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24+ Best Free Biology Google Slides Themes for 2023 Presentations

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Want to make eye-catching biology slides? Look no farther! In this article, you’ll find more than 20+ biology Google Slides themes—both free and premium.

Biotech Biology Google Slides ThemeBiotech Biology Google Slides ThemeBiotech Biology Google Slides Theme
Biotech - Biotechnology Google Slides Template is a premium template found on Envato Elements.

The topic of biology lends itself to a visually awe-inspiring presentation. But there’s no need to spend hours and hours creating your own Google Slides designs from scratch. Instead, start with a Google Slides theme and customize it to your heart’s desire.

5 of the Best Premium Biology Google Slides Themes

For professional biology slides that are optimized for customization and user-friendliness, consider premium biology Google Slides themes. These may need a small investment, but you know what they say: you get your money’s worth.

Some of the best premium biology Google Slides themes we’ve found from Envato Elements include:

1. Foreka - Biology Education Google Slides

biology slidesbiology slidesbiology slides

The clean, straightforward aesthetic of Foreka lends itself well to biology-themed Google Slides. This Google Slides theme includes 30 unique slide designs with an option of either light or dark variation.

This Biology Google Slides template also comes with several biology-related graphics and a full set of vector icons to accent your slides. Each slide is fully editable in Google Slides and PowerPoint. With Foreka, you get:

  • 60 slides in all
  • two color theme options
  • 16:9 widescreen format
  • RGB color mode
  • drag-and-drop image placeholders

2. Classroom Syllabus Google Slide

biology google slides themebiology google slides themebiology google slides theme

If you’re looking for a biology slide template with a hand-drawn look, then you’ll find it in the Classroom Syllabus Google Slide theme. A total of 30 unique slides contain various illustrations that you can customize or mix-and-match to create your very own designs!

This Google Slides theme also comes with built-in slide transitions. This dynamic biology Google Slides theme is sure to keep your audience riveted with unique layouts for different types of slides, such as:

  • quote
  • definition
  • process
  • summary
  • to-dos

3. Biology - Human Anatomy For PowerPoint

biology themed google slidesbiology themed google slidesbiology themed google slides

Creating a presentation about human anatomy? Then you’ll want the Human Anatomy template for Google Slides and PowerPoint. This gives you many illustrations, including:

  • muscular system
  • arm bone anatomy
  • femur
  • foot bones
  • humerus
  • radius and ulna bone anatomy
  • skeletal system anatomy
  • spine bone anatomy
  • pelvis
  • torso bones
  • … and more

There are 22 human anatomy slides in all, and each one is fully editable. Grab this and create an impressive human anatomy presentation in a short time!

4. Bio - Science Google Slides Template

biology google slides templatebiology google slides templatebiology google slides template

If you want a modern, sleek design for your biology presentation, then take a look at the Bio-Science Google Slides theme. Its design is minimalist yet full of interesting elements. Image placeholders make it easy for you to add your own photos.

This theme of more than 30 unique slides includes vector icons. The Biology Google Slides template also uses master slides. This means you can make global changes to the slide deck simply by editing the slide master!

To summarize, Bio-Science Google Slides theme offers:

  • 30+ slide layouts
  • vector icons
  • 16:9 aspect ratio

5. Science Education Google Slides Template

biology themes for google slidesbiology themes for google slidesbiology themes for google slides

Here’s another youthful Google Slides theme for your biology slides. Whether you want to use illustrations or pictures—or both—this theme has got you covered. It includes many science-related illustrations. And with the image placeholders, you can personalize the slides with your very own photographs. This Google Slides theme also uses master slides for faster customization.

Other features of the Science Education Google Slides theme include:

  • over 30 unique slide layouts
  • high-resolution 1920x1080 pixels
  • 16:9 aspect ratio

But what if you’re looking for free Google Slides themes? We’ve got you covered, too!

20+ Best Free Google Slides Biology Themes to Download (2023)

If you want free biology Google Slides themes, then look no further. We’ve done the work, so you don’t have to!

But before you consider free Biology themes for Google Slides that you find online, take a look at Envato Elements' free offerings:

Free Envato Elements TemplatesFree Envato Elements TemplatesFree Envato Elements Templates
Envato Elements offers 12 premium files for free each month.

Here's the deal: 

Envato Elements offers twelve free monthly items for download. These span many types of digital assets (fonts, templates, videos, photos, and more). All you need to do is create a free Envato Elements account. With it, you can browse and download the free files available each month.

If you didn't see anything you liked above, don't despair. Below, we’ve rounded up some of the best no-cost biology Google Slides themes that you can download for free:

1. Biology Blue Brain Google Slides Theme Template

This Google Slides theme is specifically for a brain-related presentation—but you can use it for other biology topics as well. The Biology Google Slides template has a total of 17 editable slides.

2. Biological Specimens Google Slides Themes & PowerPoint Template

As the name suggests, this free Google Slides theme includes images of biological specimens for biology presentations. It comes in 16:9 widescreen format.

3. Human Body Google Slides Themes & PowerPoint Templates

biology slidesbiology slidesbiology slides

If you need diagrams of the human body, structures, and systems for your biology slides, you just might find them in this Google Slides theme.

4. Optical Microscope – Free Google Slides Themes and PowerPoint Template

The optical microscope Google Slides theme is simple yet editable. It provides nine different slide layouts.

5. Free Hormones Presentation Template

This presentation template includes 40 slides for a variety of layouts. Each slide is editable, so you can customize according to your needs.

6. Science Drawings. Free PowerPoint Template & Google Slides Theme

biology google slides themebiology google slides themebiology google slides theme

Science Drawings gives a playful twist to a science-related Google Slides theme. Hand-drawn icons and illustrations are included for a total of 25 slides.

7. Minimal Nature. Free PowerPoint Template & Google Slides Theme

This free Google Slides theme has a nature-inspired design. A total of 25 different slides include 80 icons and a world map.

8. Minimal Medical. Free PowerPoint Template & Google Slides Theme

A minimalist presentation theme for medical, health, fitness, or biology topics, this set includes illustrations of the human body. The clean design uses a single accent color to make biology slides more interesting.

9. Amazing Botanical. Free PowerPoint, Google Slides & Canva Presentation

biology themed google slidesbiology themed google slidesbiology themed google slides

This Google Slides theme has 25 slides and each one includes botanical illustrations. Plus, the Biology Google Slides template comes with 80 icons, if you’d like to add them to your slides.

10. Environment Leaves. Free PowerPoint Template & Google Slides Theme

Environment Leaves Google Slides theme is another nature-inspired template with a green color palette. Examples of tables, charts, and graphs are included as a guide for those who want to include those elements. This theme has a total of 25 slides to edit and customize.

11. Biology Free Presentation Template

biology google slides templatebiology google slides templatebiology google slides template

Here’s a template for biology topics about microscopic things, such as bacteria and cells. It includes illustrations of three types of cells and two slides with interactive activities for elementary students.

12. Agnes, Elegant Botanical Theme

The muted tones of this theme provide a change of pace from other biology-related templates. But the color palette can be customized. What sets this theme apart is the shadow overlay on each slide.

13. Burton Free Presentation Template for Google Slides or PowerPoint

The recurring design element of this Google Slides theme is a collection of green leaves. This makes it appropriate for presentations on biology, botany, nature, and the environment. 

14. Flowers and Ladybugs Free Slides Template

biology themes for google slidesbiology themes for google slidesbiology themes for google slides

Illustrations of flowers and ladybugs make this Google Slides theme playful, bright, and whimsical. But you can change the colors of most of the elements in this theme.

15. Bravestone, Jungle Backgrounds Presentation Template

Bravestone is a jungle-themed Google Slides theme—complete with hippos, monkeys, and snakes. It even has a tribute to the movie, Jumanji.

16. Carlina Free Environmental Template for Google Slides or PowerPoint

biology slidesbiology slidesbiology slides

This “green” presentation was designed for topics around the environment, clean energy, ecology, and nature. It's got a total of 19 unique biology slides and many editable icons.

17. Leaf Illustration Free Presentation Template – Google Slides Theme and PowerPoint Template

Hand-drawn flower and leaf presentations adorn the backgrounds of these slides. All 25 unique slides in this package are fully editable.

18. Abstract Plant Workshop Free Presentation Template 

Stylized plant illustrations make for a playful Google Slides Theme for younger audiences or lighter biology topics. This also comes with editable graphics and maps.

19. Nature Palm Leaves Free Presentation Template

biology google slides themebiology google slides themebiology google slides theme

Each slide in this Google Slides theme has hand-drawn illustrations of leaves, making it perfect for nature-related presentations. 

20. World Heart Day Free Presentation Template

Specifically designed for World Heart Day, this Google Slides theme works for topics around heart health and cardiovascular disease. The graphics have a stylized rather than a realistic look.

21. Doctors’ Day Free Presentation Template

This clean and simple Google Slides theme was created for Doctors’ Day. As such, it performs well for biology slides related to medical topics.

22. World Wildlife Day Free Presentation Design

biology themed google slidesbiology themed google slidesbiology themed google slides

This World Wildlife Day slides theme is appropriate for presentations on biology, zoology, and other related topics. Each of its 25 slides feature various wildlife and nature elements.

23. Birds Template for PowerPoint and Google Slides

Birds have a subtle presence in this stylized, modern, and artistic Google Slides theme. Six unique layouts include an introduction slide, section titles, text-only, and image slide. This template is editable on PowerPoint as well.

24. Pastel Leaves Template for PowerPoint and Google Slides

A pastel palette and shapes of tropical plants, ferns, and tree leaves combine to make a calming Google Slides theme. All slides in this pack are fully editable so you can make it truly your own. You can also add your own pictures by using the image placeholders.

25. Retro Pop Mountains Template for PowerPoint and Google Slides

biology slidesbiology slidesbiology slides

Six unique slide layouts offer natural landscapes with a vintage color filter. Text “boxes” shaped like brushstrokes add interest and movement.

Create an Awe-Inspiring Biology Google Slides Presentation

After you’ve chosen the biology Google Slides theme you wish to use, you’ll need more design elements to enhance your presentation’s impact. Go to Envato Elements for all the creative assets you need to create awesome slides. From slide templates to fonts, photo stock and more, you’ll get unlimited downloads for one low subscription price.

Explore Biology Google Slides

biology slidesbiology slidesbiology slides
Envato Elements is the go-to source of biology slides themes and other creative assets.

What’s more, all assets in Envato Elements are created by professionals who know the principles of good design, current and upcoming trends, and best practices. That way, you don’t have to do the research to find out all that.

Envato Elements Google Slides themes are also customizable and come with after-sales support from the designer. Most of the designers are accessible should you need help customizing their designs for your biology slides.

5 Quick Tips To Make Great Google Slides Biology Presentations in 2023

Since you have control of customizing your presentation, it’s good to know some basic guidelines. The following tips cover the most common pitfalls in creating Google Slides presentations. Keep them in mind for every slide deck you make:

1. Use Google Slides Themes

biology slidesbiology slidesbiology slides
A premium biology-themed Google Slides theme is your best bet to streamline your workflow.

Google Slides themes make the biggest and most important design decisions for you. These include the color scheme, text styles and placement, image placements, etc.

Of course, you can still customize a theme with your brand colors. You can change almost every element of a theme to better suit the tone of your presentation.

2. Minimize Text

biology slides tipsbiology slides tipsbiology slides tips
Leave plenty of space around text to make your biology slides presentation (premium example) easy on the eyes.

Don’t fill slides with text. Text-heavy slides are unattractive and distracting. Instead of listening to you, your audience will be reading all the text. And soon, you may find them snoring.

3. Don’t Overdo the Fonts

It’s easy to get carried away with fonts, especially when you have so many at your fingertips through Envato Elements. But using too many different kinds of fonts and font styles make your presentation look amateurish.

Professional designers know that you only need two to three different fonts on any design. Browse the font library at Envato Elements to pick which ones work perfectly together.

4. Show, Don’t Tell

biology slides diagrams illustrationsbiology slides diagrams illustrationsbiology slides diagrams illustrations
Use diagrams, illustrations, and other images to make your premium biology slides more effective.

Pictures, illustrations, and even icons can communicate volumes. Use pictures and illustrations to show exactly what you’re talking about. They can also evoke emotions, set the tone of your slides, and express your personality.

Icons are symbolic and can quickly send meaning with a single image. Take advantage of the image and graphic libraries at Envato Elements to find just what you need.  

5. Add Movement

Keep your presentation interesting through motion. Some Google Slides themes already include these. Google Slides offers slide transitions and object animation. But do use these judiciously so that your audience doesn’t get dizzy!

Another way to show movement is through graphic effects like motion blur or brushstrokes. These may already be included in the theme.

Discover More Top Google Slides Themes Designs

With the wide availability of Google Slides themes available, there’s no reason for you to design a presentation from scratch. Check out this roundup of Google Slides themes:

Learn More About Making Great Google Slides Presentations in 2023

Google Slides may be a free presentation platform, but it offers robust features. Our Google Slides tutorial guide shows you how to make the best presentation using Google Slides. Level up your Google Slides skills with these posts:

Find Awesome Biology Google Slides Themes

Use one of the premium or free biology Google Slides themes above to wow your audience with a compelling presentation. Biology is a rich topic that deserves a captivating presentation. The right Google Slides theme helps you create just that.

Google Slides themes already look extraordinary. At the same time, you can jazz up any Google Slides theme with graphics, photos, and other design assets from Envato Elements. With its extensive library, you can find what you need to convey your message while holding the attention of your audience.

Have fun creating amazing biology-themed Google Slides!

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