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20 Best Free Functional Skills-Based Resume Templates to Download for 2023

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Do you need a resume that highlights what you can do and not when you did it? A functional resume template can help you put that together quickly.

Envato Elements has hundreds of premium resume templates.Envato Elements has hundreds of premium resume templates.Envato Elements has hundreds of premium resume templates.
Envato Elements has hundreds of premium resume templates.

A functional resume, often called a skills-based resume, focuses on your skills and what you’re an expert in. In contrast, a traditional resume focuses on your work history.

Traditionally, you'd list recent jobs and a list of duties. With a functional resume format, you choose skills and expertise that are important to the job you’re applying to. This gives a skills focused resume a different advantage.

The functional resume format allows you to tailor your resume to the job you're applying to without adding extra details. Functional resumes should still include:

  • contact information
  • education
  • work or volunteer experience
  • technical skills 

In this article, I’ll go over how to make a functional resume and some premium best functional resume samples from Envato Elements.

Best Premium Functional Skills Resume Templates on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

Here are some skills based resume examples from Envato Elements. Consider downloading the perfect skills based resume template for your professional brand today:

1. Skills Focused Resume

Skills ResumeSkills ResumeSkills Resume

This skills resume has a skills section at the bottom of the resume page. There's color blocking to make your skills section stand out. Everything in this template is easily customizable. You can edit the Skills Resume in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

2. Skills Based Resume Template (Functional Resume)

Functional ResumeFunctional ResumeFunctional Resume

This template has a simple, functional resume format. The functional resume has nice sections in the design. Some of the sections are skills and experience. These sections allow you to showcase your skills.

3. Skill Based Resume CV

Resume CVResume CVResume CV

The modern skills based CV template has a functional resume format with color blocking to highlight skills. Plus, this template comes with a matching cover letter. You can edit this template in Adobe Illustrator.

4. Skills Based Resume Template Word & Illustrator

skills based resume templateskills based resume templateskills based resume template

This premium template is a creative, functional resume format template. If you've got a lot of skills, this is the best functional resume template for you. And this template has a matching cover letter, so you can keep your presentation consistent.

5. Modern Skills Based CV Template for Social Media

skills based resume for influencersskills based resume for influencersskills based resume for influencers

Is your resume focused on social media metrics and sponsors? A functional resume could be a great fit for you too. You could use this one as a minimal one-page functional resume template or use the second page. If you want a minimal functional resume template, this is could be a great option.

Best Premium Functional Resume Template on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

If you're looking for a skills based resume template, free might sound like the perfect price. Keep in mind, however, that free functional resume templates will lack some of the polish of a premium product. 

Envato Elements is a premium subscription service where you can get unlimited access to  the best digital design assets. Just pay a low monthly fee, and you’ll become a subscriber. You’ll get professionally made and high-quality digital assets including:

  • resume templates
  • stock photos
  • royalty-free music
  • fonts
  • and much more

Resume Templates

Envato Elements has thousands of premium templates.Envato Elements has thousands of premium templates.Envato Elements has thousands of premium templates.
Envato Elements has thousands of premium templates.

Envato Elements gives you a great base to start with that you can't get from a free template. With free templates, you may have to do a lot of editing to make the template look good. That can take a lot of time. But with a good base, just add your text, photos, and any customizations you want, and you're done.

Professionals make every template on Envato Elements look stylish and result in providing good impressions. Create a lasting impression by using a professional template for your next project.

20 Top Free Functional Skills-Based Resume Template Examples to Download (2023)

Before looking for a free functional resume template on the web, check Envato's free offerings first. Try out various premium template files (not always skills resume templates) at no cost to you.
Free Envato FilesFree Envato FilesFree Envato Files
Each month Envato Elements offers a different selection of free files for you to try. 

Here's the deal:

  • Every month Envato Elements offers 12 different hand-selected files, (fonts, presentations, videos, and more). Create a free account to download this month's free premium files now.
If you’re looking for a free functional resume, here are some of the best free functional resume examples from the web. Check out these skills based resume examples for inspiration. Or download a free functional resume template so you can begin to customize it today.

1. Functional Resume

Functional ResumeFunctional ResumeFunctional Resume

This functional resume template is from Microsoft Word. It's got a simple resume layout that's focused on skills education.

2. Functional Resume (Simple Design)

The Functional Resume (Simple Design) has a nice pop of color in the otherwise minimal design of this template. The layout has four sections: objective, professional achievements, skills, and work history.

3. Skills Based College Education Google Docs Resume Template

If you're right out of college and looking for simple skills resume template. There's a skills section, but the main focus is the education section.

4. Free Functional Resume Template

This free resume has a retro theme, and the layout has nice sections. There's a big skills section, language section and hobbies section.

5. Free Resume Template

Free Resume TemplateFree Resume TemplateFree Resume Template

The Free Resume Template comes with infographics that you can use in the skills section of the template. This is simple and clean resume that can be used to apply for any position.

6. Ober CV (Free Functional Resume Template)

Ober CV Resume has a creative theme and has a nice pop of color to the resume design. Also, this template comes with both a dark and a light theme. You can easily edit the Ober CV Resume in Adobe Illustrator.

7. Skills Based Resume Template Word Doc

This Word template has a simple, functional resume format to highlight your career history and career achievements. At the top of this template is a section that you can use to write a summary of why you should be hired.

8. Functional Resume Style

This functional resume format is focused more on skills letting you bullet point your skills. There's also a section where you can add your qualifications for the job you’re applying to.

9. Functional CV Template

The skills resume template can be edited in Microsoft Word. A light grey bar separates the sections, making it easier for the hiring manager to read.

10. Simple Resume

Simple ResumeSimple ResumeSimple Resume

The Simple Resume can be used to apply to any job in any field. This resume features blue text to draw attention to each section.

11. Modern Skills Based CV Template Design

A balanced Resume is a skills resume template that features a skills section to showcase all your skills. This resume has pops of color added in some of the text so that the template isn’t all black and white.

12. Creative Resume

Creative Resumes has a nicely designed header and blue lines separating the sections. There's a skill, experience, and education section.

13. Bold Infographic Resume

The red font and red infographics make this functional resume template have a bold design that'll stand out. You can edit this template in Microsoft PowerPoint.

14. Basic Modern Resume

The Basic Modern Resume has a nice, neat layout that’s divided into sections. This template has a pop of color with some green added to the design.

15. Resume (Origin Theme)

Resume (Origin Theme)Resume (Origin Theme)Resume (Origin Theme)

Resume Origin theme is a skills resume template that's separated into two main sections. Also, there's some blue in the design to add a pop of color to the resume.

16. Tech Infographic Resume

This functional resume format isn't traditional, but creative. This template comes with a section where you can add a scannable QR code.

17. Chronological Resume (Minimalist Design)

This chronological resume can easily have a skills section added to the template. There's no design in this template, so this is an option if you’re looking for a simple template.

18. Resume (Minimalist Design)

In this template, there's a skills and abilities section where you can showcase your skills. This is another template with no design, so it won't be distracting for the reader.

19. Entry-Level Resume

The Entry-Level Resume was designed for people who want an entry-level job. This resume has a nice design that draws attention to important information.

20. Bold Monogram Resume

Bold Monogram ResumeBold Monogram ResumeBold Monogram Resume

The bold monogram resume has a red and white color scheme that can easily be changed to a different color. Plus, this template uses color blocking to highlight important sections in your resume template.

How to Make a Great Skill Based Resume Quickly

Whether you've decided to work with premium or  free functional resume templates, you might be curious about the next step. Let's take a look at how easy it is to customize a skills based resume template Word document. 

We'll use the following modern skills based CV template, in this demonstration:

resume templateresume templateresume template
Download this skills based resume template on Envato Elements.

The great thing about this particular skills based resume template is that it comes in so many file formats! Edit it in Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or another EPS/PDF friendly software environment. 

Keep in mind that you could use any template or software of your choice, for your skills focused resume. However, in this case, we'll demo in Microsoft Word.

Let's get started:

1. How to View Your Resume Template

After opening your resume template in Microsoft Word, look at the bottom right of the screen. It's highlighted in the screenshot below. Using this slider, we can easily zoom in and out of our document.

The percentage shown is the percentage the document is currently zoomed. If you click on that percentage, you can customize it. You can also choose Page Width to zoom to fit the width or the page or Whole Page to view your entire document at once.

Microsoft Office resume zoomMicrosoft Office resume zoomMicrosoft Office resume zoom
Adjust the viewing area in Microsoft Word at the bottom right of the software.

2. How to Edit Text in Microsoft Word

Editing the text is one of the largest parts of editing your resume template. Thankfully, Microsoft Word makes that easy for us!

All you've got to do is double-click to start editing any of the existing text boxes in your template. In the example below, this text box is active. Notice how it is surrounded in a box and has anchor points along each side. This is how we know that this is the box we're currently editing.

You can also resize this text box by dragging on the anchor points. Note, this changes the size of the box itself, not the font.
Edit text in Microsoft WordEdit text in Microsoft WordEdit text in Microsoft Word
To edit any of the placeholder text, double click to edit a text box in Microsoft Word

3. Adding Images to Placeholders in Microsoft Word

Many skills based resume examples contain images but won't include them in the template itself. You'll want to add your own images.

In this case, we can just click to select the placeholder. Then, right click on PC or control click on Mac, and then select Format Picture

This brings up the Format Picture panel, as shown in the example below. Try the following:

  • For the Fill select Picture or Texture Fill.
  • Under Picture Source, click Insert. Then you can select an image from your computer.
  • Experiment with the Offset X and Offset Y to position your image.
  • Use Scale X and Scale Y to resize your image.
Insert Images into Microsoft OfficeInsert Images into Microsoft OfficeInsert Images into Microsoft Office
You can insert images via the Format Picture panel. Stock photography from Envato Elements.

4. Customizing Font Color in Microsoft Word

Looking at our design, the text on the photo isn't very easy to read. So, let's change up the font color. 

Double-click to select the text box, just like we did earlier. Then, you can select the text. With the Home tab selected, you can click on the "A" icon to choose a new color for your text, as shown in the example, below.

The image was customized here a little too, to improve legibility. You can return to the Format Picture panel any time to make adjustments! In this case, the photo's transparency was lowered to 40%.
Change Text Color in Microsoft OfficeChange Text Color in Microsoft OfficeChange Text Color in Microsoft Office
Change the text color from the Home menu in Microsoft Office

5. Save Your Microsoft Word Resume as a PDF

There are many ways you could save your skills based resume template Word document. However, PDF files are often preferable to sending a Word doc. Thankfully, this is easy to do!

Simply go to File > Save As

Then, under File Format, choose PDF. If you plan to share your work online, like via email or upload, choose Best for Electronic Distribution. Then, click Export.

Don't forget to save your work as a Microsoft Word document too, so you have an easily editable copy for yourself. You may want to make revisions, in the future.
Export PDF in Microsoft WordExport PDF in Microsoft WordExport PDF in Microsoft Word
Easily save your skills based resume template Word document as a PDF in Microsoft Word

5 Quick Tips to Make Great Functional Skills-Based Resumes in 2023

Once you’ve chosen your functional resume template, you’ll want to start adding your information. When customizing your skills based resume template, free or premium, consider these tips: 

1. Choose Your Skills

This premium template showcases important skills.This premium template showcases important skills.This premium template showcases important skills.
This premium template showcases important skills.

A functional resume always includes skills. But you shouldn’t just add all your skills to your functional resume template. Instead, you should only include the skills that would be relevant to the job.

For example, if you’re applying to be an HR manager but you've got forklift driving skills, you won’t need those skills, so leave them off the resume.

2. Include Your Achievements

Not sure what to include on your skills resume template? Make sure to include any previous job achievements that have to do with the job you’re applying for.

Achievements show your future employer that others are recognizing the skills that you've got. They also show how well you performed at your previous job.

3. Keep Your Skill Based Resume to One Page

This one-page resume is a premium template from Envato Elements.This one-page resume is a premium template from Envato Elements.This one-page resume is a premium template from Envato Elements.
This one-page resume is a premium template from Envato Elements.

There are many one-page functional resume format templates. One page forces you to be concise and only include essential information on your resume. Most hiring managers won’t even look at a resume if it's more than one page long.

4. Online Resume

There are many job openings online. When making your resume consider having a link to an online resume along with your resume template. With an online resume, you can add more information than you would include in your resume template.

5. Curate Bullet Points

The layout of this template makes it easy to curate your resume.The layout of this template makes it easy to curate your resume.The layout of this template makes it easy to curate your resume.
The layout of this template makes it easy to curate your resume.

When you're adding education, and work experiences, consider adding your more recent experience first. This shifts the focus to the important part of your resume, which is your most recent experience. Besides, this makes it easier for the hiring manager to see your most recent experience.

You've got a lot of choices for your skills based resume template (free or premium) or building your own. It can be tough to figure out the perfect design direction.

Check out these popular, skills focused resume design trends for some design inspiration. You may find something in these skills based resume examples that's perfect for your professional brand:

1. Use Infographics to Visually Communicate Your Skills

Infographics can be a great way to communicate a concept both quickly and effectively. Make it easy for the viewer to see your skill set with infographics. For example, bars, charts, and graphics can help make it clear which skills are your focus and which are your supplements. 

This resume example makes great use of some graphical elements on the left of the page. 

infographics resumeinfographics resumeinfographics resume
Download this stylish resume design template on Envato Elements.
Looking for more infographic resumes? Check out this collection to see even more resume examples that use infographic design:

2. Clean, Open Space is Timelessly Professional

If you're not sure which aesthetic is right for you, remember to keep things clear and well organized. When in doubt, an organized layout with plenty of breathing room is a great idea.

Check out this example resume design, below. It's got a rather neutral look, but it's very professional. The design has clear hierarchy. It could work really well for a variety of industries, too. Check out the infographics. They work well here too!

clean resume templateclean resume templateclean resume template
This professionally designed resume template is available on Envato Elements.
Love this look and feel? Check out these collections of even more resume designs:

3. Playful Can be Professional, When Done Right

Think about your industry and your professional brand when it comes to your skill based resume. What do you want to visually communicate? Sometimes, being bold is a great way to stand out. More and more, interesting and creative takes on resume design are becoming popular.

For example, check out this awesome resume design. It's colorful, it's energetic, and it makes a big statement!

This could work great for the entertainment industry, but it might not be as appropriate for an industry like medicine or law. Think about what kind of aesthetic would be most appropriate for your goals.

playful resume templateplayful resume templateplayful resume template
Download this colorful resume design template on Envato Elements.
Love creative resume design? Check out these collections of unusual and creative resume designs:

4. Make an Impact With Blocks of Color

Blocks of color are a design trend that seems to be here to stay. They're a wonderful way to draw emphasis to key parts of your design. Notice how the black block, in the design below, really commands attention. The high contrast creates a lot of emphasis in the composition.

Consider what colors suit your professional brand. If you've got an existing logo, for example, consider using those colors in your resume design too.

color block resume templatecolor block resume templatecolor block resume template
This stylish resume design can be downloaded on Envato Elements.

5. Include Engaging Visual Elements

Photographs have definitely continued to grow in popularity, in resume design. A photo can be a great way to introduce yourself without actually being present. This is, after all, an opportunity to make a first impression—put a face to the name!

Consider layouts that make creative use of imagery, like this beautiful resume design template. It can be a great opportunity to showcase creative work as well.

photography resume templatephotography resume templatephotography resume template
Download this resume design template on Envato Elements today.

Discover More Top Resume Template Designs

Didn’t see a template for what you need? If you're still hunting for the perfect skills based resume template, check out these collections:

Learn More About Making Great Resumes in 2023

If you've got questions more questions about resumes, try reading one of our resume tutorials. If you aren’t sure how to make your resume great, here are some helpful articles:

Download a Functional Skills-based Resume Template in 2023

There are many different resume formats, and it can be hard to know which one is right for you. For example, if you want to focus on your skills, a functional resume is the best option. But, if you put too much unnecessary information on your resume, it can overwhelm the hiring manager, and they can just reject you.

Now you’ve learned what a functional skills-based resume is, and you’ve seen both free and premium functional resume examples. But, of course, the quickest and most professional option is a premium template that's ready to use. So why not download a premium functional skills-based resume template today?

Editorial Note: This post has been updated with contributions from Daisy Ein. Daisy is a freelance instructor for Envato Tuts+.

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