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18+ Free Marketing Business Proposal Template Examples to Download 2020


So, why work with a template? A marketing proposal template can help you craft a beautifully designed, professional presentation in a snap.

proposal design template
Use a premium professional marketing business proposal template to complete your next design project.

A proposal design template can save you a lot of time. Whether you're looking for a foundation to customize and create something new or you're looking for a completed design to showcase your content, a template is a wonderful choice. 

Having a collection of versatile proposal template designs in your design arsenal can be very handy. If you're working on a proposal design, it probably won't be your last—and a versatile, multi-page template can be repurposed for many projects. 

Marketing Proposal Template
The perfect impression with a premium professional marketing proposal template for your business or brand

In this article, we'll look at premium proposal designs for your inspiration and consideration. Consider downloading one today. 

That said, we understand that free is sometimes all you can afford. Don't worry, we're also going to look at a collection of awesome freebies to download right now. 

Unlimited Premium Marketing Proposal Templates for 2020  

As we mentioned earlier, proposal templates can save you a lot of time. But not all templates are the same. Make sure that you get the best marketing proposal templates, like the professionally designed templates from Envato Elements.

Need extra fonts, images, or assets? All that's included with Envato Elements. It's got thousands of premium marketing proposal downloads for one, low monthly fee. You get unlimited downloads from a huge library of professionally designed templates, assets and more. It's all included!

Envato Elements
Check out the selection of professionally designed proposal templates on Envato Elements.

Your time is valuable; in so many cases, time really is money. Consider your time investment. Working with a premium service can meet your project's goals with added efficiency and speed. These things matter!

business marketing proposal design
The marketing proposal templates on Envato Elements are fully customizable—start designing today.

5 Best Premium Proposal Templates From Envato Elements

So, before we dig into some free finds, let's take a sneak peek at some of the design work over on Envato Elements. 

Let's look:

1. Ultimate Multi-Purpose Proposal Template

Ultimate Mulit Purpose Proposal Template

This is such a versatile template. Whether you're working in Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, or Illustrator, use this template. It also has files for Google Slides, Keynote, and Microsoft PowerPoint, all included.

2. Business Proposal Design Template

Business Proposal Design Template

This stylish, InDesign proposal template includes 24 pages for you to mix, match, and customize to meet your project's goals. It uses free fonts too, for your added convenience.

3. Business Project Proposal Template Design

Business Project Proposal Template Design

Here's another template with a lot of potential—and this one's compatible with both Adobe InDesign and Microsoft Word too. There's an impressive 40 pages to work with here.

4. Marketing Business Proposal Template Design

Marketing Business Proposal Template Design

If you're looking for a stylish proposal template with interesting image treatment, give this template a look. It's A4 size with 20 different, customizable pages. 

5. Marketing Business Proposal Design Template

Marketing Business Proposal Design Template

Isn't this a lovely template design? It's just a taste of the included 20 pages—take a look! This versatile proposal layout design template could be used for so many different projects.

5 Best Proposal Templates From GraphicRiver

But maybe unlimited downloads aren't your style. If you're not necessarily looking for access to a library of content, maybe you'd prefer to keep things simple with a single download. 

In cases like that, you might want to look at GraphicRiver. Download only what you need from a huge collection of professionally designed templates.

There's a large selection of professionally designed proposal templates to choose from on GraphicRiver.

Sometimes, we just want to keep things simple. One download, one template, no fuss—and that's exactly what you get with GraphicRiver.

If you know exactly what you're looking for, browse GraphicRiver's collection of beautifully designed, versatile proposal templates. See one you like? Download, a la carte, and only pick up exactly what you need.

Check out this selection of some of the professionally designed content, over on GraphicRiver:

1. Business Proposal Design Template

Business Proposal Design Template

If you're looking for an InDesign proposal template, this one might be the perfect choice. It includes 24 pages, utilizes free fonts, and is print ready, right out the box. 

2. Marketing Business Proposal Template Design

Marketing Business Proposal Template Design

This proposal template is perfect for Adobe InDesign, but it's also ready to go for Microsoft Word too. Which software will you use, when working on your proposal design?

3. Business Project Proposal Marketing Template

Business Project Proposal Marketing Template

If you're looking for a versatile proposal template, check this one out. It works with Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, Affinity Publisher, Designer, and Photo! That's a lot of options for one template. 

4. Creative Business Proposal Template Design

Creative Business Proposal Template Design

This proposal pack comes with everything you need, and more! Create your proposal, as well as a companion PowerPoint presentation. It even comes with matching invoices.

5. Business Proposal Template Design

Business Proposal Template Design

This beautifully designed, 36-page business proposal template would be a stunning addition to anyone's design arsenal. Download it today and customize the layouts in either Adobe InDesign or Microsoft Word.

18+ Best Marketing Business Proposal Templates For Free

Before looking for a free marketing proposal template on the web, check Envato's free offerings first. Try out various premium template files (not always proposals) at no cost to you.

Here's the deal: 

Now, let's look at some free proposal templates that you can download, right now. If you're looking for marketing proposal samples free to use, these might offer you what you're looking for. There's a lot to see here, so let's dig right in:

1. Free Business Project Proposal Template

Free Business Project Proposal Template

This free business proposal template InDesign file is fully customizable and includes 12 pages to use for your next design project. Give it a download today.

2. Marketing Proposal Sample Template Free

If you're looking for a free, creative marketing proposal layout template, check this one out. It's got a stylish design and is ready for your customizations.

3. Free InDesign Marketing Proposal Template Download

Free InDesign Marketing Proposal Template Download

Isn't this a beautiful design? Download this marketing proposal sample for free today and open it up in Adobe InDesign to start adding your content. This one could work for a wide variety of projects, too.

4. Free Business Marketing Proposal Templates

Let's finish up with even more free templates for Microsoft Word—there's so many to choose from. Pick up one of these free proposal designs and start adding your content.

5. Free Portfolio Business Proposal Template

Free Portfolio Business Proposal Template

This template takes a portfolio approach but could easily be adapted and expanded to work for your next portfolio project. Best part is this marketing proposal template download is free.

6. Free Collection of Business Proposal Templates

Looking for an entire collection of proposal templates? Check out this link—there's lots to see, lots to download, and it's all free of charge. 

7. Free Business Proposal Presentation Template

Free Business Proposal Presentation Template

This stylish layout includes 20 pages for you to customize to meet your proposal project's goals. It's a free download, and it's got plenty of potential for many different projects. 

8. Free Business Marketing Proposal Template Free Design

Prefer working with Microsoft Word and you're looking for a free download? Well, look no further. This template is free, and there's several others to choose from here, too.

9. Company Proposal Template Free Download

Company Proposal Template Free Download

Love a minimal or geometric look and feel? Check out this free design template. Customize it with your brands colors, adjust the layouts, and make this design work for your project.

10. Free Proposal Template Design for Business

Want to keep things simple? This marketing proposal template, for Microsoft Word and Google Docs, is simple, straight forward, and to the point. There are other, related templates here too—all of them free to download.

11. Free Corporate Business Profile Proposal Template

Free Corporate Business Profile Proposal Template

Here's another great fit for users who prefer to work in Adobe Photoshop. Download this free photoshop proposal template today and use it for your next project.

12. Free Creative Brief Proposal Template Design

Looking for something in DOCX or PDF format? Check out these templates. Import your PDFs into Affinity Publisher or use this template in Microsoft Word.

13. Free Report Brochure Business Proposal Template

Free Report Brochure Business Proposal Template

Here's another stylish template for Adobe InDesign. It's a free download, so you can pick it up today and jump right in—there's no reason not to start designing today!

14. Free Business Marketing Proposal Templates

If you're a Microsoft Word user and you're looking for several proposal templates to check out, try this link. There's simple marketing proposal templates and more visually complex ones too.

15. Free Business Project Proposal Template

Free Business Project Proposal Template

How about a more colorful design? Check out this free template. Jump into Adobe InDesign and customize these colors to fit your professional brand. 

16. Free Download Project Proposal Templates

Your proposal can be as complex or simplistic as your project needs. Check out this collection of free proposal downloads for Microsoft Word. They fit into both categories.

17. Free Business Marketing Proposal Template

Free Business Marketing Proposal Template

This design was created with web design proposals in mind. Bu it could work for a wide variety of business marketing proposal projects—and it's free.

18. Download Free Business Proposal Template Designs

Looking for even more business proposal templates for Microsoft Word? Check these out. There's plenty to download, and they're all free. 

19. Free Business Brochure Proposal Design Template

Free Business Brochure Proposal Design Template

This Photoshop proposal template has lots of contrast and plenty of space for your photos and written content. It's free to download and start working with this design, today.

Premium Marketing Proposal Templates vs Marketing Proposal Samples for Free

We've just seen a collection of free proposal template designs in this article. But we've also explored some premium options too. There are pros and cons to each option to consider.

Let's take a closer look at each type of template:

1. Premium Marketing Proposal Template Downloads

marketing proposal template
Premium Business Proposal Download from Envato Elements.

When you go premium, it's often a lot easier to find what you're looking for, with extra bells and whistles included too. That would mean things like:

  • help files
  • updates
  • and extended options
  • the right file type for your software needs, project dimensions, and more
  • licensing and usage are typically covered so there's no guesswork on commercial usage

If this sounds appealing to you, check out Envato Elements. It's got an awesome collection of proposal template designs to download right now. And, the best part is, you can download as much as you like for one fee.

2. Marketing Proposal Templates for Free

When looking at free downloads, note the usage guidelines and licensing. Free doesn't necessarily always mean free of licensing and copyright restrictions. 

Free also doesn't necessarily mean the template is a perfect fit for your project or software requirements. Not trying to be a downer there—just giving you some insight, so you can make the best choice for your project. 

Are you prepared to handle obstacles, like these?  

Which One Is for You?

So, if you'd like to test out many, premium proposal designs you can, and you don't have to worry about paying for each one individually. Mix them, match them, test them out, and download to your heart's content. There's many marketing proposal template designs to choose from, over on Envato Elements.

This means, you're not just buying one premium template. You've got access to an entire collection of content. If you're lacking professional stock photos, there's no need to go on an extended hunt. It's all right here, included, in your unlimited downloads.

But if you've got no budget at all, you may find that you're limited to free marketing proposals for now. At least, until you can afford something better.

Quick Tips: How to Write & Design Great Marketing Business Proposals for 2020

So, now that you've found the perfect proposal template, what's next? Here are some quick tips to help you get your proposal project started and completed: 

1. Use Visual Elements to Reinforce Concepts

Visual components of your proposal design can do a lot for your content, aesthetically. But they can also play a big, communicative role, too. 

For example, if your project has a timeline, why not show it, visually? Have different steps to your proposal's plan? Consider showing this as three different steps.

Check out the marketing business proposal example below, and its different layouts. We use visuals to reinforce the message we're trying to convey—it not only looks good, but it can help strengthen the delivery of the message itself. 

professional proposal design template
Use a premium professional proposal design template to visually communicate your proposal's concepts. 

2. Keep Your Content Organized

Organization can make a big difference in any presentation. For example, look at the proposal design template, below. Notice how the budget breakdown is presented in easy to digest sections. 

Likewise, we see other offers and categories presented in their own column. This is more than an approach that looks good—it makes this content easier to digest. 

Imagine the content, below, presented as one, continuous paragraph. Yes, all the content would be there, but it would lack the same efficiency and ease of access—it wouldn't be as easy to grasp the content quickly, either.

marketing proposal layout
A well-organized premium proposal design template can keep your content clear and easy to understand.

3. Visual Consistency Is Essential

Your proposal is likely a collection of content. Components that make up one, unified concept that you hope to deliver and sell to your target reader. Page after page, this content is related. 

So, we should look at our proposals in a similar way. Each page should visually look related. 

This doesn't necessarily mean they've got to be boring. The same layout, over and over, isn't going to look very visually engaging or exciting. But we can use repeated components like color or shape to help tie things together.

marketing campaign proposal template
Apply visual consistency to your proposal design template, as we see in this premium professionally designed template.

4. Write for Your Objectives and Your Audience

Your proposal has its own, specific objectives. But it's also important to consider your target audience. Think about who your target audience is—is it a specific department? Is it investors or other parts of your professional organization?

Tailor your proposals to best suit and appeal to your audience. Different audiences may have a different perspective or different understands of key subjects. 

Identify your audience and their needs so you can best communicate with them in a strategic and purposeful way. The best marketing proposal is the one that successfully reaches its audience.

marketing plan proposal
A strong premium business proposal design appeals to its target audience in a strategic way. 

5. Reinforce Your Professional Brand

What's your professional brand's story? A strong brand has a narrative, an objective, and a mission statement. Consider what your brand stands for when crafting your proposal. While the proposal itself will likely have its own, unique goals, it's still a part of your brand's story—and it should reflect this, too. 

This extends to the written content and the visual content too. Follow your brand's guidelines and reinforce your brand's overarching goals. Viewers should be able to tell that this proposal is an extension of your brand's efforts both in its visual direction and in its tone. 

marketing proposal template
The perfect premium proposal design template fits right in with your brand's goals and narrative.

Discover More Awesome Proposal Templates

Looking for even more business proposal templates? Check out these collections of even more, beautifully designed proposal templates. Consider picking one up today for your next project, or browse for continued design inspiration:

Learn More About Making Great Proposals in 2020

Or maybe you'd like to learn more about making an awesome proposal! Curious about how to write a marketing proposal? How about marketing proposal structure? From writing your proposal to coming up with a great design concept, these free tutorials from Envato Tuts+ can help you figure out how to do a marketing proposal for your next project: 

Go Further With a Professional Proposal Template in 2020!

So, what kind of proposal design template would be a perfect fit for your next project? 

There's no better time to dig in and start designing than right now! Why not start your business marketing proposal project today? Remember, there's a wealth of premium proposal templates over on Envato Elements, if you're looking for the convenient and quality of a premium product—and unlimited downloads, too! Or, if you prefer a single, convenient download, check out GraphicRiver.

Good luck with your design project—here's hoping your next professional proposal is a resounding success.

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