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25 Best Free Money Themed PowerPoint PPT Templates to Download 2021

Do you have an upcoming money-themed presentation that you need to prepare for? And are you in need of an impressive money PowerPoint template to bring some life to your content? This article will help you weigh your options and get that perfect template you need. 

Penny - Money PowerPoint Template, a premium file from Envato Elements
Penny - Money PowerPoint Template, a premium file from Envato Elements

It's best to use a pre-built money PowerPoint template when creating your presentation. It allows you to present your content pleasingly and impressively with minimal effort. 

This article will look at premium money-themed PowerPoint templates from Envato Elements and premium money slides templates from GraphicRiver. Then we'll explore 25 money PPT templates free to download found online.

It's time to work smart on your upcoming money PPT presentation with a pre-built template that fits your needs. Let's get cracking! 

The Best Money PowerPoint Templates on Envato Elements for 2021 (Unlimited Use)

Work on any creative project with the help of Envato Elements. Don't let the lack of time or skills get in the way of creating extraordinary work. Get your hands on millions of digital assets (not just premium money PPT templates) to stand out and reach your goals. 

Download as many premium money PowerPoint templates as you need as often as you need them.
Download as many premium money PowerPoint templates as you need as often as you need them.

Get unlimited access to millions of creative assets as an Envato Elements member—all for a low monthly fee. 

New items get added to Envato Elements daily. Here's what they've got in store for members:

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Premium Money PPT Templates from Envato Elements
Premium Money PPT Templates from Envato Elements

Are you tempted to use free PPT templates found on the web? If you want to use free templates, there are risks you need to be aware of and willing to work around. Issues you may encounter are:  

  • lack of unique options
  • outdated designs
  • limited features

For those who don't want to face these issues, explore the selection of premium money-themed PowerPoint templates from GraphicRiver. Buy and download any premium professional templates with the pay-per-download model. We'll take a look at some templates from GraphicRiver in the next section.

5 Best Premium Money PowerPoint Templates for 2021 (Envato Elements & GraphicRiver)

Check out money slides templates in PowerPoint from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver. Here are five top premium examples:

1. Paycheck - Money Finance PowerPoint Template

Paycheck - Money Finance PowerPoint Template

Paycheck is a premium money-themed PowerPoint template that comes with 33 master slides. Easily resize and edit elements to customize your presentation. Drag and drop your images to placeholders to bring your presentation to life. A documentation file is also included. 

2. Crypton - Money Cryptocurrency PowerPoint Template

Crypton - Cryptocurrency PowerPoint Template

Use Crypton for any cyber money related presentations. This modern and elegant template comes with a total of 45 slides. Crypton is a professional template that allows you to create your presentation in minutes. 

3. Logam - Money Investment PowerPoint Template 

Logam - Money Investment Powerpoint Template

This is a premium multipurpose template. There are three colors to pick from and a choice between dark or light background. This animated template is easy to use and comes with loads of useful features. 

4. Increase Income PowerPoint Template

Increase Income PowerPoint Template

A financial template like Increase Income comes in handy when you need to do a money-themed PowerPoint presentation. It's got 33 unique slides, handmade infographics, and simple line vector icons. Pick from any of the 12 color variations and start creating your presentation deck today.

5. Cryptolite - Cryptocurrency Blockchain PowerPoint Template

Cryptolite Money PowerPoint Template

This is a modern and creative PowerPoint template from GraphicRiver. Cryptolite comes with loads of features, helping you create an elegant presentation effortlessly. Stand out from the crowd and make a great impression with a premium professional template like Cryptolite. 

25 Top Free Money-Themed PowerPoint Templates and PPT Background to Download for 2020/2021

We've explored five premium best PowerPoint money slides templates from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver. Now, it's time to check out 25 top money PPT templates free to download from the web.

But, before we dive into that, check out Envato's monthly freebies offerings. If you're new to Envato's premium assets, this allows you to try out various files at no cost to you. It could save you from using a free file!

Here's the deal:

  • Every month 12 unique Envato Elements files (photos, videos, fonts, templates, music, and more) are free to use. Create a free account or log in to download this month's free premium assets
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Now, let's look at free PPT money templates found online: 

1. Currency - Free Money PowerPoint Templates Download. A collage of international money symbols in gold is the primary image of this template.

2. Free Money Presentation Template comes with an abstract design of a dollar sign on a globe, flying money, and graphical lines. 

3. Free Time is Money PPT Template. This money-themed PowerPoint template comes with an image of a pile of coins and a faded clock in the background. 

Free Time is Money PPT Template

4. Free Moneybox PowerPoint Template. The background image of this money slides template is of a gold piggy bank and some stacks of money.

5. Free Clean Money PPT Template. Here's an image of a brush sweeping money. Use it to symbolize money earned from illegal activities. 

6. Free Growth Presentation Template comes with a tree illustration and money handing as leaves. Wouldn't it be nice if money grew on trees? 

7. Free Money Bitcoin PowerPoint Template comes with an image of a gold coin with a Bitcoin logo. There are also abstract lines to resemble digital circuits. 

8. Free Money PowerPoint Templates Download. Here's an image of floating dollar signs in blue and green. The money slides template is in a 16:9 ratio.  

Free Money PowerPoint Templates Download

9. Business Cash - Free Money PowerPoint Templates Download. This template has a photo of a pile of coins on the stock market section of a newspaper. 

10. Free Money Finance PowerPoint Template has a cartoon line illustration. The image indicated monetary success. 

11. Bag Money PPT Templates Free Download. This template comes with three master slides. The image used is of an illustration of money bags and coins.  

12. Free Money World PowerPoint Template comes with a globe and money. Use it for international money related presentations.

13. Free Money Growing Plan PPT Template uses orange and green to create confidence. There are also images to tie money with planting or growing plants.

Free Money Growing Plan PPT Template

14. Free Make Money Finance PowerPoint Template uses orange elements on a black background. 

15. Free Piggy Bank PowerPoint Template is in a widescreen and standard size. It's got an image of a piggy bank, coins, and euro notes.

16. Free Dollar Money PPT Templates Design uses a black and white background. Selected texts that need highlights are in red.

17. Free Golden Bitcoin PowerPoint Template has golden Bitcoin images on an orange and black background. Images related to planting and mining are in this template too.

18. Free Plant Dollar Coins PPT Template is a simple illustrative concept that plays on the idea that money can be grown over time, just like plants. 

Free Plant Dollar Coins PPT Template

19. Free Pink Piggy Bank PowerPoint Template comes with 48 pink slides. Images in the placeholders don't come with the template.

20. Money Block-Finance PowerPoint Template comes with a master and an internal slide. They've got a clean and neutral design.

21. Time is Money PPT Templates Free Download has a cover and two internal slides. The slides are in yellow and black.

22. Investment Newsletter - Free Money PowerPoint Templates Download goes well for simple money, investment, and business presentations. The prominent colors in this template are blue and yellow.  

23. Free Bitcoin Company Pitch Deck Presentation uses neon tones on its futuristic and techie elements. It uses a dark background and light graphics that stand out.

Free Bitcoin Company Pitch Deck Presentation

24. Free Economics Thesis PPT Template uses yellow and black on the slides. The idea is that yellow conveys optimism and success. 

25. Free Insurance Consulting PPT Template comes with flat illustrations. There are some wavy abstract shapes on the backgrounds. 

5 Quick PowerPoint Money-Themed Presentation Slide Design Tips for 2020/2021

A pre-built PowerPoint template (premium or free) is a great place to start. You'll want to make the best of it and be able to create an impactful presentation deck. Let's check out five tips to help you use your slides optimally:

1. Plan the Content Layout Well

Take a few minutes to plan a layout. Do this before you start adding your information into your pre-built template. Address questions like these to kick off your planning process:

  • What's the goal of the presentation?
  • How can I group the information?
  • Is there too much or too little information for each slide?
  • Is there a flow from one slide to the next?
  • Is there a way to summarise the text?
  • What's the key takeaway you want the audience to leave with?

2. Use Custom Image Masks 

Crypton - Cryptocurrency PowerPoint Template from Envato Elements uses Custom Image Masks
Crypton - Cryptocurrency PowerPoint Template, a premium template from Envato Elements that uses custom image masks

Stay away from the traditional square or rectangle-shaped photos by using custom image masks. Many creative and modern money PPT templates now come with image place holders and custom image masks. Easily drag and drop your images to customize your template.  

3. Use Visual Graphics

FINANCE V.3 - PowerPoint Infographics Slides
FINANCE V.3 - PowerPoint Infographics Slides, premium money infographics template from Envato Elements

During the planning stage, take note of information or data that you want to turn into visuals like images, videos, or infographics. Visual graphics are easier to understand, follow, and remember. You can also breathe some life into static infographics with the use of simple animation effects. Here are a few tutorials that explains infographics and animation in detail: 

4. Avoid Distractions

Economy Infographics PowerPoint Template a professionally designed template from Envato Elements
Economy Infographics PowerPoint Template a professionally designed premium template from Envato Elements

Reduce or avoid distractions on your slides, so it's easy for audiences to stay focused. Here are a few common distractions to watch out for:

  • overuse of flashy animation or transitions
  • cluttered slides
  • too much audio or video
  • bad alignments
  • outdated designs
  • unreadable fonts

5. It's All About a Strong Start and End

Logam - Investment PowerPoint Template from Envato Elements, comes with a agenda slide
Logam - Investment PowerPoint Template, a premium template from Envato Elements, comes with an agenda slide

Like any movie, book, or article, the start and end of a presentation are crucial. An introduction that grabs attention and manages expectations sets the stage for the entire presentation. Use a roadmap and mention your key objectives at the start of your presentations. 

Include a compelling conclusion that recaps your entire presentation well. It helps reiterate your key points. You can also end your presentation with a call to action or even a thought-provoking question.

Check out these tutorials: 

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If you're new to creating PowerPoint presentations, you'll find our How to Use PowerPoint (Ultimate Tutorial Guide) extremely handy. Pin it to your browser and use it as a reference when needed. This compilation of smaller how-to tutorials will save you from distracting online research and keep you focused on the task at hand. 

Here are three examples of tutorials from this guide: 

Get a Premium Money PowerPoint Template Today!

There's a massive selection of free PPT templates found online that's been widely used by everyone. Free templates work for those with no budget and don't need a unique presentation, so this option doesn't suit many professionals. 

Professional premium money-themed PowerPoint templates on Envato Elements are available to monthly subscribers. You'll also enjoy unlimited access to tons of other creative digital assets. These assets will help you take your professional or personal projects to new heights regardless of your skills.

A subscription to Envato Elements is a brand or marketing investment. But what happens if you want to test out premium templates before signing up? Take a look at premium money slides templates on GraphicRiver. Get your hands on the template of your choice to get a feel for premium assets.

Get your upcoming money presentation off to a great start in 2021 with a premium template from Envato Elements or GraphicRiver. Download one now!

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