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25 Best Free Love and Hearts PowerPoint Templates Download 2023

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Read Time: 18 min

Presentations don't have to be sterile, boring, and free of emotion. With the help of a heart PowerPoint template, take on emotional topics and share your feelings. Valentia amazing love PowerPoint slidesValentia amazing love PowerPoint slidesValentia amazing love PowerPoint slides

Vallentia includes amazing premium love PowerPoint slides. It'll help you give great presentations with less design work.

This article shows you free PowerPoint templates with a love theme. But there's something even better below. You'll see unlimited use love presentation templates. These are the design options that make you a pro with no design skills needed.

Top 5 Premium Love and Hearts PowerPoint Templates (From Envato Elements 2023)

Let's check out five of the best premium love presentation templates. You're sure to fall in love with these easy-to-use and amazing love PowerPoint slides.

These designs are some of the best ways to create your own heart PowerPoint slides without designing them yourself from scratch:

1. Vallentia - Love PowerPoint Template

Heart PowerPoint templateHeart PowerPoint templateHeart PowerPoint template

Vallentia is a full set of amazing love PowerPoint slides. Warm pastel tones are abundant, with thirty slide layouts inside. Add custom text and images in only seconds thanks to easy-to-use placeholders.

2. LOVE STORY PowerPoint Template

Love PPT downloadLove PPT downloadLove PPT download

LOVE STORY is a flexible and versatile love PPT download. It’s packed with color and layout options that work great for your next project. Imagine using the infographics to tell a love story with less clicks than ever before. All you've got to do is drop in your own content. 

3. Love Story - Wedding PowerPoint Template

Love PowerPoint template backgroundLove PowerPoint template backgroundLove PowerPoint template background

Love Story is a great choice for a wedding love PowerPoint Template. Inside, you'll find 25 slides with plenty of room for photos. Tell the story of love in a visually appealing way in this love PPT download. Easily click and drag to redesign any slide layout.

4. Happy Valentine

valentine's dayvalentine's dayvalentine's day
This love PowerPoint template has a stunning looking design that'll look great for any type of presentation. This love PPT comes with plenty unique slides including quotation, infographic, and gallery slides. 
Here are the main features for this heart PowerPoint template:
  • 30 unique slides
  • light and dark theme
  • widescreen ratio 16:9
  • free fonts used

5. Love Affection

love affectiolove affectiolove affectio

This multipurpose love PPT template has a beautiful purple color scheme. The slides have eye-catching icons and illustrations that'll add interest to your presentations. Included are a ton of infographics to help you deliver a comprehensive presentation. 

Here's what you can expect from this heart PowerPoint template:

  • 150+ slides
  • five color variations
  • pixel perfect illustrations
  • gallery and portfolio slides

Now let's look at a ton of great free heart PowerPoint templates. But first, consider a premium love PowerPoint template.

The Best Source for Premium Heart PowerPoint Templates (With Unlimited Downloads)

Before we look at the love PPT presentation free download options, we owe it to you to show you a better way. We're going to show you professional designs that give you confidence and save you so much time.

On Envato Elements, unlimited downloads can reshape your design process. For one flat rate, you get unlimited love PPT downloads. The quality is far superior to heart PowerPoint template free download options.

Find PowerPoint Templates

Elements love PowerPoint templateElements love PowerPoint templateElements love PowerPoint template
Envato Elements includes hundreds of professional love PowerPoint templates for a flat rate.

Beside the premium heart PowerPoint slides, you'll also unlock other design assets that help. That includes stock photos, graphics, and illustrations. These are all part of Elements all-inclusive download option. They're the perfect complement to your love presentation template.

Professional love PPT templates give you so much more to work with. They include amazing love PowerPoint slides with layouts and placeholders built in for you. They spark inspiration and help you create great heart PowerPoint slides.

Heart PowerPoint templates are better when you choose a premium option. Microsoft hearts free download templates just don't give you the same professionalism and polish.

25 Free Love and Hearts PowerPoint Templates and to Download for 2023

Still looking for options for free love PowerPoint backgrounds? We've got one more idea for you.

free filesfree filesfree files
Each month Envato Elements offers a different selection of free files for you to try.

Before looking for a love PPT presentation free download, check Envato's free offerings first. Try out various premium template files (not always love template for PowerPoint free downloads) at no cost to you.

Every month Envato Elements offers 12 different hand-selected files, (fonts, presentations, videos, and more). Create a free account to download this month's free premium files now.

If you didn't find exactly what you had in mind, we've put together a helpful list. Here are 25 options for heart PowerPoint templates with free downloads:

1. Love Heart And Nest PowerPoint Templates

Free love PowerPoint backgroundsFree love PowerPoint backgroundsFree love PowerPoint backgrounds

This free heart PowerPoint template features two hearts in a nest. Red and white colors are used throughout this love presentation template.

2. Love Hearts Abstract PowerPoint Templates

You can build a new Love PowerPoint template with this pack. It uses fresh blue colors and abstract art.

3. Hand Making Heart Sign PowerPoint Template

Here's a love PPT download with assorted layouts. It's got master slides for simple edits.

4. Dream Love PowerPoint Slides

Free love PowerPoint backgrounds like these work for weddings. The love PPT slides are bright and colorful.

5. Silver Heart PowerPoint Template

Free PowerPoint templates love themeFree PowerPoint templates love themeFree PowerPoint templates love theme

Modern in design, this is another free love PowerPoint template. Add your own layouts with this love PPT.

6. Valentine’s Heart Recreation PowerPoint Templates

Free for PPT is this love presentation template. Use it for Valentine’s Day slides and other projects.

7. Love Birds PowerPoint Template

Next up is this love PowerPoint template background featuring birds. Drop in your own project content.

8. Hearts Stalks PowerPoint Template

Hearts in this love PPT presentation free download look like flowers. It’s an abstract option for your next love PPT download.

9. Catton Paste Presentation Template

Pastel hues feature in this heart PowerPoint template. Assorted slide layouts can be found inside.

10. Wedding Love Presentation 

Wedding love presentationWedding love presentationWedding love presentation

Searching for wedding love templates for PowerPoint free download sets? This is one, with a wedding cake background.

11. Heart PPT Template

Butterflies appear in this free heart PowerPoint template. Click to add custom love PPT template slides with PowerPoint’s menus.

12. Cute Love Circles PowerPoint Template

This heart PowerPoint template free download is another option for love PPTs. You'll see artsy hearts in their own circles.

13. Pink Hearts Photo Album Template

Love is often captured in favorite photographs. A hearts PowerPoint template like this one is designed with a photo album style.

14. Dangle Hearts PowerPoint

Dangle Hearts is another love PowerPoint template choice for use. White hearts are offset against a hot pink backdrop of this love PPT.

15. Love Wings PowerPoint Template 

heart PowerPoint slideheart PowerPoint slideheart PowerPoint slide

These 3D graphics work as a love PPT download for your next slideshow. The heart design contrasts with a dark background.

16. Kids Valentine’s Day Cards Template

With these free love PowerPoint backgrounds, you can create Valentine’s Day cards. Basic layouts let you add your own words and photos.

17. Rain Hearts PowerPoint Templates

Hearts are styled like raindrops in this love presentation template. The default color scheme is a soft pastel green.

18. Love Swirls PowerPoint Templates

This love presentation template has a hand-drawn look. It features side or top borders for any love free heart PowerPoint template slide.

19. Cool Heart PowerPoint Design

Available now for free download is this heart PowerPoint template. It features simple slides and a dark background.

20. Lovers Heart Backgrounds

Love templates for PowerPoint free downloadLove templates for PowerPoint free downloadLove templates for PowerPoint free download

Searching for a Love PowerPoint template with hearts front and center? This is a free heart PowerPoint template example and PPT slide layouts work with the file.

21. Hearts Drawings PowerPoint Templates

Colorful hearts border these free love PowerPoint backgrounds. Graphics are inside that you can use to build your own slides.

22. Endless Marriage Presentation Template

You can share wedding photos with this love templates for PowerPoint free download. It comes with 64 slides in two color themes.

23. I Love You PowerPoint Template

This heart PowerPoint template free download resembles a notecard. Pink, red, and purple tones are used.

24. Heart With Medical Sign PowerPoint Template

Free love PowerPoint template backgrounds are included. In this case, it’s a heart set against a medical sign.

25. Free Heart PowerPoint Template

Amazing love PowerPoint slidesAmazing love PowerPoint slidesAmazing love PowerPoint slides

Here’s another hearts PowerPoint template with a pulse theme. Add in PPT slide layouts and then fill with your own content to complete the deck.

How to Make a Professional Looking Love PPT Presentation

Now that you've got your love PowerPoint template, you're ready to customize it with your own content. In this next section, we'll go over step by step on how you can customize your love PowerPoint template.

For this tutorial, I'll be using the premium love PPT template, Vallentia. 

Vallentia is a hiqh-quality premium hearts PowerPoint template you can easily customize.

Vallentia has a classy and contemporary design. You'll find thirty unique slides, light and dark themes, and free fonts in this love PPT template.

Let's now go over five steps that'll get you a professional looking love PowerPoint template:

1. Pick Your Desired Slides

Before we can even begin customizing this premium hearts PowerPoint template, we need to pick the slides. Not all the slides in the love PPT are needed for our presentation.

Look through all the slides and pick out the best ones for our presentation. Delete the others by right clicking and choosing Delete Slide

delete slidedelete slidedelete slide

2. Add Your Text

Now it's time to add in our text to the slides we picked out. We'll have our text in a document opened up, so we just copy and paste over the text. All the slides in this love PPT have text placeholders. To replace this text, simply double click the text and paste in your text. 

add textadd textadd text

3. Add In Images

Images are an integral part of any lover PPT. Thankfully, the Vallentia template gives us an easy way to add in images on the various slides.

All you've got to do is click on the image icon on your slides. This opens up the files on your computer. Choose the images that you want to add. This tutorial has more information:

add in imagesadd in imagesadd in images

4. Change Your Color Scheme

Often, the default color scheme of your love PPT doesn't fit your brand's color scheme. This can easily be changed in your Vallentia hearts PowerPoint template.

Click on the Design tab on the top menu header. Then navigate to the right-hand section of the header and click the bottom arrow. Then choose Colors and pick your desired color scheme. 

color schemecolor schemecolor scheme

5. Add in Animation

We can now add in the final details to the hearts PowerPoint template. Animations give your presentation that professional polish.

To add in animations, click on the Animation tab on the top menu header. Next, click on the element that you want to be animated. Then choose the appropriate animation. You can see the animation in action by clicking on the Preview button.

Repeat this process for all the elements on your slides that you want animated.


5 Quick Lovely PowerPoint Presentation Slide Design Tips for 2023

You want to make a great impression with your hearts PowerPoint template. Make sure you do by using these five quick tips for amazing heart PowerPoint slide designs in 2023:

1. Don’t Forget to Illustrate

No heart PowerPoint slide is complete without plenty of images. They bring new life and energy to your love PowerPoint template. They even work well as love PowerPoint template backgrounds.

Photo heart PowerPoint templatePhoto heart PowerPoint templatePhoto heart PowerPoint template
A premium love PowerPoint template like this lets you share photos.

Plus, many premium love PPT download packs have slideshow placeholders built in. You won’t find that with a love PowerPoint template free download!

2. Add Beautiful Fonts

Beautiful scripts and fonts make any heart PowerPoint template look great. While it’s easy to get caught up in colors and photos, text is really at the heart of any love presentation template.

PowerPoint makes it easy to add custom fonts to any love presentation template. In fact, it only takes a few clicks.

Learn how with our full PPT font tutorial for 2023:

3. Incorporate Custom Shapes

Custom shapes make a love PPT download special. They help you build an amazing heart PowerPoint slide fast.

Shape love PowerPoint templateShape love PowerPoint templateShape love PowerPoint template
Custom shapes feature in many purchased heart PowerPoint templates.

Use custom shapes to inspire your audience. Any love PPT download slide with these inside stands out above the crowd.

4. Use Background Music

Set the mood with background music in your heart PowerPoint template. It’s the perfect complement to any love PowerPoint template background!

Music can be added to any PPT deck with just a few clicks. To help you get started, we made a quick tutorial:

5. Build Energy With Animation

No matter how beautiful they look, static slides can get a little boring. Make the most of your love presentation template by adding animation.

Animated love PPT downloadAnimated love PPT downloadAnimated love PPT download
Many premium love PPT download options are animated for you.

Or better yet, choose a premium template that’s already pre-animated. With these, the hard work of animation is done for you. That’s not a feature you’ll find with a love PPT presentation free download.

Modern design trends are important to put in your presentations. They give your presentation a professional look that'll set you apart from the competition: 

1. Use the Right Color Scheme

The color scheme you use is incredibly important when creating a love PPT. The main colors you want to include are purple and pink in your love PowerPoint slides. 

color schemecolor schemecolor scheme
The premium love PPT template, Happy Valentine, uses a pink color scheme.

2. Use Infographics

Your audience doesn't want to see slides full of only text. Using information and graphics is the best way to add interest to your heart PPT templates. It's an important presentation design trend that'll continue in 2023.

3. Custom Image Masks

Great designs in 2023 use custom image masks to bring presentations to life. Instead of adding your images in a simple shape, custom image masks will transform them into entirely new shapes.

custom image maskscustom image maskscustom image masks
This premium template uses premium image masks to give images a new look.

4. Keep Presentations Short

Attention spans are short in 2023. To make a presentation that is impactful you need to keep your presentation short. The length of your presentation will depend on the specific presentation you're giving.

5. Keep It Minimal

Minimal presentations are a trend that has been popular for years now. Keeping your lover PowerPoint template minimal means keeping text short and limiting the number of elements in your slides. 

This premium template uses a minimal design to stay trendy.

Let's now look at even more MS PowerPoint templates you can download right now. 

Discover More Top Microsoft PowerPoint Template Designs

On Envato Tuts+, we're passionate about showing our readers the best PowerPoint designs. Throughout this tutorial you've already seen design options for love PPT slides.

Don't worry. You've just scratched the surface when it comes to PowerPoint templates. We're always curating the best selection of PowerPoint designs for our readers. Check out these articles to see even more of the best PowerPoint templates:

5 Benefits of Using the Best PowerPoint Presentation Designs

With so many PowerPoint design templates out there, how do you know which one to pick? Envato Elements has popular PowerPoint templates with high-quality visual designs. These templates you can help you create the stunning presentations. Here are the reasons why you need to pick up a premium template today.

  • There's no fuss. If you need a top PowerPoint design template, you'll get a top PowerPoint design template. It's as simple as that. With Envato Elements, you can rest assured you'll have what you asked for.
  • You still have customization. Just because you’re using a premium template doesn’t mean you'll have to give up on customization. Every template can be customized to suit your needs.
  • No mistakes. Envato Elements has a selection of the best PPT templates designed by experts in the field. You can scrutinize them, and you won't find a design flop in any of them.
  • Save time. Using a premium template saves time because most of the work is already done. This means that there are placeholders, so you need to add your information and images.
  • They'll make you look good. You need to think about what your PowerPoint template design says about you. A cheap or free PPT design template may say that you don't care much. But a professionally designed template portrays you as a force to be reckoned with.

Benefits of Envato Elements (The Power of Unlimited Use)

Envato subscription offer
Envato Elements: one flat rate, tons of digital creative assets.
  • Do you need an awesome PowerPoint template design? Envato Elements has you covered.
  • Do you need a beautiful logo for your business? Envato Elements has you covered.
  • Do you need a stunning photo for a project? Envato Elements has you covered.

Looking for the best PowerPoint templates, graphics, videos, logos, and more? You'll find it at Envato Elements! All for a low monthly rate!

Subscribe to Envato Elements to find everything you'll need for your creative project! And the best part is, you can get all those assets for a low monthly rate!

Common PowerPoint Questions Answered (FAQ)

Microsoft PowerPoint is a complete presentation software. This can make it difficult to work with if you're new to the software. In this section we go over the most frequent PowerPoint questions and give answers to them: 

1. Can I Add YouTube Videos to My PowerPoint Presentation?

Absolutely! PowerPoint makes it easy for you to include all types of multimedia content including Videos and music. You can check out the two tutorials below for an in depth guide on how to add videos to your presentations:

2. Can I Collaborate With Other People?

Of course! There are a few ways that you can share you presentation with your team to collaborate. The tutorial below explains the various ways you can do this:

3. How Do I Use Images in My Presentation?

Adding images is an absolute must in your presentations. They add a great deal of interest to any presentation. But you'll want to make sure you add your images correctly to your presentations. You can easily create a very large file size if you don't know how to optimize your images.
For a complete guide on how to add images to your presentations, click the tutorial below:
Yes and no. There's a free online version of PowerPoint that doesn't require a subscription. But this version doesn't have all the features that the desktop version does. 
You can learn more about the differences between the two versions here:

5. How Do You Edit PowerPoint Slide Background Graphics?

When using PowerPoint templates, you'll often want to change the background graphics in your slides. PowerPoint is very flexible. You can completely change the image or edit the image in the background. 
For more information on how to customize your slide background graphics, follow along with the tutorial below:

Let's now have a look at even more resources that can help you improve your PowerPoint presentations. 

Learn More About Making Great PowerPoint Presentations in 2023

You've seen an example of customizing love presentation templates. It's okay if you still have questions while working with your own heart PowerPoint templates. We've built a deep learning library of tutorials that our readers love to master the app, called How to Use PowerPoint (Ultimate Tutorial Guide.)

Make sure to check out these tutorials from our guide. Many of the skills work with love PPT presentations with free downloads, too!

Start Using Love Presentation Templates Today

"You always gain by giving love." - Reese Witherspoon

Remember: we've given you a handful love PPT presentation free downloads, but they aren't the most helpful option. Premium heart PowerPoint slides are packaged in unlimited downloads thanks to Elements. 

Give your audience the gift of love with brave and outspoken presentation. As you've seen in this article, it's so much easier when you use premium love PowerPoint templates to create amazing love PowerPoint slides. Download a template and start now.

Editorial Note: This post has been updated with contributions from Daniel Strongin. Daniel is a freelance instructor for Envato Tuts+.

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