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18 Best Free Camouflage PowerPoint Templates & Backgrounds to Download 2021

Are you looking for a camouflage PowerPoint template that's either for military or outdoor presentations? This article lists a few top PowerPoint camouflage background templates. Plus, we'll explore the difference between free and premium templates, so you'd know which option would work best for you. 

Tactical - Military PowerPoint Template
Tactical - Military PowerPoint Template, premium PowerPoint camouflage background template from Envato Elements

It's best to always start with a pre-built camo PowerPoint template to avoid starting from scratch. It'll save you some design time and effort. 

This article will explore premium camouflage PowerPoint templates from Envato Elements and premium outdoor and camo PowerPoint templates from GraphicRiver. Then we'll take a look at 18 camouflage background free templates found online. 

Start working smart on future presentations with a pre-built camo PowerPoint theme template that best suits your needs. Let's get cracking! 

Find the Best Premium Camouflage PowerPoint Templates on Envato Elements for 2021 (Unlimited Use)

An Envato Elements membership is a must-have if you work on creative projects like presentations, blog articles, or social media posts often. Workaround limitations like skill sets or time to take your projects to new heights. Download as many creative files (not just PowerPoint camouflage background templates) as and when you need them. 

Download as many premium camo PowerPoint templates as you need as often as you need them.
Download as many premium camo PowerPoint templates as you need as often as you need them.

Get unlimited access to millions of digital creative assets with an Envato Elements subscription—all for a low monthly fee. 

Your creative possibilities become limitless with access to this all-you-can-download creative library. For a reasonable membership fee, you'll unlock access to premium digital assets like: 

  • professional PPT and WP templates
  • royalty-free audio and music
  • high-quality stock videos and photos
  • creative graphic templates, presets, fonts, and so much more

Are you still wondering if free PowerPoint templates from the web would do the trick? There are limitations many free templates come with. You need to be aware of them and willing to work around them. Issues you may encounter are:

  • outdated designs
  • limited features
  • lack of unique options

Why take the risk when there's a safer option? Try out premium PowerPoint templates from GraphicRiver. It's got a pay-per-download model that works well for those who want to test out premium before signing up to Envato Elements. We'll take a look at some PowerPoint camouflage background templates from GraphicRiver in the next section.

5 Best Premium Camouflage PowerPoint Templates For 2021 (Envato Elements & GraphicRiver)

Here are five of the best premium camo PowerPoint themes from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver: 

1. Dean Jaka Military PowerPoint Template

Dean Jaka Military PowerPoint Template

This is a modern, clean and minimalistic template. It comes with 30 unique slides that have animation and transitions. Add your content, make simple brand customization and easily create your camo-themed presentation within minutes. 

2. PowerPoint Camouflage Background Template

PowerPoint Camouflage Background Template

This camouflage PPT template comes with 32 unique slides in standard 4:3 size. Change the background color, gradient, or photo with a few clicks. All elements of this template are customizable, giving you loads of control to create the best possible presentation. 

3. Tactical - Military PowerPoint Template

Tactical - Military Powerpoint Template

This camo PowerPoint theme template has 30 unique animated slides, background color choice, and five premade colors to pick from. The background of the template has a very light gray shadow that resembles camouflage designs. It's a multipurpose template that can turn to just about any camouflage presentation you need it to be. 

4. Mothership - Military PowerPoint Presentation Template

Mothership Military PowerPoint Presentation Template

Mothership has over 100 unique slides, 11 color schemes, free icons, and a dark background color option. It comes packed with handmade infographics and animated slides. It'll help you create an impressive modern presentation. Stand out from the crowd with this professionally designed template.

5. Utendor - Outdoor Equipment PowerPoint Template

Utendors Outdoor Equipment PowerPoint Template

Utendor is a creative and professional template that comes with 64 unique multipurpose slides. Customize all elements, including the handmade infographics. Like many of the above premium templates, it also comes with a light and dark background option. 

18 Top Free Camouflage PowerPoint Templates and PPT Backgrounds to Download for 2021

Have you heard of Envato's monthly premium freebies? Before you dive into free camouflage PowerPoint background options found online, check out Envato's free offerings. Various premium digital files are yours to test out at no cost. A camo PowerPoint theme template may be on offer this month! 

Here's the deal:

  • Envato Elements offers 12 unique handpicked files (music, photos, videos, templates, fonts, and more) for anyone to use every month. Log in or create a free account to download this month's free premium files.
  • Envato Market offers seven premium monthly freebies. Log in or create an account to access this month's premium freebies

Now let's check out 18 free camouflage PowerPoint background from the web:

1. Free Army Soldier Camouflage PPT Template. This template is in green and features images of soldiers dressed in camo uniforms.  

2. Free Military PowerPoint Template has an image of a soldier and a camouflage as the background. 

3. Free War PowerPoint Template comes with a half gray and half green camouflage background. It's got a barbed wire and steel fence design too. 

Free War PowerPoint Template

4. Free Humvee and Soldier PowerPoint Template features a soldier in camo and a Humvee on an airplane.

5. Free Soldier and Children Military PowerPoint Template. As the name suggests, this template comes with a background image of a soldier in camouflage uniform with two children.

6. Free Submachine Gun Military PowerPoint Template has an image of a soldier firing a gun in the desert.

7. Army - Free Camouflage PowerPoint Background Template. This template is simple and comes with a green and beige camo.

Army Free Camouflage PowerPoint Background Template

8. Free Squad of Soldiers in Desert PowerPoint Template uses olive green as the template's primary color. There's also an image of soldiers with guns in a desert. 

9. Free Military Boats Patrolling PowerPoint Template. This template uses an image of soldiers on a boat at sea. 

10. Free Military PowerPoint Template comes in standard (4:3) and widescreen (16:9). It features a soldier in camo with a gun. 

11. Clipart PPT - Camouflage Background Free. This background image is of green army-like camouflage. Add it to any template of your choice.

Clipart PPT Camouflage Background Free

12. Free Camouflage Desktops HD Quality PPT Background. This image is of the typical camo colors but with a unique design.

13. Frame PPT Camouflage Background Free uses a browner tone to its camo design. 

14. Free Outdoor Presentation PPT Template's image of mountains and the sky does scream the great outdoors.

15. Free Silhouette Brown Bear PowerPoint Template is an outdoor or in the wild template. It's in various shades of green. 

Free Silhouette Brown Bear PowerPoint Template

16. Navy - Free Camouflage PowerPoint Background Template features a background image of blue camo. There's a gray section for the text.

17. Free CAMO Template for PowerPoint and Google SlidesThe first and last slide is in color. The other slides are in black and white.

18. Dunham Free PowerPoint Template uses yellow as the primary color, squares as the principal elements, and images of a traveler as the background image.

5 Quick PowerPoint Camouflage Styled Presentation Slide Design Tips for 2021

On a mission to up your presentation game in 2021? Here are five quick tips to get you on the right path:

1. Leave the Designing to the Experts

This sounds like a simple tip, but it's crucial and shouldn't be looked at lightly. A premium presentation template designed by experts is a must-have because it helps you:

  • save time by not having to start creating from scratch
  • create an impressive and modern presentation
  • make that good first impression
  • avoid gambling with free templates found online
  • work around your skill limitations 
ASGARD - Military & Army Powerpoint Template, a professionally designed premium template from Envato Elements
ASGARD - Military & Army PowerPoint Template, a professionally designed premium template from Envato Elements

Take your time and browse through loads of options before you take your pick. A suitable template would mean you see slide designs and features that enable you to create your presentation with minimal design customization. 

2. Use Powerful Images and Graphics

Young Female Soldier, a powerful high-resolution photo from Envato Elements
Young Female Soldier, a powerful high-resolution photo from Envato Elements

Set the mood and tone of your presentation with the help of strong visuals. Besides sending visual messages, they play an essential role in capturing attention and keep your audience focused. Always go with high-resolution photos and graphics. An Envato Elements subscription gives you assess to unlimited photos and graphics.

3. Reduce Transitions and Animation

Too many moving elements will distract your audience. A distracting and hard to follow presentation very quickly becomes unprofessional. But when used tastefully and minimally, transitions and animation help breathe some life into dull presentations. 

To understand how and when to use transitions and animation, check out these tutorials:

4. Stay Minimal

Modern and professionally designed templates come with minimalistic designs. If you're going with a premium template, you don't have to make changes to the design. All you'd have to do is spread your content across slides, so the slides aren't overloaded and still look professional. 

Dean Jaka Military PowerPoint Template, a minimalistic template from Envato Elements
Dean Jaka Military PowerPoint Template, a minimalistic premium template from Envato Elements

Here are a few tips on how to maintain a minimalistic presentation deck:

  • Use only a few colors or stick to the template's color theme.
  • Avoid paragraphs by using only bullet points or visuals.
  • Maintain the white space by not adding more design elements.

5. Make an Impact With a Strong Start and End

The introduction and conclusion slides in a presentation are crucial. A strong intro helps grab attention and manage expectations. Use an agenda or roadmap to show a snapshot of your presentation and set the stage from the get-go. 

Adventure Presentation Template, a premium PPT template from Envato Elements with a content slide
Adventure Presentation Template, a premium PPT template from Envato Elements with a content slide

Recap your presentation with a compelling conclusion. Your final slide could be of some key points from your presentation, a call to action, a provocative question, or even a powerful image. 

Check out these tutorials:

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Need more templates inspirations? There are loads of inspirational premium and free templates out there. Here are a few themed PPT templates to explore: 

Learn More About Making Great PowerPoint Presentations in 2021

Are you new to Microsoft PowerPoint, or are there areas of it that you're still learning? Regardless of your PPT skill, it's always handy to have a comprehensive guide like How to Use PowerPoint (Ultimate Tutorial Guide) to refer to. It's got loads of bite-sized PPT how-to tutorials. 

Here are three helpful tutorials from this guide:

Get a Premium Camouflage PowerPoint Template Now!

Are you not too concerned about creating a unique and modern PPT presentation because you lack a budget? There are many free camouflage PowerPoint backgrounds for you on the web.

But suppose you're a professional who needs to create a camo-themed presentation that represents your brand well? A free template isn't your best option. 

Get access to premium camo PowerPoint templates (along with other creative digital assets) with an Envato Elements subscription. These creative files help you work smart by giving you that extra hand you need for your personal and professional projects. 

New to premium digital assets and want to try them out before signing up? Check out premium outdoor and camo PowerPoint theme templates from GraphicRiver. Get your hands on the template of your choice with GraphicRiver's pay-per-download model. 

Take your presentations to the next level with a premium template from Envato Elements or GraphicRiver. Download one today!

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