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15+ Free Attractive Resume CV Templates With Stylish Designs to Download 2022

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Never underestimate the importance of an attractive resume when searching for a job. It's the first thing recruiters look at. Making a good impression can land you that all-important interview.

Attractive CV and resume templatesAttractive CV and resume templatesAttractive CV and resume templates
This premium template from Envato Elements is one of many attractive CV templates.

If you're not sure where to start with creating your resume, a template can help you craft the perfect CV or resume fast. In this article, we're going to show you some attractive resume templates for free download. 

But first let's take a look at a great place to find attractive resume templates, Envato Elements. You can also check out the premium stylish resume templates available on GraphicRiver. 

Find Attractive Resume Templates on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

If you're looking for premium stylish CV templates that'll give your resume a lift, Envato Elements has a great offer you won't want to miss: download as many attractive resume templates as you want, all for one low price. 

Envato Elements - Design Without Limits - cv templatesEnvato Elements - Design Without Limits - cv templatesEnvato Elements - Design Without Limits - cv templates

To find the perfect stylish resume template on Envato Elements, select Graphic Templates to the right of the search box, then type attractive resume into the search box. You'll see thousands of resume templates to download. When you find the perfect template, click Download. Then you'll be able to start customizing your CV.

Download stylish CV templates from Envato ElementsDownload stylish CV templates from Envato ElementsDownload stylish CV templates from Envato Elements
Choose from a wide selection of premium stylish resume templates on Envato Elements.

To learn more about creating a resume that wows recruiters, check out our guide to how to create a great resume.

5 Best Attractive CV Templates on Envato Elements

One of the best reasons to use a premium resume template is that you can benefit from great design without having to design from scratch yourself. This is a real timesaver, especially if you're not confident about your design skills. 

Here's another benefit of using CV and resume templates. All you've got to do is insert your information, and you'll soon have a polished resume that looks great to recruiters and human resources managers.

To help you get started, here are some of the best premium attractive resume templates on Envato Elements:

1. CV/Resume

stylish cv template from Envato Elementsstylish cv template from Envato Elementsstylish cv template from Envato Elements

This resume and CV template work with Microsoft Word. It's easy to edit, uses free fonts, and is A4 size, which is perfect if you're applying for a job in the UK and Europe, where those sizes are common. The template set also includes a cover letter.

2. Resume / CV Template

cv resume templatecv resume templatecv resume template

This print template creates an attractive CV or resume in muted colors. It makes it easy to showcase your skills and experience, in a stylish layout that'll stand out to recruiters. This is an A4 resume template.

3. Attractive Resume Designer

attractive resume templateattractive resume templateattractive resume template

This CV template includes a number of layout options. You can edit it in Adobe InDesign (part of Adobe Creative Suite). This is a stylish template to present your resume in its best light. The template set includes a PDF preview.

4. CV Resume

stylish resume template from Envato Elementsstylish resume template from Envato Elementsstylish resume template from Envato Elements

This is a versatile and attractive resume template set. It includes Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Word, and Adobe Photoshop files that are easy to edit. Not only can you create a CV, but you can also use the same style to create a cover letter and mini portfolio.

5. Creative Resume & CV Template

creative resume templatecreative resume templatecreative resume template

This eye-catching modern resume and CV template puts you on track to make an impression on recruiters and HR managers. It uses bright colors, and there's a timeline design so you can easily showcase your recent experience. This template is easy to edit.

Best Premium Stylish Resume Templates on GraphicRiver

While Envato Elements is an excellent resource if you plan to create many different resume designs, sometimes you need a design for one-off use. In that case, GraphicRiver is a great place to look for stylish resume templates

Find attractive CV templates on GraphicRiverFind attractive CV templates on GraphicRiverFind attractive CV templates on GraphicRiver
Premium attractive resumes from GraphicRiver to help in your job search.

To find the perfect resume template, go to the Graphics tab, then type attractive resume into the search box. There are dozens of attractive resume templates to choose from. Here are some of our top picks to get you started:

1. Clean Resume

clean stylish resume templateclean stylish resume templateclean stylish resume template

This crisp, clean resume template has a modern and uncluttered look. Edit it in Microsoft Word, which makes it easy to customize to meet your needs. It includes five color variations for the CV, as well as four color variations for the included cover letter template.

2. Simple Attractive CV

simple attractive resume cv templatesimple attractive resume cv templatesimple attractive resume cv template

Make a great first impression with this attractive CV template, available with a white or yellow background. It includes both US Letter and A4 sizes and makes it easy to include an image. The timeline, bar chart and star rating sections make this template a bit different.

3. Resume Template

attractive resume for corporate useattractive resume for corporate useattractive resume for corporate use

There are four versions of this resume template, available for Word, and Adobe Creative Suite. The design is easy to edit, and makes each section stand out. The template set is available in US Letter and A4 sizes and includes a cover letter template.

4. Resume/CV - Swiss Miss

swiss miss attractive cvswiss miss attractive cvswiss miss attractive cv

This attractive CV template set is easy to use and customize. Change template colors with one click. The set includes three resume layouts, as well as cover letter and reference letter templates. The template set includes A4 and US Letter sizes.

5. Resume

attractive resume templatesattractive resume templatesattractive resume templates

This stylish CV template includes two color schemes. As well as the resume template, there's a reference letter template and a cover letter template. This set is easy to edit in Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.

15+ Attractive Resume Templates That Are Free to Download

If you want a well-designed, attractive resume template, then you can't beat a premium template. Premium resume templates are well supported by their creators, plus you may get some extra goodies thrown in. 

Before looking for a free attractive resume template on the web, check Envato's free offerings first. Try out various premium template files (not always resume templates) at no cost to you.

Here's the deal: 

However, if you can't find find premium quality, it's worth checking out some of the free stylish resume templates around. Here's a roundup of attractive resume CV templates that are free to download:

1. Serif

Serif is one of several eye-catching resume templates free from Google. Find them when logged into your Google account by going to File>New>Document from Template.

Traditional Elegance

As the name suggests, this is a traditional one-page resume template. Available from Hloom, this is suitable for those with a short work history, such as recent graduates.

3. CV Template

This is a two-page resume template from Vertex42. It's a great CV to use if you're a teacher or academic, as it's got space for research and publications.

4. The Muse

This Google Docs template has a clean, modern look. It's one of several attractive CV templates free to download from Google. 

The Muse Google Docs resume template freeThe Muse Google Docs resume template freeThe Muse Google Docs resume template free

5. Creative Resume

This well-designed template is available for free from Microsoft. Designed by MOO, it's attractive and eye-catching, and will make your CV stand out.

6. Boast

Boast, from Hloom, is a two-column resume template that helps you quickly show off your skills. The visual grid to indicate years of experience is a nice touch.

7. Student Resume

Looking for attractive resume templates free to download for Word? Microsoft has several options, including this modern resume template designed for student CVs.

8. Jobscan Resume Templates

Jobscan has a selection of free to download templates for your resume and CV. Intended to be used with its service, the templates are suitable for executives, middle management, and recent graduates, with some classic templates for all purposes.

9. Resume

Make a good impression on recruiters with this simple resume template in Word, free to download from Microsoft. 

10. Chicago

This is a Google Docs resume template. It uses serif fonts, and there's a summary section right at the top, followed by well-defined sections for experience and education.

11. Ardent

Hloom has several attractive CV templates that are free to download, including Ardent. Ardent lets job seekers showcase their head shot, followed by clear sections for education, experience and skills.

12. Zety Resume Templates

Zety has a range of stylish CV templates to download free of charge. All the templates feature clear, modern designs, with attractive layouts.

Zety attractive resume templates free downloadZety attractive resume templates free downloadZety attractive resume templates free download

13. Resume (Executive Design)

For a quick presentation of your skills and experience, download this Word resume template for free. It's a good way to showcase the essentials with no fluff.

14. Sticky Note Resume

This is a colorful resume template from Microsoft. Replicating the look of sticky notes, this free stylish resume template is a unique way to present yourself as a job candidate.

Sticky Note - attractive resume templates free download wordSticky Note - attractive resume templates free download wordSticky Note - attractive resume templates free download word

15. Spearmint

This crisp resume layout makes it easy to create your resume in Google Docs. The green and white color scheme is easy on the eyes. 

16. Modern Writer

Modern Writer is another free to download resume template for Google Docs. It looks like it's been typed, with an eye-catching red and white color scheme.

5 Quick Design Ideas to Make More Stylish Resumes

Want to make your resume look even more appealing? Check out these tips for creating attractive resumes. 

1. Limit Font Use 

attractive cv templatesattractive cv templatesattractive cv templates
This premium attractive CV template uses complementary fonts.

There are lots of fonts to choose from, but don't overwhelm recruiters with multiple fonts. Stick to using a header font and a body font that complement each other. That's all you need for visual harmony. 

2. Make It Mobile-friendly 

The chances are that your recruiter or potential employer will be looking at your CV on a tablet or phone. Make sure it's a mobile-friendly design that resizes automatically, because if they can't read your resume, it'll go on the discard pile.

3. Mirror the Job Description

stylish resume templatestylish resume templatestylish resume template
This premium template features a prominent Personal Statement where you can mirror job description language.

When writing your resume and your cover letter use some of the same language as in the job description. It's a subtle cue. OK, maybe not that subtle. It suggests you're the right fit for the role.

4. Keep Your Design Simple

Recruiters look at a LOT of resumes, so you want to get to the point. Avoid the distraction of cluttered design. Keep it simple so your skills and experience stand out.

5. Highlight Results 

get eye catching resume templates free with an Envato Elements accountget eye catching resume templates free with an Envato Elements accountget eye catching resume templates free with an Envato Elements account
This premium stylish resume template has plenty of room for you to highlight your results.

Results are key for anyone looking to hire you. Make sure whichever resume template you choose gives you an easy way to highlight those and move to the top of the consideration list.

Learn More About Creating Attractive Resumes

Need more tips on creating attractive resumes? Check out the guides below:

Discover More Stylish Resume Templates for 2022

We've shared some premium and free resume templates you can download, but if you want even more choice, have a look at the roundups below:

Get a Stylish CV Template Today

An attractive resume template can help you make a positive impression on a recruiter or HR manager so you land that job interview you've been waiting for. Plus, if you use a template, you won't need to worry about design skills, and can concentrate on getting the content right.

Download as many stylish resume templates as you want from Envato Elements, all for one low price. You can also get attractive CV templates for one-off use on GraphicRiver. Get yours and create a new resume today.

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