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25+ Free Water & Ocean Presentation Templates (PowerPoint PPT & Google Slides 2022)

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Read Time: 19 min

Surf's up! In this article, we'll share the best premium water PPT slides for PowerPoint or Google Slides. This includes ocean PowerPoint templates. 

Ocean template Google SlidesOcean template Google SlidesOcean template Google Slides
Top premium water PowerPoint templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides.

Who doesn't love a trip to the water? Whether you're headed to the beach or a pool party, there are so many good memories associated with water. Capture that spirit in a premium water PPT template like the ones you'll see in this article.

You're going to see free water PowerPoint templates later in this tutorial. First, you'll see the premium ocean templates for Google Slides and PowerPoint. Let's take a dive!

The Best Source for Water PPT Templates and Ocean Google Slides Themes (With Unlimited Downloads)

You can find free waterfall PPT templates all over the web. They take time to find and don't give you the best results for a finished presentation.

You might think that premium professional water theme slides are out of your price range. Envato Elements is sure to change your mind. With one subscription, you unlock unlimited templates. 

Unlimited PPTX templatesUnlimited PPTX templatesUnlimited PPTX templates
Unlimited premium water theme slides on Envato Elements.

The deep library includes so much. You'll find ocean Google Slides themes and water PPT templates. Since Google Slides supports PPTX files, you can use water PowerPoint templates between the two apps. That makes Elements an unbeatable value.

Envato Elements Google Slides ocean themeEnvato Elements Google Slides ocean themeEnvato Elements Google Slides ocean theme
A subscription to Envato Elements unlocks unlimited premium water PowerPoint templates. These templates work great with both PowerPoint and Google Slides.

But water PPT templates are just the beginning. The same Elements subscription that gives you water PowerPoint presentation templates also unlocks:

  • Stock photos with aquatic themes that fill in your slide placeholders in a few clicks
  • Background music and sound effects to create a sense of ambiance.
  • Graphics and illustrations that you can use to improve your slides.

Elements gives you the tools to create professional presentations on a limited budget. The water PowerPoint presentation templates help you feel confident and polished.

There's also another leading marketplace to source water PPT slides. Our site GraphicRiver has pay-as-you-go water PPT slides that keep your costs low. Read on to see GraphicRiver options for ocean themes for Google Slides and more.

5 Premium Templates With Water PowerPoint Backgrounds from Envato Elements

We're here to guide you through the top choices for water theme slides. Here are five of our favorites included with Envato Elements:

1. Water PowerPoint Presentation

Water PowerPoint backgroundWater PowerPoint backgroundWater PowerPoint background

This is an attractive water PowerPoint template useful for all types of slides. Included are 1,000 custom icons to add a bit of style. The layouts are HD widescreen designs that look great on any display.

2. Oceania - Sea & Ocean PowerPoint Template 

Water PowerPoint templateWater PowerPoint templateWater PowerPoint template

Oceania is a fresh and flexible water PowerPoint background. Use the PPTX file in PowerPoint or as an ocean template Google Slides deck. Over 30 slide designs are inside the pack. 

3. Water Business Template

Ocean Google Slides themeOcean Google Slides themeOcean Google Slides theme

A beautiful set of water theme slides, this water PowerPoint template is good for business. Quick edits are a breeze thanks to master slide layouts. Add media fast with pre-built image placeholders.

4. The Waters Google Slides Template

Ocean template Google SlidesOcean template Google SlidesOcean template Google Slides

Using an ocean Google Slides theme like The Waters is a sure way to build a successful slide deck. You’ll find over 150 slides ready for all types of content. Resize graphics with a click of your mouse.

5. Ocean Conservation Google Slides Template

Water theme SlidesWater theme SlidesWater theme Slides

The seas inspire this ocean Google Slides theme. Soft blue tones and crisp fonts make it warm and inviting. The water PowerPoint template also includes animations, saving you plenty of time and effort.

Top Premium Water Theme Slides With Pay-As-You-Go Options on GraphicRiver

What if you need a premium Google Slides ocean theme but aren't ready for a subscription? With the help of GraphicRiver has plenty of premium water PowerPoint templates (that work great with Google Slides!) as a single download.

GraphicRiver Water PowerPoint backgroundGraphicRiver Water PowerPoint backgroundGraphicRiver Water PowerPoint background
Grab a pay-as-you-go ocean template for Google Slides with our GraphicRiver marketplace.

This keeps your costs low and your workflow flexible. GraphicRiver's library of water PowerPoint presentation templates is equally impressive. Let's check out five of the top water PPT slides below:

1. Swimming Google Slides Presentation Template

Ocean themes for Google SlidesOcean themes for Google SlidesOcean themes for Google Slides

Swim laps around bland slide decks with these inspiring water theme slides. This template includes 30 HD slides. Mix, match, and quickly add your content with custom placeholders.

2. Oceane Presentation Template

Water PowerPoint presentation templatesWater PowerPoint presentation templatesWater PowerPoint presentation templates

Oceane is a top choice for water PowerPoint presentation templates. There are over a thousand slides in the deck. You’ll also find maps, infographics, and more.

3. SURFACE - Water Sport PowerPoint Template

Water PPT templateWater PPT templateWater PPT template

With styling inspired by surfers, this water PowerPoint background is energetic and fun. It comes with 40 slides across a variety of themes. Drag and drop elements to add your content.

4. Ocean Business Google Slides

Google Slides ocean themeGoogle Slides ocean themeGoogle Slides ocean theme

Ocean uses blue and green shades to set the tone. It’s a flexible Google Slides ocean theme that you can use anywhere. One hundred slide layouts make it easy to find one that's right for you.

5. Continents: Oceania PowerPoint Template

Water slide backgroundWater slide backgroundWater slide background

Continents is one of the best water PowerPoint presentation templates out there. Get started by adding your text. Then create stunning visuals with the full set of graphics.

25 Top Free Water & Ocean Themed PowerPoint and Google Slides Presentation Templates to Download for 2022

Already spent your budget on a trip to the ocean? You might need waterfall PPT template free options. Luckily, we've got you covered.

Envato Elements Free FilesEnvato Elements Free FilesEnvato Elements Free Files
Each month Envato Elements offers a different selection of free files for you to try. You can also fin free files each month on GraphicRiver.

Before we dive into the free water slide backgrounds, there's another option:

Now, let's look at 25 free options for water theme slides from around the web:

1. Design and Illustration for Corporate Presentations

Water PPT template freeWater PPT template freeWater PPT template free

Your business can use this water PowerPoint template. It's got many layouts, with room for your photos too.

2. Blue Spheres Pitch Deck

As the name suggests, blue spheres form this water slide background. Apply custom designs by using the layout options in PowerPoint or Google Slides.

3. Free Watercolor Google Slides Theme

This free Google Slides ocean theme uses watercolors to style itself. It includes twenty-five slide layouts are included in the pack.

4. Free Ocean PPT Template

A water PPT template free download will provide basic designs for building slides. This one's a good example, with layout options left up to you.

5. Ocean Presentation

Ocean water theme slidesOcean water theme slidesOcean water theme slides

A sea turtle stars in this ocean template. With PowerPoint or Google Slides, you can add design features quickly. 

6. Waves in an Ocean

Abstract waves offer a subtle backdrop to these water PPT slides. Choose between side and top borders to mix up the styling a bit.

7. Thaisa Presentation Template

Thaisa opens with colorful undersea graphics. These free ocean themes for Google Slides work with many types of content.

8. Free Yacht PowerPoint Template

This is a free set of water PowerPoint presentation templates. A yacht features on the intro slide. New layouts are easy to add inside the app.

9. Ocean (PowerPoint)

These water theme slides have a hand-painted look. They’re useful if you need an artistic ocean slide deck.

10. Free Perfect Google Slides Theme

Free Google Slides ocean themeFree Google Slides ocean themeFree Google Slides ocean theme

Fourteen slides are inside these ocean themes for Google Slides. There are layouts with text, photos, charts, and more. 

11. Timon Presentation Template

Timon is another water PowerPoint template for free download with watercolor effects. There are 25 slides in the deck. Several color themes are available to change up the look.

12. Rainbow on Water

This set of water PPT slides has a lovely 3D rainbow illustration. Water droplets complete the effect. 

13. Coastal Presentation

Use a simple ocean theme like this for all kinds of presentations. Change the color tones and drop in your text and photos to customize.

14. Abstract Blue Water

Three basic slide layouts come with this water PowerPoint background. The top and side borders outline each slide.

15. Free Ocean Waves PowerPoint Template

Free water PowerPoint backgroundFree water PowerPoint backgroundFree water PowerPoint background

Ocean waves add energy to this water PowerPoint template. The later slides have a light blue backdrop.

16. Dion

Dion uses ocean maps to build water theme slides. You'll find various slide types, with charts and graphs on some layouts.

17. Free Water H2O PowerPoint Template

A rainy window serves as a border in this water PPT template. Build your layouts inside PowerPoint, then drop in text and photos.

18. Ragozine

This ocean Google Slides theme has over 20 themes you can edit. You'll also get custom icons to illustrate critical points.

19. Blue Mosaic PowerPoint Template

Blue Mosaic is a pixelated set of aquatic slides. The template uses many shades of blue throughout. 

20. Waterdrops Blue Template

Waterdrops water PPT templateWaterdrops water PPT templateWaterdrops water PPT template

Here's another example of raindrop borders. Choose between three different styles and apply them to any slide in seconds.

21. Woodville Presentation Template

A painted Earth opens this ocean template Google Slides deck. It helps contrast the text, photos, and videos that you may add to the slides.

22. Free Water Drops PowerPoint Template

A macro shot of water drops kicks off these PPT slides. The template comes in 16:9 widescreen resolution.

23. Soft Sea PowerPoint Template

These ocean themes for Google Slides and PPT use underwater themes. You've got plenty of creative control left as you create your slideshow. 

24. Boat on Water

This water PowerPoint background features a boat and lighthouse. It's got plenty of room for the content of your choice.

25. Splash Water PowerPoint Template

Splash waterfall PPT template freeSplash waterfall PPT template freeSplash waterfall PPT template free

Splash is our final featured waterfall PPT template free. It uses the contrast of sea and sky across the full deck.

How to Quickly Customize a Premium Ocean Presentation Template With PowerPoint 

Customizing a premium ocean presentation template is easy. We’ll show you how. For the purposes of this tutorial, I’ll be using the premium Oceans PowerPoint template from Envato Elements. 

Oceans PowerPoint templateOceans PowerPoint templateOceans PowerPoint template
Oceans PowerPoint template (premium) on Envato Elements

Let's get started: 

1. Decide on Your Slides

Deleting unwanted slides in Oceans PowerPoint templateDeleting unwanted slides in Oceans PowerPoint templateDeleting unwanted slides in Oceans PowerPoint template
Deleting unwanted slides in Oceans PowerPoint template

The first step is to decide which slides you’re going to use in your presentation. To do this, open your chosen template in PowerPoint and then go to View > Slide Sorter. You’ll be able to see all the different slide layouts.

Then hold the SHIFT key and click the slides you don’t want. Once you’ve selected all the unwanted slides, right-click and select Delete Slide.

2. Customize Contents

Customizing content of the Oceans PowerPoint templateCustomizing content of the Oceans PowerPoint templateCustomizing content of the Oceans PowerPoint template
Customizing content of the Oceans PowerPoint template

The next step is to customize the content of the presentation. You’ll need to replace the dummy text with your own and add images using placeholders. All you've got to do is double-click the text and then type in your own information. As far as images go, double-click any image placeholder and insert the image from your computer. 

3. Add New Slides 

Adding new slides to the Oceans PowerPoint templateAdding new slides to the Oceans PowerPoint templateAdding new slides to the Oceans PowerPoint template
Adding new slides to the Oceans PowerPoint template

Add new slides if you find that the template doesn’t come with a slide type you need. On the Home tab, simply click New Slide. Then select the desired slide layout and add it to your presentation. 

4. Duplicate Slide Layouts

Duplicating slide layers Duplicating slide layers Duplicating slide layers
Duplicate slide layers in the Oceans PowerPoint template

On a similar note, you can duplicate slide layouts that you like. Right-click the slide layout you like and select Duplicate.

5. Edit Master Slides

Editing master slidesEditing master slidesEditing master slides
Editing the master slides - Before

Finally, you can edit the master slide as another way of customizing your presentation. To do this, switch to View tab and select Slide Master. Then customize the layout, change fonts, and adjust colors. 

These changes will apply to all the other slides in your oceans PPT template. For example, in the screenshot below, I’ve modified how the images are laid out in the slide.

Editing the master slides - AfterEditing the master slides - AfterEditing the master slides - After
Editing the master slides - After

5 Quick Tips For Better Water & Ocean Presentation Slide Designs in 2022

Even the best presenters can enjoy simple design tips. Let’s look at five of the best to help you create the best water and ocean presentation slides imaginable. They’re sure to help your slides stand out in 2022:

1. Choose Image Backgrounds

The best water theme slides include vivid illustrations. A great way to apply them is by using image backgrounds. Ocean photos make for a beautiful, clear backdrop. Even better: custom templates from Envato Elements let you add them in a flash.

image ocean Google Slides themeimage ocean Google Slides themeimage ocean Google Slides theme
This beautiful premium ocean Google Slides theme has tons of image backgrounds.

2. Make Bulk Edits With Slide Master

Want to add an object to every slide in your water PowerPoint background? Don’t go slide-by-slide. Instead, launch Slide Master on the View tab. From there, any edit you make will automatically apply to every slide in the deck.

Ready to learn how? Check out our full tutorial, with a quick screencast included:

3. Make Your Points With Infographics 

Your water slide backgrounds need to be clear and readable. Filling them with words and numbers doesn’t help. Plus, it bores your audience! 

The best way to share data and concepts is with infographics. These combine information and graphics to form beautiful illustrations.

Infographic water PowerPoint backgroundInfographic water PowerPoint backgroundInfographic water PowerPoint background
Need to share data? Turn to this powerful premium ocean infographic template from Envato Elements.

4. Share Your Slides in PDF Format

Once you’ve built out your water PPT template slides, chances are you’ll want to share them far and wide. But not everyone has PowerPoint installed on their computer or mobile device. The solution: converting slides to PDF format. Sharing your slides in this format helps everyone see your content.

It’s super easy. Learn how to convert PPT to PDF in 60 seconds here:

5. Use Dark Backdrops to Boost Readability

Remember, your ocean Google Slides ocean theme might make slides to share with a big audience. They may be viewing them in a large room. 

Make it easy on audience eyes by choosing a dark backdrop. An ocean Google Slides theme like this is much more readable, and helps viewers stay engaged.

Background ocean templates Google SlidesBackground ocean templates Google SlidesBackground ocean templates Google Slides
Dark backdrops feature throughout premium water slide background templates like this one.

5 Top Water & Ocean Presentation Design Trends for 2022

If you want to make sure that your water or ocean presentation stands out, it’s good to know the current design trends. Here are five water and ocean presentation design trends to keep in mind for 2022: 

1. Use Contrasting Colors

It’s natural to use blue and green shades in a water and ocean presentation. Include a contrasting color for your calls to action. This premium template from Envato Elements does a great job of pairing yellow and blue. 

Dive Ocean PowerPoint TemplateDive Ocean PowerPoint TemplateDive Ocean PowerPoint Template
Dive Ocean PowerPoint Template (premium) on Envato Elements

2. Use Bold Fonts

Bold fonts are very popular right now. They're sure to make the content of your presentation stand out, not to mention the headlines will be easier to read.

3. Consider Wavy or Circular Shapes

Use circular or wavy shapes in your presentation. This will create an illusion of waves and make it easy for your audience to visualize a topic that’s connected to the ocean or water. The premium Diving Clubs PowerPoint template has interesting wavy shapes to add an element of fun.

Diving Clubs PowerPoint templateDiving Clubs PowerPoint templateDiving Clubs PowerPoint template
Diving Clubs PowerPoint template (premium) on Envato Elements

4. Surround Your Elements With White Space

White space never goes out of fashion. It makes your presentation look more elegant and easier to follow. Best of all, white space doesn’t have to be white. By using a shade of blue or green, you’ll be able to create an impression of deep and vast ocean water. 

5. Use Sea Life Imagery

Don’t forget to include sea life imagery in your water or ocean presentation. This will make your presentation come to life. Take cues from the premium Aequor Sealife PowerPoint template

Aequor Sealife PowerPoint templateAequor Sealife PowerPoint templateAequor Sealife PowerPoint template
Aequor Sealife PowerPoint template (premium) on Envato Elements

Discover More Top PowerPoint & Google Slides Presentation Templates Designs for 2022

Templates are a secret weapon for many of the world's top presenters. You've seen the best water PPT templates and ocean themes for Google Slides themes.

Check out even more templates in our articles below. You might even find options that you can use for ocean templates in Google Slides and PowerPoint!

Five Benefits of Using the Best PowerPoint or Google Slides Templates with Professional Designs

Are you unsure about using a premium Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides water presentation template? Maybe you want to know the value of using a premium template?

Here are five benefits of using a premium template for your next project in 2022:

1.You save time. Premium templates give you an excellent base to start with. When you've got a good base, you're going to save time and have a better result. A template makes it easy. All you need to do is add information and make customizations.

2. The finished product is the best. Professionals design each template on Envato Elements and GraphicRiver to look the best. As a result, each template is high-quality and stylish.

3. You don’t need to wonder if it’s right. Since professionals build each template, you don’t need to worry about where to place text or design. Each water presentation template is pre-built, including where the text is placed and design is placed.

4. Every template is still customizable. When you download a premium ocean Google Slides theme or template, you can make any edits needed. Every template is completely customizable, from the text to design elements.

5. They stand out. Most people don’t use premium templates. Instead, they use free water PowerPoint templates. But premium water PPT templates are professionally designed to look attractive.

Benefits of Envato Elements (The Power of Unlimited Use)

PowerPoint Templates UnlimitedPowerPoint Templates UnlimitedPowerPoint Templates Unlimited
Envato Elements: one flat rate, thousands of awesome presentation templates

Envato Elements is a unique service. It's a flat-rate subscription that includes thousands of great PPT templates for a single flat-rate price.

Sign up for Envato Elements. You'll get access to thousands of unlimited use graphics and templates. Choose from web themes to presentation templates, and more—all for one low price. 

Frequently Asked PowerPoint Questions (FAQ)

Most people don’t know everything there is to know about PowerPoint. So, if you're working on a water PowerPoint template and have questions, continue reading. Here are some common questions and answers to the questions you may have:

1. How Do I Present my PowerPoint Presentation Over Google Meet?

To present in Google meet, you’ll need to share part of your screen or your whole screen. You also need to start a Google Meeting. For an in-depth tutorial on how to present in Google Meet, read this article: 

2. I Need to Email My Presentation, but the File Is too Big. What Do I Do?

There are several things that you can do to reduce your file size. First, you can compress some of your pictures in your PPT file. The second way to reduce your file size is to compress all the pictures in your PPT file. The third way is to link to a video if you have a video in your presentation. 

Learn more in this tutorial:

3. How Do I Add a Questions Slide to my Ocean PowerPoint?

First, decide when and why you're going to ask questions. Do you want to ask questions midway to keep people paying attention? Maybe you want to ask them at the end.

Next, prepare your questions ahead of time. Finally, make sure that you answer the questions you ask in the presentation. Review this post for more details:

4.  How Do I Make a Chart or Graph in my Presentation?

If your template doesn’t come with premade charts or graphs, then you need to add one. Charts and Graphs are a great way to present data. For a tutorial on how to add a chart or graph, read this article:

5. How Do I Add Images to my Presentation Template?

The first method you can use to add an image to your presentation is to copy and paste an image into PowerPoint. The second method is that you can insert an image from your computer.

In both methods, you’ll need to resize the images to fit on your slide. Learn more about working with images in the tutorial below:

Learn More About Making Great Presentations Section

Creating a great presentation takes more than customizing a premium template. There’s a lot that goes into it. For example, one of the first decisions you've got to make is whether to use Google Slides or Microsoft PowerPoint for your next presentation. Luckily, we've got plenty of tutorials to help you learn more about making great presentations:

Set Sail With Water PowerPoint Templates and Ocean Google Slides Themes Today

This tutorial showed you many of the best options for water PowerPoint templates. (Don't forget, they also work as ocean themes for Google Slides.) Free templates are useful when you've got no budget. But don't forget the advanced premium options you've seen.

The premium water PowerPoint presentation templates are so much more polished and professional. Or, if you work best in a browser, the downloads for ocean themes for Google Slides will save you time.

It's time to create a presentation with one of the water theme slides you've already seen. Each of them is sure to remind your audience of trips to the beach, pool parties, and lake days.

Editorial Note: This post was originally published in July of 2020. It’s been updated with contributions from Brenda Barron and Sarah Joy. Brenda and Sarah are freelance instructors for Envato Tuts+.

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