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25+ Free Math Google Slides Themes & Background Presentation Designs 2022

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Here's an equation you'll love: one presenter, plus the templates in this tutorial, equals a surefire success. You don't have to be a math whiz to use math Google Slides themes for your next presentation.

Intro how to make math presentationIntro how to make math presentationIntro how to make math presentation
In this article, you'll see the best free and premium math template Google Slides options to solve your presentation.

Math themed Google Slides designs have everything you need. You'll see designs with math shapes, icons, concepts, and more. Just open them and add your details and you're ready to present!

In this article, you'll see free options for math presentation slides. But, you'll also learn that our premium options for math template Google Slides are the best way to create a math presentation. These Google Slides math themes are the best way to solve the challenge of creating a presentation.

The Best Source For Math Google Slides Themes in 2022

If you're building a math presentation, you might start by searching for free options online. We're going to share those later in this article, but before we do, there's something you should know.

Using a free template takes more time, isn't as easy, and doesn't give you the best results. The math just doesn't add up! Instead, you should check out our options for premium math presentation slides. Keep in mind, free math presentation slides don’t give you as many creative options. They take longer to customize because you've got to do more work yourself.

We've got two top services that give you Google Slides math themes at a great price: Envato Elements and GraphicRiver.

Envato Elements math Google Slides themeEnvato Elements math Google Slides themeEnvato Elements math Google Slides theme
Envato Elements includes readymade math presentation slides inside of premium templates.

On Envato Elements, you truly maximize your value. You get unlimited Google Slides themes, all for a flat rate. There are many options for math presentations that are perfect for a math-focused presentation. These show you how to make math presentations with less work thanks to high quality pre-built designs.

Need a single template without a subscription? Envato Market is the best option for you. Buy single templates at a low cost and start using them for your project right away. It features a deep library of premium templates, including Google Slides math themes.

GraphicRiver math template Google SlidesGraphicRiver math template Google SlidesGraphicRiver math template Google Slides
You'll see countless options for single purchase premium Google Slides math themes on GraphicRiver.

No matter which option you opt for, remember this: free math Google Slides themes can't match these premium options. Premium templates are more flexible and give you a better finished product. That builds your confidence as a presenter and makes your presentation a success.

5 Top Premium Google Slides Math Themes for 2022 Presentations (Envato Elements & GraphicRiver)

Remember, free math presentations might not equal the best options. Want the very best Google Slides math themes for 2022? Check out five of the best math Google Slides themes from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver:

1. Math Module - Education Presentation Template

Math Google Slides themeMath Google Slides themeMath Google Slides theme

Math Module is a stunning math Google Slides theme for 2022. Each math presentation template inside has 30 unique slides. You’ll find customizing to be a breeze, thanks to drag-and-drop placeholders.

2. University and Education Google Slides Template

Math presentationMath presentationMath presentation

Filled with colorful designs, here's another excellent math presentation for Google Slides. There's plenty of room for images, charts, and more. The widescreen layouts look great on any display.

3. Counting | Google Slides Template

Math presentation slidesMath presentation slidesMath presentation slides

Counting is a flexible 2022 math template Google Slides deck. Math presentation slides like these help you make a great impression. Choose from five bright color themes for fun, educational math slides that you can build fast.

4. Educally - Education Course Google Slides Template

Math template Google SlidesMath template Google SlidesMath template Google Slides

Wondering how to make math presentation slides interesting? Turn to Educally for inspiration. Dozens of beautiful layouts are the perfect aid to your math teaching deck.

5. Quantities & Measurement - Education Presentation

Google Slides math themesGoogle Slides math themesGoogle Slides math themes

Don't bore your audience with a dull layout. Google Slides math themes like this one are sure to engage. Colorful backgrounds combine with math symbols for a bright, bold look.

25 Top Free Math Google Slides Templates and Backgrounds to Download for 2022

Before looking for a free math Google Slides template on the web, check Envato's free offerings first. Try out various premium template files (not always math presentation slides) at no cost to you.

Here's the deal: 

If you need a basic math presentation for your project, we’ve compiled a list of 25 available options:

1. Abstract Binary Code Google Slides Presentation

Abstract Binary Code Google Slides PresentationAbstract Binary Code Google Slides PresentationAbstract Binary Code Google Slides Presentation

Binary code is the language of computing. It features in this free math presentation with 34 slides inside.

2. Free Math Numbers PowerPoint Template

A calculator illustrates this math Google Slides theme free. Use PPT's tools to add your own slide layouts.

3. Smart Calculator Presentation Templates

This is another set of free math presentation slides. They've got an abstract look and feel, with pastel color tones.

4. Amsterdam Free Education Template

Google Slides math themes like Amsterdam are options for your math class. The backdrop is graph paper, with pencils and calculators in the corner.

5. Math Board Google Slides

Math board math Google Slides themeMath board math Google Slides themeMath board math Google Slides theme

Math Board is another choice of math template Google Slides. It's got three master layouts that you can edit and duplicate.

6. Infographic Free Google Slides Theme

Some math concepts are better explained with infographics. These Google Slides math themes have a full set.

7. Math Instruments Presentation Template

Math instruments have a long history. This free math Google Slides theme adopts them for its design style. 

8. Macro Free Presentation Template

Macro includes free math presentation slides with letters, numbers, and symbols. The slides are dark blue.

9. Basic Arithmetic Presentation Template

Basic Arithmetic shows off math symbols in the background of each slide. It works with default Google Slides layouts.

10. Creative Google Slides Theme

Creative math presentationCreative math presentationCreative math presentation

Geometry is an interesting way to style your math presentation slides. Creative has a variety of triangles and shapes on every slide. 

11. Iras Free Presentation Template

Iras is a set of bright green Google Slides math themes. Add and subtract your own content to make slides your own.

12. Free Online Presentation Template

These Google Slides math themes show an equation on a chalkboard, set on a computer screen. They’re available for math slides on a variety of topics. 

13. Knight Presentation Template

Knight is a free math presentation that you can share with all ages. The graphics have a hand-drawn, abstract appearance.

14. Uni Free Google Slides Template

Uni Google Slides math themes are bright yellow. You'll see calculators, pencils, rulers, and more.

15. Thaliard Presentation Template

Thaliard math presentation slidesThaliard math presentation slidesThaliard math presentation slides

This free Google Slides math presentation has a graph in the background. It's an option for math presentation slides on a plethora of topics.

16. Irland Free Education Presentation Template

Thinking of how to make math presentation slides impacts your choice in themes. Slides like these have math equations and other artwork on them.

17. Free Math Google Slides Template

Free for Google Slides, this math presentation has an abacus theme. The color scheme is a simple grayscale. 

18. Geometric Abstract Presentation Templates

Here's another set of geometry Google Slides math themes. Red and gray tones form the color palette.

19. Long Math Education Templates

An equation borders this math template Google Slides deck. Use the master layout for bulk edits and add your own slides too.

20. Free Math Google Slides Template

Free math template Google SlidesFree math template Google SlidesFree math template Google Slides

The image in this free math Google Slides theme shows someone solving a math problem on paper. It's a choice if you're teaching or sharing research results.

21. Free Calculator Google Slides Template

A math numbers Google Slides template available for free, this one has a calculator on the front. It comes with both standard and widescreen slide layouts.

22. Free Geometric Google Slides Template

Sharp triangles form the background in this math presentation. You'll see them in bright pink, red, and purple.

23. Free Digital Binary Presentation Template

With this template you can build binary code math presentation slides. Add your own text and images to complete the design.

24. Hecate Free Presentation Template

Hecate shows off funky geometric shapes. In total, there are 25 math presentation slides in the deck.

25. Free Mathematics Google Slides Template

Free Google Slides math themesFree Google Slides math themesFree Google Slides math themes

A free template for Google Slides, this deck shows math problems on a blackboard. Use the default layouts to share content of your own.

5 Quick Google Slides Math Presentation Slide Design Tips for 2022

We’ve looked at an array of math Google Slides theme options. Now it’s time to consider some design ideas. These help you build the best slides possible. Here are five top tips:

1. Consider Your Audience

As you noticed, there are Google Slides math themes with a wide variety of styles. To choose the best one for you, consider your audience. 

point graphic math Google Slides themepoint graphic math Google Slides themepoint graphic math Google Slides theme
Premium from Envato Elements, the Point Graphic Google Slides math themes are ideal for professional presentations.

A playful template with cartoon graphics is perfect if you’re presenting to students. But if you’re sharing a professional research report, you need something more formal.

Whatever you choose, you’ll find amazing premium templates to help you get started fast. Your audiences will love the professional style, and you’ll enjoy the ease of use.

2. Animate With GIFs

You always have to keep your slides interesting. And, let’s face it, many find math to be a little dull. GIFs are a great way to bring levity and interest to your math presentation. 

A GIF is an animated image. Audiences of all ages love them. Plus, they can be useful teaching tools. 

You can add GIFs to any math template Google Slides fast. Learn how with our quick tutorial:

3. Avoid Dull Colors

Want to know how to make math presentation slides more attractive? Consider using bright colors. Dull tones might put audiences to sleep. Bright shades are more energetic, more fun, and more engaging.

Quantities math presentationQuantities math presentationQuantities math presentation
The Quantities & Measurement Education Presentation premium template features bold, bright math slides.

With premium Google Slides math themes, you’ll find bright layouts already built in. And of course, with Google Slides’ built-in tools you can adjust colors to fit your needs. This is the true power of Envato templates. You get amazing slides pre-built, but still keep full creative control.

4. Add Sounds and Music

You don’t have to narrate every second of your math presentation slides. Adding sounds and music is a great way to mix things up and keep the narrative flowing. Music sets the mood of your presentation. And with sounds and recorded dialogue, you can record your voice or add the voices of others.

With Google Slides, adding audio to your presentations is easy to do. Get started with our handy tutorial:

5. Illustrate Heavily

Think slides packed with words and numbers look great? Think again. Top math presentation designs for 2022 have plenty of illustrations. These may include photos, videos, charts, infographics, and more. 

counting math presentation slidescounting math presentation slidescounting math presentation slides
Premium slide decks like the Counting Google Slides Template are full of illustrations.

This gives two key advantages: style and clarity. They help your slides look their best. While doing so, they help you explain your ideas and bring tricky concepts to life.

Once again, premium templates save the day. They include custom placeholders that let you illustrate in seconds. Often, it’s as easy as dragging and dropping an image onto your slides. It just can’t get any easier.

Discover More Top Microsoft Google Slides Template Designs

You know now that templates are powerful. Math Google Slides themes help you add, subtract, and multiply your content to perfection. Truly, these pre-built math presentation templates are the designs you need to save time and create confidence.

But don't think that you've seen the entire universe of Google Slides themes. We love to share templates with our audience. There's a template for every purpose and we're always putting together lists of our top choices.

You might even find more options to work as math template Google Slides options. Check these out, and you're sure to spark thinking on how to make math presentations look great.

Learn More About Making Great Google Slides Presentations in 2022

Check out three of our favorite tutorials to keep learning Google Slides. They help you create the math presentation slides you need to solve even the most challenging presentation equation!

Start Using a Math Google Slides Theme Today

You might not get the answer key to your math exam. But math Google Slides themes are like an answer key for creating a presentation. You learned how to make math presentations by leaning on pre-built templates.

We showed you free math Google Slides themes that you can use when you don't have a budget. But more importantly, you saw top premium designs for math template Google Slides options. These designs for Google Slides math themes are the best possible option for a math-focused presentation.

Don't wait. Start solving the problem of creating a great presentation with the help of one of these templates. Download math template Google Slides designs, add your equations, and you're ready to present!

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