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25 Best Free Editable PowerPoint Map Slides Templates (U.S. & World 2021)

Creating a professional looking map based PowerPoint presentation that's visually appealing is a challenge. Whether you need a U.S. map or a world map, PowerPoint templates can help.

World Map PowerPoint template
World Map PowerPoint is one of the many high quality premium map templates available on Envato Elements

With a professionally crafted map PowerPoint template, you can deliver a memorable presentation quickly and easily.

Start your presentation with a stylish template that showcases your work in the best light possible. These top notch editable PowerPoint map slides templates are sure to have a positive impact. They give you the tools necessary to deliver a detailed presentation. In this article, we'll share both free and premium editable PowerPoint map slides templates.

Best Editable PowerPoint Map Slides Templates (U.S. & World) on Envato Elements & GraphicRiver

Should you choose a premium or free editable PowerPoint map slides template?

The premium template will give you the best results. Free editable PowerPoint map slides templates can kick start the creation process. But they lack the features and appealing designs that premium templates have.

By being a part of Envato Elements' monthly subscription, you'll gain access to every single editable PowerPoint map slides template available on the marketplace.

For just one low monthly cost, download templates from the massive library of templates. You'll have access to the highest quality templates available on the web. Besides all the editable PowerPoint map slides templates, you also get access to photos, videos, fonts, and many other resources.

Editable Map PowerPoint Templates - Envato Elements
Best-selling map PowerPoint presentations on Envato Elements

The professional designs available in Envato Elements will help your presentation stand out. They give you an elegant way to display your presentations information. The type of detail and features available in these premium templates can't be found in free downloads.

The premium editable map PowerPoint templates available have many features including:

  • fully editable designs
  • high-quality graphics and infographics
  • modern looking designs
  • stunning looking fonts and icons

These are the main features that separate premium map PowerPoint templates from the free ones. The premium templates will make creating your next presentation and quick task.

Looking to buy templates one at a time? GraphicRiver offers premium quality editable map PowerPoint templates for a single purchase without having to commit pay a monthly subscription.

Next, we'll go over five of the best-selling premium US, Country, and World PowerPoint Slide Templates in Envato Elements and GraphicRiver.

5 Top US, Country, and World PowerPoint Slide Templates (Envato Elements & GraphicRiver - 2021)

You need to stay up to date with the latest trends in map PowerPoint templates. Here are five of the top premium US, country, and world PowerPoint slide templates from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver:

1. Country Map

Country Map Template

Use this flexible and attractive looking template for educational and business presentations. The template is fully customizable and features maps for over 10 different countries.

Here's what you can expect from this editable world map PowerPoint template:

  • light & dark template versions
  • fully editable
  • 180 total slides
  • Vector Icons, elements & maps world included in Files

2. Maps Infographic PowerPoint Template

Infographic Map Template

The design on this template is absolutely stunning. Detailed infographics are included in this template that are sure to interest your audience. If you need a well layered and complete editable world map PowerPoint template, then this is for you. 

Here are a few notable features for this template:

  • 30 multipurpose slides
  • XML files included
  • unlimited color options
  • handmade infographics

3. Maps PowerPoint Infographic Slides

Infographic Map Slides

This premium editable U.S. map PowerPoint template download has a blue color scheme with a white background. You can expect over 15 different countries in this template along with two different U.S. maps. 

Here are the main features for this template:

  • handmade Infographics
  • all elements editable
  • based on Master Slides
  • 16:9 aspect ratio
  • PDF documentation 

4. USA Maps With Animation

US Map PowerPoint template

This editable U.S map PowerPoint template download and world map PowerPoint template features high-quality map graphics and infographics. It also has animations for the maps. This will help you communicate your ideas visually and create a more interesting presentation.

Here's what you can expect from this template:

  • fully editable and easy to recolor
  • 3 different templates
  • 19:6 & 4:3 HD size 
  • full animation slides

5. World Map With Animation

World Map PowerPoint Template - GraphicRiver

The clean and modern design also has map animations. Eye-catching charts and graphs are also included on many of the slides to help give a more captivating presentation. This is ideal for any type of educational and business presentation.

Here's what's included:

  • 22 slides
  • 16:9 & 4:3 aspect ratios
  • PPT & PPTX file formats included
  • fully editable slides

Don't quite have the budget for these premium templates? In the next section, we'll cover the top free templates that you can download and start using right now!

25 Top US, Country, and World PowerPoint Slide Templates to Download for 2021

Before we get into the top free editable map PowerPoint templates, be sure to check out Envato's free offering first. Give these premium templates a try and see if they work for your particular presentation!

Here's how the free Envato Elements works:

Still looking for more templates for your next presentation and don't have the budget for premium templates? Let's look at the top trending editable PowerPoint templates available on the web:

1. World Travel

World Travel Template

This free PowerPoint maps presentation template contains a travel theme design with a world map, magnifying glass, and elements related to travel. The template is also suitable for the presentations of educational topics.

2. Finance World Map

This free PowerPoint maps presentation template consists of a world map image and numbers as a background. This template will work for any type of finance presentation. 

3. Digital World

Digital World is a free editable world map PowerPoint that features an eCommerce and touchscreen technology background design. This will work for any type of online business presentation.

4. World Trip

World Trip Template

This free PowerPoint maps will work for world tour programs, airline services, and travel agency presentations. The cover slide features a world map and plane.

5. Finance Map

This is a basic finance PowerPoint that's got a file size of 6.12 MB. The cover features a graphic on the top of the slide with a world map and numbers.

6. Old World Map

This is a bare minimum free PowerPoint map. The pages are blank with old world map graphics on them. 

7. World Travel Concept

Free World Map Template

The template design has blue and white colors and specific margins are provided to showcase the text. Various slides in this free PowerPoint maps contain map graphics. 

8. Green Eco World

Use this free PowerPoint maps design for natural, ecological, environmental and green related presentations. The cover is green gradient slide with a graphic of a globe.

9. Colorful World Map Vector Template

This editable world map PowerPoint has a fill option set to orange and blue background style with the seven continents map. This template is fully customizable. 

10. World Map

Free PowerPoint Maps - World

This 2.23 MB template features graphics of a world map on the tops of the slides. All slides are ready for you to edit and add in text and images. 

11. Vector Map of the World

This editable world map PowerPoint contains all continents in a map that you can easily copy and paste into your own slides. Use this to create business presentations or corporate strategy presentations. 

12. World Map PowerPoint Template

Use this free World Map PowerPoint template for learning presentations as well as other educational presentations. It's a free world map background. The cover slide features a blue background with a fold out world map.

13. Global Business Map PowerPoint Template

Global Business Maps

This template is meant to represent global business. Many of the slides contain world map infographics where you can add in your presentation statistics and details. This presentation can even be used for educational purposes.

14. World Map Pie Chart PowerPoint Diagram

Featured is a design with a world map and pie chart. Any type of data driven presentation that can make use of pie charts will benefit from this world map PowerPoint template.

15. World Continents PowerPoint Template

This world map PowerPoint template has a blue background with a world map illustration in the slide design. Featured are three globes with different rotation positions showing the America continent, Asia and Oceania.

16. World Map Radial PowerPoint Diagram Template

Free Editable World Maps for PowerPoint

This free PowerPoint maps is a semi-cycle diagram with five circles. This can summarize the five concepts derived from the world map. It's also an editable graphic with text and icon placeholders.

17. World Map PowerPoint Template

This free template has a main slide and one internal slide. The internal slide has a blue gradient background. The main slide has a map image.

18. International World PowerPoint Template

With this world map PowerPoint template, the focus is on Europe. Use the template for international projects like international marketing research and any type of educational presentation. 

19. Red World Map PowerPoint Templates Design

Editable World Map PowerPoint Free Download

The main slide shows a red world map with a white background. All you need to do is insert your text and images into the slides and the presentation is ready to go.

20. World Map In Blue PowerPoint Template Design

This template shows a blue colored world map in the cover slide. Like many of the other free editable world map PowerPoints, you can use this for many different types of presentations.

21. Virtual World PowerPoint Template

Virtual World PowerPoint template is a free business template for online trading and virtual teams. Use it to make PowerPoint presentations related to internet or communications. The main slide features a globe and world map.

22. Map Of USA-Recreation PowerPoint Templates

Editable US Map PowerPoint Free Download

This presentation comes with a main slide and an internal slide. The main slide features a graphic of the United States and a section with a blue background for your title. The internal slide features a blue strip on top of the slide with a map of the United States.

23. World Map-Business PowerPoint Templates

This template has a world map on the cover slide and blue background internal slides. Use this template for any type of presentation that needs a world map graphic.

24. Radial World Map PowerPoint Diagram Template

This features a semi-cycle diagram with five circles that point to a world map. The graphic is editable with text and icon placeholders.

25. Global Education Solution PowerPoint Templates

Global Education Free Maps

This editable world map PowerPoint is a composite of bulbs, earth, and students with a theme of global education. This template will work best for educational material. 

Let's now have a look at a few design tips that can help you improve the quality of your annual reports!

5 Quick PowerPoint PPT Map Slide Design Tips for 2021

To help you get the most out of your map PowerPoint templates, we'll now cover five quick design tips that'll take your presentations to the next level:

1. Include Stats on Map Graphics

One popular design tip is to overlay important stats on top of a map graphic. This helps make the presentation more interesting and helps highlight important statistics.

Premium Map with Stats
This premium template features stats overlaying map graphics.

2. Use Multi Colored Maps

Adding color to your map graphics and infographics helps give your presentation that professional polish. Try using between two to four different colors in your maps to really make the map pop out of the slide. 

Multicolored editable map template
Moleva is a premium template that features many colored maps.

3. Make Use of White Backgrounds

White backgrounds help highlight the text, icons, and graphics on your slide. Since map presentations are going use many map graphics, this gives you a chance to put even more emphasis on your appealing graphics. 

4. Include Other Graphics and Icons

While the most important elements in your map PowerPoints are the actual maps, other graphics and icons add a professional touch. Include them on your pages with map graphics to help highlight other important details. 

5. Highlight Specific Countries

If you're talking about a specific country or part of the world, try including a graphic that features this specific country or part of the world. This will make the presentation seem much more complete and put together.

Map With Countries Highlighted
This premium template features country specific graphics.

Discover More Top Microsoft PowerPoint Template Designs

The premium editable map PowerPoint templates mentioned in this article offer you the most professional designs available. But these templates might not be what your specific presentation needs. 

To help you find the perfect template for your project, check out even more best-selling PowerPoint templates in the articles below:

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If you're looking for the best editable map slides PowerPoint templates on the web, then Envato Elements is the ideal resource for you. There's a full library of top quality templates that were designed by professionals on Elements. They'll take any presentation to the next level. 

Also, if you need fonts, icons, PowerPoint templates, or other business and creative assets on a regular basis, Envato Elements gives you access to all of these tools for one low monthly fee

If you need a single template, GraphicRiver is the perfect alternative where you can download more top quality templates one at a time

Give your next PowerPoint presentation that professional polish. Deliver more memorable presentations by downloading Envato Elements premium PowerPoint templates today.

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