower bloom is a multipurpose flower template. The design of this template is modern, with bold features. Here are the highlights of the flower bloom template:

  • five color scheme options
  • illustrations and infographics
  • over 150 slides
  • a picture placeholder

Easily edit this template in Microsoft office to suit any topic that you present.

3. The Flowers

The Flowers

This flower PowerPoint template has a modern floral design that'll capture the audience’s attention. Easily add an image of your choice by dragging and dropping the image into the image placeholder. This template comes with over 150 slides to add your information to.

4. Sunflo Flower Presentation


Sunflo is a bright flower template that features sunflowers throughout the presentation template. The key features of this template are:

  • 1300 total slides
  • 66 unique slides
  • infographics, charts, maps, and more
  • a light version and dark version

This template is perfect to liven up any flower presentation with the cheerful sunflowers and a yellow color scheme.

5. Blossom Flowers Presentation Template

Blossom Flowers

The Blossom flower template is a PowerPoint template with a beautiful design. The color scheme is yellow and pink with attractive flowers. Easily add an image of your choice by dragging and dropping the image into the image placeholder. This template comes with infographics, icons, and device mockups.

25 Top Free Flower PowerPoint Presentation Templates to Download for 2020

Before looking for a free floral PowerPoint templates on the web, check Envato's free offerings first. Try out various premium template files (not always PowerPoint designs with flowers) at no cost to you.

Here's the deal:

Here are some of the best floral PowerPoint templates found online:

1. Floral Wedding 

wedding flower PowerPoint presentation template

Floral Wedding is a flower PowerPoint presentation templates that are completely editable. This template comes with 32 total slides that you can enter information on.

2. Spring Season

This floral PowerPoint template has a lovely pink themed design with some illustrated flowers in the design. This template comes in 16:9 format, which works on most screens.

3. Summer Vibes

Summer Vibes has fun summer and flower theme PowerPoint with fruit and flowers in the design. This template is a good choice if you’re looking for a colorful and fun design.

4. Floral Pattern

This template has a floral pattern around the border of the slide, and the middle section is solid black. There are different borders throughout this template.

5. Farming Company

Farming Company PowerPoint design with flowers

This template’s design is flower and farm animal themed. Easily edit everything in this template.

6. Illustrator Portfolio

This template has a purple flower PowerPoint background and comes with 25 slides. Use this template in both Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint.

7. Classic Wedding

Classic Wedding is a flowery PowerPoint template with soft pastel colors on every slide. The font that comes with this slide is dark brown to match the color scheme.

8. Mindfulness Pitch Deck

This template with flower slides is designed to look relaxing. This template would be great to use if your business is spa related or relaxation related.

9. Botany Lesson

The color scheme for this flower template is orange, cream, purple, blue, and green. The design has outlines of flowers on the slide.

10. Floral Spring

Floral Spring flower theme PowerPoint

Floral spring has a pink color scheme throughout the presentation. Use this template in both Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint.

11.  Orange Floral Summer PowerPoint Template

This template for PPT with flowers has a simple design on all three slides. Use it for many different purposes.

12. Flower Lily PowerPoint Template

Flower Lily PowerPoint template has a simple design on the flower slides. This template comes with 23 slides.

13. Daisy Flower PowerPoint Template

Daisy Flower PowerPoint has a blue and green design on every slide. This template would work well for herbal product presentations

14. Pink Flower Frame

Pink Flower Frame is a floral PowerPoint template that's got the same design on every slide. This template comes with 27 slides. So, you've got a choice of what works best for your information.

15. Flower Stylish PowerPoint Template

Flower Stylish PowerPoint Template

Flower Stylish Template has a colorful floral design that can be used for many different topics. This template comes in multiple resolutions.

16. Fall Flower PowerPoint Templates

This template for PPT with flowers has a gold and pink color scheme throughout. It comes with three total slides.

17. Floral Dream PowerPoint Templates

The design of this template is flowers on a black PowerPoint background. This template is great if you’re doing a short flower presentation and you want a pretty design.

18. Yellow Flower PowerPoint Template

 The design of this flower presentation is beautiful and cheerful. You can easily edit the whole template

19. Abstract White Flowers PowerPoint

This abstract template for PPT with flowers comes with 12 total slides. It comes in 16:9 format that works on most screens.

20. Yellow Cutout Paper Flower PowerPoint Templates

Yellow Cutout Paper Flower PowerPoint Templates

This template comes with three total slides to add information on. The color scheme throughout is white and yellow.

21. Bouquet of Daisies PowerPoint Templates

This template has one flower on every slide. The flower is in a vase with earbuds. You could use it to talk about flowers or music.

22. Multi-Colors Rose PowerPoint Template

The design on this template features a multicolored rose with water droplets. It comes with one cover slide and two regular slides.

23. Abstract Floral Nature PowerPoint Template

This abstract template is entirely customizable. The color scheme on the flower slides is gold, grey, and white.

24. Flower Field-Nature PowerPoint Template

The design that comes with a template works well with any topic. It includes one title slide and two regular slides.

25. Floral Template

Floral template

This floral PowerPoint template features a floral design on a green background. Use this with Microsoft PowerPoint and Open Office Impress.

5 Quick Floral-Use Slide Design Tips for 2020 PowerPoint Presentations

Now that you've chosen your flower template here are some design tips to get you started:

1. Minimalism

A prominent design trend is to have templates with a minimal flower PowerPoint background. Another part of the minimal trend is to use minimal text and to use more space for illustrations than for text. 

The minimal trend even applies to the color scheme of the template. Flower slides that have a color scheme with just two colors are standard with the minimal design trend. Minimal design doesn’t overwhelm your audience and must be pleasing to the eye.

Blossom is one of many premium minimal floral PowerPoint templates on Envato Elements.

2. Use Negative Space

Negative space is a blank space between your content on your flower slide. This trend is basically about not overcrowding your slides. Overcrowding your flower slides looks sloppy. Also, a slide without enough negative space makes it hard for the audience to know what you want them to concentrate on.

3. Vibrant Color

Using vibrant colors or having a vibrant color scheme for your flower PowerPoint templates is an easy way to brighten up your flower presentation. Bright colors make the presentation less boring and make it more attention-grabbing for the audience. Using vibrant colors can make your presentation stand out because everyone else will be using black and white.

There are many vibrant floral PowerPoint templates on Envato Elements.

4. Consistency

When putting together floral PowerPoint templates remain consistent throughout the flower presentation. Stick to one theme throughout your presentation. 

It's best to use the same font and colors throughout your whole presentation. Using too many fonts and themes makes your slideshow look sloppy or even chaotic. A sloppy slideshow looks unprofessional and distracts the audience from your presentation points.

5. Use Visuals

Visuals can help you to get an emotional point across to your audience. Visuals can also help you explain difficult topics. They also help you break up the text so that you don’t have a wall of text on your flower presentation.

Visuals you can use on your flowery PowerPoint template include:

  • images
  • icons
  • illustrations 
  • and videos  
Flower is a beautiful premium flower template from Envato Elements.

Discover More Stylish PowerPoint Presentation Templates Designs for 2020

Now you've looked at both premium templates and free templates. You've even read design tips that'll help you improve your presentation. Here are some articles that feature even more templates that you can use:

Download a Premium Flower PowerPoint Template Today!

Save time and start using premium templates that have been professionally designed. Envato Elements is a great place to start. Envato elements have hundreds of floral PowerPoint template options that you can download. All you need to do to access these templates is to pay a low monthly fee for the subscription.

Maybe you're creating a one-time project and won’t need a flower template again? Then GraphicRiver is the option that you should look into.

So, why not download a flower theme for PowerPoint today?

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